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2023.06.05 19:03 Project_Kunai Dear Mods of r/Breath_of_the_Wild please consider participating

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2023.06.05 19:02 Positive_Paper2671 [H] LOL EUW Master Account [W] 60€

• Images: https://imgur.com/a/IllMh9V • Server: EUW • Level: 41 • Rank: Master (1 lp, 64% Win Rate, Grandmaster MMR) • Blue Essence: 19500 • Orange Essence: 1270 • Champions: 25 • Skins: 4 (SACRED SWORD JANNA, PENTAKILL III: LOST CHAPTER SONA, HIGH NOON HECARIM, ELEMENTALIST LUX) • Skin Shards: 3 (BROKEN COVENANT VLADIMIR, GUARDIAN OF THE SANDS RENGAR, WARRING KINGDOMS XIN ZHAO) • Refunds: 3 • Flash on F
Account is email-unverified and comes with a full access.
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2023.06.05 19:02 Jandjmj JOIN THE REDDIT BLACKOUT

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2023.06.05 19:02 ko4ugov pizzascape

The past 2 posts are about ARG pizzascape, I've written about it before, and here's what I wrote:
Now I will tell you about an unknown to anyone, but interesting ARG, which is not yet completely solved.
this arg tells a story about a 1900s pizzeria that has many secrets...
I saw a post in this channel about this arg.
we began to investigate, 1 that we found these 3 links: https://www.pizzascape.net/01101001-01101110-01101001-01110100-01101001-01100001-01110100-01101001-01101111-01101110 https://www.pizzascape.net/aricebo https://www.pizzascape.net/01100001-01101110-01101111-01110100-01101000-01100101-01110010-00100000-01100100-01101001-01101101-01100101-01101110-01110011-01101001-01101111-01101110 on 1 link were zeros and ones and the inscription 300x300, we realized that this picture, and we took all 0 for white pixels, and all 1 for black pixels, so we got this image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1094364607306530918/1094612456292229210/SPOILER_NeverGonnaGiveYouUp.png
On page 2 is a gif with some person asking for help, we didn't figure out what that meant.
On page 3 was an audio file, with the name another dim, the link address translated as another dimention, we built a theory that the owner of the pizzeria could travel through dimensions or there is a 4th dimension in the world of this pizzeria.
2 what we found was that some letters were red and blue, we matched all the letters and got the addresses of the links: ttaed and bbned, so you get two links https://www.pizzascape.net/ttaed and https://www.pizzascape.net/bbned
They lead to the pictures of the article about the missing pizzeria owner. here is the matched picture: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1094364607306530918/1094616549299585024/YouLostTheGame.png?width=404&height=513
3 and the most important thing we found, is a hidden text on the home page: 37.2431° N, 115.7930° W to which was referred a picture that you get when ordering a pizza on the site, these coordinates on googlemaps show the area 51, and the coordinates themselves are needed to open the video page Join, in the video are 4 questions to join a pizzeria, and if 25 frame where it says: "do you want to donate? " I believe that it speaks about the donation of the soul, as it is 25 frames on a red background, this is all that we have found so far. You can also participate in this arg at this link - https://www.pizzascape.net/
the "page not found" error page says: Uh-oh! Looks like you've gone too far! Go back to the home page. We wouldn't want you to go missing.
I find the arrangement of the words interesting because it implies that you don't want the user to "disappear," and when you click on "back," it leads you to a strange picture, as if it were someone trying to get out of that place.
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2023.06.05 19:02 shadyshen917 My take on Corki and Kled, with a new keyword, Raise. (I couldn't find good images for some of the cards so i had to make do, I also don't know if the values are balanced yet)

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2023.06.05 19:01 lukroth Replacement glass arms/temples ?

Hi all.
I would like to mod my glasses and would need the arms/temples you see in this picture. First, how are the components called really. Arms or temples? Second, how do you call the tortoise sleeve that goes above the arm/temple? Third, does any one know where I can buy only the arms/temples that look like this?
I think that every glass shop is using the same supplier. The model in the image bellow is very popular and is being sold by several brands with prices ranging from £200 - £800. Hence, I was thinking that there must be a way to get these arms/temples as replacements.
if anyone has an idea, please let me know. thank you.
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2023.06.05 19:01 Acanuro This community has disappointed me at times, being a Hispanic man trying to enjoy what I love.

I had first happened upon Ryai's content late of last year, and decided to join into the community in two different forms. The subreddit was secondary while the discord was first. I know these both vary in terms of some members not being active on both platforms but I know the audience stays the same.
I've been finding a way of expanding my reach as an artist in more servers that I find interesting, and in that way I saw some of my subscribed YouTubers' servers being in my interest. So for the first time I jumped into a large server in a long time, that was BBG Discord, joining as an artist.
I have started to keep this reach going in the same manner of joining servers that are based on comforting communities, but it's messed with my mental a bit, cause my main use of this server was to express myself as an artist, and I hoped to see good endeavors in noticing this place was mainly minority based. So, there was a large majority of a certain audience in these members, and I of course just wanted to be myself when in this server. As I chatted more daily to grind levels to reach a certain permissions cap that would allow me to share artwork, the times I chatted were times I got shitted on, shit talked, not taken seriously, and I expected better from a place where there were genuinely good artists as I saw. I just really wanted to be respected in my own self, but with me being a very small part of a larger community of a race that's not my own, I felt like I was not welcomed, and the way people talked me down and roasted me definitely showed.
I'm from a central part of Texas, and I always saw more locally and where Iive, that Latinos and minorities are pretty cool with one another, but in this community I jumped into, I was definitely feeling very small. My main strategy of getting used to people was to befriend the artists, which worked in there, as just DMing the artists by greeting them with compliments like I dm everybody to make friends. This made me feel better as not having to be a part of the action, but still selecting who I talk to and if I want to be around to know them more, since chatting with people who share my same skills was my strongest form of seeing respect out of anyone. That was quite sad to think that the only people who seemed to show respect to me as a different person was the artists most notably, and I feel that would be the same thing I can prefer to do in this subreddit with making friends.
But even when friending some few artists who had certain demeanors, I realized that over time they took started to treat me like I was a fucking clown. I would play scheduled game sessions with them and be in voice with them where I would say things sus and out of pocket very jokingly in being comfortable with anyone - that would make your friends usually place labels on you for fun. But these artist friends spoke in the same kind of speech and jokes and only ever made me feel like I was being treated one sided, where in some way, I wasn't respected as a different person from them.
In these events, I joined a server an artist friend from BBG owned, and while it was small, I decided to see what their use of voice was all about, and realized that he and a friend of ours were the only two people I could tolerate, because everyone else shit talked me when they didn't know me, but had reason to keep giving me flack. I could tell that place was a majorly minority based server as well, and I start wondering now if I ever even want to keep going on this sort of path in what servers I am interested in joining from YouTuber communities. It's not about joining the communities of black YouTubers I like, it's the image of me seeing how I'm very into their appeal and hoping the communities of these people I enjoy are things I can feel comfortable in without any problems.
Being in General channels and getting into disputes feels like hell when people spout the n word at you and roast you with things you can't say back or else you get banned if they see your background. It feels like a stupid game, and I've been really thinking if it was even worth leaning into from the jump. I would definitely still watch and enjoy Ryai for himself, but part of the community makes me uneasy, and has sort of left me scarred mentally. I may not be about the same action of insulting anyone expressively, or spouting slurs like many BBG members might be comfortable using in energy, because I'm more of a civil person in my own ways. You don't have to feel sorry for me or make friends with me, but if you feel it's in your mind to do so, I would appreciate it all the same. If you'd like to be more direct with it, my discord tag is Acanuro#9111, and I will still in some way, have respect to BBG.
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2023.06.05 19:01 Hotmustardgas [US][H] Black Hammer Library Edition Lot [W] PayPal

Hi Everyone
I am selling this Black Hammer Lot. They have only been read 2 times as far as I know. No splitting currently. Shipping to US only currently. I am selling the lot for $110 shipped. 15 of that goes towards shipping so I think it's a pretty good deal.
Images and Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/mX4ytJg
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2023.06.05 19:01 AutoModerator Favorite stream of the prior week anyone? Please, give detail. Likes and dislikes are welcome.

Favorite stream of the prior week anyone? Please, give detail. Likes and dislikes are welcome.
Or, feel fry to ask me my favorite. I'm very opinionated and will be glad to let you know! LUL
So my nickname when I used to bartend was grandma, I am so tickled by this image. lol
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2023.06.05 19:01 pherrophluid r/CaveEagle will be going dark staring June 12th

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2023.06.05 19:00 OttomanEmpireBall [Japanese > English] Super Famicom advertisement for a cancelled video game (check comments)

[Japanese > English] Super Famicom advertisement for a cancelled video game (check comments)
So, I’m looking for information on a JRPG I’ve been tentatively calling “Dream Adventure Chronicles: Amusing Dream” (I say tentatively because it doesn’t appear that it was ever given a localized English name).
The only information we have regarding the game comes from two Japanese Super Famicom adverts and a French preview of the game. It’d help a lot if someone was able to translate this. I’d be amazing if I could get all the text translated, including the black text at the bottom right corner of the image and purple banner.
Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.05 19:00 HybridAnimalBattles Weekly Battle 373: Temminck's Tragopans

This week's battle animal is the Temminck's tragopan. It was chosen by rastroboy who won last week's battle of the baby animals with the wotten.
Megathreads Part 1 and Part 2 of all previous winners.
Battle Rules/Guidelines
  1. You must use the chosen animal/theme somehow and combine it however you want after that.
  2. Submissions are regular submitted links to the subreddit. Add the "Battle Entry" flair after posting. Please do not submit posts using the weekly animal if not entering the battle.
  3. Only new OC content will be accepted. No AI generated images allowed.
  4. You can enter as many images as you want.
  5. The winner is the post with the most upvotes (as determined by reddit's top of the week) by Sunday at 9am EST.
  6. The winner will get a special crown flair for the week, get to choose the animal for the next battle, and their winning image will be featured in the sidebar.
Please use this thread for any questions/suggestions you may have for the battles or the sub in general.
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2023.06.05 18:58 ArchaicChaos The Paraklétos, Short Version (John 14:16-17, 26, 15:26, 16:7, 13-14)

John 14:16-17: And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another paraklétos, that He may be with you to the age— the Spirit of truth, whom the world is not able to receive, because it does not see Him nor know. But you know Him, for He abides with you, and He will be in you.
The paraklétos is the risen Jesus, who is resurrected in the Spirit to become a new creation by the Spirit.
1 John 2:1: My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you might not sin. And if anyone should sin, we have a paraklétos with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous.
Jesus, according to the flesh, the man speaking to his apostles in the upper room discourse (John 13-16) is about to face a trial, die, any lay buried for 3 days. Jesus is announcing his death to the apostles and comforting them as a friend, helper, paraklétos. He comforts them by telling them that he will be raised to life after his death and that they will be comforted again. This will be by Jesus according to the Spirit. Another comforter.
2 Corinthians 5:16-17: Therefore, from now on, we regard no one according to the flesh. Even though we have regarded Christ according to flesh, yet now we regard Him thus no longer. Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old things have passed away; behold, the new has come into being.
We do not know Christ according to the flesh anymore. We now know another. Jesus according to the Spirit. Paul just finished saying:
2 Corinthians 3:17-18, 4:5: Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all having been unveiled in face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image, from glory to glory, even as from the Lord, the Spirit... For we do not proclaim ourselves, but Christ Jesus as Lord."
Jesus Christ is Lord, and the Lord is the Spirit. This is not a different Spirit from the Holy Spirit. We only know one Spirit (Ephesians 4:4). We do not know Jesus according to the flesh anymore. We know another. Jesus, according to the Spirit, which is a new creation, and we are new creations in him when we receive the same Spirit to ourselves.
Romans 7:4: Likewise, my brothers, you also have been put to death to the Law through the body of Christ, for you to belong to another, to the One having been raised out from the dead, so that we should bear fruit to God.
The Jesus raised from the dead is "another" that we belong to. This is the one begotten from the dead (Acts 13:30-33), the firstborn of the dead (Colossians 1:18, Revelation 1:5).
"I will ask the Father, and he will send another paraklétos." Jesus will ask as our mediator, and send the Spirit of Christ that will be with us until the end of the age. This being the church age, while we receive the Spirit as a down-payment (2 Corinthians 1:22). The Spirit is given when Jesus is glorified (John 7:39), and this is fulfilled in Acts 2 when the Spirit Jesus received, he poured out on believers. John illustrates this in John 20:22 by Jesus breathing his Spirit onto the apostles, and they receive the Holy Spirit.
"the Spirit of truth, whom the world is not able to receive, because it does not see Him nor know. But you know Him, for He abides with you, and He will be in you." Only those who are followers of Jesus can receive the Holy Spirit, the world does not receive it. The world will see Jesus no more after his death. But his followers will see him in the Spirit. "You know Him, for He abides with you." This is the Holy Spirit that is in Jesus since his baptism at the Jordan (John 1:32). The apostles know the Spirit is in Jesus, and they see the Spirit by what he does (John 14:5-11). "He will be in you." At that time, the apostles did not have the Spirit in them because Jesus was not yet glorified. But they will receive the Spirit when he breathes it into them after his resurrection. Soon, they will see him no more because he is to die for 3 days. Then, they will see him. "Now that you have seen, do you believe?"
John 14:25-26: These things I have said to you while abiding with you. But the paraklétos, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things and will bring to your remembrance all things that I have said to you.
Notice the contrast between Jesus "while abiding with you," and "whom the Father will send in my name." Jesus is abiding with them now as the first paraklétos. He, in the Spirit, will be the second paraklétos. The Father will send the Spirit of Christ in his name. Because at that time, Jesus will be given the name above every name, given all authority in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18), and he will have been given "the promise of the Holy Spirit" (Acts 2:33). The Father will send his Spirit in the authority of Christ because Christ is our mediator (1 Timothy 2:5). Jesus will bring back to them all that he's said in the Spirit. Recall Matthew 10:20 and Luke 12:12.
Notice what Jesus also just finished saying in John 14:23: "Jesus answered and said to him, 'If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word, and My Father will love him, and we will come to him and will make a home with him.'" Jesus and the Father are in us by their Spirit in us. "He abides with you and will be in you." Jesus abides in us when the Holy Spirit abides in us. Why? Because it's Jesus' own personal Spirit. Jesus is this Spirit after he is glorified. The Father is this Spirit. This is why Jesus can say that the Father is abiding in him. He does so by his Spirit. When the Father gives Jesus his Spirit, he is not losing anything from himself. It is still the Father's own Spirit as well. The Father's presence, the Father is abiding in us through the Spirit of Christ.
John 15:26: When the paraklétos comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes forth from the Father, He will bear witness concerning Me.
This is the same thing. Jesus is repeating what's already been said. He will come to them from the Father and teach the apostles in the Spirit of truth.
John 16:7: But I tell you the truth, it is profitable for you that I should go away; for unless I go away the paraklétos will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you.
Why is it that the Holy Spirit cannot come to the apostles unless Jesus goes away? Because that coming paraklétos is Jesus when he is glorified, and he can only be glorified after his death. It is profitable for Jesus to go away, that is, in death, because then he will be granted what he needs to send the Spirit to others. His death is the way by which we can receive the Spirit and be made clean. Our baptism into his death makes up pure and sinless so that we may receive the presence of God, the presence of Christ, which is the Holy Spirit (Psalm 51:11).
John 16:13-14: But when He the, Spirit of truth, shall come, He will guide you into all the truth. For He will not speak from Himself, but whatever He may hear, He will speak. And He will declare to you the things coming. He will glorify Me, for He will take from that which is Mine and will disclose it to you.
The Spirit does not speak from himself. In John 14:24, before mentioning the Spirit, Jesus says that he speaks not his own words but that of the Father. In the Spirit, Jesus will not be speaking from himself. He will be speaking what the Father has told him. Keep in mind Hebrews 1:2, "In these last days, God has spoken to us in a Son." This is after his resurrection. God speaks to us in a Son, for He will not speak from himself but what he has heard from the Father. "He will glorify me." Jesus Christ in the flesh, who we no long know, will be glorified by Christ in the Spirit. How? Because this is how God shows his favour on all that Jesus did while "in the days of his flesh." If Jesus were a false prophet and not a true Messiah, God would not raise him from the dead. The resurrection of Jesus in the Spirit shows God's approval on Jesus in the flesh because that flesh was raised to a body of Spirit. The risen Jesus is the glorified body. So, too, is our glorified body.
The paraklétos is identified as the Holy Spirit, or the Spirit of truth. Jesus Christ is identified as the Holy Spirit in resurrection (2 Corinthians 3:17) and the paraklétos (1 John 2:1). The Holy Spirit is said to be "another" comforter, or a secondary comforter. Jesus, according to the flesh, is their first comforter, comforting them in this passage in relation to his coming death. Jesus is the second comforter who will come to them in resurrection. Christ according to the Spirit. This is the same paraklétos who breathes the Spirit onto them (John 20:22). Paul says that we are joined to another in resurrection with Christ, another Christ, different from he who died (Romans 7:4). Jesus says that he will not abandon us as orphans, but he will come back to us. He will make his home in us. He does so by his own Spirit, which he received from the Father (Acts 2:33). The paraklétos is the risen Son.
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2023.06.05 18:58 lady-of-hell Midnight Train: Origins [Part 2] - Nightmare

Trigger Warning: Homophobia and mention of conversion therapy
My name is Billie and I was a passenger of the Midnight Train. The last part was about my arrival, a meeting with the Cinder Queen, a failed deal and a tragic death. In this part... well, I guess I make new friends.
I stood in front of the bald man I had seen several times by now, smiled, and asked the most important question in a cursed place like this. "So, are you human?"
He looked up and raised his eyebrows. "You should be careful. A question like this might offend some people", he informed me coldly. "But yes, I am just as human as you are. Is there anything I can help you with?" He spoke with a british accent, I noticed.
"Well... yeah. You see, I kind of made a friend yesterday and that Cinder Queen killed him, so I'm a bit lost right now and I figured... why not make a new friend?" I flashed an apologetic smile. "Listen, I saw this man turn into an ash monster like an hour ago and I really don't want to be alone right now, okay?"
"And you decided to approach me?" He didn't sound convinced in the slightest.
"You looked the least insane", I replied with a quick look at the man closest to us, who sat on the floor and rocked back and forth, all while dragging his fingernails over his arms and leaving red marks on his skin.
"You shouldn't be so rude. These people have been here for God knows how long."
"And you haven't." It was more a statement than a question.
"Three weeks and two days", he answered anyways.
"So you know a lot about this place, don't you?" I sat down on the empty seat next to him and turned towards him. "I need help. I've only arrived here yesterday and I barely know anything, but I don't wanna die here. I want to make it out of this train somehow and I'll be honest with you, I have no idea how to do that, but I know I'm gonna need help. So let's work together!"
The man, however, still looked entirely unconvinced by my offer. "And why would I consider this partnership? This isn't a place to make friends. And in case that this is supposed to be an attempt to steal my ticket, I must disappoint you since I don't possess one."
I'd lie if I said I hadn't thought about it. Stealing another passenger's ticket would probably be the easiest way to get out – maybe the only way, if what Derek had said was true – but finding someone who actually possessed one and getting my hands on their ticket without them noticing was far from easy. Borderline impossible even.
"I know a few things about this place", I said, because I felt like I was running out of options here. "My friend, Derek... he told me some stuff. I just think that it's important to have friends here, so we don't die or end up like them." I gestured towards the seemingly insane man again. "I'm not strong or anything, I know that, but I'm not stupid and I don't intend to die in a place like this. So please... please work with me here."
He sighed. "Will you go away if I say no?", he asked and in that moment I knew that he had made up his mind.
"Nope!", I answered with a bright grin.
"Fine then. Let's see how this works out for us." He offered his hand. "My name is John."
"Billie", I introduced myself, shaking his hand. "And that's my dog Kira."
Kira seemed to take this as a signal to nearly jump into our new friend's lap, barking happily. "Kira!", I called quickly and tried to pull the huge dog off of him. "Don't... shit, don't jump on people!" She didn't care in the slightest though.
John didn't seem too impressed. "No!", he told the dog firmly, which, to my surprise, made her stop in her movements. "No!", he said once again. "Sit!" And lo and behold, Kira actually let go off him and sat down. He nodded and reached out to pet her head. "You should train her better", he informed me.
"Hey, have some mercy on me, I've only had her for an hour", I replied.
"So she belonged to your dead friend, correct?"
"Yup", I confirmed with a bitter smile. "So, time to share some info, hm?"
We talked for a very long time. I told him everything that had happened since I had boarded the train – except for a few minor details like my failed deal – and he was especially interested in my encounter with the Cinder Queen, who he had managed to avoid so far. In return, I received some new information from him, for example that I should never eat food served by a waiter with a red bowtie.
There wasn't a lot of new information to share and we certainly didn't come up with any ideas to get out of the train, but I already felt better, now that I had a friend in this place.
Eventually we decided to make our way to the dining wagon, since we were both rather hungry. I was walking between John and Kira and for the first time, I felt almost confident while traversing the Midnight Train. Not that some random guy and a dog could do much if an entity decided to attack us, but I allowed myself this naive optimism at least for a short while.
When we entered a new wagon, I noticed the shift in the atmosphere immediately. The lights were darker, the air somehow heavier. Kira growled lowly. I stepped a bit closer to John.
A pained sound pierced the silence and I found myself looking at a sleeping man whose face was distorted in agony. I briefly wondered who would even think of sleeping outside of one's compartment, but that was only secondary as I watched him squirm in his seat. He threw his head from left to right, his body was twitching, he sounded like he was being tortured.
I was just about to ask John if he knew what was wrong with the man, but I didn't get the chance. Without warning, the man began to spasm harder and the nauseating sound of breaking bones echoed through the wagon as his limbs violently snapped into all wrong directions. He opened his mouth and a choked scream was cut short when he spat out some blood. His head snapped to the side, bones broke again, and then the body went limp.
Terrified by the grusome display, I grabbed John's arm and held onto him as if my life depended on it.
Above the now dead body, black smoke gathered and faded out again, as if it was trying to manifest into something, but after only a moment, it faded entirely as if it had never been there to begin with.
"What the hell was that?", I whispered, worried that talking too loudly would alert this terrible thing.
And John, who knew about every entity in this train, answered: "I have no idea, Billie."
I nodded and couldn't help but grab his arm a little tighter. "Let's get out of here", I said. "Before this shadow thing comes back."
He agreed and we made our way to the dining wagon, Kira in tow. As we walked through the wagon the man had just died in, I saw the pregnant woman again, sitting next to a window and blinking in confusion. For just a moment we locked eyes, but I quickly looked away, too scared that she might be something inhuman. I pitied her for being pregnant in a place like this, but I wouldn't take any risks now. Not when we didn't know what the black cloud had been.
Dinner went, against my expectations, without any distubances. The food was amazing and the evening was as pleasant as it could be in a place like the Midnight Train. John and I talked about the death we had witnessed and although I didn't want to relive this experience, I understood why it was neccessary. It was a new threat, a rather serious one even, and we had to unterstand it in order to stand a chance. The problem was that our discussion yielded no results.
We gave up eventually, after we finished the dessert, and I took the oppotunity to excuse myself to go back to my compartment. I was exhausted after all the terrible things that I had been forced to witness that day and all I wanted to do is lie down and process everything. John and I promised to meet the next day after the Fog disappeared in the same wagon we had met earlier and with that, I walked towards the compartments.
And in front of my door, I saw him. A young boy, not older than ten years, wearing simply blue clothes and an equally blue hat atop shaggy blonde hair. His eyes were pitch black and his mouth had been sewn shut with crude stitches, blood still seeped from the wounds. A huge bag hung from his shoulder and as soon as he saw me, he reached inside it and handed me some object.
"Oh... uhm... thanks?", I stuttered as I looked down at the small dagger that was now in my hands. "I guess having a weapon is always good, so..."
But the Distributor didn't even spare another glance, just turned around and walked off, his purpose apparently fulfilled. Well, at least that one wasn't a murderous maniac, I thought and stored the dagger away in my backpack as I entered the compartment.
I didn't contemplate the gift any more than that, since I was too tired to think straight. After making sure the door was closed, I collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep, Kira curled up next to me. I dreamed of ash and smoke that night, and of eyeless monsters that chased me down the dark hallways of the Midnight Train.
Of course I woke early from my nightmares, early enough to be wide awake when the white Fog tried to creep inside the compartment although it wasn't able to get in. I sat on my bed, Kira's head in my lap, and used the time to take a closer look at the Distributor's gift.
The dagger was rather plain, with a black hilt and a thin blade about the size of my hand that fitted perfectly into its little sheath. No matter how long I stared at it, I couldn't find a remarkable thing about it and so I eventually decided that it was just what it appeared to be. I didn't understand why the entity had given this to me, but I assumed that there was a reason, so I attached the sheath to my belt and waited for the deadly Fog to fade before I exited the compartment, Kira by my side.
I was on my way to meet with John, but as fate wanted it, I should never reach this destination.
"Hey! Hey, excuse me?"
About halfway through a seemingly empty wagon, I turned my head to see the pregnant woman beckoning me over. I hesitated for a moment, but quickly decided that I shouldn't turn down another sane human in a place like this and walked over to her. "Hey", I greeted. "What's up?"
The woman was young, I noticed. Mid twenties at most. "You were there yesterday, right? When that man died?", she asked, a nervous expression on her pretty face. "Can you tell me about it, please?"
Now that was an odd request, but I decided to humor her nonetheless. I quickly summarized the events without going into too much detail and watched her already pale face lose all its colour as I spoke. When I was finished, I noticed tears streaming down her face and without thinking about it I sat down and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Hey, what's wrong? Did you know that guy?"
"No." She shook her head. "It's just... I think it's my baby's fault", she sobbed, both hands placed on her stomach.
I yawned, which was by far the least reasonable reaction to that. Annoyed at the fact that I hadn't slept nearly enough last night, I shook my head and then asked: "Excuse me... what?"
She looked up again and blinked the tears away. "Oh, sorry, that must sound so confusing. And I didn't even introduce myself. I'm Nyxia. Hi."
"Billie", I replied. "So, what's wrong with your kid?"
"I got pregnant with him on this train", she explained. "His father and I met here and it just sort of... happened. I got pregnant and his father died and..." She sighed. "I've had this terrible nightmares for most of the prenancy and they're getting worse. I think... I think my child's not normal because it was conceived in this cursed place. I think he causes the nightmares."
I had to admit, it sounded reasonable enough. Like something that could happen in a place like the Midnight Train. "And the guy who died?" I yawned again.
"I know it sounds insane. But I think the nightmares can kill." Nyxia almost whispered those last words.
Another yawn. Damn, I was tired.
Nyxia reached out and put a hand on my arm. "I'm sorry I bothered you with this, Billie. You should probably go, you look tired."
"I'm fine, just give me a minute." I rested my head against the wall behind me and just as I heard her call my name again, I had already closed my eyes.
It had only been a second, or at least it had felt no longer than that, but when I opened my eyes again, Nyxia was gone. Everyone was, actually. I was all alone, the lights were off, there was nothing in the windows except endless darkness, and the doors were wide open.
I stood up slowly, looking around the empty wagon. A nightmare, I realized. An incredibly realistic nightmare, conjured by the unborn child in the womb of the woman sitting next to me in the waking world.
A nightmare that could kill me, if the events from yesterday were any indication.
I was so screwed.
"That's what you get from being nice to people, you fucking moron", I muttered to myself as I made my way for the open door. Staying still would do no good anyways, and maybe I could outrun the murderous nightmare until someone woke me up.
I figured I had to rely on John. He would search for me when I wouldn't show up for our meeting, and maybe he could find some way to force me awake.
Until then, I just had to see what was waiting for me in this impossible place.
I hesitantly stepped over the threshold, which felt surreal in and of itself. Maybe this would be the only time I'd ever get to do this, I thought as I stepped into the black void that was waiting for me outside. It stretched on endlessly, devoid of any light, empty except for the train behind me and a staircase leading up to what I could only assume was the sky.
Due to a lack of options, I turned to the stairs and started to climb.
Weirdly enough, the climb wasn't exhausting, no matter how long I ascended the eternal staircase. I walked for what felt like hours without experiencing any change of scenery; the only noise were my steps on cold concrete and my rapid heartbeat echoing in my ears. I climbed without reaching a destination and for a while I wondered if I would stay in this void forever.
Until without warning, my surroundings changed and I realized that I was walking down now. Concrete turned into wood, an ugly carpet covered the steps now and I knew that pattern all too well. The railing on my left side, the mint green wall to my right, they were so familiar it made me nauseous. From all the places the nightmare could have sent me... why did it have to take me here?
I stopped on the last step, hands wrapped tightly around the wooden railing. To the left was an open door, leaving the view into the living room wide open. The two figures had their backs turned towards me, but there was no need to question their identities anyways. This entire scene was still fresh in my mind.
"Our own daughter!", the man exclaimed, gesturing wildly with his arms. "Where did we go wrong when we raised her? And with that Callister girl of all people." He ran a hand through his hair. "I'm going to beat this out of her."
The woman sighed. "Betty told me that there are... facilities for these people. Camps. Her sister has a son that was just like that and she said they fixed him in one of these camps. He's married now, has two kids."
"Call her tomorrow!", the man ordered immediately. "I'll talk to the Callisters first thing in the morning. Just... make sure no one else finds out. I don't need these... rumors to get in the way of my promotion."
It hurt more the second time. I didn't know why. I knew what they would say, I knew about the contempt and disgust in my father's voice and the sadness in my mother's. I knew about their plans to send me off to some place where I'd probably get tortured. I knew all that. I had heard it once already.
And yet here I was, biting my bottom lip open to keep myself from throwing up.
I turned around and hurried up the stairs, towards where my room had been, in this exact house in the waking world.
I remembered exactly what had happened when this scene had played out in real life. I had hurried to my room, packed my things and climbed out of my first-floor-window, no regrets about leaving my parents behind. Through the pouring rain I had run down the road towards Maggy Callister's house to warn her, only to find her window open and the bedroom abandoned, and I had felt relief flooding through me as I knew that she had made it out as well. I had gone straight to the train station then, and the rest was history.
Now, however, the nightmare wouldn't recreate this part of the night. The door to my room was there, it opened without resistance as I turned the knob, but as soon as I crossed the threshold, I was falling.
I was in water. Deep, dark water, endlessly stretching around me in a vast, empty ocean. It was cold enough to numb my limbs and I simply fell, impossibly slowly into a gaping black abyss. I didn't drown. There was simply no need for air, so I kept my mouth shut and my eyes open.
After only a moment, there was a figure in front of me. She was falling too, but in the opposite direction. A girl my age, in my clothes, with my hair and my eyes and my face. Bloody. Broken. Her skull caved in, her limbs at odd angles. She stopped falling and remained in front of me when we were face to face and after a moment I found the strength to lift an arm, reach out and touch to broken girl.
My fingers touched a cold surface and at that gentle contact, a cobweb of cracks spread through the ocean. "Do you like your fate, stranger?", the broken reflection asked. "Why didn't you let your parents fix you?"
I opened my mouth to reply and felt icy water flood my lungs. Suddenly I was drowning and I felt blinding panic surge through me. I was falling again, unable to move my body, the water burnt in my lungs.
And then I broke through the surface.
I expected to find myself in the middle of the open ocean, but I actually climbed out of a puddle in the middle of a lonely parking lot. Fog was hanging low over the rain wet concrete, clouds covered the sky and swallowed the sunlight before it could reach the ground. The parking lot was endless, just like everything in this nightmare seemed to be, and the only point of focus was an old silver car several metres in front of me.
At least the one who created this nightmare made it obvious what he wanted me to do.
I approached the car slowly, shivering as the wet clothes clung to my skin. "What if I don't want to get in?", I asked out loud.
The car's door swung open.
Icy wind blew over the parking lot and it felt like needles against my wet skin. I cursed under my breath and obeyed the dreamer's wish.
There was a man in the driver's seat. A man in an old taxi driver's uniform, with wrinkled skin and no face at all. "Good evening, stranger", he said with a friendly voice, despite having no mouth, and the car was already moving. The parking lot had been replaced by an empty street, passing lightless skyscrapers and empty sidewalks.
The seatbelt was fastened, although I had no recollection of doing so.
"So... where are we going?", I asked the faceless man as calmly as I could manage.
Someone on the backseat giggled.
"Don't turn around!", a hissing voice ordered before I got the chance to move. "Turn around and I'll kill you." It giggled again. "Just look at the street, stranger, look at where this lovely gentleman will take you."
"Who are you?" My voice was shaking.
"In your world? The phantom that dies in the sunrise. The terror from the depths of your mind, that preys on your most vulnerable moments. Where you come from, I shatter in the daylight, stranger. But here? I am everything."
"Stop speaking in riddles", I ordered, though my voice shook too much to convey a serious threat.
"But it's so easy. So terribly easy, and you don't get it?" Another giggle.
I shook my head. "I didn't say I don't get it", I corrected the thing. Before us, the scenery finally changed as we approached a sharp turn.
"Then who am I?" I felt cold breath against my ear, a hand almost touching my shoulder. "Answer that when we meet again, stranger."
The car reached the turn and then everything happened too fast. We crashed through the railing with full speed, I turned my head to the driver whose unconscious body was slumped against the steering wheel, the car ran down a hill straight towards a rushing, dirty river. I reached for the steering wheel, only to find it locked in place. A moment later, brown water crashed against the windows, swallowing the vehicle whole.
"Why is it always water?", I screamed in anger as I struggled to get the seatbelt undone. I had to get out of the car and I had to do it quick, because the water was already rising up to my ankles. We sank quickly, murky water already drowned out the bleak sunlight, and the water rose with unreasonable speed. The seatbelt didn't budge; I screamed in terror as I realized that I would drown, the fact that this was a mere dream temporarily forgotten.
And then I remembered something.
With shaking fingers I retrieved the small dagger from its sheath and its sharpened blade cut through the seatbelt with no resistance. Now freed from my restraint, I took a second to contemplate how to proceed, but decided that there was only one valid option. Staying in the car was certain death, but there was at least a small chance for me to reach the surface.
With all my strength, I hit the window next to me with the hilt of my dagger and the glass burst at the first impact. Water flooded the inside of the vehicle with a force I hadn't expected, keeping me from moving until the car was filled entirely. I held onto the dagger as if my life depended on it as I dragged myself through the windowframe, only to find myself blind in the murky water, not knowing up from down. Once again I was floating, my lungs were screaming for air, cold panic prevented me from forming any coherent thought.
So when I felt myself being pulled down by a strong current, I didn't even bother to struggle. Hands wrapped tightly around my dagger, eyes squeezed shut, I did nothing but wait for wherever the current would take me.
When I opened my eyes again, I was in the middle of a foyer that seemed to belong to a modern skyscraper. It was entirely empty, with white tiles on the floor, white walls in the far distance, white neon lights on the ceiling. There was no sound except for the water dripping from my hair and clothes hitting the floor. The only thing that stuck out from the white monotony was an elevator right in front of me.
"You know what? I fucking hate you!", I told the creator of the dream, but as always I gave in and approached the elevator after putting my dagger back into its sheath. I didn't want to get in, not after all that had already happened in this cursed nightmare, but as the doors opened without me doing anything, I stepped inside anyways. It was just as empty as the foyer, with a mirror wall opposite of the door as the only distinguishable feature.
"I swear to god, if you flood this thing with water I'm gonna kill you!", I informed the creator as the doors closed.
The thing was, nothing happened. The elevator started to move on its own, I could watch the number on the small display above the doors rise slowly, and absolutely nothing happened.
For a while I watched the display, but it didn't take long to grow paranoid of the mirror behind me, so I turned around and stared at my dripping wet reflection instead. I fully expected the girl in the mirror to move on its own, but she just stared back at me like any regular reflection would.
A while later, I screamed at the creator of the dream again, demanding to know what game he was playing and what he wanted from me. As usual, I received no answer.
Even later, I started singing whatever song came to my mind, just to break the silence before it drove me insane.
I was on edge the entire time, waiting for the inevitable terror the nightmare would throw at me, but there was only deafening silence and the ever increasing number on the little display. My body was shaking from nothing but the fear of what could happen at any given moment.
And just as I thought I would simply lose my mind, the doors opened.
I got up slowly, unsure wether my shaky legs could carry me. With hesitant steps I left the elevator, one hand against the cool walls to steady myself for as long as I could, until I crossed the threshold and stood on the rooftop of a skyscraper. Around me streched a monochrome city, white clouds hung so low that they almost touched the grey rooftops, strong winds tugged at my still wet clothes and made me shiver.
As I turned my head again, the elevator doors had vanished.
"You know, I didn't want to go back in there anyways", I told the creator, although I had actually prefered the elevator to this windy rooftop.
Turning back around, I saw an old woman sitting cross-legged on the floor.
"Uhm... hello?", I greeted her hesitantly.
The old woman lifted her arm very slowly and pointed towards the edge of the roof with a shaking hand.
I was confused at this point, but so far the nightmare had been rather obvious with what it wanted me to do, so I walked towards the edge and looked down. The ground was hidden somewhere in pale white fog, but there was a faint glow right below me, like a reflection of the sun – only that this was impossible due to the overcast sky above.
I turned to the old woman, whose hands rested in her lap again. "You don't want me to jump, right?"
In response, she lifted her arm again, pointing at the edge just like before.
"Okay! Okay, whatever! You got that part wrong, asshole, I'm not afraid of heights!", I screamed at the creator. It was true, I didn't care about heights, but what I did care an awful lot about was the deadly impact that would follow such a fall. However, I had survived more than one impossible scenario since I had entered the nightmare and I was confident that I would survive this fall as well. There was nowhere else to go anyways.
Without allowing myself to think about it for even a second, I took a step forward and fell.
The fall only lasted for a short moment before I hit the ground. The impact was hard enough to knock the air out of my lungs, but left me otherwise uninjured. I lay on the ground and gasped for air and only as I was able to breathe steadily I got back on my feet. As expected, I was in an entirely new location – a street illuminated by laterns, rain-wet cobblestone beneath my feet, black buildings on each side of the endless road and a pale white moon in the night sky above. It was oddly beautiful for a nightmare.
Not far from me was a lone cradle, black as everything in this place, and I could hear a baby crying. Slowly I took a step towards it, then another.
"You owe me an answer, stranger", a familiar hissing voice said close behind me and I stopped dead in my movement. "Who am I?"
I didn't turn around. It didn't threaten me this time, but I still didn't dare to look. "You know, at first I thought you were the one creating this dream... but that's not it. You're just the one tormenting this poor kid", I explained. "You're a nightmare, aren't you?"
The voice giggled. "Oh, aren't you a smart one? Finally someone gets it! Congratulations, stranger, you're prize is... death."
"Oh fuck off." My hands slowly rose to the hilt of my dagger.
"Excuse me?"
"You're nothing special", I informed it. "You think you're oh so great, but you said it yourself, your pathetic ass shatters in the daylight. And since this damn place doesn't have a sunrise..." I pulled my dagger from its sheath. "I'll just shatter you myself."
Not giving it any time to respond, I spun around and with barely a glance at the surprisingly human form of the nightmare, I plunged my dagger deep into its chest.
There was no sound. No agonized scream as the blade pierced its heart. It simply collapsed to the ground and lay still, dead, its rigid eyes looking up at the sky. For a moment, I looked down at its body, but I couldn't bring myself to be surprised at its face resembling my father's. It should have made my stomach turn, but it felt weirdly carthartic instead.
The child in the cradle was still crying and now that the nightmare was dead, I turned around and approached it. I picked it up and even though it was wrapped in layers of blankets I could see how small and frail it was, even for a newborn. I had never held a baby, but I tried my best to gently hold it in my arms. "It's okay now", I told the child. "The nightmare's dead."
Laughter echoed through the street and for a second I expected the worst, but when I looked up it wasn't the nightmare I saw. In front of me stood a young person, a child still, with long white hair. They only had one eye, so dark it was almost black, their body was frail and their skin greyish pale. "You think my nightmare was bothering me?", they asked, a smirk on their thin lips.
I looked down at the newborn in my arms and then back to the white-haired child. "This is impossible", I whispered.
They raised an eyebrow. "Really? You survived so much and this is where you draw the line?"
"Yes! Yes, I draw the fucking line here! You're... you're not even born yet. How the hell are you even conscious?"
"I don't know, stranger, I just am", they answered calmly.
"Okay." I took another look at the baby in my arms, which had stopped crying at this point. "Which one is the real you, Dreamer?"
They chuckled. "Both. Neither. Times means nothing in my realm, stranger."
I didn't bother pretending to understand at this point. "Whatever. Just... what do you mean, the nightmare didn't bother you? He killed the people who entered this dream, right? You accidentally manifested a nightmare and it went on a rampage? I killed the it and now the baby stopped crying and everything's good?" Slightly exasperated, I gestured at the now calm baby in my arm.
The Dreamer looked at me for a moment before bursting into laughter again. "What a cute little story, stranger, but I must disappoint you. There was nothing accidental about the creation of this nightmare", they explained. "It trapped humans in this place, showed them their worst fears and eventually tore them apart simply because I wanted it to do so. But it was imperfect... relied to much on all those common fears, with no regard of who it was dealing with." They smiled. "I think I won't create another. From now on... I'll form the dreams all by myself."
"Why?" I felt sick to my stomach. "Why are you doing this?"
And this child, this incredibly young child, smiled at me so coldly that I felt a shiver down my spine. "Why not?", they replied, lacking any emotion in their singular black eye.
I could have said a million things in response to this, but a single look at the Dreamer made clear that they wouldn't care about any of these reasons. "Are you going to kill me now?", I asked instead, holding the baby a little closer. I wondered if the dream would collapse if I killed the child. Sure, it would be cruel, but...
"Not at all", the Dreamer answered, interrupting my rather violent thoughts. "Killing is rather boring, compared to the alternative." They took a step closer. "And you entertained me well enough, stranger. I'll let you go."
"T-thank you", I stuttered quickly, silently praying that the cruel child wasn't lying.
"Oh please. You're thanking me?" It scoffed, as thick white fog rose around us. "That's just pathetic, stranger."
The world drowned in white and a second later I opened my eyes back in the Midnight Train.
I blinked against the way too bright lights, my brain desperately trying to catch up with the sudden change in scenery. Nyxia sat next to me, worry written across her face, but that was secondary to the person who stood right in front of me. He had been looking for me, I realized.
"John!", I exclaimed, jumped to my feet and pulled him into a tight hug. "I'm so glad to see you!"
"It's good to see you're alright", he replied. Although he hesitated for a moment, he reciprocated my hug.
Eventually I let go off him and knelt down on the floor, where my giant dog was sitting and looking at me. "Hey Kira", I greeted her and hugged her as well. "It's okay, baby, I'm alive."
"What happened?", John asked. "I couldn't wake you up and this lady" – he pointed at Nyxia – "claimed it was her unborn child's fault."
"Yeah... she's right about that." And with that, I started to explain what had happened, from the moment the Distributor had handed me the dagger – which was gone now, apparently lost in the dreamworld – to my eventual escape from the nightmare. However, I didn't get to finish my story.
When I was about halfway done, our little group was approached by the Conductor. "Excuse me, Ma'am?", he said to Nyxia. "We will arrive at your destination in a few minutes."
The pregnant woman blinked in confusion. "Excuse me... this must be a misunderstanding? I don't have a ticket."
The Conductor shook his head. "No misunderstanding, Ma'am. Please make sure you leave nothing of importance behind and thank you for choosing the Midnight Train." With that, he turned back around and walked away.
"I can leave. They let me leave." A bright smile appeared on Nyxia's face. "I can't believe it."
"That's amazing", I agreed. And indeed, to me this was a glimmer of hope. If this woman could leave despite not having a ticket, the same could be possible for me. Maybe I could get out of here, after all.
The train stopped and John and I followed Nyxia to the door to see her off. They were wide open now, giving way to a stunning view of a town's gothic architecture. "So this is where to train wants me to be", Nyxia said. "At least I get to raise my child somewhere other than this cursed place."
"Nyxia..." I sighed. "Get rid of the child." It was a rude thing to say, but with the image of the Dreamer's emotionless stare fresh in my mind, I couldn't keep my mouth shut. "It's already so cruel... you don't know what it will do when it's born."
She just stared at me for a moment before shaking her head. "I don't know what you dreamed, but he won't turn out that way. He won't have any reason to be cruel, because I'll be there for him." She put a hand on her stomach. "Trust me on this, Billie."
I didn't, really, but it wasn't like I had a choice. "Good luck then."
"Thank you! Good luck to the both of you too. I hope you'll make it out like I did." With one last smile towards us, she turned around and crossed the threshold, leaving the Midnight Train behind for good.
John, Kira and I stood there and watched her walk down the road, towards the town in the near distance.
"Don't get your hopes up too high, Billie", John said to me. "If what you told me is true, the train probably just wanted to get rid of this entity before it could be born. It didn't let her go out of mercy."
It was a valid theory. Probably the only valid one.
"We'll find another way then", I shrugged. "Right?"
He put a hand on my shoulder. "We'll try."
I wasn't sure what would happen next. For now I was just relieved that I had survived the whole ordeal unscathered, which was a miracle in and of itself. There were still a thousand obstacles between me and my freedom, but I had just watched a woman walk away from this place and despite John's rather realistic reasoning, it had given me hope. There was a chance for me to make it out alive and I would find a way, no matter how long it would take.
The doors shut in front of us and I turned to John, an exhausted but genuine smile on my face. "Let's go eat something, shall we?"
I think this is enough for now. In the next part we'll leave the train for a bit to explore one of its destinations and we'll even meet a new passenger.
Until then, don't let your nightmares scare you.
They'll always fall apart in the sunrise.
- To Be Continued -
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2023.06.05 18:58 Important-Lime4628 TIFU I smoked weed and hallucinated

I smoked a orgasmic orange cake cart since I was feeling a little down. I just wanted to skateboard for a while high and clear my head. I got to a park and sat down and looked at the pavement. The pavement had a repeating pattern as if someone copy and pasted the same image of a small section of the pavement over and over. I thought maybe I am just tired or something until the patterns were swapping places but all seemed to fit together perfectly. Then I went over and laid down on a bench and looked at the clouds and the clouds were swapping places with each other but changing there shapes into the cloud they were switching to. The sky flipped between blue and light blue very quickly and was very clearly different colors. Around the 30 minute mark, the clouds became just this massive one that looked like a window and I saw these statues in a colosseum and it looked so real but I knew it was just clouds. I have taken mushrooms before but never hallucinated like I did from this dab cart. I wanted to just get a little high and skateboard around but instead I full on tripped. It is currently the next day and I feel foggy but sober now. Im not smoking weed again for a long time and I know people hallucinated from weed before but there still could have been a chance it was laced. I felt high for 3 hours and hallucinated for an hour and a half. The best way to described most of the hallucinations was like looking through a kaleidoscope.
TL;DR: Smoked weed from a cart and tripped extremely hard when I just wanted to feel relaxed and chill.
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2023.06.05 18:58 addamee Parts seller for remastered Aeron without label?

Parts seller for remastered Aeron without label?
Hi folks, any suggestions on where I might be able to source parts for a remastered Aeron? Not the conventional ones you can buy from HM, mind you, this is rather specific (see images)--I think the broken piece is called the arm index.

I did my best to search and scroll through this sub re: parts and re: remastered but I suspect what I have is a rather unique break to a chair that I purchased second hand, and because it's not a classic and without the label (I looked everywhere while cleaning the chair), one place (officereplacementparts) isn't able to offer any further assistance.
Another redditor user posted a picture with the armrest removed showing the unbroken part. I guess if nothing else, would anyone here with a similar chair (remastered [size C, if that matters] with the pivoting and "telescoping" armrest) be willing to share their serial number with me so I can use it for the purpose of ordering a part?
Thanks all.
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2023.06.05 18:58 RisingSun64 24 [M4F] #Virginia State #Online - Let's Be Loving Snuggle Buddies!

(Pics Included)~~
About me: Heyo, I'm very passionate about love and romance. I love all things silly, cute, and colorful. I like vidya, memes, youtube, nature, singing, etc. I would adore something long-term and monogamous. I'm pretty handsome and cute. I'm a 5'4" smol, skinny boi. I work retail for a decent wage and live with a roommate. Due to my chronic depression, I get physically and mentally exhausted easily often, but I still do my best to take care of things and try to have fun. I'm always striving to do better, to improve, even if it's just baby-steps day-by-day. I've really come a long way, year after year. I range from being playful, bubbly, to more tame, relaxed, serious, a bit feminine (in personality), to dank, derpy, and silly. I am rather clingy, but I respect time away for any reason. I am very introverted and prefer to stay home and relax. Otherwise I like going out sometimes and talking loads with My Special One.
I'm a huge videogame buff, from N64 to Wii U, Gameboy Advance to 3DS, is my area of expertise. I do a bit of PS4 and mobile as well. I'm super into youtube documentaries of all sorts: Corruption, Game Industry, History, etc. I like other types of videos, like let's plays, creepypastas, podcasts.
What I'm looking for: Preferably a lovely lady within the age of 18-35 for a monogamous relationship.
It'd be really nice to have somebody thoughtful, affectionate, silly, supportive, likes to spend lots of time together, communicative. Open-minded, really. Encouragement, support, affection, and love that goes both ways. Gameweeb/goob/clingy are huge pluses for me. Roleplay/cosplay is good too! I don't care about your job, status, height, weight, or anything else. I just want true love.
Ideally, you'd be assertive, but gentle or even strict. Not cruel though. As long as you're active in trying to do your best for your partner, that is great too. MDLB/GFD as part of the regular romantic relationship structure is a huge plus! For me it's moreso about soft, assuring loving and doting. I'm open to discussing that more in private, should you like. I want you to be comfortable with everything as well. As long as you try your best, I would love to meet you. I want to take care of you as well. My main thing is that I'm always the one putting in all of the effort with no reciprocation.
I'm easy to please when it comes to appearances. From skinny women to really, really fluffy women. You don't have to be conventionally attractive at all. I would say that I would like to trade pictures early on though, please. Personality is more important to me and being able to connect with a kind soul is more important.
-Don't want kids at all.
-Not religious, but I don't mind if you are.
-Please don't be shy! Reach out to me! I'm always up to chat. I value effort above all.
I hope to hear from you soon. (´ω`)
Pictures of me. https://imgur.com/a/8MWmSNP
https://postimg.cc/gallery/LmXfDTx Album of Cute Images.
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2023.06.05 18:58 plaaxy My updated topster

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2023.06.05 18:57 DoomerAce Mental clarity

Yo, quick question. I have an issue that I cant seem to place, what it is and what to do about it.
I seem to have lost mental clarity. I used to be able to vividly visualise most things, now when i try the images are grainy, incomplete and "distant" sometimes like im looking through a pinhole. With this came that my mind feels awefully quiet as if im permanently meditating even though I dont want to be. All of this is in stark contrast with how it used to be
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2023.06.05 18:57 r3crac Lenovo XT60 TWS Earbuds BT5.3 for 17.99 USD without coupon

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2023.06.05 18:57 bgwebagency Need help in fixing: truncated response from nextjs api route

Need help in fixing: truncated response from nextjs api route

**How to reproduce?**
Go to https://www.restoreportraits.com/generate
Upload an image and check the API response for /restore API
The response is complete on localhost
Github repo: https://github.com/bgwebagency/restoreportraits.com
**Full code: app/restore/route.ts**
import { NextResponse } from 'next/server'
import { Redis } from '@upstash/redis'
import { Ratelimit } from '@upstash/ratelimit'
import requestIp from 'request-ip'

// TODO: to check what happens if daily limit of 10k is reached
// should not do rate limit check once 10k is reached
const ratelimit = new Ratelimit({
redis: Redis.fromEnv(),
limiter: Ratelimit.slidingWindow(5, '30 s'),
analytics: true,

type Input = {
image: string
codeformer_fidelity: number
face_upsample: Boolean
background_enhance: Boolean
upscale: number

export async function POST(request: Request) {
// Use ip address for individual limits.
const identifier = requestIp.getClientIp({ headers: {} })
const newHeaders = new Headers(request.headers)

// Conditional rate limit check, so that we can disable it later using an env variable if required.
if (
ratelimit &&
) {
const { success, limit, remaining } = await ratelimit.limit(identifier!)

// Add a new custom header
newHeaders.set('x-RateLimit-Limit', limit.toString())
newHeaders.set('x-RateLimit-Remaining', remaining.toString())

if (!success) {
return NextResponse.json({ headers: newHeaders, status: 429 })

const req = await request.json()

const { imageUrl } = req

// start the image generation process
const initResponse = await fetch('https://api.replicate.com/v1/predictions', {
method: 'POST',
headers: {
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
Authorization: `Token ${process.env.REPLICATE_API_TOKEN}`,
body: JSON.stringify({
input: {
image: imageUrl,
codeformer_fidelity: 0.7,
face_upsample: true,
background_enhance: true,
upscale: 1,

type InitResponseJSON = {
completed_at: null
created_at: Date
error: null
id: string
input: Input
logs: null
metrics: {}
output: null
started_at: null
status: string
version: string

const initResponseJson: InitResponseJSON = await initResponse.json()

const { id } = initResponseJson

// poll the API every 1 sec until the image is ready
let restoredImageUrl = null

type ImageResponseJSON = Pick<
'id' 'input' 'output' 'status'

while (!restoredImageUrl) {
let imageResponse = await fetch(
headers: {
Authorization: `Token ${process.env.REPLICATE_API_TOKEN}`,
let imageResponseJson: ImageResponseJSON = await imageResponse.json()
// console.log('imageResponseJson', JSON.stringify(imageResponseJson))
if (imageResponseJson.status === 'succeeded') {
restoredImageUrl = imageResponseJson.output
} else if (imageResponseJson.status === 'failed') {
throw new Error('Image generation failed')
} else {
await new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, 1000))

// return the image
// console.log('restoredImageUrl', restoredImageUrl)
return NextResponse.json(
restoredImageUrl: restoredImageUrl ?? 'Failed to generate image',
{ headers: newHeaders }

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2023.06.05 18:57 Nycto_and_Siouxsie Reddit is screwing over 3rd party apps and it could need with how this community is modded. I think the mods here should also protest.

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