Cold sore stages images

Yes no maybe

2023.06.04 18:15 iser6 Yes no maybe

If a person has hs1 but no OB no bumps or symptoms. Or anything I got blood tested just for curiosity. Do I have to disclose yes or no. And if yes do I say I have herpes or I have the disease that causes cold sores. If no why? Feel free to DM me
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2023.06.04 18:13 Isak922 [Lake Compounce] Trip Report (05/03/2023)

[Lake Compounce] Trip Report (05/03/2023)
A dreary day at the Lake. On mobile, excuse the formatting!
Got to the park a bit after opening. It's been a few years since my last visit, and figured I'd take a look. Crowds were very minimal for most of the day. Overcast weather, a bit cold and windy... but let's have at it!
Boulder Dash (15) - This ride is still a legend. I've been on every incarnation of this beast. Trick track, triple up, double up and now with the steel reinforcements on parts of the track. It's a classic CCI that everyone here should be very familiar with. Some crazy laterals wherever you are on the train, a few small pops of airtime in the back, and pure speed thrill of racing through the woods. It's definitely starting to show some age at this point though.
Zoomerang (1) - For lack of other options, I took a lap on easily my favorite boomerang. It's still amazing how smooth this is compared to others.
Phobia is currently down due to a sensor fault, and has been for a week or so according to some ride ops. Don't stick your feet outside of the trains.
Wildcat is closed for the season to continue refurbishment work.
So, with half the attractions closed... I opted to attend Lake Compounce's concert of the evening. Sugar Ray (Fly, Every Morning) was playing a set on the new floating stage. Surprisingly good sound quality for the set up! Got to meet Mr. Mark himself after the show, and he's a SUPER friendly guy. Was more than happy to take selfies, talk with the crowd and even gave me a big bear hug.
The Lake is a classic park that still has some super fun rides. With Haunted Graveyard being gone now, they do have some decent space for new attractions, if they ever shift focus away from the water park.
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2023.06.04 18:09 hotgirlonredditjpeg my (25f) (ex)boyfriend (23m) broke up with me after an incident. Can someone please point out what I’m missing or talk some sense into me?

hi, I don’t post much so I’m using my alternate account. I’m really spiraling and I could use any help.
Three nights ago my boyfriend and I were hooking up after a night of drinking. He penetrated me anally without asking and would not stop until I pushed him off of me. I spent the whole night crying. We had been together 9 months and this was the third time he’s done this, although the previous two times were only with his fingers. In the morning, I was bleeding and sore and crying off and on. He was apologetic and said he was “ashamed of himself” and when I asked him why he keeps doing it he said he can’t control it. I told him some pretty unkind things about how awful it feels to be violated like that and that no woman would want to be with a man like that. I told him I needed some space and I would text him later.
I texted him at the end of the day and he was being unusually cold. He said he had the whole day to think and that he wants to break up with me and work on himself, he said it has nothing to do with what happened the other night. I started spiraling and was so angry. I couldn’t believe he was leaving me after what he did. I said things like “I would want to work on myself too if I fucked my girlfriends ass without asking and wouldn’t stop when she said no”. He told me I was being mean.
I haven’t been able to stop crying I feel so foolish and violated and sad all at the same time. He picked his stuff up this morning and reiterated that he just hasn’t felt good in a while and was pretending. He also said he had made up his mind because of the way I talked to him the night before. I told him deserved to hear what I said and I didn’t regret holding him accountable for what he did and that he wasn’t going to turn this around to make me the villain.
I just checked in on him last week and asked how we were doing and he didn’t express any doubts or negativity. He told me he’ll check in on me and promised to call me when he “feels better”. He said maybe in a few weeks he’ll “feel better”. I told him I don’t believe he’s unwell, I believe he wants to cut me out of his life so he doesn’t have to deal with the fall out of what he did to me.
I don’t even know why I still want him. I feel so pathetic and sad. On top of feeling assaulted by someone who was supposed to love me I’m getting broken up with to. I don’t feel strong right now please tell me what I need to hear.
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2023.06.04 17:58 GuardianGalaxyy [GET] Film Booth – Thumbnail University

Hello guy's I have the course name "ilm Booth – Thumbnail University"
You will get:
If anyone wanted to have this courses please access below link to get this course at super cheap price.
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2023.06.04 17:54 SpecialistCicada3083 Anyone else get sick around tobacco smoke even on peoples clothes. I was around someone that smokes and I’ve had cold/sore throat symptoms for days…

I woke up today and felt like I had Covid or the flu I felt so bad I could barely speak my throat felt destroyed.
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2023.06.04 17:53 UlluHogaTu While I have enjoyed their COT episodes, this one seemed so staged and ngl Amrita Rao was overacting through out. With so much negativity around Divya atm with her personal life, and how she claimed she had no work, this video seemed to be staged for image clearance. 100% PR stunt!

While I have enjoyed their COT episodes, this one seemed so staged and ngl Amrita Rao was overacting through out. With so much negativity around Divya atm with her personal life, and how she claimed she had no work, this video seemed to be staged for image clearance. 100% PR stunt!
Show - Couple of Things ft. Amrita Rao & RJ Anmol In Frame - Amrita Rao, RJ Anmol, Apurva (idk his surname but bohot saari hotels ka maalik hai) and Divya Agarwal (OTT fame)
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2023.06.04 17:45 grierks Hedge Knight, Chapter 32

First / Previous / Next
Helbram stared at the image of his father, the initial ache in his heart fading the longer his eyes rested on him. His father was never a cruel nor cold man, but the warmth that was present in the image’s face was… strange, unfitting for the man that Helbram had grown up with. Familial longing was replaced by caution of the unknown, and he felt his skin grow warm as anger started to boil at the pit of his stomach.
The man raised his hands, “I see this image upsets you. My apologies,” he said, his voice light, ringing with the sounds of vibrating steel.
The image faded from his sight, leaving him alone in the darkness.
“What image would you prefer then?” the voice said, now echoing throughout the void.
“I would have you take no guise,” Helbram said. He took a cursory look around him, unable to discern a source for the voice, “My memories are my own, and I will not have you wear their skin in some attempt to appease me.”
A laugh rang through the darkness, ringing like a bell, “A man of conviction, that I can respect.”
A mote of silver light appeared before Helbram, growing until it took the shape of a humanoid figure. The light faded, leaving behind a figure clad in silver armor. A winged helmet obscured the figure’s head for a moment, but it soon reached up and removed it, revealing the face of a man. Given the man’s features, Helbram could tell that he was a human, but the man’s skin was a stark white, with silver eyes that brimmed with the sheen of silver light. There was a chiseled look to his face, with his sharp, well defined jaw that was quirked from the man’s confident smile. He was tall and broad shouldered, both slightly wider and taller than Helbram himself, which gave him a natural air of intimidation that blended with the raw power that radiated from his body. His armor was of an ancient make, a blend of chainmail and plate to cover his body, yet the runes engraved onto the plate and shape of the armor itself was far curvier than anything he’d seen before, emphasizing the man’s physique as opposed to the usual bulky armor that Helbram himself would wear.
It eventually dawned on him that he had seen the armor before, in the murals that sat above the Sword.
“So what are you, the Sword or the man that wielded it?” Helbram asked.
The man cradled his helmet right above his hip and bowed, “Sadly, my previous master has long passed from this world. Consider this form a gesture of respect to him,” he looked up to Helbram with a kind smile, “and to you.”
Helbram’s eyes narrowed, “I am not sure I’m entirely pleased to receive respect that I have not earned.”
The Sword stood upright, “Oh but you have. I have borne witness to many men who have tried to prove their worth to me, and most have been found wanting.”
“Aside from me and two others,” Helbram said.
The silver-clad man nodded, “Yes, how brimming with potential must this age be to have three such worthy individuals,” he stepped towards Helbram, who kept his distance, “but even with such a bounty of strength one must stand above them all, and I believe that you are the one to do it.”
Helbram sighed, “Then why the test? Would it not have been more expedient to have Sophia come speak to me sooner?”
The Sword’s face grew grim, “That, I am afraid, was due to urgency.”
Helbram regarded the silver haired man with a flat expression, “Explain.”
The Sword started to pace, “The murals in my shrine tell the tale of a man that made the ultimate sacrifice to defeat a great evil,” he motioned to himself, “this man, which I am sure you are well aware of, but I am afraid that despite his efforts, that very same evil remains.”
Helbram crossed his arms, “Does this evil have a name?”
“There is no direct translation from the Ancient Tongue, I am afraid, but for the purposes of giving it an identity let us call it Malice, shall we?”
Helbram nodded, but frowned, “If you were aware of its continued existence then why did you not provide warning of it beforehand?”
A sorrowful expression pulled down at The Sword’s silver eyes, “Malice has always been… subtle with its touch. That is how it began, you see. Not as the overwhelming force it eventually was, but as a subtle, insidious entity with a grasp deft enough to escape even my awareness. I had thought it gone… until I felt its corrosive nature once again.”
“Thus the test.”
The pale skinned man gave a brief nod, “Precisely. Even with three worthy candidates, it is vital that I be wielded by one who was both brave enough and competent enough to face the emerging darkness.”
Helbram’s frown deepened, “So you set them off on a test without telling them what the opponent was.”
The Sword regarded him with a blank expression, “It was a test of knowledge in addition to bravery.”
“Yes, which is why you sent a young man who has not had a lick of experience in combat against a Troll,” Helbram’s eyes narrowed, “And an opportunist, waiting until her target was weakened to strike.”
The Sword tilted his head, “What are you insinuating?”
Helbram shrugged, “If you were to choose a weilder that would help you fight off a great evil, I imagine you would have someone of more… experience and prone to self sacrifice in mind.”
“You possess such experience, do you not? And from what I can tell, your purpose for going into those woods was to save, not to slay. Such actions require a certain amount of self sacrifice,” The Sword smiled at him, “Such actions are those of a Hero.”
Helbram’s eye twitched, “Flattery will get you nowhere with me.”
“I merely speak the truth,” the sword explained, “It would be rather pointless of me to show such interest in you if it was a lie, would it not?” he motioned towards his own body, “I have been held in the possession of the finest of heroes, wieldied in battles against foes that have matched that same caliber. I know talent when I see it, feel it, and within you I sense that very same potential.”
“Do not speak to me of potential!” Helbram snapped. He let silence settle between them before rubbing his eyes and sighing, “I have spoken enough of it for a lifetime today.”
The Sword looked at him, eyes alight with curiosity, “You are very guarded when it comes to speaking of such things, though the more that I look into your memories the more I can see why…”
Helbram opened his mouth to respond, but as he did he felt his body lurch, like whatever he was standing on was pulled from under him. His vision went white as he stumbled forward, and as it returned the first thing he noticed was that he was staring at his hands.
They were covered in blood.
The pain that flared from his palms told him that it was from wounds of his own, but as he made to move them closer to examine them he found that he could not do so. His hands remained still, trembling as blood trickled down from torn skin and calluses, caking the dirt that covered them in a mess of crusted mud. He made to move them again, but stopped himself when he realized that he was again bearing witness to another memory.
One that he did not wish to recall.
He could not see his face, but the size of his hands were the same as they were in the present, possessing a softness to them that had long faded from his touch. He was an adult in this memory, a fact that only confirmed the worst for him.
He was back in the training ring in front of his house. The sky was red with the fading light of the evening sun, draped over the rock that stood in front of him. Thin lines marred its surface, countless scratches that added a shade of paleness to its darkened grain. Scattered around the rock were bits of broken metal, remnants of the swords that had been dashed upon the rock.
He heaved with each breath, eyes still focused upon the rock as his vision blurred from the sweat that fell over his eyes from his brow. He wiped his eyes with his forearm, fleeing a slight sting to them, which he ignored as he knelt down, grasping at the sword that lay at his feet. Its blade was chipped up and down its profile, but still held the vague semblance of a weapon. His hands stung as they wrapped around the handle, blood beading between his fingertips as he gripped the sword with all of his might.
The blade shook as Helbram held it in front of him, slipping into the remnants of a stance that had broken from the fatigue long ago. He tried to keep himself still, but no matter how much he tried to focus the sword continued to tremble. He reared the blade back and roared, slamming the sword into the rock.
It struck stone with a weak grinding sound that sent shivers down his spine, but still he hefted the weapon back up and struck the stone again, leaving another thin scratch across its surface.
Helbram wanted to close his eyes, but the memory did not let him. Instead he could only watch himself hit the rock over and over, feeling each shock that shivered up his hands, feeling the pain in his palms flaring as more of its skin began to tear. Still his memory self continued, striking the stone in a trance, and he could feel each desperate attempt to reach for Ether that was not there… was never there.
The pace of his swings increased, each time the grating of metal against rock cutting deeper and deeper into his mind. All attempts to reach for any Ether that he desired were abandoned, and in a chorus of rage filled yells Helbram kept striking the rock. He saw nothing but his target, felt nothing aside from the increasingly pathetic desire for the stone to yield to his attacks, a desperate attempt to run from a truth that clawed at his back.
The sword was nothing more than twisted metal when the light of the sun had faded, leaving only the pale light of a new moon sky to illuminate his surroundings. He rested his head against the rock, beating it with his bloodied fist. He eventually stopped, letting his hand rest against the stone, shivering from the cold that started to chill the sweat on his skin.
He grit his teeth and stood up, hefting the warped sword into the air with a final cry before bringing it down.
Only for his hands to be stopped as his father caught them.
“Helbram stop!”
But he didn’t, he fought his father’s grip as hard as he could, but it was to no avail. The sword was pulled from his hands with ease and thrown to the side, and when Helbram still made to break from the hold his father grabbed his arms and pinned them at his sides. In his tired state, Helbram could not fight it, and was only able to shake in place.
“Deep breaths son,” his father said, “you need to center yourself.”
“What good does that do?!” Helbram yelled. He fell to his knees, his vision blurring as he felt tears start to pool in his eyes, “What good does any of this do?”
His father looked at him with sad eyes, “Helbram, I -”
“I have tried, and tried, and tried,” Helbram said in a trembling voice, “but still it meant nothing in the end. When the time came to prove myself, it was all for naught. Still was I lacking, still I remain lacking, and no matter what I do it does not matter,” he looked down at his bloodied hands, clenching them until the sting of his torn flesh dulled the aching in his heart, “It will never matter, and try as I might to run from this truth, there is no escaping it. It is hopeless.”
The grip around his arms tightened, “It is not hopeless.”
Helbram looked up, meeting his father’s eyes and seeing the steel behind them.
“It was not for naught,” he said, “your efforts will be recognized, this I swear.”
Helbram’s vision went white, and when it returned, he was back in the void, the Sword still standing in front of him wearing the guise of the hero.
He rubbed his brow, “If you mean to convince me with visions of the past, then that was a poor choice.”
The Sword shook his head, “No, I was merely showing you the source of my understanding. Years of effort, bearing no fruit, no results. While I cannot fathom the frustration that may cause, I know that such things are not easy to deal with.”
Helbram sighed, “Do you now? I suppose that you know what happened after that little embarrassment?” He looked at the Sword, a sad smile pulling at his lips, “My father set out, seeking items, elixirs that could cure my condition. For months at a time would he disappear, marked by new scars, new wounds that told me the danger that he exposed himself to, all for my sake, all while I sat still. Time warped, with days feeling like months and months feeling like days, taking any possible cure from my father, feeling just a small spark of hope when it looked like things could be different,” he snorted, “a habit that I have been unable to shake.”
His jaw clenched, “I grew to hate it. Despite my father’s intentions I could only get angrier with each new failure. I would lash out, curse him for giving me hope only to sink back into despair once more. Yet still he left, still he would try.”
He closed his eyes as his vision blurred.
“One day, when he returned, he collapsed before he could even get through the door. Poison was in his veins, its effects slowed enough by the Ether he possessed to allow him to make his way back home,” he let go of a breathe that he wasn’t aware that he held, “With the aid of my grandfather, he recovered, but it took weeks, and each night the poison would wrack through his body.”
He clenched his fists, “I can still hear his screams, his cries as he felt pains I cannot even begin to fathom. All because his son wanted to be stronger, all because of me.”
Helbram took in a deep breath and sighed, “And so I would relieve my father of that burden. When I confirmed that the worst had passed and that he was on the mend, I left. I would not have my father suffer for my own deficiencies. If I was going to chase a dream that would never come true, then I should be the one to bear all its consequences.”
He looked back at the Sword, “So yes, it had been hard to deal with such frustrations, but for some reason that escapes me, I cannot help but continue on this fruitless endeavor.”
The Sword stepped towards him, “Your efforts have not been wasted.”
Helbram frowned at him, but let the Sword continue.
“It is true, the power that is within you is stagnant, unable to be wielded by yourself,” he explained, “but, that does not mean it has not grown.”
Helbram looked at him with questioning eyes, “Explain.”
“Refer to what I have said before, that you possess the greatest potential of all those I have seen. The power that you have trained, nurtured despite your limitations is merely dormant, waiting for a catalyst to awaken. Fifteen years of effort, your efforts, your father’s efforts, they have not been in vain.”
Before Helbram could object, the Sword grabbed his arm.
Fire lanced through his body, a burning sensation that, for a moment, was intense enough that he felt a chill over his skin for a brief moment. The sensation faded and his body felt… light, almost weightless as gooseflesh trailed down his arms. He felt more… aware of his body. The Sword’s chosen form looked more defined in his eyes, the silver glow in his eyes focused into streaks of silver that danced along his irises, the runes along his armor easier to read, though he still did not know what they meant.
More than that was the awareness of the power that suffused through him. It pulsed with each beat of his heart, a rush of strength that made him tremble the more that he felt it. A sword had appeared in his hands, brimming with a soft blue light that suffused the entire length of the blade. It was Ether… his Ether.
“This is no falsehood,” the Sword said, “this is but a spark of the power that lies within you, the result of your training, your father’s aid, just waiting to be awakened,” he placed his other hand on Helbram’s shoulder, “This is why I say that you possess the most potential, for it is the truth. You just need something to awaken it,” his voice grew soft, “I can be the one to do so.”
Helbram could not look up, the sensation of the power that ran through him entrancing his every sense. He felt his vision blur, but only slightly as he could see through the tears more clearly.
It was there, it was really there.
“Take hold, Helbram,” The Sword said, “Pull me from the tree and awaken the power that lies within, the power that you deserve, that you have earned.”
With those words, the void disappeared, leaving Helbram in front of the tree once again, his hand still on the handle of the Sword. Gone was the sensation of power that ran through him, leaving only a phantom of its traces, a sense of longing left in its wake.
He stared at the blade, its silver glint dull in comparison to the brilliance that was held in the Sword’s previous guise. He felt his hands tremble, the memory of that power fresh in his mind. His grip around the handle tightened, and he could feel the muscles in his arm tense up unconsciously.
It was right there, the key that would awaken his strength.
Fifteen years of effort, all waiting to be stirred from a long slumber.
His arm flexed, he felt the blade start to slide.
The air around him trembled as a wave of emotion washed over him. Sadness, confusion… rage that threatened to pull the very breath from his lungs. He knew this sensation, knew its source.
And it was only confirmed as a roar ripped through the air.
First / Previous / Next
Author's Note: We finally have the Sword and Helbram actually talk! This arc is all about delving into parts of Helbram's mind and I think this was a good way to expose such things about the character. Its a bit shorter, but I didn't want to include anything here that would take away from what the chapter was focusing on. Let me know how I did!
If you wish to read ahead and gain access to the audiobook version of this story, consider supporting me on Patreon. If you want to leave a donation, here is my Ko-fi. More than any of that though, I hope you enjoyed the chapter, and have yourself a very wonderful day! :)
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2023.06.04 17:43 Reckless_Alchemist I'm finally getting it together...

....and I'm terrified. TL;DR at the bottom since I'm a bit of a rambler.
First time posting, so quick intro but my situation isn't particularly unique. The pandemic drastically accelerated my descent into full-blown (if functional) alcoholism, though if I'm really honest with myself, I was already leaning that direction for a year or two before that. That one-two depression and anxiety combo made chasing a buzz whenever I could extremely appealing, and we all know the pandemic didn't do much to decrease general levels of depression and anxiety.
Somehow, no one in my life knows. I used the usual tricks, hiding my own separate bottles and/or refilling the bottles in our liquor cabinet after I'd done particularly noticable damage to them. I'd even stash empties and take them to throw away in public bins just so no one would see them at home. I've been working from home while my husband hasn't, so it was always easy to run to one of the three(!) liquor stores that are at the closest intersection to my house. We also have multiple doorbell cameras so I would always leave/enter through the garage so he wouldn't see me bringing in the telltale plain brown paper bags on the camera app. And, of course, being home alone all day also meant I was free to drink as much during the day as I wanted. I swear my coffee mug was used more for straight whiskey than coffee. I hated myself every single time, and yet...
Anyway, lately I've been having troubling physical symptoms that I know I shouldn't ignore. An occasional dull pain in my upper abdomen. Itchy skin. Bruises, sometimes with no real idea how they got there. Fatigue. Symptoms, potentially, of liver disease, if you were to find yourself doom scrolling around WebMD.
The thirsty "friend" in my head, naturally, wants to tell me that it's just my anxiety talking. The pain in my midsection is just because I sit a lot for my job and that's where my body bends when I'm not paying enough attention to my posture, so it's just soreness from that. I'm just itchy because I've been outside more with the nice weather and doing yard work, so I'm coming into contact with allergens and being bitten by mosquitoes. The bruises are from getting bumped around more with all the landscaping stuff I've been working on. Fatigue? Ha, I've always been tired regardless of whether I've been drinking. "And think of all that hard, sweaty work you've been doing," it says. "You deserve a nice cold drink."
Maybe it's right. Not about the drink thing, but about the source of my physical issues. I've catastrophized my health before only to find out I'm totally fine. But I need to know for sure. So, I've got a doctor's appointment this week. First time in years. She'll be the first person I'm going to be completely honest about with my drinking. Of course even if I were to downplay it, the blood tests won't lie.
Even if I somehow get a (relatively) clean bill of health, I'm done. I know if I continue the way I have been, my life will be cut short. I'll never see all these trees (seriously, so many fucking trees) we've been planting grow. I recently got my passport for the first time in my mid thirties, so now I think about all the places I want to see that I won't be able to if I don't stop. And not to mention the most obvious: leaving behind the person who I love most in this universe, all because I couldn't find the strength to put down the bottle and confront my problems in a healthy way.
I recently made it a full week without drinking, before I allowed myself to accept a beer from a friend. Which then turned back into a couple cocktails a least. So there's the proof that I CAN just completely not drink, but I can't just have one little drink and be done. It's all or nothing.
Today, I choose nothing.
TL;DR alcohol can suck my farts and IWNDWYT
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2023.06.04 17:39 DifficultyFancy8806 OFT Stage 2+ not removing the cold start?

I recently bought a brand new OFT V2 and put in the Stage 2 + tune after installing my catless headers, the cold start is still REALLY loud… is there an updated stage 2+ where I have to update? or should it just be good off the get go and that is actually how it is?
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2023.06.04 17:31 Dashing15 I just need this off my chest.

(May sound like poetry, but thats not the intention, its just feelings a thoughts written down chaoticly. Here and there are quotes from songs i relate to)
I feel it everyday. It’s like my skin is getting peeled off layer by layer, slowly over time. One day I’ll be nothing but bones. I’ve been looking for a way out for centuries, but it looks like the only way out, is up, and I won’t survive that. How do I survive this? These people standing around me, kilometers away, but still so close that I can hear their whispers, as they were in my ear. Every single word, so clear, yet so far away. Im being skinned alive, and yet no-one seems to notice the pain I feel. No-one sees me bleed, and no matter how loud I scream, no-one takes me quite seriously. Maybe they do? Maybe I just don’t feel like it’s enough. Just like I was never enough. Ive been screaming for years, and no-one heard me. Now im standing here, and im not alone. Yet they don’t seem to hear me. Nobody seems to hear me. I always have been standing on a stage. Right in the spotlight, with no audience. No one to hear me. They didn’t show up for me. They shut me down, turned off my light and shoved me down a hole. Only taken out be shown off to people with cameras and no souls behind their eyes. Theres no pride in me, because you need to be the pride of someone else, to have some in yourself. And when they find an old picture of us, and clear away the dust, I hope they think of me. All of them. I have been shown off and cast away, pulled from the darkness, just to be shut back in. I looked up to people who used me in ways beyond belief, never to be talked about again. Not that anyone would believe me. They see the fear in my eyes, I won’t let my guard down, to anyone ever again. They took my light, and kept it for themselves. Why do something so cruel to a child? I had done nothing wrong. I didn’t ruin their marriage, that was not me. So why was I being punished to live a life in the shadows? I was put in boxes of glitters and skirts, for a crime I did not commit. I had my dignity and free will taken from me. I was hungry in my bed at night, and fancy in clothes to school. Fear sat with me through every day. I now know, what I didn’t then. I now feel the hatred and pain I suppressed all those years ago. He will always hate her, more than he will ever love us. Ive seen it, I still see it. They can’t look at each other without that look. That hate. They don’t even know what happened to us, what we did to survive. Alle the lies we have told. They do not know of what I did to survive, nor will I ever speak of it.
My gender has nothing to do with who I am as a person, even though they think it does. What do they know of me? I doubt they even know what food I prefer, what colours I choose my clothes to be, or what actually happened that one night, even though they were there. They were with me. I have never felt more worthless in my life, than that day. I have long forgiven him for the words he put in my head as a child, but I cannot fathom how anyone can say the things he told me as a teenager. I was suffering, and he only cared for himself and his new family. They crushed my heart, and say its nothing.
Im now here. Right here. I’ve done so much. I faced so much damage, more than I ever thought I could survive. And nobody warned me that id have to do this alone. Im still here though. Im alive. I survived it all. So why am I being skinned alive by my own thoughts and feelings? I am angry and bitter and cold. Im furious at the world. Im furious at my dad. Im furious at His ex-wife. Im furious at everyone and everything that ever knew me. The old me. I don’t hate them, im so mad, but im not mad at all. I just don’t want to forgive them. Maybe that’s the problem? Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to let it go, and let it eat me up inside, im too stubborn to forgive and forget. I have long known myself to be an issue. I know that I am a problem, since that’s all I’ve ever been. I don’t know trust, I don’t know love, I certainly don’t know how behave around others. How do I show compassion? How do I show affection? Why Is violence my way of showing care and support? How do I do this? I know im more what I seem to be, im not exactly stupid, I know a lot. I just don’t use it, I wouldn’t even know how to. I am a broken shell of a person, mentally unprepared for life, equipped with nothing but violence and a hopeless attitude. My stubbornness should have been a gift, but I use it for nothing. I can’t stand to not get my will, and I will set the your whole world on fire over a small thing, and I don’t know why. I know anger, but I don’t know how to deal with it. I know sadness, but it just won’t go away. I know how much I strive to get that high of life. To get plastered drunk and not remember anything. To get so high that no worries exist anymore. To do something so stupid and dangerous, that I feel that rush of adrenaline that keeps me afloat. I feel like im drowning in my own miserable existence of boredom. I can’t drink at home, because I always get sick and go to bed. I get so tired. I just want that feeling back, just for a minute. My anger get the best of me so easily, and I hurt people around me. I have such a hard time caring so much of the time, its common curtesy though. I HAVE to care. Im SUPPOSED to care. I do care, but I don’t? I don’t know what it is. Maybe I care too much. Maybe I just never learned what caring meant. How to care about someone. How do I do that? Am I not supposed to put their needs before my own? How do I not do that? Am I selfish?
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2023.06.04 17:31 Mental_Surround_7011 I am new

Guys I just got cold sore and realised that I am infected but not sure 1 or 2 yet. Now on my first OB. I don’t know what to do. My doctor only gave me cream to apply at my lip. I can never kiss my girlfriend again? I can never get married or have babies? How to control my OB. I am having ear ringing too.
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2023.06.04 17:30 Background_Ad5821 Asymptomatic?

I am a male in his 30s, I’ve been with one woman for the last five years. Recently got STD testing and I was positive for HSV 1 & 2. My iGG was high as well, I have never had an outbreak tho? I’ve never had a cold sore or gentian outbreaks? I had chickenpox as a kid?
Hsv1: 4.0 Hsv2: 7.9
I know numbers are high but I haven’t had another partner for about six years. I’ve never had an outbreak either? When should I expect and outbreak? Should I order Western Blot?
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2023.06.04 17:24 No-Battle1316 Sprint 2: 5 June - 18 June 2023: Jewellery Business

Hello again, you may or may not remember me from my previous post which I'll link to at the bottom of this one. I've started on my jewellery business odyssey and working in two-week sprints. In each post, update you on where I got to with the last sprint's goals and set out my goals for the next two weeks. If I didn't achieve what I meant to, I'll explain the risks or issues I encountered.
Sprint 1 Goals
Goal Achieved
Get all generic designs (simple necklaces) sent to designer and costed Yes
Have [customed-desgined] pendants resized and paid Yes
At least one generic design sent to manufacturer Yes
Take product photography shots of [completed designs I have been sent samples of from manufacturer] No
Decide on which manufacturer to work with Yes
The thing with a jewellery store is that you need to have sufficient product to look legit so that's why I decided to get some samples made of simple pieces that most stores sell. E.g. thin herringbone necklaces that can be stacked with other, more detailed, designs.
The original custom design pendants that I had made are probably too large so I ended up resizing, and I've also had some smaller pendants being made by the manufacturer at the moment. The actual designs of the smaller pendants will be too gimmicky-looking I think but I wanted to get a feel for their diameter.
So far, I've learned that simple designs really do look better on jewellery.
I wanted to start playing around with some product photography but I'm living in an apartment that's been going through a lot of renovation work so it's not been feasible with the mess and dust. I came across a company that supplies blocks and plinths for photography staging - my dad is a builder and I've asked if he can source some of the stone blocks for cheaper so we'll see.
Ultimately, I'll pay someone or a company to do proper photography but just wanted to see if there was a way I could take some nice shots in the short-term. I probably won't make it a Sprint 2 goal but will move it into Sprint 3.
As with all projects, things come up that you didn't expect and I've asked one of the designers from Upwork to do some more drawings. I found two websites in particular that are just exactly what I had in mind for my products (which is a good thing). One has 161k followers on Insta and the other has about 50k I think - they sell their 24k gold-plated pendants for $242 and $295, respectively.
My jewellery is currently being manufactured with 18k gold vermeil plating so in theory the price would be slightly less but I plan on adding additional elements to each sale with the hope of raising it.
I was watching a video from an entrepreneur the other day that said you shouldn't be selling anything below 80% gross margin (gross margin = revenue - cost of goods sold (which includes shipping, etc)). This was an eye opener.
Positioning the brand
Positioning the brand is quite scary, especially when you haven't built a customer base yet. It's something that's been sitting in the back of my mind for a while but over the last couple of days I've been confronting.
Positioning is essentially what they mean when they say 'niching down'. It's very simple but also very challenging and it being scary is why most companies don't do it. It's especially daunting in a market like jewellery but pretty much no one niches down past 'male, female or unisex', 'price' or 'the design style'. This leads you to automatically assume you're doing something wrong if you go deeper but in reality it's probably even more important. If no one else is doing it then you're going into an untapped market.
I'm treating the exercise as a hypothesis and if the hypothesis doesn't work out then I'll reposition again - if it doesn't work out then I won't be a company that anyone will give a second thought to so repositioning will be straightforward.
Anyway, I found an article that goes through the process of positioning that helped me. It's a bit more B2B but the principles are the same, the steps are:
  1. Let go of where you came from
  2. Isolate your Uniqueness
  3. Value: what can your uniqueness do for customers?
  4. Who Cares?
  5. Choose your best market frame of reference
For number 1. isolate your uniqueness, this is what I came up with (bear in mind that I haven't actually done these yet but this is my long-term goal):
Then I worked through the rest of the steps.
The market segment I honed in on has an actual pain point, which is what I was missing and gnawing at the back of my mind. Bit of an ah-ha moment. However, this pain point is sensitive and I will have to be careful in my messaging.
Joint Ventures
Something I'll quickly mention is that, before I advertise and spend more money than I have, I am going to partner with independent companies that sell to this same market. First starting small and then work my way up once I know what I'm doing.
If they have a large list or, indeed, advertise themselves which I'm sure they do both of, I want to be a beneficiary of this and agree a profit-sharing scheme in which they get 75%-100% of the gross profits.
They can control the sales and money so they're confident I'm not stealing from them but I'll fulfil the orders and get the customer's contact details for continued marketing.
I've never done this but I'm feeling good about the concept and I reckon it's sorely underutilised but small companies.
Sprint 2 Goals
My goals for the next two weeks are the following:
So far (and rising): £1744.66
Final thoughts
Hope that was an interesting read, these actually help clarify my thinking as well. I can't really get going with with anything meaningful until I have the product photography done. I.e. no joint venture company is going to take me seriously without it. I think creating new designs is going to be an ongoing battle for the foreseeable too.
I've been listening to the podcast Founders which summaries and comments on autobiographies of company founders or special people throughout history. Of the business owners, one recurrent theme that keeps surfacing is how they're all so focused on making the best product on the market. Been something I've kept at the front of my mind.
Anyway - see you in the comments or in two weeks.
Link to old posts
Sprint 1: 22 May - 4 June
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2023.06.04 17:21 idc_kay Can I take these pills with an ileostomy ?

I’m unsure if having an ileostomy even affects what pills (besides Nsaids) that I can take. But I just know that I’m cautious with new things because I don’t wanna ever have a blockage. So, does anyone know if it’s okay for me to take these ? Or have any advise on how to know which pills to avoid ?? Thank you :)
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2023.06.04 17:20 Sathyae Convergence of Worlds: Chapter 1

Through the vast expanse of space, a formidable fleet glides silently, its imposing presence a stark contrast to the empty void they traverse. Cloaked in the deepest hue of black, the fleet's ships blend seamlessly with the abyss, as if the darkness itself has birthed these vessels. Their purpose: the relentless pursuit of a singular objective—to locate a planet of utmost significance, meticulously charted by their skilled cartographers within the labyrinthine star system.
As the fleet advances, the celestial ballet of stars reveals a celestial body in their sights. An ethereal pause permeates the ranks as the ships come to a gradual halt, a symphony of anticipation humming through their synchronised movements. From the depths of the armada emerges a colossal capital class ship, its thunderous reverberations echoing through the void as smaller vessels dutifully yield, granting passage to their sovereign.
Positioned at the forefront of this celestial armada, each occupant within the grand vessel fixates their gaze upon the planetary jewel before them. It is a sight that awakens a myriad of emotions, particularly for one individual whose fascination is palpable. The planet, a tapestry of lushness and vibrancy, teems with vibrant life, mirroring the homeland from which the majority of the ship's occupants hail.
"Magnificent, isn't it?" the individual exclaims with unrestrained enthusiasm as the reflection of the planet is seen on his azure blue eyes, sharing the marvel with a companion by his side. "It bears an uncanny resemblance to our beloved Xyranthia. Yet, there are subtle nuances that set it apart, veiling it in an enigmatic allure..."
The figure standing alongside him, a stoic presence known for their brevity, offered a silent nod of affirmation. Their shared fascination with the planet would have endured, had it not been for an urgent proclamation that shattered the tranquillity.
"Lord Cythralis ! One of our on-ship cameras detected a surge of activity near the portal! I'm streaming the visuals this instant!"
Cythralis snapped his head upward, fixing its gaze upon a colossal screen that flickered with static before swiftly resolving into a coherent live feed. The image swiftly zoomed in, capturing the attention of all present. And then, they beheld it.
A massive army was seen gathering near the portal. All of them were adorned in shiny, metallic armour and holding onto well-stoned swords and spears, all horribly outdated weapons. Some of them hoisted colourful war banners showcasing detailed designs of coat-of-arms while others had decorations on their armour.
A figure on a horse then rode to the front of the army and gave a fiery speech. A speech about looting, enslavement and riches…the same old stereotypical speech that leaders used to give to bolster up troop morale.
“Imbeciles. They’ve just made our job a whole lot easier by gathering their strike force in the damn open.” The individual murmured. Turning to one of the crew members, it gave him an order. “Inform the carriers to deploy drop pods directly on that army of primitives. Tell them to ready their fighters and drones just in case the dropped troops need additional firepower.”
“Yes my liege !” Pressing a button on his console, the crew member began to relay his emperor’s commands to the carriers.
“All carriers, this is the Stygian Leviathan. Deploy all drop pods directly on these coordinates…”
The crew member’s voice resonated through the communication channels, conveying a sense of authority and urgency from the emperor. As the transmission reached the carriers, a flurry of activity ensued. The vast fleet of ships adjusted their positions, aligning themselves for optimal deployment. In a synchronised display of precision and power, the carriers prepared to unleash their payload upon the unsuspecting army below.
Within the massive hangars of each carrier, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. Rows of sleek drop pods, coated with advanced shielding meant to protect against the void of space and heat of re-entry, stood ready for launch. The crew members swiftly carried out the emperor's orders, ensuring every pod was meticulously armed and calibrated.
A sense of purpose and determination permeated the air as the drop pods were sealed and locked into position. The carriers rumbled with energy, engines humming with intensity. The countdown began, each second ticking away with mounting tension.
"Launch sequence initiated," announced each carrier's AI, their voice resonating throughout the hangar. "Stand by for deployment."
Airlocks beneath the pods slowly opened up and soon, the clamps holding the pods released with a resounding clang.
In the blink of an eye, the pods shot out from the carriers and activated their built-in rockets, hurtling through the cold abyss of space. Like a swarm of deadly projectiles, they descended towards the planet's surface, streaks of fire trailing behind them. With pinpoint precision, the drop pods breached the atmosphere, piercing through the dense layers and hurtling towards their designated target—the unsuspecting army below.
The primitive army prepared to enter the portal, oblivious to the impending doom hurtling towards them. In a sudden, thunderous descent, multiple pods pierced the sky, crashing with devastating impact among the unsuspecting souls below. Chaos erupted as bodies were flung aside, helpless against the overwhelming force. The pods' doors burst open, unleashing a horde of infantry units draped in obsidian-coloured armour.
With swift precision, the soldiers emerged from the pods and unleashed a hailstorm of gunfire upon the bewildered enemy. The metallic rounds tore through the primitive troops without mercy, rending flesh and shattering bones. Their feeble armour and shields, however well-crafted they may have been, proved futile against the unrelenting assault. The projectiles penetrated with brutal efficiency, as if a searing knife slicing through butter.
Some of the primitives, driven by sheer numerical advantage, closed the gap, their primitive weapons in hand. Blades slashed against the obsidian-coloured armour, the clash of metal reverberating through the battlefield. Yet, to their dismay, their weapons proved utterly ineffectual against the impenetrable fortress of sleek black plating. Swords and spears struck with impotent force, their blows deflected as if striking an impervious barrier.
In the face of this merciless onslaught, the primitive army faltered. Their ranks rapidly dwindled as the relentless barrage from the technologically advanced forces decimated their numbers. Fear and desperation took hold, their initial confidence shattered. The Xyranthian military had made their presence known, and with each bullet unleashed, they etched their mark of destruction upon the battlefield.
On the Stygian Leviathan, Emperor Cythralis stood transfixed, his eyes locked on the satellite feed revealing the chaos unfolding below. The remnants of the primitive army scattered, their fear palpable as they fled from the relentless assault of the infantry units. The crew member who had relayed the emperor's initial orders approached, his voice hushed and respectful.
"Emperor Cythralis, the units are inquiring whether they should pursue and exterminate the stragglers."
Cythralis shook his head slowly, his gaze still fixed on the unfolding battle.
"No, bring them back. They have proven their mettle today. Leave those stragglers alive... they shall serve as a message to the leader of these primitives."
"Affirmative, my lord," the crew member acknowledged, swiftly relaying the command to the carriers. "Carriers, this is the Stygian Leviathan. Recall your troops and order them to disengage from the enemy."
As Cythralis watched the withdrawal of his forces, a deep chuckle escaped his form. The sight of his troops decimating the enemy filled him with an immeasurable joy.
"Sir," a figure standing at his side spoke, capturing Cythralis' attention.
Cythralis turned his gaze towards the figure, his curiosity piqued.
"Yes, Bryan?"
"What shall we do next?" Bryan asked, his voice tinged with a mix of anticipation and loyalty.
"Now, my dear friend ?" Cythralis replied, a hint of excitement coursing through his words, "Now we head for a meeting with some friends."
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2023.06.04 17:12 MeandMe_Monkeyape900 City Life Objects For NR2003 Part 1

City Life Objects For NR2003 Part 1
City Life Objects Part 1 v1.0.0.0 Read Me
Note: Anything that also applies to GPL has (GPL Note) Next to it. Ignore these for NR2003
After I saw what was possible with object conversion with the Zanarkand and track, it inspired me to do my own conversions. I know any conversion is now possible to NR2003, especially since it was not even a windows game, and was extracted via a PS2/3 emulator.
This came about by working out: how I can use a ready-made object for NR2003.
All my objects and materials are free to use, as they were free in the first place.
Terminal Reality’s TRI_Team_Death created the objects.
-Never seen before objects. (See Images).
-Already well mapped (There are no bits of transparent areas sticking out).
-Low Polygon count under the limit (4x4 Evo 2s might be lower or around the same as NR2003s) this does not mean a reduction of quality, these now corrected by using Make3do and Meshlab, where possible.
-Priority is upped to 4, for a sharper image via WinMip2, and seen at all distances is ticked. I have kept the original encrypted file name for posterity.
-Mip files with same 3do where possible (name easier to find), although this time, most had different names.
Examples in 3D Sim Ed
(Please check EFR or Armory Digital for the full showcase of the objects)

Notes on Objects:
This time all objects are at the correct scale, and extra help from Cynon and Mystical, which are included in the credits. All objects seem to be working on NR2003.
Park Meter
You might want to lower it by 0.2 meters or so.
This time, most of the buildings worked for GPL, and are relatively low poly, some objects got increased vertices too much however by ase2-3do. These are:
Jack-knifed Truck
Values Inflated Too High For GPL - Not Included (GPL Note).
Spcar1 Hot Rod
Values Inflated Too High For GPL - Not Included (GPL Note). For NR2003, this wanted to be split into two objects, which need to be placed in the same place and elevation.
1stcoch Stage Coach
Values Inflated Too High For GPL - Not Included (GPL Note).
Aupizza Delivery Car
Values Inflated Too High For GPL - Not Included (GPL Note).
Works but a poly or two may have split. (GPL Note).
Bus/Luxury Coach
Only the textures are not working for GPL, a 256BMP is included if you know how to do it; appears black. (GPL Note).
ASE not working, but there is one very similar building. (1awhr2). (GPL Note).
ASE does not work – but maybe not split (GPL Note).
Only the textures are not working for GPL, a 256BMP is included if you know how to do it; appears black. (GPL Note).

How I did my objects
I used Mystical’s tutorials; I watched mainly parts II - (Part 2) and III - (Part 3) which was the most important, save to 3do format. I worked out that I did not need to make an object from scratch; I just needed to learn to save it to the correct format.
In addition MeshLab and Make3do to lower vertices, where possible. I might also redo some previous objects.
I also had Zmodellerv1.07b, which extracts .bin models into 3DS files, which is very readable by 3D Sim Ed.
I will release a full tutorial on how I did it in the future forum, under Tips Tutorials and How To, including a FREE 3D Sim Ed 3 to use (sorry if you have already purchased it).
- (Use To Get Free 3D Sim Ed (Search was 3D Sim Ed Crack))
Please read the comments.
Please let me know if the objects are not working correctly and I will try to redo them.
Enjoy them!
I am now going to try to design a track of the same name using the objects I’ve made for NR2003. If you do not here from me, then I couldn’t do it.
-Cynon (Mentioning/Recommending Make3do + Help)
-Dave Noonan (3D-Sim-Ed 3)
-Make3do (Nigel Patterson)
-Mystical (AD Designs now AKA NR2003 Network Video on 3dos and also & How to use Make3do help, on
-Oops (I got the objects from here:
-Phil Flack and Phil W. (Ase2-3do for GPL)
-ProJektCarModZ (3D-Sim-Ed Crack)
-Terminal Reality (4x4 Evo 2)
-TRI_Team_Death (The Objects)
-K. Hörbrand (WinMip 2 Creator)

Download available on Stunod
Download Was Also Advertised Here (Armory Digital) (EFR) (The Race Department)

GPL Version

Also Here

Thanks for downloading, and I will catch you in the next one.



More coming soon! :)
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2023.06.04 16:49 Respect-Vegetable Someone please help I’m fed up

Someone please help I’m fed up
I seem to be stuck on the submit page on TLS contact’s website. I press confirm and it takes me to the applications forms page where there’s an option to submit. I press submit and it shows the image attached to this post but after that nothing happens, it doesn’t take me to the next stage… does anyone know what I can do please?
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2023.06.04 16:42 Agginmad Scarf of Winter - In windy weather, the crystals dangling from this scarf chime softly, producing a sombre yet peaceful winter tune that evokes images of delicate snowflakes colliding against one another during a gentle snowfall.

Scarf of Winter - In windy weather, the crystals dangling from this scarf chime softly, producing a sombre yet peaceful winter tune that evokes images of delicate snowflakes colliding against one another during a gentle snowfall. submitted by Agginmad to Loottavern [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 16:38 Big-Calligrapher-251 Migraines and neck pain. Does this sound emergency room worthy?

25F, medication: metformin 500mg, desogestral 75 mcg, Acidophilus Lactobacillus 50mg Probiotic. Diagnosed with PCOS, ADHD, Sciatica. I am in England, UK.
I have been have migraines more frequently over the past few months (around twice a month compared to every few months).
The gums on top and bottom row of my teeth on my right were inflamed and a I had swollen jaw from Monday, I found it extremely painful and difficult to eat. Led to reduced appetite. Swelling reduced on Friday night, when I also experienced visual auras before bed.
At the of my shift on Saturday I experienced dizziness, dry mouth/dehydration, extreme nausea, metallic taste in mouth as well as an intense migraine affected by light, sound and smells.
The pain started around my right temple, an ache in my jaw on the same side has returned and my neck is very sore. I have been wearing sunglasses indoors to reduce photosensitive pain. I have also had cold flushes despite warm weather and surrounding temperatures.
A recent pain in my waist and lower rib cageon my right side.
As mentioned, I have been experiencing migraines frequently and they have passed. I’m in a lot of pain but I’m unsure as to whether it’s emergency level serious.
I’ve seen information potentially labelling this a meningitis and need some advice as to best course of action.
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2023.06.04 16:38 unamcgirr Generative Fill & interiors/Furniture Staging

Generative Fill & interiors/Furniture Staging
Hi friends, I restore and refinish furniture. I’m hoping the recent news about Photoshop’s Beta generative fill will mean the end of hauling heavy products from my workshop to my staging wall for product images. Backdrops, lighting, staging accents etc take hours to set up so fingers crossed this will all be simplified.
I’m traveling right now so haven’t had the chance to experiment but wondering if anyone has tried out Generative Fill in this style of setting to create new backgrounds, styling etc specifically for furniture ?
For example, this is a staging pic that requires 100% manual work. Will GF release me from this labour intensive task?
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2023.06.04 16:37 NoMacaron9946 Hoping for some help with nose pain: Had my septum pierced in early March – no pain or problems. Then late April my nose accidentally got hit. Then I had a cold with lots of nose blowing. Since then the lowest part of my septum (columella?) has been sore and just won't heal. Piercing itself is fine.

Hoping for some help with nose pain: Had my septum pierced in early March – no pain or problems. Then late April my nose accidentally got hit. Then I had a cold with lots of nose blowing. Since then the lowest part of my septum (columella?) has been sore and just won't heal. Piercing itself is fine. submitted by NoMacaron9946 to piercing [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 16:20 -rubyxcube- HSV1 and Intimacy

I have HSV1. I’ve had it since I was a kid, and up until now it hasn’t affected my life much other than getting an occasional cold sore. My past partners have not cared, and I would just avoid any intimacy during a breakout because I thought that was all I needed to do. I am currently dating someone who doesn’t feel comfortable kissing me because of the risk of transmission even without symptoms present. They are extremely concerned about it, and have done way more research than I have and have been educating me about things I didn’t even know. I’m grateful that they are sharing information with me and being proactive about their own boundaries. However, the whole experience is bringing up a lot of shame for me. I already struggle with depression and anxiety and body dysmorphia, and this is just the icing on the cake of hating myself. They are incredibly kind and sweet and I know that it’s not their intention to make me feel this way at all.
I love them so much and want to be with them and honor their boundaries. But our relationship just reached a physical level after 7 months of talking/dating. We had sex for the first time, a lot of sex. We are both demisexual so having a lot of trust before and during physical intimacy is super important. But I felt disconnected during sex because we weren’t kissing. That might sound weird to some people, but apparently kissing on the mouth is a big part of intimacy for me and I’m having a really hard time connecting sexually without this aspect. It’s making it hard for me to feel good and makes me feel disconnected from my body like I’m dissociating. I don’t want to make them feel bad so I haven’t mentioned how much it’s affecting me. But I’m really struggling. I thought that I would feel really amazing after finally getting to be physical with them and that our emotional connection would become even deeper, but instead I feel really awful.
Can anyone relate or offer me advice? I’m thirty and this is the first time I’m experiencing this in a relationship. It’s really hard and I don’t feel like I have anyone to talk to who understands.
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