Price choppers on genesee


2023.05.30 06:33 CampagY0L0 WGEN12000DFc

New info on Westinghouse's second largest portable units. I was in the market for a 12000w running watt generator with low thd and fuel fuel capability and the WGEN12000DF seemed to fit the bill nicely, as the DFc was $600 extra for CO2 sensors that I'm not concerned about. Inquired with Westinghouse about lack of stock on the DF and was told that it's discontinued and replaced by the DFc.
Also confirmed that the windings are copper clad aluminum, not ideal, but not a deal breaker. Sub 5% THD across load range was confirmed for this model. As was redesigned starter, as the DF model had several forum instances of failed starters, and remapping the 50A outlet to the left side of the control panel to ease access that was problematic with the wheel on the DF and older generations. Shopped around and found it for ~160 more than the DF model and had a brick and mortar price match it.
Will let you know initial thoughts when it's delivered next week.
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2023.05.30 06:32 prettyflyforafry Anxious about import taxes and different philosophies on cost

It appears that the US does not include VAT in its prices, so a tax of roughly 22.5% (20% VAT + 2.5% import tax) of the ring's value would be expected after importing this abroad - and every time the ring re-enters the country after service or resizing, while local repairs/work would void the seller's warranty and remove perks like upgrade options.
My partner made a ring purchase, but has not transferred the money yet. The deadline is today, and he's been keen on pulling the trigger while I've been feeling anxious, primarily for financial reasons, but also psychological. Finding out about local taxation just makes me want to backtrack completely. I'm not native to this country and thought that VAT may apply, whereas he was under the impression that it would only be 2.5% in import tax as VAT s is usually included in the price here. Turns out that it is both!
I've sent him the tax estimates and hope that he will be able to see them and not rush to pay before the reservation expires. I think it's a lovely stone, and as a gemstone nerd I've searched far and wide to make sure we're getting the best value, but I feel like it's just too expensive. I wish that the taxation and import charges were made more explicit so that expectations can be set accordingly. I worry that he'll feel pressure to go over budget because he's already gone so far, and he's been stubbornly against "alternatives" like moissanite, labmade, gemstone or secondhand for over a year now.
This would be our fifth try at a ring after a gemstone one got away (twice!), I picked out a cheap moissanite ring which ended up being a scam, and we bought and paid for a diamond one, but we ended up refunding because of my anxiety over the cost and setting. My partner is now even more invested in the idea of getting the best possible diamond from a reputable jeweller, and I don't know how to backtrack out of this without him feeling like he's failed as a provider because he can't afford a "proper ring", and having yet another failed ring experience, this time over something like import taxes after searching for so long. I guess there would be import taxes anyway, and the only way to minimise them is by going much cheaper.
Am I overthinking it about the tax, or how would you go about this to "settle" for something less than planned? I've let him know that it's absolutely OK and that there is no pressure on my end to go through with it, and that I'm happy to keep the botched ring or go for a cheaper alternative.
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2023.05.30 06:32 Einhain [US-WI] [H] Lots of Marvel Team-Up, a few Marvel Tales and Amazing Spider-Man [W] Paypal

Looking to sell entire lot in one sale, recently got a box of old comics and did my best to look up prices. All are in good to great shape, willing to take pictures with time stamps upon request.
Timestamp, from previous post
Amazing Spider-Man
Marvel Tales
Marvel Team-up
Asking $320 shipped for entire collection but willing to hear offers, my price is based off taking the lowest of recently sold on ebay and looking at websites that show recent sales. Most appear to be the "News Stand" or "30 cent" versions? Apologies if I missed anything in my post, I am not a collector and this is my first time here.
Again, timestamped pictures for any comics upon request and sorry if I missed any information!
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2023.05.30 06:32 GreenNapster Levi's Men's 559 Relaxed Straight Jeans (Medium Gray Worn in) $18.48 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $18.48]

Levi's Men's 559 Relaxed Straight Jeans (Medium Gray Worn in) $18.48 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $18.48] submitted by GreenNapster to RedditShoppingDeals [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 06:32 Rude_Research_2991 SaaS Solutions for Paywalls

SaaS Solutions for Paywalls
There are several Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions available for implementing paywalls on websites or digital platforms. These solutions offer various features and integrations to help you monetize your content effectively. Here are some popular options:
Piano (formerly Tinypass): Piano provides a comprehensive paywall and subscription management platform. It offers tools for content monetization, user authentication, and audience analytics. Piano supports various payment methods and integrations with popular content management systems.
Zuora: Zuora is a subscription management and billing platform that enables businesses to create and manage paywalls for recurring revenue models. It provides flexible pricing options, payment processing, and subscriber analytics. Zuora integrates with CRM systems, content platforms, and other business tools.
Cleeng: Cleeng offers a paywall and subscriber management solution for video content, live events, and digital publications. It supports one-time purchases, subscriptions, and pay-per-view models. Cleeng includes features like user authentication, payment processing, and analytics.
Zoho Subscriptions: Zoho Subscriptions is a billing and subscription management platform that allows businesses to create and manage paywalls for their digital products or services. It provides options for recurring billing, multiple payment gateways, and subscription analytics.
Chargebee: Chargebee is a subscription management platform that enables businesses to implement paywalls and manage recurring billing. It offers features like pricing flexibility, dunning management, and integration with popular payment gateways.
Memberful: Memberful is a membership management platform that allows content creators to create paywalls and offer subscriptions to their audience. It integrates with popular content management systems like WordPress and provides tools for content access control, payment processing, and email marketing.
Recurly: Recurly is a subscription billing and management platform that offers paywall solutions for businesses. It provides features such as subscription plan management, payment processing, and integrations with various payment gateways and business tools.
When selecting a SaaS solution for paywalls, consider factors like pricing structure, ease of integration with your existing systems, payment gateway compatibility, customer support, and the specific needs of your business. It’s also a good idea to review the features and pricing plans of each solution to determine the best fit for your requirements.

SaaS Solutions for Paywalls
Why Should You Invest in SaaS Solutions for Paywalls?
Investing in SaaS solutions for paywalls can bring several benefits to businesses. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in such solutions:
  1. Monetization of Digital Content: Paywalls allow you to monetize your digital content by providing exclusive access to paid subscribers. SaaS solutions for paywalls provide the necessary infrastructure and tools to implement and manage these paywalls effectively.
  2. Revenue Generation: By implementing paywalls, you can generate a new source of revenue for your business. Paid subscriptions or one-time purchases can help you generate consistent income from your digital content or services.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Paywalls can help you create a premium experience for your paying customers. By offering exclusive content or additional features behind the paywall, you can provide value to your subscribers and encourage loyalty.
  4. Subscriber Management: SaaS solutions for paywalls often include robust subscriber management features. They allow you to handle subscription plans, manage user accounts, process payments, handle upgrades or downgrades, and track subscriber analytics. These features simplify the management of your subscriber base.
  5. Flexibility in Pricing Models: SaaS solutions for paywalls offer flexibility in implementing various pricing models. Whether you prefer recurring subscriptions, one-time purchases, metered usage, or a combination of these models, these solutions provide the necessary tools to accommodate your pricing strategies.
  6. Integration with Business Tools: Many SaaS solutions for paywalls offer integrations with popular content management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, and other business tools. This integration enables seamless data flow between your paywall solution and other systems, streamlining your operations and improving efficiency.
  7. Analytics and Insights: Paywall solutions often provide detailed analytics and reporting capabilities. These insights help you understand subscriber behavior, measure engagement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your monetization strategies.
  8. Security and Compliance: SaaS paywall solutions typically prioritize security and compliance measures. They handle sensitive customer data, payment processing, and user authentication, ensuring that your business adheres to industry regulations and safeguards user information.
  9. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: When you invest in a SaaS paywall solution, you typically receive ongoing support and maintenance from the provider. This includes updates, bug fixes, and technical assistance, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.
By investing in SaaS solutions for paywalls, you can effectively monetize your digital content, generate revenue, improve customer experience, and streamline your subscriber management processes. It provides you with the necessary tools and infrastructure to optimize your content monetization strategies and grow your business.

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2023.05.30 06:32 Darkestdesign A fantasy crafting system

I seen a few posts about crunchiness today and I hoped to get some feedback on my crafting system.
Design notes: I want to artisan crafting to feel like a fun minigame like fishing in stardew valley. I remember time in some of my favorite RPGs When the minigame starts and there is a moving indicator and you have to time the button press to hit the perfect spot. This was my solution, it looks clunky on the outside, but there is lots of fun dice rolling. As I talk about later, i had the player roll checks in the background while other players took their turn to mitigate slowing down the game.
Artisan crafting
A downtime activity.
During your adventures you will come across fantastical components to add to your equipment. To start artisan crafting, you need a forge, a recipe, and a minor or major component. The components determine the outcome. A minor component like a wyvern fang could be forged into a poison dealing dagger, while a major component like a dragon’s tooth could result in a dragonbane sword to better slay other dragonkin. A recipe tells the craftsman the precise process to develop such a piece of refined form. You can search the shops for a specific recipe or gather information on someone who can help you.
A recipe will be 3 numbers from 3d10
The craftsman attempts to match the numbers using a Crafting check. You get 3 attempts.
Each match is a success. You need at least 3 success for a minor magical item and 6 success for a major magical item (or two minor effects). The acquired effect can be based on the fiction of the component or a list of suggestions is provided below.
For example,
A lower level character trying to make a frostbite blade with a cold shard (minor).
Recipe: 3 6 8
The character with a skill of Crafting 1 rolls 1d6 +1d10 to get:
3, 1 = 1 match
2, 8 = 1 match
2, 10 = 0 match
Only 2 matches means the attempt fails and you will have to try again.
A higher level character trying to make a frostbite blade with a cold shard (minor).
Recipe: 3 6 8
The character with a skill of Crafting 3 rolls 1d6 +3d10 to get:
3, 2, 3, 6 = 3 match
4, 9, 6, 6 = 2 match
6, 4, 7, 6 = 2 match
With 7 matches, the craftsman can forge a frostbite blade with 2 x cold damage.
Design notes: During playtesting, a rogue was learning to craft a cloudkill potion with help of the merchant. We play on discord, so I asked him to roll his 3 checks in the background and I would resolve it after another player took their downtime action. He succeeded so well that the merchant was impressed and bought the created potion from him for a great price and he got to feel like a superstar for a moment.
Design notes: I was considering adding a flaw system, but I wasn's sure if it would overcomplicate or bog down the game.
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2023.05.30 06:31 Gold_Flamingo2594 Scopely how are you guys doing everything wrong

With the leaderboard screw up that is in almost every single post because you can’t even get the leaderboard rewards unless you spend a lot of $$$ because you guys can’t code your own game just being the icing on the cake you guys can’t seem to be doing anything right
First of all yes there is this whole big ordeal with the leaderboard screw up which is honestly shitty because I was able to unlock nova at 4 stars on the first scourge event but because you guys can’t do anything right I could barely make it through difficulty 7 on the second run and that’s with a kang, quicksilver, and ultron all at level 95 g15-g16 which means you didn’t do what everyone was asking for by scaling back the difficulty since the first run was so obviously coded around the broken pacts now you’ve got people who can’t even unlock nova or those like myself who still only have him at 4 stars because you greatly overestimated how many people spent money on kang when you didn’t even add him into the orbs until 3 days left in the scourge
Secondly you show absolutely no respect for your active community and content creators for example tauna left the envoy program because of everything you keep doing he was always finding bugs in the game and making them known but never once did you thank him or any player that helped you do your own job but by god did you pull an offer that may have offended your former top money maker your morals are questionable at best
And third you have made the gold economy so terrible most players are lucky to bring a single toon up 1 level a day and no matter how cheap you make some temporary gold offers that’s not the solution as a majority of your player base is completely ftp and we shouldn’t have to spend our hard earned money because you keep making the gold economy worse and worse every single patch how bad will it be when you introduce player level 100 with how much it’s costing us per level now are we gonna have to spend upwards of 2 million gold a toon and the pricing on the g18 pieces is so expensive only the krakens can afford most players can’t sacrifice a days worth of gold for 2 g18 pieces so please fix your damn gold economy
And lastly while this goes with my first argument stop releasing bugged events then not even giving the proper compensation and stop trying to sweep all of your mess ups under the rug there have posts daily about the incursion event compensation just give us the 1.8 million t5 blue ions we’re owed it’s not fair that others unfairly got the rewards and we got was some skill g17 pieces
Sorry for the long post but these things are just unacceptable and your gonna lose a lot of your player base if things don’t change there’s other mobile games while I don’t want to see this one end it will someday how soon tho scopely is up to you and your decisions
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2023.05.30 06:31 TheAverageMatty Has anyone dealt with Watch Affinity?

Looking to buy a watch and have been going back and forth with a guy names Luis. Great prices on stuff but can't really find too much info on them online as they are just an online store. Has anyone had any experience with them? Thanks guys
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2023.05.30 06:30 farmer_giles91 12 Days Honeymoon in Tokyo & Kawaguchiko with tips and observations

I just had my honeymoon (originally scheduled for Jun 2020). My wife and I are in our early thirties. It’s my wife’s first time in japan while it’s my fourth. I’ve benefitted immensely from stalking Tokyo travel reddit and would like to return the favour. I’ll provide some of my tips and observations to the end (skip to the end if the itinerary doesn’t interest you), some of which I think haven’t been mentioned before.
Thank God pretty much everything went to plan, and my wife thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We spent 12 days in Japan, most of it in Tokyo and 2 nights in Kawaguchiko. Many people were surprised to know that we’d be spending most of our trip in Tokyo, but I thought it was just fine because Tokyo had a lot to offer. My wife and I aren’t big on visiting shrines or tick tourist hotspots off a checklist. We don’t shop much, but we did a lot of it simply because it’s Japan and we bought lots of quality-of-life items (not fashion) for ourselves and others. Given how much my wife really enjoyed the trip, I think others with similar interests could find something helpful too.
Pre-trip planning
Planning during the trip
Day 0 (Wed) - Arrival at Shinjuku Airport- Arrived in Haneda late, about 11. Clearance was quick but baggage took 30mins. I had no choice but to cancel my airport limousine and take the metro to our hotel in Shinjuku.- I tried Apple wallet’s Suica at first. It worked seamlessly but felt that a physical metro card was just faster so I eventually switched over.- Reached after midnight, so do let your hotel know in advance if you anticipate arriving at odd hours.
Day 1 (Thurs) - Shinjuku exploration- Originally planned to visit Tsukiji on day 1, but given that we arrive late the previous night, agreed with my wife to change the plan and spend the first day doing the Shinjuku itinerary.
Day 2 (Fri) - Kappabashi St., Fabric Town, Akihabara
Day 3 (Sat) - Cooking class in Shinjuku, Shibuya
Day 4 (Sun) - Komazawa Church, Harajuku, Shibuya
Day 5 (Mon) - Tsukiji Market, Ginza Muji/Uniqlo, Tokyo station
Day 6 (Tue) - Tokyo National Museum, Fabric town revisit, Akihabara revisit, Ochanomizu
Day 7 (Wed) - Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, Mori Museum, Ginza Wakamatsu, Shinjuku
Day 8 (Thurs) - Kawaguchiko
Day 9 (Fri) - Fuji Q Highlands, Shimoyoshida Honcho St, Batting Cage
Planning for Fuji Q & Morning Jog: I didn’t plan to go to Fuji-Q highlands before the trip. Always felt it a bit of a waste to visit amusement parks overseas. That’s until I realised that Fuji Q had some of the most exciting, (I mean world-record-holding) rollercoasters in the world. Perhaps not anymore, but that intrigued me enough, because most amusement parks only had 1-2 coasters. Problem was that wife is terrified, and she said cycling on the streets of Kawaguchiko was like a coaster ride for her. So I decided I would reach at opening time, and buy time by paying for the fast passes and try their top three coasters. The night before, we felt that we had to make decisions on our itinerary as it was our last day at Kawaguchiko. If Mt Fuji wasn’t visible, go to Oshino Hakkai, if it was, we could try going to Shimoyoshida to get a nice picture.
Day 10 (Sat) - Kichijoji, Ghibli Museum, Kichijoji Jazz bar
Woke up before sunrise for a run and to attempt to catch a sunrise picture of Mount Fuji. Streets were completely empty. Even ran to the famous Kawaguchiko Lawson for a picture. Headed back for an onsen bathe (note: we never used the hotel bathroom, and always went for an onsen bath throughout our stay in Kawaguchiko). Took a 7am bus to return to Shinjuku.
Day 11 (Sun) - Tokyo Sky Tree, Shinjuku, Back to Kichijoji, Shibuya
It was a crazy day where we simply hit the places we wanted to revisit regardless of proximity. Headed to Tokyo Skytree in the morning to check out another Ghibli store. If you’re not going to the Ghibli museum, this is probably the best store available. Headed to Shinjuku to try curry udon, then to Kichijoji to try satou beef balls and to make some purchasing decisions on some sports equipment. Then we ended up at Shibuya (my favourite place!) to the mega Don Quijote and Tokyu Hands to shop for gifts for others. It was a lovely end to our trip!
Day 12 (Mon) - Back home
Best trip ever, says my wife.
Tips for travellers
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2023.05.30 06:30 Educational-Nose223 BioFit Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - BioFit supplement Review - BioFit supplement Does Work?

BioFit Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - BioFit supplement Review - BioFit supplement Does Work?

BioFit Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - BioFit supplement Review - BioFit supplement Does Work?

The newest weight loss supplement on the market is BioFit, which contains beneficial gut bacteria strains that help boost weight loss. Your digestive system will have a healthier balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria after taking the supplement, and you'll have more energy and fewer cravings for unhealthy foods, thanks to BioFit.
BioFit supplement Review
When people go to the doctor, weight gain is one of the most common problems they bring up. It can be hard to break bad eating habits, leading to people gaining weight without even realizing it. So many things, like genes, stress, not getting enough sleep, and strict diets, can make you gain weight that you don't want to. If you notice that your waistband is getting tighter or that you are gaining weight more quickly than you would like, it is time to take action.
The newest weight loss supplement on the market is BioFit, which contains beneficial gut bacteria strains that help boost weight loss. Your digestive system will have a healthier balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria after taking the supplement, and you'll have more energy and fewer cravings for unhealthy foods, thanks to BioFit.
This review of BioFit is based not only on the author's experience with the product but also on our analysis of some reviews and information provided by other customers. Therefore, we have covered everything you need to know before purchasing BioFit. On the list of topics up for discussion are:
• BioFit Weight Loss Supplement - Introduction
• What is BioFit and how does it compare to other probiotics?
• Science Behind BioFit
• BioFit Reviews - How Much Weight Can You Lose?
• BioFit Ingredients and How They Help
• The accreditations and certifications of BioFit
• BioFit vs other Probiotic supplements
• BioFit Pills - Pricing and Availability
• BioFit Refund Policy
• BioFit Reviews Closing Remarks

BioFit: Supplement Overview
• Brand: BioFit Nature's Formulas
• BioFit Creator: Chrissie Miller
• Item Form: Capsule
• Flavor: Unflavored
• Product Benefits: Weight Loss, Digestion, Immunity
• Special Ingredients: Bacillus Subtilis, Bifidobacterium Longum, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Breve, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Plantarium, Lactobacillus Acidophilus.
• Serving Quantity: 1 capsule per day
• Accreditations: GMP approved & Non-GMO
• Age Range (Description): Adult
• Unit Count: 30 Count/ Bottle
• Money Back Guarantee: Yes
• Refund Period: 180 days
• Pricing: $39-$59 per bottle

What is BioFit and how does it compare to other probiotics?

BioFit is designed to deliver some benefits that are comparable to those provided by other probiotic supplements, such as improved digestion and support for the function of the immune system. However, BioFit goes one step further than its competitors thanks to the patented DE111 strain and potent dosage amounts of the appropriate ingredients.

What Is Bacillus subtilis DE111?

DE111 is a clinically tested strain of Bacillus subtilis that supports digestive and immune health. Clinical studies show the strain can control microbial populations, aid digestion, and maintain health. Genome sequencing confirmed the strain lacked plasmids, antibiotic-resistant, or deleterious genes. DE111 protects microbes from harsh conditions until they reach the GI tract. DE111's spore-forming ability makes it ideal for supplements, food, and beverages.

BioFit advantages vs other probiotic supplements

Chrissie Miller and the company Nature's Formulas promote advantages not commonly seen with other probiotic supplements, such as the potential to lose up to 80 pounds of fat while taking BioFit without altering your diet or exercise routine. In addition to the author's confident assertion, the entire video presentation is crammed full of testimonials from actual BioFit customers praising the product's efficacy.

BioFit asserts that it can facilitate weight loss and improved digestion in a variety of ways. It turns your digestive tract into a calorie-burning machine. By taking only one capsule of BioFit daily, you can experience all of its advantages:
• Lose 80 pounds without changing diet or exercise.
• Reduce bloating, aid digestion, and more.
• Drop pounds without dieting or exercise
• Boost immunity.
• Eat whatever you want without affecting gut health.

How do the probiotics that are included in BioFit work?

BioFit contains a whopping 5.75 billion CFUs (colony forming units) of seven different strains of probiotic bacteria in each capsule. There are no additional components. BioFit's seven clinically studied probiotics are responsible for its many health benefits. One of these, the patented spore-based Bacillus subtilis DE111 strain, has been shown to support and improve digestive health in both children and adults, as well as support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, promote the development of healthy gastrointestinal flora, and lower total blood cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

Also, that's not all of it. However, the next logical question to ask is, "What exactly are probiotics?" In what ways do probiotics accomplish their goals of promoting healthy digestion, boosting the immune system, and decreasing abdominal bloating? Helpful bacteria in the gut are called probiotics, and they provide a number of health benefits. Many probiotics work by gleaning essential nutrients from the food you eat. Some help your body deal with toxins, while others are toxins themselves. Some can separate the active from the inactive chemicals in the foods you eat. In addition, the immune system appears to interact with other probiotic strains.

Some individuals choose to improve their digestive health by taking a probiotic supplement like BioFit. Some individuals consume probiotic-filled foods such as yogurt, kefir, or fermented foods. The colony forming units (CFUs) of probiotic bacteria found in an average probiotic yogurt is approximately 1 billion, whereas the CFU count found in a typical probiotic supplement can range anywhere from 5 billion to 100 billion. The primary ingredient in BioFit is the spore-based Bacillus subtilis DE111 strain, which is protected by a natural shell so that it does not get damaged by stomach acids (in comparison, the survival rate of most probiotic strains is only about 5%). Each serving of BioFit contains a potent 5.75 billion CFUs, and the Bacillus subtilis DE111 strain is the primary active ingredient.

Science Behind BioFit

The creators of BioFit have not yet published their formula in a peer-reviewed journal, and the supplement has not undergone any formal clinical trials. No need to panic or report this to the BioFit scam squad just yet. Chrissie Miller and the rest of the team at Nature's Formulas put a lot of emphasis on the research done on the separate components of BioFit, such as the strains of probiotics used in the product.

For instance, in this particular research study, the researchers recommended that healthy adults take a probiotic supplement that contained strains of both lactobacillus and bifidobacteria (the same two strain families in BioFit). When compared to a group that received a placebo instead of the supplement for the same amount of time, researchers discovered that the supplemented group lost an additional three pounds of body weight over the course of the study. Over the course of a period of six months, the average amount of weight lost by adults was somewhere around three pounds. Some adults lost more weight than others, while others lost less weight than others.

When you compare different probiotic supplements online, you'll find that many supplements have a higher number of colony forming units (CFUs) than BioFit does. Nevertheless, CFUs do not provide the whole picture. Even though the dosages of certain supplements can reach as high as 100 billion CFUs, this does not mean that they are inherently more effective than probiotics that contain only 5 billion CFUs. According to the findings of these researchers, having a higher CFU count is not always a positive thing.

It's possible that the active ingredients in BioFit will be preserved by the medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) as they make their way through your digestive system. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are digestible fatty molecules. BioFit's MCTs serve to shield the probiotic bacteria inside, ensuring that more of the supplement's beneficial ingredients make it to where they're needed. This research shows that medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) can prevent the digestion of active ingredients by stomach acid, allowing more probiotics to enter the small intestine.
Overall, there is evidence to support the use of probiotic supplements for enhancing immune function, reducing body fat, and other health and wellness benefits. But there isn't much proof that BioFit can help you lose 80 pounds or more without changing your diet or exercising. If you watch the video, though, you'll hear a lot of positive feedback and real-life customer success stories.

BioFit Ingredients and How They Help?

BioFit has two different groups of active ingredients: the probiotic matrix and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which hold the formula together.

First Group Of Active Ingredients:
The first group of active ingredients that BioFit has is called the probiotic matrix, and it has seven different strains in it. The different strains contained in BioFit each contribute in their own unique way to the overall improvement of digestion and weight loss. By taking BioFit on a daily basis, you can support the health of your digestive tract, as well as your weight loss efforts, immunity, and other functions. There is a correlation between certain strains and the functioning of the immune system. Others are associated with the functioning of the digestive system or the metabolism. The seven different strains that are included in the formula of BioFit each contain 5.75 billion colony forming units (CFUs). The majority of probiotic supplements have between three and five strains, but BioFit has seven strains for maximum effectiveness.

Second Group Of Active Ingredients:
BioFit contains a second class of active ingredients known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). BioFit's inclusion of MCTs is meant to boost the effectiveness of the probiotics already mentioned. Even though these ingredients are listed on the BioFit label as inactive ingredients, they may in fact lend support to the active effects that the supplement produces in a variety of different ways. When compared to longer types of fatty acids, MCTs are much simpler for your body to digest. BioFit ensures that the maximum dosage of probiotic ingredients reaches your digestive tract by wrapping the probiotic strains in a layer of fatty molecules and then delivering them to your digestive system. Even though BioFit contains a lower dose of probiotics than the majority of the other supplements on the market, the MCTs could protect the probiotics, ensuring that more CFUs reach your digestive tract in the end.
The two active blends of ingredients that are found in BioFit work together to provide an advanced and very helpful dose of probiotics to your gut. This is accomplished by shielding the ingredients from the acidic environment of your stomach and ensuring that the maximum number of CFUs are delivered to your gut rather than being thrown away by your metabolism.

The BioFit probiotic diet pills are produced in an FDA-approved facility in the USA, where they are made in strict accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. In addition to this, they go above and beyond to ensure that every single BioFit weight loss formula is tested by impartial third-party labs. These tests ensure that the dosages, potency, and purity match what is stated on the nutritional label for the supplement, and that the formulas are free of fillers, preservatives, and any artificial contaminants.

Which Specific Kinds of Probiotics Bacteria Can Be Found in BioFit?

There are seven different probiotic bacterial strains packed into each serving of BioFit. In the same way that other organisms do, probiotic bacteria can be found in a variety of species and strains. While some strains have been associated with weight loss and improved immunity, others have been associated with other aspects of gut function. The amounts of each strain that are included in BioFit are variable. There is a total dose of 16.58mg 5.75 billion CFUs; however, individual strains have different dosages that are determined by the effects that are desired. Because BioFit is primarily marketed as a supplement for weight loss, the manufacturers of BioFit have placed a strong emphasis on strains that have been specifically linked to weight loss.

Biofit Probiotics Bacteria are:

• Bacillus Subtilis 8.89mg
• Bifidobacterium Longum 1.56mg
• Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 1.25mg
• Bifidobacterium Breve 0.63mg
• Lactobacillus Casei 0.83mg
• Lactobacillus Plantarium 2.5mg
• Lactobacillus Acidophilus 0.83mg

Bacillus Subtilis
BioFit employs Bacillus subtilis strain DE111. It makes sense that this probiotic strain would make up the bulk of BioFit given its demonstrated ability to aid in weight loss. In addition to promoting weight loss, probiotic strains boost digestive health. Some probiotic strains aid in weight loss by improving intestinal function, digestion, or the elimination of waste products. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, this BioFit probiotic strain is also notable for its credibility and published medical data, which place it among the most effective probiotic strains for natural fat burning and weight loss.

Bifidobacterium Longum
BioFit contains Bifidobacterium longum, which is just one of 32 different species of Bifidobacteria. B. longum's effects on humans have been the subject of extensive research. It's one of the most significant probiotic strains passed from mothers to their infants through breast milk, and it seems to play a crucial role in human development in early life.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
BioFit includes Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a beneficial probiotic strain. BioFit contains multiple strains of Lactobacillus. The benefits of L. rhamnosus for the digestive tract are multifaceted. Yogurt and other foods contain L. rhamnosus.

Bifidobacterium Breve
Numerous studies have found a connection between Bifidobacterium breve and good gut health, which is why it is frequently found in digestive health supplements. Researchers have found that this strain can aid in the digestion of a wide variety of molecules, which suggests that it may help digestion along more than one pathway

Lactobacillus Casei
The beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus casei thrives in the intestines, where it produces numerous offspring and exerts its effects. Research indicates that L. casei can thrive in a broader range of acidity and temperature than other probiotic strains. For instance, it has a better chance of thriving in the digestive tract and surviving stomach acid. Researchers have found that L. casei and L. acidophilus, another component of BioFit, work together synergistically.

Lactobacillus Plantarium
When compared to other lactic acid bacteria, the genome of Lactobacillus plantarum is one of the largest. It is more resistant to other strains than others because, like Lactobacillus Casei, it can withstand a wide range of acidity levels as well as temperatures. L. plantarum is one of the strains that has been researched the most in the food and supplement industries, and there is a significant body of evidence that connects L. plantarum to healthy gut function.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus
The seventh and final strain of Lactobacillus found in BioFit, Lactobacillus acidophilus, has been specifically linked to weight loss. According to a number of studies, Lactobacillus acidophilus is involved in the manufacturing of the enzyme amylase. Amylase is a digestive enzyme that helps break down carbohydrates in the gut and the digestive tract. If you don't have enough of this digestive enzyme, you may experience bloating after eating foods high in carbohydrates. According to the manufacturer, Lactobacillus acidophilus promotes weight loss and overall gut health.

There are seven different probiotic strains included in BioFit. It's not uncommon to find only one or two varieties of a supplement or food item. BioFit's comprehensive solution to gut health and microbial optimization of good versus bad bacteria means that it may support extra gastrointestinal tract and weight loss benefits competing with other supplements despite using a lower dosage of CFUs than many of them.

BioFit Reviews Closing Remarks

Many users of the probiotic supplement claim that it assisted them in losing a significant amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time, which has led them to be generally optimistic about the product. After we examine the BioFit reviews that are linked to on the product's main website.

  • Jenny Hawkins of Florida says..."BioFit saves lives." I thought I'd never beach again. I can tan without shame. I'm eating more than ever and losing weight faster than I expected. Almost didn't buy it. I would have missed my best weight-loss chance...”

BioFit Pills - Pricing and Availability

You can purchase BioFit from the website that is officially associated with it. If you purchase BioFit from its official website , you will eliminate any risk of being a victim of a scam. The company offers free shipping as well as a money-back guarantee on empty bottles for a period of 180 days.
There are currently three distinct BioFit packages available for purchase. Here is a rundown of the specifics:
• One Bottle of BioFit (30-day serving): $59 + $9.99 Shipping
• Three bottles of BioFit (90-day serving): $49 Each + Free US Shipping
• Six Bottles of BioFit (180-day serving): $39 Each + Free US Shipping
Click Here to Buy BioFit From The Official Website with 180 Days Money Back Guarantee

BioFit Bonuses

The manufacturer, Natures Formula, has also included several bonuses to further enhance the BioFit experience for their clients. Here are the three bonuses that come with all your BioFit purchases through the official site:
The Truth About Dieting – A bonus ebook that shows users how they can manage to achieve massive weight loss while still enjoying their favorite delicious foods. It is all about how BioFit works and how it can help you attain and maintain that ideal weight while enjoying the process and not giving up your favorite foods.
Favorite Recipes: A bonus ebook that showcases top-notch recipes that taste great but will not make you gain weight. These recipes will augment your weight loss process as you will still eat tasty foods while losing weight.
Private Members Area: The final bonus is that all buyers are given access to the private, exclusive member’s area. You can find multiple great resources in the member’s area including recipes, guides, meal plans and other helpful information from your peers.

BioFit Refund Policy

BioFit provides a generous refund policy for its customers. Unlike the manufacturers of competing weight loss pills, those behind BioFit are positive about their product's efficacy. Each purchase of BioFit is backed by a 180-day, empty-bottle money-back guarantee.
Customers can request a refund if they are unsatisfied with the product's performance. Customers can get a full refund by sending an email to customer support at the following address, regardless of whether the product is unopened or used.
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Phone: 001-866-450-0608
Returns Address: Biofit 19655 E 35th Dr #100, Aurora, CO 80011, USA

BioFit Probiotic FAQs

Here are some of the common questions that most consumers have about BioFit:

Does BioFit cause side effects?
Nature’s Formulas has listed on its website that the BioFit supplement is made with safe and natural ingredients. They made this probiotic product with safety in mind, and it has undergone independent testing for purity, quality and safety by third party firms. Nevertheless, it is recommended to consult a doctor before you start taking any supplements, especially if you are also taking other prescription medications. Furthermore, nursing mothers and pregnant women should also discuss with physicians about taking this supplement.

How long should you take BioFit?
You should take one pill daily for at least six months to see good results. Sticking to that easy to follow schedule will give the probiotics enough space and time to work their magic on your gut.

How should you store BioFit?
BioFit clients are advised to store this supplement in its container in a cool and dry place. Although exposing these pills to moisture may make them a bit harder, Nature’s Formulas says that even moisture cannot affect the integrity and quality of this product.

How long does each bottle of BioFit last?
A bottle of BioFit comes with 30 pills to last you one month or 30 days. The recommended option for those interested in buying is the three months’ supply as it addresses severe gut issues and is convenient to use.

Does BioFit have an expiry date?
BioFit capsules are only valid for the first two years after the packaging date. You can easily see the expiry date prominently displayed on the bottle. If you can’t see that date on your order, you should contact customer service immediately.

Is BioFit vegan-friendly?
BioFit is made using water and hypromellose. These two ingredients are vegan-friendly.

How long does it take to get your BioFit order?
After placing your order on the Nature’s Formulas website, the company processes and ships your BioFit supplements within three or two days. You can expect to receive your order within five or seven business days. Nevertheless, BioFit availability is limited to Canada and U.S. clients only. Therefore, if you live outside these two regions then you won’t be able to get BioFit.
Click Here to Buy BioFit From The Official Website with 180 Days Money Back Guarantee
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2023.05.30 06:30 GreenNapster 6-Figure Playskool Heroes Super Hero Adventures Captain America Super Jungle Squad $11.05 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $11.05]

6-Figure Playskool Heroes Super Hero Adventures Captain America Super Jungle Squad $11.05 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $11.05] submitted by GreenNapster to RedditShoppingDeals [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 06:29 EccentricINTJ Worth taking award flights to Atlantic City to redeem a free cruiser voucher?

Long story short, did the status match merry go round in March and dropped a couple of grand playing tables at Hard Rock AC. Now I'm getting a cruise offer for a 7 day interior state room at either Celebrity Cruises or Royal Carribean for cruises in Canada, Bahamas/Carribean, Mexican riviera.
Are these cruise worth it? Who has experience with either of these cruises. I just went on a carnival cruise and they called it a ghetto section 8 cruise so I'd like to see what real cruise lines are. Do you guys think it's worth flying to AC to redeem it? I live on the west coast.
I have found AA award flights with the luxury bus transport to ACY for around 18k miles round-trip. And they're obviously giving me comp rooms. So my main expense would be the uber back ACY and AC.
Are the cash prices for these cruises worth the trip?
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2023.05.30 06:28 rexofmars Anyone know what happened to Concert Club/Lolita jeans?

I've been trying to get my hands on a pair of Lolita Jeans and was looking for a reference of their store/products today to compare price n stuff but I cannot find anything. Maybe my internet search skills are bad lol, but if anyone knows when the brand was created, if it's rebranded, if it doesn't exist, or any other stuff tbh that would be great. :,)
Also does anyone know when their Yoshitomo Nara collection was?? (also idk if this is the right "flair" sorry if I posted to the wrong thing)
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2023.05.30 06:28 harshaljaiswal27 Cotton Yarn Market: Unveiling Opportunities in the Ever-Growing Thread Industry

The global cotton yarn market size was valued at USD 94.40 billion in 2022. The market is estimated to expand from USD 82.81 billion in 2023 to USD 100.68 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.0% over the estimated period. The rise is credited to the unique characteristics of yarn that influence the quality of finished textile goods.
This information is provided by Fortune Business Insights™ in its research report, titled “Cotton Yarn Market, 2023-2028”.
Information Source -
Carded Yarn Segment to Record Appreciable Growth Due to Surging Product Adoption in Textile Manufacturing
On the basis of type, the market is segmented into combed yarn, carded yarn, and others. Of these, the carded yarn segment is estimated to depict considerable expansion over the forecast period. The rise is due to the increasing usage of the product for manufacturing woolen threads.
Apparel Segment to Depict Substantial Expansion Owing to Growing Yarn Demand
Based on application, the market is fragmented into textiles, apparel, and others. The apparel segment is set to register commendable growth over the estimated period. The surge can be attributed to the escalating disposable income, growing penetration of e-commerce, and others.
Based on geography, the market for cotton yarn has been analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa.
Report Coverage:
The report gives an in-depth analysis of the significant trends that are expected to drive the global industry outlook over the forthcoming years. It further delves into the key factors boosting market expansion throughout the projected period. These insights have been provided after extensive research and data collation from credible sources.
Drivers and Restraints:
Market Value to Rise Owing to Increasing Support from Government Bodies
One of the key factors propelling the cotton yarn market growth is the increase in government initiatives for supporting the growth of their domestic textile sectors. These initiatives are focused on skill development, the creation of infrastructure, and sectoral development in the textile sector.
However, the industry expansion could be hampered due to the high price of the product compared to synthetic yarn.
Regional Insights:
Asia Pacific to Gain Traction Driven by Surging Product Demand from the Increasing Population
The Asia Pacific cotton yarn market share is expected to record substantial expansion over the projected period. The rise can be credited to the escalating product demand from the growing population and an increase in consumer expenditure in the region.
The Europe market is estimated to grow at a lucrative pace over the analysis period. The surge is being driven by the growing demand for raw materials and technical textiles over the forthcoming years.
Competitive Landscape:
Pivotal Players Enter into Partnership Agreements to Expand Product Reach
Major cotton yarn companies are focused on the adoption of a series of strategic steps such as mergers, acquisitions, and the formation of alliances to strengthen their position in the market. Some industry players are also undertaking research activities for the development of new products.
Key Industry Development:
May 2022 – Texhong shared plans to establish a key facility in Vietnam to sharply boost its fabric production. The move was taken in a bid to complement the company’s cotton based yarn business.
List of Key Players Mentioned in the Report:
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2023.05.30 06:28 GreenNapster 13'' Blue’s Clues & You! Bedtime Blue Light-Up and Musical Stuffed Animal $14.70 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $14.70]

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2023.05.30 06:27 solaceinrage Hey, customers? YSK: Dashers aren't directly employed by doordash.

I keep seeing these posts about "My order was "Wahh" so I tipped my driver "Blaaahhhh," so I thought it might bear mentioning we can't do anything about the ruinous amount you spend on alcohol and chicken nuggies for convenience.
I hope revealing how the sausage is made doesn't ruin the magic, but we are just middle-men. If Taco-Bell to your door at 11pm three times a week is affecting what you have for rent, don't come to us.
Don't shoot the messenger. We just want to pick up, drop off, move on. We spend out of pocket on gear to keep food safe, warm, stable while driving to prevent spills, our insurance, all that. DoorDash ain't providing nothing but a small bag and hand gel when you sign up.
Want prices lowered for the getting it there part? Again, that is nothing to do with the dasher. You can take that up with the merchant, or the doordash service. Push for better mileage fees and the required amount to get your order picked up will drop. That is all I can help with.
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2023.05.30 06:27 topbeelzebub Spider-Man cosplay

I'm looking for A Spider-Man cosplay for accros the spiderverse on amazon (I need fast shipping) my question is : did u have link for the best and decens price
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2023.05.30 06:26 Don-Trenbolone Most money possible in a single life? My basic strategy to maximize net worth in a single life

I have gotten a life to $1 billion before, it’s much easier now with stocks and bonds.
Would it be possible in theory to get a life to $1 trillion?
I think the way to maximize lifetime net worth is
  1. Begin with max stats and sports talent
  2. Commit burglaries starting at 10 years old you can usually get about 50k by the time you’re 18 doing this. Grand theft auto is a good option too but you’re more likely to get caught
  3. When you’re 11 join a middle school football team and practice every year
  4. When you’re 14 murder your sibling/s and then both your parents for the inheritance (this is very hard to get away with). Killing siblings avoids splitting inheritance with them.
  5. Join the high school football team at 14 and practice every year. Go to the gym every year as well.
6.Invest all or most of this into low risk government bonds. You should get 8-10% return. Ideally 8 years at most so you have access to the money when after college.
  1. You should be able to go to college on a football scholarship at 18. Do this, practice and go to the gym every year.
Continue to reinvest your money from bonds into new bonds and buying/ renting out houses. Buying houses can give a return on rent of 7-8% a year plus the appreciation of the house.
  1. The last year of college (21) you should practice and go to the gym many times. You should be eligible for the draft, take whatever is offered as you’re unlikely to negotiate your salary up just starting out.
  2. Practice basic “fitness” first and then skills for your position, do this every year multiple times for skills and until they’re maxed out. When you reach a reasonable level of performance it may be helpful to trade to higher ranked teams for better contracts. Every year you should do a commercial deal which can get up to ~2 million.
Continue to reinvest your money as mentioned before.
  1. After your football career is over keep investing money in bonds. They are safer than stocks in my experience. Some bonds will default but overall you will make money. Later in life you can even buy the riskier corporate bonds for very high returns. Eventually you will make enough money to buy all available bonds almost every year.
I would also suggest buying “futuristic homes” these give the best highest rent prices. Adding amenities to the house can also add more value to the house than it cost to install them.
Open to suggestions on any modifications to this plan I could make.
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2023.05.30 06:25 keyboard_panda [US-CA] [H] Epbt Kuro Shiro R3 (Base + JP Mod + SB + 40s + Epbt Wuyinzhuyin 40s), 70x Nebulas [W] Audeze LCD-3 accessories, Amps/DACs

Timestamp: (issues with embedding link) Hey y'all, Clearing out some stuff, I haven't been in the aftermarket scene for a while so prices may be a bit off and as such are negotiable. Epbt Kuro Shiro R3 (Base + JP Mod + SB + 40s + Epbt Wuyinzhuyin 40s kit) - Purchased from KbdFans, extremely lightly used (was mounted on a chalice but I quickly realized I wasn't fit for 40s) - Can be shipped in the original box or in bags, price will vary based on method - Can split the 40s away from the other kits, but would prefer not to Price: $220 $200 shipped in trays (lower than what I paid, again HIGHLY NEGOTIABLE) 70x Nebulas, 40 are lubed w/ 205g0 - Lightly used on the chalice, nowhere else - Shipped in bags (the original purple one from prevail) Price: $55 shipped As a bundle, I'm asking $230 shipped. Local to the SJ area for in-person deals. For trades, either looking for amps/DACs or accessories for the Audeze LCD-3, mainly a carbon fiber headband, a yoke replacement kit (link), Dekoni Choice Leather pads, extra grills (for any of the LCD headphones) if anyone's got them, etc etc. New/like new heavily preferred. Comment before PM, and thanks in advance.
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2023.05.30 06:24 LegionDzn [US-CO] [H] SkyPad 3.0 XL, Shiny Sora, Ruby Red, Starlight-12 Pro Tenz small [W] PayPal

Finally achieved endgame bliss, looking to get rid of some of the gear which I used along the way. All prices are Negotiable / shipped (CON US).
PM only, chats will be ignored. Comment before pm, you know the deal.
Item Details Price Pics
Skypad XL 3.0 Ruby Red Limited Edition Has a few dozen hours on it but as you can see it's like new. Will be shipped in original box / packaging. $92 Pics
Skypad XL 3.0 Shiny Sora Limited Edition Didn't leave it's box since it's arrived other than for pics. Will be shipped in original box / packaging. $365 Pics
Starlight-12 Pro Tenz - Small Has been used for a few months, has some scratches on the north side of the tip of m1, but can't be seen unless you flip the mouse around and look directly at it. Other than that no qc / quality issues. Comes with Pulsar Supergrip and tiger ice skates applied. Also includes all original grips, the thinnest have been applied then taken off, they still stick nonetheless. $142 Pics
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2023.05.30 06:24 jamesnoel15 Fat Bob or Street Bob

Hi guys,
Looking to upgrade my current ride into either 2019 Fat Bob w/ 13k miles at $13K or a 2021 Street Bob w/ 4k miles at $15K. I have test ridden both models (albeit a year or so ago) and found the Fat Bob fun and lively even with the 107 (reminded me of my second bike, a 1982 GS1100) versus the laid back, more classic cruise vibe of the Street Bob. Most my riding is around town (Fort Worth) either commuting or riding for fun and both have a pillion and pegs for the wife. Honestly feels like a coin toss but wanted some second opinions on those prices or any advice from other riders or owners on what makes the Fat Bob or Street Bob the better choice.
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2023.05.30 06:24 BroMandi Otterbox Symmetry Series Case for Apple iPhone 12/13 Pro Max (Ombre Spray) $6 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $6.00]

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case for Apple iPhone 12/13 Pro Max (Ombre Spray) $6 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $6.00] submitted by BroMandi to Deals_Electronics [link] [comments]