Hammer prop for mud buddy


2019.12.15 21:22 ChickenPlenty prop_irl

me_irl for hammer editor and source engine :)

2010.07.29 03:17 MrLister Mud Runs, Adventure Races, Tough Guy Obstacle Courses and the like


2023.06.09 04:30 seveglofsc37 Having trouble using my laptop as a monitor for my Xbox

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2023.06.09 04:30 odombones94 Looking to pay someone to model part of King Dedede's hammer for 3d printing

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2023.06.09 04:29 seveglofsc37 Having trouble using my laptop as a monitor for my Xbox

Having trouble using my laptop as a monitor for my Xbox
I have a video capture device hooked up to my computer and to my Xbox. And it should be appearing as a video capture device in OBS but it’s like it’s no registering or something. Is it because of my computer, the video capture device or something else I’m doing wrong?
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2023.06.09 04:28 anonymous-animal-1 My "guidelines" that helped me finally put myself first with clothes shopping

TLDR: Guidelines work better for me than cold turkey no-buys. Instead of saying "no new clothes for X months" I can buy clothes... but with guidelines. I use a wish list first, I can only buy clothes I try on in person, I have to try thrift and consignment shops first, they have to be "perfect" and not just "good enough," and I have to give myself a chance to return them. This has been better for me than no-buy, but everyone's different.
[Warning, long post ahead!]
This strategy helped me, and I wanted to share in case someone out there thinks the same way that I do.
My brain tends to get rebellious around super strict requirements, so no-buys haven't worked for me. For a month or so it would go OK, but I would end up white-knuckling it. It was not a sustainable change for me. My brain would start to rebel, I would "mess up" by shopping for something, and then I felt helpless against my addiction.
Then I remembered that when I wanted to manage my weight a while back, I knew it would be helpful to stop drinking so much soda. But telling myself I was never going to have soda again was too much.
So I made a new guideline for myself, that I could sustainably integrate into my life. I decided I wouldn't pay for sugary soda. If someone offered it to me for free like at a picnic, I would let myself have it. But I don't purchase it. My rebellious brain was OK with this, and maybe a little relieved. It knew soda made me feel physically bad, but didn't like strict rules. Soon I wasn't drinking any for weeks and I lost the taste for it. I made similar guidelines for other areas where I had issues with self-control, but didn't succeed at fully banning from my life.
A decade later, it clicked for me that I could try that approach for my clothes buying problem, after failing several no-buys.
I came up with these:
  1. If I want something, first it goes into my wish list (notes app). That takes care of the initial shopping itch. Most of the time I forget I ever wanted it. But if it keeps coming back to my mind, or it's for something specific, and I've looked in my closets and don't see an equivalent...
  2. I only buy clothes/shoes that I can TRY ON before purchase. For my body shape, buying online = 90% returns. Honestly, I don't miss online clothes shopping since it was almost always disappointing and I could have saved so much effort by only buying things I can try on.
  3. If I really want a particular type of clothing, I have to try secondhand shops first. Usually I can find what I'm looking for, for a fraction of the price new. If not, it delays the purchasing enough that I can reconsider whether it's really worth the hassle when I have thousands of dollars of clothes at home.
  4. To buy something, it has to be PERFECT. You know the feeling, when you know it's going to be a great buddy that you'll wear for years and mourn when it starts to fade. Nothing "OK" or "good enough" or "I'll tailor it." It must give me the "perfect" feeling. And even then, I'll try it on again at home with the tags on, just in case. I already have plenty of perfect items, maybe I don't need one more.
These have worked very well for me for the past few months. They don't feel restrictive. In fact, they put ME first, ahead of the stupid companies. The guidelines say: I deserve good items that fit and don't cost a ton, instead of endless buy-return cycles and piles of "just OK" things I never wear (and which hurt the planet too). They make sense to me, help me look out for my own well-being, and I can still get something if I need it - so even the rebellious part of my brain grudgingly agrees these are worth following.
Since curbing my need to clothes shop, I have channeled my obsessive shopping urges into new pursuits. Instead of "researching" the best clothes or shoes or lotions or whatever, I research other things that actually help me...
Best budgeting strategies. The highest yield savings account I can find. Which romance novels I would like (Goodreads + Libby app). Decluttering and organization strategies (Clutterbug is my favorite, she has books and a YT channel). Mediterranean diet recipes I can make easily at home. Making a spreadsheet to track my net worth. Best ways to propagate my plants. Planning what to sell at a garage sale. Etc. etc.
It took me about three years to get to this point of relative peace after realizing I had a serious shopping problem. And I only realized I had a shopping problem after a decade or so of therapy/self-help reading/healing other things in my life. Keep trying. The only real failure is when you stop trying.
PS Check out the book "To Buy or Not to Buy" by April Benson. It helped me turn the corner.
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2023.06.09 04:28 MaDMaXvHD (AUDIO POST!) Checkout this potentially cool way to make a new friend :)

Hey there Stranger!
We are all rather familiar with the basics of a text post here on Reddit, or hell- The internet in general.
While I certainly believe some people do an outstanding job at projecting their personality via text.. I am definitely not one of those people!
Therefore, I greet you with a uhh-.. Totally unique and definitely never done before idea (It's sarcasm, shh)
A voice post! Take a listen and see if I sound like someone you would particularly be inclined to wanna chat with. If not? No harm! I completely understand.
Everyone has a flavor they prefer.
Please note!!! --- I did put an emphasis on Gaming Buddies but I can assure you I am looking for friends first and my entire personality is not gaming related or otherwise.
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2023.06.09 04:27 AdoboMatcha 24 [M4F] discord work/study buddy

After working onsite for almost a year, permanent WFH na talaga kami - usually I go to cafes kasi madali ako madistract ng silence sa bahay but not today. If you have things to do and is also looking for work/study buddy slide unto thy dms!! I can multitask naman with chikahan and working at the same time but if bg sounds lang hanap mo that'll work too!
About me:
- pogi boses according to various sources (random valo lobbies, discord s3rver, random twitter spaces (lol meron pa ba non) broadcasting students)
- works in advertising
- 23 y/o
- faux isko
- kakampink (if that matters to you)
drop discord username agad and let's be productive today or maybe not ;)
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2023.06.09 04:27 Skidoo_Riderz Best 50/50 tire

Im in search for a 50/50 tire for my 2014 250l! I do a lot of trails with mud and dirt and use the bike every day to go to work! Usually ride a lot on the week nights! What are you’re suggestions!
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2023.06.09 04:26 Federal_Sprinkles_66 Super strange issue with 350z

hello! I wouldn't be posting this if it wasn't my literal last resort but this car is about to make me go insane. I've owned the car for 5 years and been nice to it the whole time, keeping up with its needs.
engine: 150k ish. transmission: 72k
starting about 3 months ago, randomly one day the car began to do random misfires, at the beginning it would throw a p0300 but eventually stopped doing so while progressing to get worse. to explain deeper the misfire occurs most often at idle with AC turned off. with the AC on the rpms rev to 1000 and no longer misfire near as much. the misfire sounds like a ghost cam and is completely random. other symptoms have been car will stall if put in neutral while breaking hard only happened once so far but it was getting off the highway, it will just idle down to its own death. also when revving the engine to exactly 1100-1500 rpms and letting off the gas the car will stay revving for about 2 seconds before slowly returning to idle, and when doing so the idle will bounce. also to add, the misfire intensity seems to change randomly, somedays it'll be okay and the power feels amazing, others it feels terrible and super shaky, and feels like a Honda Fit would beat my ass in a race. now to list mods and things I've tried - also if you made it this far thank you for helping!

invidia n1 catback, Megan racing test pipes
Z1 short ram intake ported upper & lower manifold, Z1 Plenum Spacer 5/16''-1/2' (verified no leaks & did proper sealing)
75mm throttle body (throttle relearn completely with all accessories off)
Build CD009 put in recently
GTR injectors & walbrol 255
Add W1 Baffled Oil Catch Can V3.3
UpRev Tune 5 maps

replaced all coil packs & spark plugs
Intake leak test (pass I replaced all intake manifold gaskets as well)
Vacuum leak (pass)
Throttle body relearn (pass & done correctly)
Messed with the fuel pump & cleaned injectors fuel system is up to pressure (0.2 injector delay all running equal with AC on and off)
Tried various gas stations (running 93)
passed compression on all cylinders (170-177)
downstream o2 sensors are deleted and the tuner has disabled them upstream are fine.
cleaned all engine grounds + main terminals (14.9V cold start 14.3-14.7 warm)
visually inspected intake valves seemed okay and very clean
confirmed coil pack wires are secure
cleaned cam + crank sensor(s) and checked EVAP & PCV valve
properly cleaned + oiled the intake & cleaned the MAF sensor + swapped MAFs with a buddy just to confirm
disassembled VVT solenoids & cleaned them properly

I've consulted with my tuner & a Nissan master tech, and still have no clue
The last code the car ever threw was a p0011 bank 1 about a month ago, tuner looked into it and didn't see anything wrong with the fuel. haven't seen any cel 1500+ miles since then.
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2023.06.09 04:25 Curb71 Mesa vs. Redland?

I've been wanting to get into smoking meat. I bought a Masterbuilt electric 30" smoker on Amazon and it arrived damaged. Now the price went up and my buddy's been telling me to go with Traeger since the beginning. I go to Costco today and they just happen to have a bunch on the floor and a rep there. The Mesa for $559 and the Redland for $829. I'm only cooking for one so I definitely don't need something huge. Would you just grab the Mesa or is the Redland worth the extra cost?
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2023.06.09 04:25 ICameInYourBrownies apparently unpopular opinion: Pokemon S/V has been the most fun I’ve had playing a Pokèmon game since trying them all in 2017

I went in no spoilers, 0 idea about the new pokemon except for Tinkaton (one of my favourites) after putting it off for many months because I play on emulator and needed a better processor.
It may be partly due to the lack of performance issues, but these games are a lot of freaking fun. Roaming around a huge ass region, with 0 idea where I’m going and trying to shortcut everywhere was super fun. I noticed I got the gym order totally wrong and had to beat de Glasseado gym with level 35-38 pokemon thinking gyms updated their teams based on my badges, which was a fun challenge. I didn’t like facing the other gyms extremely overleveled but it was still fun. The team star bases where really creative except when the whole starmobile thing got repetitive, but I liked them. The story was corny but cute, and didn’t take itself too seriously like Team Flare for example, which was a good change. The titans were super fun too, the Mabostiff storyline was also corny but touching, and the area zero post game already looks incredible and I barely got to the first lab.
It was my first time using a team entirely made of new pokemon and it was super fun finding all my buddies along the way, and I don’t regret ignoring older gen pokemon at all. Being unable to get Palafinn because of the gimmicky evolution sucked ass, but I managed.
I do think all 3 starters were ugly ass hell in their final forms, but Meowscarada kinda grew on me. Nemona was annoying but a decent enough rival.
Overall, it was a pretty refreshing experience for a pokemon game, and I don’t get why so many seem to hate it. I loved it and will definitely play it again in the correct order
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2023.06.09 04:22 speedcreature What repetitive actions would you wish Niantic made automatic/ macros of?

How would you make life easier?
I'll start. Ever since this post, https://www.reddit.com/TheSilphRoad/comments/12y74mk/voice_control_in_pok%C3%A9mon_go_a_beginners_guide/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=2&utm_term=1, I made recorded gestures that allowed me to Open 5 Gifts (while pinning Postcards), and another that allowed me to Send 5 Gifts at a time. I also made macros for near Buddies or far Buddies that allowed me to Take a Snapshot, Play with Buddy, and Feed 3 Berries at a time.
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2023.06.09 04:20 AdoboMatcha 24 [M4F] discord work/study buddy

After working onsite for almost a year, permanent WFH na talaga kami - usually I go to cafes kasi madali ako madistract ng silence sa bahay but not today. If you have things to do and is also looking for work/study buddy slide unto thy dms!! I can multitask naman with chikahan and working at the same time but if bg sounds lang hanap mo that'll work too!
About me:
- pogi boses according to various sources (random valo lobbies, discord s3rver, random twitter spaces (lol meron pa ba non) broadcasting students)
- works in advertising
- 23 y/o
- faux isko
- kakampink (if that matters to you)
drop discord username agad and let's be productive today or maybe not ;)
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2023.06.09 04:20 jointmaster13 Xbox Community Server rec’s

delete if not allowed. me n some buddies are looking for a Vanilla+ server with 24/7 raiding and no pay to win uav/heat map/base ping type stuff pm or post in the comments any servers that fit this
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2023.06.09 04:19 JudoboyWalex Help with forwardRef and useImperativeHandle

I would like currRef to access dom from MyInput component and inputRef to access dom from App component. So I used useImperativeHandle with forwardRef, but I get null value for both currRef and inputRef. What am I doing wrong?
import React, { forwardRef, useRef, useImperativeHandle } from 'react'; import "./style.css"; export default function App() { const childRef = useRef(null); function handleClick() { console.log('ref ', childRef); childRef.current.inputRef.current.focus(); } return ( 
); } const MyInput = forwardRef(function MyInput(props, ref) { const { label, ...otherProps } = props; const inputRef = useRef(null); const currRef = useRef(null); console.log('currRef ', currRef.current) useImperativeHandle(ref, () => ({ inputRef, })); return ( ); });

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2023.06.09 04:18 raFabulous-Mom AITA for telling my MIL the truth?

I (24F) have been with my husband (25M) for nearly 8 years now. We are high school sweethearts & got married on our 5 year dating anniversary back in 2020.
Ever since I can remember, I have felt my MIL (59F) hates me. She has always made me feel very unloved & unwanted. Recently, her & my FIL (56M) slipped up & revealed they have disliked me for a long time, which shed to light the reasons behind me feeling unwanted.
We agreed we needed to sit down and have a discussion, & during this conversation, my MIL revealed that her distain for me started on our wedding day. We got COVID 5 days before the wedding & had to cancel everything. I cried for days. We still wanted to move forward with the wedding as it was our 5 year anniversary & we decided since we already had the marriage license, we would just get married over zoom.
I had many friends who went all out to drop things off on my doorstep to make that day incredible. My in laws had reached out to help & were asked to bring us a box, a table, & flowers for our big day. We were very appreciative and thanked them for going out of their way. My MIL also asked if she could bring a tablecloth & pictures of us and our families, to which I declined because I wanted it to be very simple, & made clear the only thing I wanted to be set on the table was my bouquet, our vow books, my laptop, & the box with a hammer & nails for our ceremony.
I had written the entire ceremony myself & had included this beautiful box closing ceremony where you write letters to each other on your wedding day, seal them, and place them in a box with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. The idea was that on your five year anniversary you open the box, share a glass of wine, & reflect on how far your relationship has progressed. Then you write new letters, get a new bottle, & seal the box again for another 5 years and so on and so forth.
The day of our wedding, my in laws were running late & showed up probably 10 minutes prior to the ceremony, so my husband was RUSHING to get everything set up. I do not want it to seem like we are ungrateful, we were EXTREMELY grateful, & we were not upset they were late.
I was not aware, however, that my MIL was going to do everything I told her I didn’t want. She printed off many pictures of us & relatives that were no longer alive (some that we had never even met). & this wasn’t just one or two, this was 6 large frames. I understand the sentiment behind what she was trying to do, but I had clearly communicated that I was not looking to have anything extra on the table. She brought the tablecloth used at her own wedding, made a flower display for the table, had champagne glasses & champagne, a fake candle, & two carrot cake cupcakes (which neither my husband & I even like carrot cake). She went all out to decorate our table in the way SHE wanted our wedding to go.
When we were finally are ready to start, I walked out, and it was magical. My husband had tears in his eyes, and i felt so beautiful. After we stopped the music & our officiant started the ceremony, I noticed the table was crowded with items, however there was one thing missing - the box, with the hammer & nails, which was the most important part of our ceremony aside from our vows and kiss. I start whispering to my husband but he was equally confused, & we ended up missing the first 5 minutes trying to problem solve. When we got to the part of the ceremony where we were suppose to seal the box, we had to excuse ourselves to pick the box off the ground, where it had been placed off to the side by our AC unit, then we had to clear the table to make room for it to continue the ceremony. I was so upset, but I did not let this ruin my day. I was grateful they helped, regardless of how upset I was she hijacked my wedding, and opted to not say anything. My husband & I commented about it that night while we spent it alone just us two in our house. We laughed & added it to the list of all the things that went wrong, & said all of it didn’t matter because we were now married & we did it despite all odds against us.
I never said anything to anyone regarding this and kept this to myself, up until our conversation two nights ago. When my MIL brought it up & said that this led to her disliking me, I decided it was time to share my perspective. I told her that we had a discussion prior to the wedding day where she asked if I wanted a tablecloth or pictures & I told her no. I told her exactly what I wanted on the table & only asked her to bring a table, flowers, & the box we would use for the ceremony, snd she exploded. She told me I ruined everything & that we would never be able to repair our relationship, all because I told her it was not what I wanted for my wedding. She claimed that it was disrespectful for me to not appreciate those things because it was her way of including her parents that had passed away. I tried to explain to her that it’s not fair to be upset with me because that was not my vision & I had communicated that to her, & I felt she did those things for herself despite me saying that was not at all what I wanted, but she wouldn’t hear it. She stated it was HER sons wedding, so she was able to do whatever she wants, but my husband & I agreed on everything for OUR day, but because it didn’t come from my husband, she didn’t take me seriously.
In my eyes, I had many other people that were willing to help, & had I known she was going to do what she wanted and not follow my requests, I would’ve never accepted the help in the first place.
So, am I the asshole for being honest with my MIL & telling her although I appreciate the help, I don’t appreciate that she went against what I said I wanted and made my wedding day all about her?
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2023.06.09 04:17 welpimtired it's my birthday

i feel so alone and a bit numb. i posted in a depression sub and got called weak backed 💪 anyways i just thought i'd share because i have nobody really to celebrate with (except my one buddy on minecraft who i'm really grateful for lol)
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2023.06.09 04:17 Pabzloll666 YTMND-you’re the man now dog!

Hello all!
I hope you’re enjoying Diablo 4 so far!
My buddies and I have been playing Diablo since we were kids. Well… all the blizzard games for that matter.
We started a clan over our favorite website/ movie from back in the day and thought we’d open it up to everyone!
Are you past your prime in gaming but still looking for community? Don’t have all the time in the world but still want a consistent group to hop on with from time to time? Are you just an individual that sat in Warcraft 3 channels reading the chats and hanging out just to feel like you belong?
Well that’s what we’re about. We’ve got people that take the PVP and end game seriously… we also have individuals that just want to play the game and don’t give a shit about what’s going on. We’ve got something for everyone! Cross platform and on discord as well.
Come hang out with us!
Search YTMND- you’re the man now dog
Enjoy the game y’all!
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2023.06.09 04:17 derp_the_face What is your go-to rope bag?

It's time to get a rope bag to keep my babies out of the sand/ mud/ etc. I have used climbing-style rope bags while climbing, but never one for canyoneering. Any tips/ tutorials for using one would be appreciated as well!!
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2023.06.09 04:16 BoonyIsMe After All is said and done, Opinions on moonveil?

A buddy of mine and i have been dueling each other because of a certain competitive rivalry we share, and all of our fights are generally even with many draws or one of us taking the win here and there (we play combat ordeal).
My gripe started when I noticed that whenever he used the moonveil, I lost about 90 percent of matches. My first reaction was "wow thats strong, better up my game," but the consistency at which I would lose, or lose health due to that weapon's ash began to get to me.
I decided to check to see if it was just a simple "git gud" situation, as most are, and learned it used to be one of those taboo weapons, much like ROB. I then read that it got nerfed due to the wave staggering when it lands.
Now my gripes aren't with that really, because if I'm charging forward and ready to make my assault, I can usually dodge the attack with ease. My issue is with its ability to punish many, not all, but many simple mistakes. I miss a swing, it connects. I fail a jump attack, it connects. Trade blows with a light attack, it moves at the same speed. I dodge a flurry of spells specifically designed to distract me, Getting tagged by it more often than not. Now, even this isnt a problem. The problem lies with the fact that it will do 50-70 percent of my health, with defense and health talismans, with each successful hit.
It seems to be as fast as a light attack, and comparable in strength to, as I've heard, endgame spells with very little fp cost. Generally in fighting games, at least in my experience, a skill would have to sacrifice one of those to be considered balanced, as having all 3 would make for a skill that can just be abused with no repercussions. To be able to punish quick simple mistakes by basically using a skill that does an "ultimate attack" worth of damage with the risk being so little seems a bit... i hate to say OP but excessive... at least to me, and I can just be shit at the game, so it could just be a me thing.
I wouldn't say he abuses the skill and I wouldnt say he's a noob that spams the skill and isnt good with anything else, because we are at least comparable to each other as most of our fights are even and we both use a variety of skills and weapons, but I have definitely noticed how often I lose when that weapon is used more frequently, and how often he is about to use the weapon art out of muscle memory, but stops himself even though it would land and kill me or shread my health away, because he doesn't want to solely rely on it.
I'm a dex and faith build with about 40+ vigor, dont know the exact numbers, and I dont usually pay attention to scaling and just use whatever I deem fun, so I dont like to judge what my buddy uses cuz he's just also trying to have fun. I did hear 40-60 vigor is ideal however. I'm also not a huge fan of shields and rely heavily on dodging, which could also just be part of my flaw.
Now, this could just be me not gitting gud, and needing to switch up my tactics, as Ive heard many mixed opinions. Some say its garbage and easy after the patch, some disagree. My experience is subjective and just want to know what anyone else thinks.
Thanks for any replies and I may forget I even made this post, but Its not super serious, and I'm not asking for nerfs or anything cuz I like climbing tough hills with my own methods, and the meta is always gonna be something else, like those goddamn double spears. But I did want to know if its just me or not.
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2023.06.09 04:16 Acrobatic_Win_9495 My Opinion about 2018

Just watched 2018. Had very low expectations about the movie since a lot of people called it overrated, but i must admit that i absolutely loved the movie!
Did it have its faults? Sure.
Was i tired of seeing asif ali in yet another kalippan role? Absolutely. (Love him in normal roles, but he seems to get a lot of rebel roles where he’s just an asshole to everybody around him, which gets a little old to watch).
But overall, as a whole movie, it kept me engaged, and i even teared up during multiple scenes. I wasn’t even in Kerala during the flood, but the scenes were impactful enough to make the viewer realize how crazy it actually was. I feel like there were a lot more positives than negatives, and the climax hit pretty hard. (Props to Tovino for nailing yet another role)
The scenes with sudeesh ettan and family were heart breaking 💔
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2023.06.09 04:16 Nisagent Lest we forget

I believe that many of us here have forgotten, and many here were not around for the disaster that was the Diablo 3 launch. And the overall poor state that Diablo 3 existed in prior to Reaper of Souls, so while there are many things about Diablo 4 that disappoint me, I have hope for the future of this game. And props to Blizzard for making this launch much better than I had feared.
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2023.06.09 04:16 FatalComplex111 UberEATS suspect Fraudulent Activity Regarding Prop 22. Payments

So basically I made a post, they fucked up someone in there prop 22 department fucked up major and just gave prop 22 payments the last 3 weeks or so. Apparently that wasn't supposed to happen, even though it's confusing because that same time. There was like emails going around saying good news or prop 22 in California.. whatever. Now I call them out on it because I never received my prop 22 payment for this week right? And turns out yeah it's just them fucking up all over the place dude it's them just fucking up then fucking up like crazy and guess what?
Out of curiosity, I'm not even online right now I'm not even waiting for trips I'm just chilling in my car. Out of curiosity though I went to my earlier like earning weeks to see what even happened to those prop 22 payments just randomly and guess what lol... Drum roll please... They're gone mysteriously like they never fucking like they were never there. What the fuck is Uber doing cooking books? Like for real? What is going on dude I got screenshots watch hold on
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