Lowes battery snow blower

Oscillating Multi-Tool, Ryobi Brushed or Kobalt Brushless?

2023.05.30 07:38 arktik7 Oscillating Multi-Tool, Ryobi Brushed or Kobalt Brushless?

I have a Kobalt Weedwacker and Blower with a single plus size battery, but my drill and rep saw are Ryobi (Father handed them down) with 3 batteries.
I need an oscillating multitool and can't decide. Ryobi has a brushed $79.99 multitool but Kobalt has a $99.99 brushless one with some blades which practically makes them the same price as most blades are $20+
I really wanted to just stick with Ryobi as I grow my power tool collection but the Kobalt being brushless, is it worth it for that? Only downside is my plus size battery will add weight.
Brushless worth it?
Edit: I do at home DIY things, not for work, but plan on learning more and growing my tool set.
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2023.05.30 07:02 vren55 [A Fractured Song] - Chapter 189 - Fantasy, Isekai (Portal Fantasy), Adventure

Cover Art!
Just because you’re transported to another world, doesn’t mean you’ll escape from your pain.
Abused by her parents, thirteen-year-old Frances only wants to be safe and for her life not to hurt so much. And when she and her class are transported to the magical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the self-titled Demon King, Frances is presented with a golden opportunity. If she succeeds, Frances will have the home she never had. If she fails, Frances will be summoned back to the home she escaped.
Yet, despite her newfound magic and friends, Frances finds that trauma is not so easily lost. She is dogged by her abuse and its physical and invisible scars. Not only does she have to learn magic, she has to survive the nightmares of her past, and wrestle with her feelings of doubt and self-loathing.
If she can heal from her trauma, though, she might be able to defeat the Demon King and maybe, just maybe, she can find a home for herself.
Teaser: The Traditionalists last stand...
[The Beginning] [<=Chapter 188] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [Chapter 189 on June 5 or now on patreon]
The Fractured Song Index
Discord Channel Just let me know when you arrive in the server that you’re a Patreon so you can access your special channel.
The first sign that something wasn’t quite the same about the Greenway was when Frances, Timur and their company spotted horsemen in the far distance. They would have assumed this was Thorgoth’s scouts, but these horsemen retreated toward the Greenway and entered into the broken fortifications.
So the group entered into the Greenway fully armored and armed, ready for a fight. They rode into the underground highway, travelled for a full second day and saw nothing the matter.
Then they entered Kairon Aoun.
The ancient goblin city of Kairon Aoun had been built as a defensive city facing north. As such, the city in the great cavern it was carved out of was stepped into four tiers. To access each of the levels, the attacker would have to fight their way up a ramp that ran up the side of the rammed-earth foundation of each tier.
Every tier’s edge was also faced with a brick curtain wall with machicolations built into the ramparts. This was so that stones and other objects could be dropped, wherein they would fall down the steeply stoped sides and slam into the attackers. Many of these ramparts had fallen into disrepair when Morgan, Hattie and Frances had last passed through here.
Except, the moment Frances and her company rode through the Greenway and into the city, they could see it was alive with activity. New ramparts were being built atop of the old. In the distance, they could see old houses had been demolished and cannon batteries had been set up. Holes in the walls were being patched.
“What’s even lighting this whole thing?” Tara whispered.
Morgan pointed at the ceiling. “The ventilation shafts provide some light. I’m not sure how they ended up lighting the entire place up, though.”
“Combination of mirrors through said shafts and a goodly amount of torches,” said Timur. He glanced at Frances. “Did you know about this?”
“No I did not, let’s hope they recognize us as friendly. Colonel Tara, we’ll take the lead,” said Frances, touching her heels to her horse.
The gatehouse on the lowest level, which was protected by a low, thick wall, now swung open and a wing of cavalry rode out, Erisdalian and Lightning Battalion standards flying high.
Timur immediately recognized the troll that lead the group. “Aloudin! It’s me! We’re back!”
Captain Aloudin, eyes wide, broke his horse into a gallop. Riding ahead of the cavalry, he only stopped so that he could slap his hand into Timur’s. “Your Highness, it is good to see you. Though, you really ought not to take such risks! Who are these new arrivals?”
The prince chuckled, squeezing his friend’s hand tightly. “One of those rumored orphan brigades who decided to defect.” Timur gestured behind him. “This is Colonel Tara, who risked her life along with her troops to help us escape.”
Riding up, Tara unsheathed her saber, which she presented it to Aloudin, only for the troll to gently push it back to her.
“There’s no need for that, Colonel. We do things quite differently around here.”
Tara sighed, returning her blade to her scabbard. “I’m beginning to see that. Makes me wonder why I didn’t try to leave earlier.”
“The first step is always the hardest,” said Frances. She shook Aloudin’s hand as well. “What’s going on here, Aloudin? I know our long term goal was to fortify Kairon-Aoun, but we hadn’t the manpower to spare.”
The captain pursed his lips before they twisted into something between a grimace and a smirk. “We got some important news and new orders. I’ll show you. Follow me.”
One thing that Ayax and Elizabeth hadn’t accounted for when they ran up into the attic was the lack of a water source, and any way to dispose of waste.
So by the next day of their hiding, the trio stuck in the attack were wearing cloth masks, thirsty as hell, and hoping the odor wasn’t going to alert anybody.
“This shit stinks,” Leila growled.
Elizabeth touched a hand to Leila’s cheek. The girl’s color had returned and after some very reluctant healing by Ayax, she was now able to sit up. “You’re right, but I think you’re much better now.”
“I feel better.” Leila staggered to her feet, pushing the covers off of her. “Does Janize know you found me?”
Ayax snorted. “We told her while you were napping. She’s pissed.” The troll walked over. “Do you think you’re ready to move?”
“I take it you’ve come up with something?” Leila asked.
Elizabeth pursed her lips. “Yes. You need to convince Janice we need to launch the attack now.”
“Excuse me what? Are you insane? We haven’t—” Leila rubbed her sweat-matted hair with her bandaged hands. “Wait, how long have I been captured?’
“ A week. You were out for one of those days,” said Ayax.
“Then you’re right. Darius will have to make a move now that he knows I’ve disappeared. Wait, Janize doesn’t—Of course she doens’t. She’s cautious by nature. Get her on the mirror right now!”
“You could use please,” said Elizabeth, handing Leila her mirror.
“Janize, there’s no time. You need to barricade yourself in a safe place with as many guards as possible, perhaps the throneroom and get the attack started by tonight.”
Frowning, the queen’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the mirror with a mixture of confusion. “Love, we haven’t finished preparing—”
“There’s no time! Darius and Scarlet know I’ve been rescued. They’ll attack as soon as they get everything in order because they know you can move to arrest them!” Leila put her hands up to the mirror. “Love, they’ll stop at nothing until you’re dead.”
Janize’s eyes widened and she whispered, “What did they—”
“It doesn’t matter, Janize. Please, you need to issue the orders now!”
The queen exhaled slowly. “Alright. Ayax, Elizabeth, are your forces in place?”
Elizabeth, relaxing a little, smiled. “Martin and Ginger found a way to get to the Water Tower and to deploy reinforcements into the palace. We still need your troops to ensure the Water Tower’s guns are silent and for the main gates of the citadel to be opened to us.”
“It will be done. How are you getting out of Darius’s mansion?” Janize asked.
“When the attack takes place we’ll break out and support the attack,” said Ayax, arms crossed.
Janize pursed her lips. “Then we are going for tonight?”
The three exchanged a glance and all nodded.
“Go for tonight,” said Elizabeth. “Good hunting.”
“Good hunting.” Janize leaned forward, peering intently through the mirror. “Leila, stay alive. No matter what they did to you, you’re still mine you hear me? I still want you by my side.”
Leila blinked. She blinked again furiously and pressed her bandaged hands to her eyes. “I…Janize, thank you.”
Janize smiled. “I love you, dear. See you soon.”
Ayax had turned from the exchange. When the mirror was shut off, she let out a long, shuddering exhale.
“You are terribly lucky to have her,” she said.
Standing up, Elizabeth took Ayax’s elbow, squeezing it gently. The troll placed a hand around Elizabeth’s side, hugging her tightly.
Leila could only bow her head. “I know.”
“Because I probably would have killed you if it weren’t for her,” hissed the troll. She swallowed. “And not because of our agreement.”
The Otherworlder looked up. “Why then?”
Biting her lip Ayax stammered, “I couldn’t kill someone who doesn’t want to hurt me when they have a loved one. There’s no…no justice in that.”
With that, Ayax walked to the corner of the attack. Elizabeth gave Leila a look. “When you’re ready, we ought to call George and the Otherworlders, give them a heads up and communicate our plans.” Elizabeth then ran after Ayax, interweaving her fingers with the troll. They left Leila standing in her corner, in her own thoughts.
Half-choking, her hate-filled grunts punctuated by hacking coughs, Jessica followed Ginger down the sewer.
“I hate you. I hate you so fucking much!” she hissed.
Half-gagging herself from the smell, Ginger glanced over her shoulder and shrugged. “Hey, I just suggested it to you. You wanted to help rescue Leila.”
Two middle-fingers was Jessica’s response along with a chuckle from the Erisdalians that were part of Jessica’s unit and new band of comrades.
Ginger joined them in their chuckling. She knew she could rely on Jessica and the rest of her group. Besides, their attack was going to be much easier than what her fiance was going to be doing up high.
Taking cover behind a slightly holed house, Martin examined the area in front of the citadel.
The Lightning Battalion’s batteries had been keeping up a very long barrage. Mortars and long cannon had pounded the makeshift defense line of houses on Castle Way. After hours of bombardment, they’d breached the line.
The result was flat, rubble-covered broken ground that led up to the moat in front of the citadel and main palace within. They had no hope of knocking down every house. Houses still stood on the flanks of the Citadel, covering the road that led up to the castle’s side gate. There were also a number of houses standing on the main approach, though, this actually was better for their plans. The remaining stone foundations of the houses and charred remains in the gap would be able to cover the advance.
The bigger problem was the walls in front of them were mostly intact and the gatehouse’s drawbridge was up. Their mages could cast smoke or illusion spells to screen their approach, but that would do no good if the drawbridge was still up and the gatehouse in enemy hands.
Martin breathed in and out slowly. No, they were entirely reliant on Janize keeping up her end of the bargain.
Sitting in the throne room, Janize steepled her fingers, eyes focused on the steps to the dais.
Was her decision correct? Was she making the right choice? Had she considered everything?
Those thoughts ran in her head as she studied the carpet. The sounds of her guards and knights preparing the throne room and ensuring the main entrance was secured echoed in her ear. Yet she did her best to ignore them.
If she went through with this, she knew she’d never sit on Erisdale’s throne again. Her brother would be the last to sit on the throne and then it would be House of Conthwaite, the house of a knight and later, his offspring with a common soldier.
How had it come to this? Why had she put herself here?
The image of a fierce Otherworlder came to mind, along with the litany of decisions she’d made. Siding with Darius, rejecting the Alavari as monsters, falling in love and then realizing where she’d gone wrong. The news of the dragons in Thorgoth’s employ.
Maybe it wasn’t so bad. Maybe there was still hope. At the very least, she still had Leila.
The Otherworlder, George marched up to the dais and bowed. “Your Majesty, we’re ready to open the gates. The Water Tower’s received their orders.”
Janize sighed. “To think that there was a route to the citadel through the sewers.”
George chuckled. “At least we’re making them suffer for it.”
The queen pursed her lips. “Tell me, George. You fought against Ayax and Elizabeth at Lehrbach. You sided against them. All the Otherworlders here sided against them. Why are you willing to fight alongside them once again?”
The teen—no, young man looked away, towards the windows that lit the hall.
“I think after a year of fighting with Darius in earnest, we all realized we’d made a mistake. We’re not from your world, but we learnt enough in our own that this… what Darius was doing is wrong and no different from the worst villains from our world. We weren’t fighting Alavari, we were fighting other humans. We just…didn’t know what to do about it. So when you and Leila told us about the plan, and that we would have a chance to actually fight Thorgoth, to protect people from a world ending threat, we all jumped on it.”
Janize snorted. “You’re going to have a heck of a time convincing the other Otherworlders.”
George sighed. “We all know that, but hey, they are going to need us. I mean we are going to be fighting literal dragons.”
“That is true.” Janize closed her eyes and nodded. “Carry it out, George. Get those gates open and signal the Water Tower.”
George saluted. “Yes, Your Majesty. It’s been an honor and a pleasure.”
Through her spyglass, wrapped warmly in her bright orange cloak, the Erlenbergian mage, Ophelia Voidsailor watched the coast with her spyglass.
Despite the years Erlenberg had fought Alavaria along the northern front, and through all the naval battles on the eastern coast, Ophelia still wore orange. It’d become her calling card of sorts and she knew it gave the crew of her ship comfort to see her strut around. Honestly, she was getting a little tired of the color, but she liked the attention more.
Beside her, looking through his own spyglass, the one-eyed Eustace Windwhistler glanced at the sky. “It’s about time,” said Edana’s brother.
“I know—I see it!” Ophelia exclaimed. Before her eyes, the Water Tower, the main obstacle to the Erlenbergian fleets advance, had lowered the red banner of the traditionalist. A blue banner was being run up and more blue flares were being fired into the sky by some mage.
Eustace looked through his spyglass and nodded. “Signal to the fleet! Follow my lead. We are attacking!”
Flags ran up and down on the galloen Stormcaller, which had been named as such much to her namesake’s consternation and embarrassment. Behind Eustace and Ophelia’s warship, the long lineof Erlenbergian ships of the line ran flags up and down in acknowledgement. The entire line then followed the Stormcaller as it swung starboard toward the bay.
Underneath the Water Tower, Ginger found a ladder had been dropped into the sewer. Gingerly taking the rungs, she climbed up and was helped up by several red-uniformed harbour guardsmen. A petite woman with a musket slung over her shoulder handed Ginger a clean rag.
“Wow you stink, but I’m glad to see you. Captain Belinda of the Harbour Guard.”
“Ginger, yes, that Ginger. Are Darius’s troops reacting?”
“They are indeed. Several regiments have filed out of the Citadel and are making their way here as we speak. How many have you brought?” Belinda asked.
“A whole regiment of crack musketeers are behind me to help you secure the tower. The Erlenbergian fleet is landing marines. We’ll be fine, I’m just worried about the main assault,” said Ginger. She wiped her face and hands. “Show me the battlements. I’ll get my soldiers set up along with yours.”
“This way,” said Belinda, guiding Ginger out.
Ayax and Elizabeth silently crept down the drop-down attic stairs. Behind them, carrying a spare wand, Leila limped as quietly as she could. They could hear shouting in the mansion and the scurrying of people on the lower floors.
The trio paused to quickly grab a drink of water from a nearby pitcher left by the servants for any houseguests, before continuing on. From what they could tell, someone was having a heated discussion in the foye.
As they got closer to the staircase, they soon could figure out who.
“Janize is making her move and the Lightning Battalion must be close behind. The Erlenbergian fleet is moving in and the Water Tower is not firing on them.”
“There’s no need to panic—” “Scarlet, your fucking plan has accelerated Janize and the Lightning Battalion’s timetable! We’re fucked. We’re all probably dead.”
There was a sharp intake of breath. The three heard Scarlet growl, “Alright, I was…overly optimistic that the Lightning Battalion and Janize would split due to that report, but we only need to secure Janize and the Citadel and our position will still be quite strong.”
“I disagree, but Janize won’t have long. My troops led by Vulpina are converging on the throne room as we speak. Otherworlders or not, she can’t hold for long.” Darius chuckled dryly. “We might all die in the attempt to oust her, and hell she may be killed, but we won’t let her have the last laugh.”
Ayax turned to the two humans with her. “Liz, Leila, go. I’ll try to pin them down here.”
Elizabeth blinked. “Wait, but Ayax—”
“Liz, if we lose Janize, we’ll lose the civil war. You got to go.”
Elizabeth briefly closed her eyes and nodded. Grabbing onto Ayax, she drew her troll close to her and into a brief, fierce kiss. “Come back to me, alright?”
Ayax managed a smirk. “Always.”
Elizabeth turned to Leila. “Let’s go—what are you—” The Otherworlder had knelt on the ground her head bowed.
“Ayax, I’m sorry. I promise you can do whatever you want to me after you save Janize, but please, let me save her first,” said Leila, she lowered her head, but Ayax quickly grabbed her by the shirt and yanked her up. It was easy as the girl was still very light.
“This is not the time. I accept your promise, but we’ll talk later. Now go!” Ayax hissed.
Nodding, Elizabeth grabbed Leila and the pair took off in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Ayax took a deep breath and walked up toward the balcony overlooking the foye.
Darius was pacing, whilst Scarlet was biting her finger, one hand gripped tightly around her staff.
“What if they breach the gatehouse?” Scarlet asked.
“There’s no way that force assembling outside can breach the gatehouse. They’ll need—”
“Earl Darius, Master Scarlet, I have waited a long time for this moment.” Ayax leaned casually against the railing, noting the fine, polished grain. “Do you know who I am?”
Darius, eyes staring up at her, took a step back. “Ayax the Blackgale.”
“Daughter of Allaniel the Valorous, who you had murdered,” Ayax hissed.
Scarlet ripped her heavy cloak off and gripped her staff in both hands, which had a number of rings on the fingers. Her eyes narrowed at Ayax. “So it was you who rescued Leila. I thought you would kill her.”
“You certainly tempted me, but she was just the instrument. It was you two who had my parents killed.” Raising her staff, Ayax growled. “Prepare to die.”
Scarlet waved the earl off. “Darius, go, deal with Janize. I can handle her.”
Darius arched an eyebrow even as he grabbed the main door’s handle. “Are you sure?”
Scarlet smirked. “She’s no Frances Stormcaller. Just an angry little troll.”
“I’m a pissed off troll.” Ayax leapt over the railing, throwing several spell cards at Scarlet. The woman waved her hand, magical rings activating to form a barrier. The cards slammed into it, sparking and banging. It would have knocked her back, but the barrier dissipated the force.
No matter, Ayax landed nimbly on the carpet and whirling her staff, slammed it into Scarlet’s barrier. Darius had run for it, slamming the doors behind him. Ayaxs’s blow sent Scarlet smashing through those closed doors, nearly throwing her onto Darius.
The Red Order Mage picked herself off the grown, dusting off her robes. “Ah I see the familial resemblance now you monster. You and your adoptive ‘cousin’ are just fucking irritating.”
Ayax was about to quip back, but found herself pursing her lips as a thought ran through her head. “You know, if you were just a little nicer, just a bit more understanding, you could have gotten along with Frances. It’s really hard to not get along with her.”
Scarlet’s snarl faded and she grimaced. “She wouldn’t have been my student, but Edana’s. Now are you going to kill me, Blackgale, one of the people who helped murder your parents, or are you going to talk me to death?”
Ayax flinched, feeling the swirling vortex of power bubble in her very core as her fury sparked. At the same time, a serene, piercing idea just echoed through her head. It was not really a revelation, more of an observation she’d noticed about Leila, Darius and now Scarlet.
“You all are awfully insistent on dying. Why don’t you all just…give up? Live?” Ayax asked. The pair were circling now, ready to let loose with spells at any sign of weakness or an opening.
Scarlet snorted. “Would you let me and Darius live?”
Ayax paused, watching Scarlet continue to circle. When the troll didn’t move, only followed her with her eyes, the mage stopped and tried to circle in the other direction. Still Ayax didn’t move, she just remained still, staff at the ready.
“If you all surrendered and submitted to a trial, I would,” said Ayax. There was still turmoil, rage, roiling in her heart. Yet, she was starting to feel another emotion that calmed her, despite how odd it felt.
The Red Order Mage blinked, before she sneered. “Then you are a naive fool.” She twirled her staff, the ends bursting into flame as she sang. Fireballs tore toward Ayax.
The troll dodged, not flamboyantly. She just stepped out of the way, shuffling and stepping from side to side. No fancy shielding required, no complicated jumps needed. Scarlet cast, and continued to cast. Whips of crimson magic were followed by cobblestones torn from the road. Ayax had to briefly block those with a quick shield, before twisting out of the way.
Shifting her grip on her staff, Ayax pulled her weapon to her side, as if she was drawing a sword. Crying out a string of Word of Powers, she whipped it across.
The staff suddenly extended, dark-blue magic lengthening it until a incredibly long, thin rod of magic crashed into Scarlet’s side. It sent her tumbling through a hedge and onto the lawn of Darius’s mansion.
Leaping over said hedgerow, Ayax rolled to a perfect landing on the other side. Scarlet had staggered to her feet, wiping blood from the scratches on her arm and face. She was already wincing as she touched her side.
Ayax thought she would be taking pleasure from this. Well, part of her was. She was happy she was kicking Scarlet’s butt. Yet, the part of her that was choosing to be calm, to think and be a good person felt an entirely different emotion.
Pity for how pointless this whole battle was, pity for how this woman and her allies had hurt so many and seemed so unhappy with their lives. There was disgust and anger, and yet when Ayax thought about what she had, and what Scarlet lacked, she found that anger seeping away.
“Scarlet, this is your last chance. Surrender now,” said Ayax.
“To you? Not to Edana Firehand, or even Frances Stormcaller? But to their lackey? A second-rate battle mage?” Scarlet spat on the ground and raised her staff again. “I’d rather fucking die.”
The troll sighed. “So be it.”
Author’s Note: Ayax is getting ahold of her anger. It hasn’t been easy to figure out how her feelings changed but I decided to approach it from the idea that she’s matured as a person and has started to take more perspectives, something that she’s always struggled with.
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2023.05.30 06:37 dragonagitator WTF IS THAT?! A handy guide for when the excitement is insufficiently subdued

Sirens, Police Cars, Fire Trucks, and Ambulances:
Gunshots, Explosions, and Assorted Booms:
Smoke and Haze:
Strange Lights in the Sky:
Giant Rocks on Trucks:
White Fluff in the Sky in May:
what else should be on the list?
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2023.05.30 06:32 Zeuser03 Manufacturing Internship Offer from Tesla as an ECE

I’m a rising ece sophomore and I’ve just been offered an internship at Tesla as an equipment engineer working on the automation of their battery manufacturing. It would basically be working in controls and manufacturing, pretty MechE focused. While it seems cool I’m more interested in pursuing a career much more electrically focused. The internship would be for fall 2023. Would it be a good step in my career to take this internship and have Tesla on my resume and have my foot in the door there, or should I not take it since it’s not really something I want to pursue as a career and just focus school work.
To better understand the circumstances I already have an internship for this summer just doing some very low level and basic electrical testing. It’s a pretty manageable job so I’m also taking 3 courses at a local community college so I won’t be very behind on coursework if I take the internship.
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2023.05.30 06:19 purpleblossom Anyone else having their battery drain significantly faster since the recent update?

My battery went from draining what has seemed normal for every smart phone I've had the last 4-5 years, with larger drains during regular use and slower when in standby, but since the recent security update, my battery drain has been as much during standby, if not more, than during use.
I waited a few days before asking to see if changing settings, like turning off always on location and turning on Low Power mode right after taking it off charge, but this steady discharge has persisted, so I thought I'd ask.
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2023.05.30 06:11 g_sonn Checking out an alligator

Checking out an alligator
Just a quick pass. I didn't want to bother it and was running low on battery.
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2023.05.30 06:08 True-Ad6944 [WTS] Hope to find these good home or home. Vortex, Surefire, Streamlight, Trijicon, Aero, BCM and more. $680 for everything, PayPal G&S or F&F, no notes, you know the drill. I am willing to split as long as everything goes!

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/hfjt9PS
The pictures: https://imgur.com/a/XV9EqGT
$200-Surefire M640DF, includes rechargeable battery and cable. 2 123s installed already. Has some salt due to brake but lens is crystal clear and body comes with pic or Mlok parts (paperwork included, box thrashed) Unavailable
$80-Streamlight 7A Flex, comes with everything, Glock tab inserted, comes with 1 123, verrrrryy low salt. On 1 of my carry guns that sat mostly. Unavailable
$400-Trijicon SRO 2.5 moa, comes with everything also 2 sizes of mounting screws, even includes Trijicon Sticker!! Unavailable
$50-BCM Pistol buffer tube w/ castle nut & end plate along w/ a Handguard that came off a BCM Upper. (Barrel nut included w/ hardware) Unavailable
$40-Vortex 30mm Pro Rings, come with extra hardware, only mounted once and shot 40 rounds on a creedmoor AR10.
$20-Aero Precision .936 Phosphate Gas Block. Opened but never touched a barrel.
$30-Condor Hydration carrier 2 W/O straps & Tidepool Hydration also W/O straps. Perfect for a plate carrier. Comes with random spare parts in pockets, maybe throw some Skittles in there 🤷🏽‍♂️
Free 5.11 Radio or Admin pouch for a pit stick and Amend 2 Magazine. (Used as a paint tool)
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2023.05.30 06:06 RyuuAraragi Kevin takes a joyride

I was listening to Reddit stories on YouTube, wondered about whether or not I had a story to share, and remembered this story of my old coworker.
For a bit of backstory: I manage a small restaurant under a larger company. Sometime in early 2022, one of my coworkers receives a company car, nearly crashes it into another car on the way from the dealership to the restaurant, and gets traumatized by the absolute chewing out he receives from the older lady he almost hit. It goes without saying that he currently avoids driving like the plague. So now, we just have a car sitting in our tiny parking lot. It's a shame, since it was a pretty nice looking car, a Hyundai Elantra I believe.
Around this time, I'm getting into basic car maintenance, such as changing oil, headlights, coolant, and spark plugs. Consequently, I also own one of those little bluetooth code readers that connect to my phone to tell me if there's something wrong with my vehicle.
Now to introduce the star of the story, Kevin. He describes himself as "street smart, not book smart." He's a nice guy to a fault, but lacks a great deal of common sense as it will be apparent later. Kevin longs to own and drive a car of his own, but has yet to make the steps towards getting his license. At this point, he's failed the written exam a couple times and has not progressed on to the actual road test. I give him rides from time to time, such as when he misses his bus.
After the whole debacle with the car, I decide that it'd be essential to install a rearview camera so that anyone driving it would at least feel safer doing so. I've done the installation job before on my own car, so how hard could it be? I buy an okay looking rearview camera kit off Amazon, wait a couple days for it to come in, and quick Google search, and I'm quickly removing panels and wiring the camera to the company car's brake lights in the restaurant's parking lot after work. While I'm at it, I figure that I should check this car for any trouble codes. It's a used car, so it's probably got some issues on it, right? I pop in my code reader into the car and wait for it to spit out data. I finish the camera job and check my phone for any issues. Two trouble codes catch my eye: low battery voltage and a misfiring cylinder. Cool, I can just drop by the nearest auto shop to have the battery recharged and grab a spark plug for the cylinder. Two birds with one stone, easy.
Kevin, done with the restaurant closing duties, steps out to check out what I'm doing. I explain that I'm just installing a rearview camera for the car and making sure it's running properly. I keep in mind that Kevin also wants to own his own car one day, so I go into more detail into car maintenance, quickly explaining about batteries and spark plugs. I give him a little demo of how the rearview camera works. He asks me if he could sit in the driver's seat, and I oblige.
"Man, this car is NICE! I want a car like this," Kevin says. He plays around with the controls on the dash for a little bit. "Can I take it for a little drive?"
I immediately shut this idea down. "Kevin, you don't even have your license. What makes you think you can drive it?" I scold him.
"I can drive," he shoots back. "I've seen you drive before. I think I can do it."
You just asked me the about dashboard controls. As if.
We get out of the car and we get ready to go home. I have the next two days off and I want to spend them relaxing. "Kevin, the car has faulty spark plugs and a dying battery. Under no circumstances, do NOT touch the car while I'm gone. I honestly this this car is unsafe." I repeat this several times before we go home. Satisfied by his confirmations, I throw the keys in the register head home. I feel like you could already tell where this is going.
Fast forward a couple days. I'm just chilling at home and aimlessly reading my emails. My parents borrow my car to get groceries. It's quiet, and I'm at peace. Until Kevin FaceTimes me. Usually, when I get a call from my staff, it's a question about food or where certain items are in the restaurant. It's not often that it's an emergency. I sigh and pick up the phone.
Immediately I see Kevin sitting in the driver's seat of a car. Before he could even say anything, I blurt out, "Kevin, are you in the company car right now?" A short pause and he purses his lips like he's eaten something really sour. "Kevin, I'm not going to ask you again. Are you in the company car right now?" More sternly this time.
Dodging my question, all he can manage to get out is "I messed up..."
One of my kitchen guys told Kevin that we're out of cabbage. Since there's a supermarket about a 10 minute walk away, he decides to go there during his break. He considers walking but realizes that bringing back cabbage would be heavy, so Kevin concludes that he should take the company car there since it would cut his time in two and it'd be more comfortable. Note, we also have a staff member who can drive. Apparently he didn't think about it at the time. He thinks, instead, about how this will get him points for being able to solve a problem at the restaurant without me being around.
Kevin grabbed the keys from the register, turns on the car, and drives off. He makes it about two blocks before the engine starts to sputter and subsequently dies due to the misfiring cylinder. To his credit, he manages to maneuver the car to the curb and turn on his hazards. He immediately calls me right after.
"Kevin, I thought I made myself very clear that the car was off limits," I said slowly. He proceeds to mimic a Mickey Mouse laugh and say, "I made a littly f*cky wucky."
Head in my hands, I sigh again. "Kevin, I have no way of getting to you. You're gonna have to call around to see if anyone can help you out." We hang up the phone and I make some phone calls of my own. The first phone call went to the senior manager (SM for short). It's his day off as well, but it can't be helped.
"What's up?" The SM seems to be spending time with his family, since I hear his kid laughing in the background.
"Kevin apparently took the company car to go shopping for ingredients, the car broke down, and now he's stuck," I explained.
There was a long pause. "What the f*ck? Is he dumb? I thought he didn't even have his license."
"I already told him that he's not to touch the car under any circumstances, and on top of that the car is in need of repairs," I continued.
The SM tells me to call the vice president (VP), since he's working today and he's in the area. Honestly, I don't want to have to escalate this issue that far, but I have no choice. I know that the VP has so much on his plate already, but I give him a call regardless. The call goes more or less the same as with the SM, but the VP says that he's on the way. He's about an hour away, however. God dammit.
In the meantime, I call my friends in the area, explain the situation, and ask them if they could do me a favor and save Kevin. I'm not really sure if it's actually the spark plug, but I think they'd at least be able to give him some extra support while the VP is on the way. Nobody's able to help out, so I give Kevin a follow-up call. Keep in mind it's been half an hour since he called.
"Hey Kevin, did you get into contact with anyone yet?" I ask.
"No, not yet," he responds.
"Uhh, any reason why?"
A long pause.
Fed up, I strongly recommend he call the VP to tell him what he did. We hang up again and I go straight into bed and nap, just completely drained from the entire interaction. I'll follow up later.
I wake up from my nap and call the VP to find out what ended up happening. The VP caught up with Kevin and started up the car with no issues. The VP makes Kevin sit in the passenger's seat and they drive back to the restaurant in awkward silence. He has no words for Kevin, and instead tasks SM and I with scolding him about it. Fair enough.
The next time SM, Kevin, and I are all working together is in a weeks' time. SM and I agree to mess with him a little bit. I tell Kevin that SM wants to have a meeting about what happened. I hype this up throughout the week, dropping hints such as "ooh Kevin, you're gonna get it!" A week passes by in the blink of an eye, but it probably feels like a drawn out hell for Kevin. We let him fester and reflect about his actions. The three of us sit down at a table before the restaurant opens and I open my mouth.
"Kevin, never do that again."
I end the meeting there. Kevin, who's as white as a sheet, has the color return to his face and appear to have a huge weight fall off his shoulders. "Is that it?" He shyly asks. I confirm that's it. He laughs in relief, since he believes he'd be fired. I add that he's young and bound to make really dumb, stupid mistakes. If I tell him something, he really needs to listen. On top of that, since he's working for a business, his actions, noticed or unnoticed, are representative of the business as a whole. "And Kevin, for the love of all that is good, get your license."
TL;DR Kevin drives a car in need of repairs to the store without his license and it breaks down en route. He calls me for help, but I send him my boss' boss to him. We make him think for a week that he'd be violently punished for his actions, but we gave him a life lesson instead.
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2023.05.30 05:27 stupiddogyoumakeme I'm looking for an engineer to help me design a very basic comparison circuit for 2 batteries that will light an led if a battery is low while the other battery powers the load. $100 offered

I need someone to design and point me to the correct parts for a circuit that will use 2, 5V LiPo batteries that are rechargeable, in a circuit that is built to run a memory bank. Basically a CMOS circuit, very low current draw. I need the LED indication to replace a battery. The switching between them has to be fast enough that the memory doesn't lose the program on it. $100 to the first person with a full parts list it needs to fit within a cigarette box basically. I will design it all just need small integrated parts schematic from circuitlab.com I can pay via PayPal or bitcoin. This is my main account and mods can hold me to it! Ill pay out on Wednesday to the best build.
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2023.05.30 05:15 Drumbeater82 GT Balance Connector Schematic

I was curious if anyone has the schematic for the GT battery balance connector so I can safely take measurements to see which cell is causing error 17 or if there's a bad Thermistor or if the BMS is faulty. Troubleshooting a friend's GT that has been giving the error code 17 Out of range battery temperature at 105.8°F. I used nRFConnect to recalibrate the board and survived a nosedive after 2.5 miles of riding from 60% battery to 50% battery. Went to charge it overnight while discovering the board turning itself on and off then randomly throwing error codes 17 & 23. Fast forward to today, I was able to ride from 100% to 34% Battery achieving 19.5 miles before encountering the error 17 with a nice random nosedive. Disassembled the board and battery and inspected it for pinched wires. Noticed only the charging wires were pinched alongside the battery. Recalibrateed it again after disconnecting the battery, reassembled everything and encountered the board turning itself on and off then randomly throwing error codes 17 & 23 again when reaching 100% battery. Board has very low mileage 166 miles. Need folks like Mario Contino or Joey Z to build batteries for VESC and all other Onewheels. Tired of poor battery builds from both FM and ChiBatteries. The board is unsafe to ride not knowing when a random nosedive could occur.
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2023.05.30 05:04 Temporum15 Oil change question

Hey guys i was wondering if 0-w60 would work in my engine as a performance lubrucant my buddy is a bmw master tech and he said it would be best. Now that ive gotten the predictable part out of the way the real question i have is, during my last oil change, when i started the car, n55 2011, the car acted funky by being loud after startup and idling bad. Before i turned the car off it had a low oil light. Turned the car off, freaked out for about a min and turned it back on and it was fine.
Would the best thing to prevent this be removing the fuel pump fuse? So i can turn the car over for about 3 or 4 seconds. Dont know if this would cause any damage other than drain the battery/stress the starter.
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2023.05.30 04:56 slowlyun Quest 1 stutters, Quest 2 does not

Bought this the other day (Quest-native), really enjoying it! I swap headsets when one's low on battery. This method has been fine even when on Steam games via WiFi, but now with Eleven Table Tennis i'm noticing a significant performance disadvantage: both online and when playing single-player vs the Computer.
The Quest 1 will stutter a few times per Set, often with the ball in-flight towards me. This causes me to mishit as for a split-second the stutter makes the ball effectively disappear.
Quest 2 no such issues.
I've restarted the Q1, same problem. A Hard Reset of the device was fairly recent too. Controller batteries are full.
Is this a known issue with this game on the Q1? At this state it doesn't serve well as a backup. But don't have any noticeable lag/stutter when playing other games with it.
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2023.05.30 04:48 frugllsolar Our NEM3 Hack 🥷 for our Reddit family in California...

With the NEM3 rules changing the landscape, we have noticed people getting quoted longer payback periods for their systems, making solar much less attractive (unless you've got us)

We can do better:
We've done this before for the Reddit community (and have managed to keep it under the radar so far) doing installs in the $1 to $1.6/W range.

NEM3, combined with the current financial landscape, adds a little bit of complexity 😅 to the equation:

Unfazed, we sharpened our pencils, churned spreadsheets, and we've now got a solution we can offer (in limited quantities) should serendipity allow our paths to cross.

For example, a NEM3 Frugll-Hacked 🥷 system would look like this:
Current usage: 26,418 kWh (high summer bills) - $780/mo ($9800/year) average bill (SCE NEM3 TOU-PRIME)
Solution: 63x365W Q-Cells + 2 Powerwalls+ - 36,520 kWh/year + Full 25 year maintenance & warranty under TOU-D Option 4-9 PM (NEM3) - Including extended warranty for batteries
Cash price (due at installation): $48,022.00 (incl all taxes)
Financed (15y) - $487/mo (no prepayment penalty, no dealer fees - in case interest rates drop)/
Financed (10y) - $609/mo
Payback period: ~ 5 years

This is a direct-to-consumer Reddit offer only - DM us or call us for deets :)
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2023.05.30 04:47 Jollopom [WTS][BC] JJ Airsoft G36 Red Dot + Laser $75 + 15 shipping

Selling an optic with built in laser. Was for my G36 (god rest her soul) but I now I don't need it anymore. Never gamed and is in OG box
Features - All metal construction - Fits on picatinny rails. - Adjustable Red Dot brightness by pressing power button on left side of optic. - Bright as hell laser with on and off switch on top of battery cap - Comes with Allan key to zero in red dot- shim for screwing and unscrewing - Microfiber cloth for cleaning (and other things a microfiber cloth may be used for)
Batteries required are: 1x CR1620 for red dot optic (slot is the left cap) 3x AG13 for laser (slot is the right cap)
Comes with fresh batteries installed and 1 extra CR1620 for red dot 6 extra AG13 laser (because we all love it when batteries are included)
Red dot appears it can be adjusted via grub screws but a separate tool is needed
Gallery PS: Red dot is not that dim, just had it on low power when taking photos. Laser is actually mostly centred in sight, just is off in photo because I'm bad at photos
Store I bought the sight from: https://airsoftcart.com/dot-sights/1551-jj-airsoft-g36-red-dot-with-red-laser.html
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2023.05.30 04:31 ilikeyourchords First Tournament Thoughts

Hi /TournamentChess,
Link to Lichess study with all 6 games: https://lichess.org/study/jpusgAfX If any higher-rated players want to give me pointers, feel free!
Results: 1/2 - 1 - 1/2 - 1/2 - 1 - 1 4.5 / 6
Just finished up my first tournament today. 3 days, 6 games, 40/120, SD/30; +10 time control. I'm floating between 1700-2000 online, and registered for the U1400. Opponents were 1000-1350.
Takeaways: 1. OTB chess is WAY harder than online. I could not believe how strong some of the players I went against felt, from their opening knowledge to positional play. Obviously, low rated games, plenty of mistakes, but still. 2. Converting winning positions/endgames is also way harder than online. Online, you trade everything and promote pawns via premoves. Over the board, it feels your opponent is finding every trick and complication in the position. I blundered a completely won pawn endgame in game 4, when I got complacent and exhausted 4.5 hours into the round. 3. Focusing for 5 hours on a game is so hard. 15 minute games in the past felt long to me online. I spent 30 minutes on several positions. 4. My board vision sucked really bad. I made all sorts of blunders due to missing a tactic here and there. 5. I "Saw Ghosts" in so many positions. I had so many winning opportunities that felt "too dangerous" to go for, even though there was nothing concrete. Staring at a queen and rook battery pointed at your king on a real board, feels a lot different than online.
Game thoughts: 1. Ruined by nerves. Board vision sucked, was rushing moves, and couldn't make sense of the positions. Got lucky with the draw. 2. Smoothest and easiest game of the tournament. 3. Was winning and then blundered away the easy win due to an "automatic" capture. This is where I realized I wasn't taking my time. 4. Complicated middle game, this is the game I blundered away in the endgame. 5. After misplaying an Alapin, won an easy endgame. 6. Straightforward win after my opponent misunderstood the complications of a tactic.
Overall, first tournament - can't be disappointed with my performance. Won some money and will get an estimated USCF rating soon. I do feel like it could have been 5.5/6 or 6/6 if I had taken even more time in some positions.
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2023.05.30 04:22 WestCoastPancakes September Campervan Itinerary

My husband and I are traveling to your amazing country for 10 days in mid September, and we are looking for advice about narrowing down our itinerary from locals/experienced travelers. Our plans are fairly up in the air right now. We booked a small, self-contained camper van for 7 nights (pickup and drop off in Christchurch), in hopes that we can be a bit flexible about where we go because we know the weather can be unpredictable.
  1. If we are in a self-contained vehicle, is it necessary to book campsites in advance? We are interested in freedom camping, but we aren't sure how quickly free sites fill at this time of year.
  2. We are hoping to visit areas like Mount Cook, Queenstown, Lake Tekapo, Wanaka, Fiordland, etc. Are any of these areas exceedingly difficult/impossible to visit at this time of year due to expected severe weather or seasonal road closures?
  3. I know September is the "shoulder season" and we may experience pretty unpredictable weather. Our van rental includes snow chains and a portable heater to be used as needed. Of the above regions, is there anywhere in particular you think we should book electric hookup sites in advance due to very low temps? (We have experience tent camping in -4C temps).
Thanks for your help, we can't wait to explore your beautiful home and we promise to treat it with respect!
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2023.05.30 04:14 dafazman Model 3 Do It Yourself

Model 3 Do It Yourself
Replacing the Low Voltage Lead-Acid Battery
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2023.05.30 04:05 Izzet_Aristocrat I'm jealous of womens clothing options.

I'm a man who loves animal print and red velvet, guess who doesn't get a lot of options for these kinds of clothes? Men! I'm in the market for some new sneakers as my leopard print adidas have gotten to the point where they are falling apart. I tried to find some snow leopard stuff from adidas but it's only for women. Fuck is that shit? I want some snow leopard shoes. And tiger print is pretty much nonexistant for shoes for some reason. Then I tried to find some red velvet sneakers. They exist! But only for women unless you are a size 5 man. I'm size 11 god dammit!
Women get all the fun materials. Us men just get ugly ass nikes and sports shoes. I just want some red velvet low tops god dammit!
Oh well, I found some burgundy adidas, they'll have to do till next year.
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2023.05.30 04:05 enharmonia Low battery in meter causing high readings?

Hi everyone! Just wondering if my glucose meter (Countour Next One) could be giving me incorrectly high readings because the battery is low. My dr gave it to me to keep an eye on my reactive hypoglycemia but I’ve been seeing numbers that are way higher than usual for the past 2 days (200+) so just wanted to ask if this could be a meter issue
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2023.05.30 03:53 cliffordcampbell Night exterior portrait help

Although I am mostly a band/live band photographer, a friend of mine and local musician has hired me to do grad photos for his sister next weekend.
I am a professional film lighting technician, but a fairly new photographer. I am more experienced with live band shots, with no lighting control, or candid band shots... Or of course, lighting video shoots.
I don't have access to a flash, but I was able to acquire two Westcott RGB flex 1x1's, stands, chimeras. They are battery powered but obviously not camera flashes, they are continuous film style lights. However, they are battery powered, and I can bring them anywhere outside. (it will be an outside shoot)
I am confident in lighting for the scene, but not as experienced with camera settings for such a case. I'm using a Sony A7IV and 1.8 35mm lens.
Any hints on getting the best STILL quality out of continuous LED lights, and the best settings for the camera? I figure I wanna go like 2.8ish, and not have the lens completely wide open, and a low ISO. I have access to a tripod, so I can run the shutter lower for more exposure, but for a portrait style candid shot, where does a fast shutter speed to lock the subject come with diminishing returns?
Would love some advice! Thinking of using auto focus on her face, and snapping the shots with my phone with the camera on a tripod. Or maybe going manual focus for safety, handheld, since I have two lights for exposure.
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2023.05.30 03:50 Garlic_Rabbit Brushless 40V mower plus which free tool?

I'm looking at picking up the RY401210 mower, which currently comes with either a string trimmer and one 6ah battery (and charger) or a blower and two 4ah batteries (and charger).
I've got a pretty big lawn that's a mix of various grasses and weeds. I'm not a lawn care guy. My Snapper riding mower that I'd been keeping alive for a decade finally broke beyond repair, so I gave it to the local scrapper. I had a Toro Recycler mower, so I grabbed another secondhand and figured wirh ther pair I and my 11yo son could tackle the lawn together during the summer. Then the old one blew up, and the new one doesn't run as well as the seller said it did. I'm about fed up with gas mowers.
In this situation, would two 4ah batteries be more useful than one 6ah, considering the mower includes two 6ah already? I've already got an Echo trimmer that runs like a top, but have no real use for a blower so the tool choice is moot. I'm just after the batteries.
Thanks in advance for any info or suggestions.
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2023.05.30 03:44 Massive_Level_7127 Do Bone Conduction Headset Phones Leak Sound and Best Wireless Headset Phones in 2023

Do Bone Conduction Headset Phones Leak Sound and Best Wireless Headset Phones in 2023
This is an era of frequent disasters, but also an era of heroes. At the scene of emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, and floods, there are always respectable firefighters who are desperate to save lives. Various equipment enters the rescue scene with firefighters, among which communication equipment is the most important. The harsh environment of the rescue site is a huge challenge for firefighters to communicate.
To solve this problem, people have equipped firefighters with a new communication artifact — tactical bone conduction headset phones to help firefighters listen to clear instructions in noisy and harsh environments, so that they can accurately and quickly reply to information. Tactical bone conduction headset phones relatively bulky. Based on the same principle of sound transmission, engineers have developed this type of headphones for ordinary users. In the past two years, they have become a phenomenon-level earphone product and are very popular among young people.

What are bone conduction headset phones?

Bone conduction earphones are earphones that “attach the sounding unit to the temple and other parts, convert the sound into mechanical vibration by the sounding unit, cause the bone to vibrate through the mechanical vibration, and conduct the sound to the auditory nerve from the bone”. Simply put, bone conduction headset phones are headphones that use human bones as the sound transmission medium.

bone conduction headset phones are a new application of mature technology. Its technology is widely used in the military, fire protection, hearing aids, and other fields. Daily listening to music is a newly expanded application field of bone conduction earphones. However, it is foreseeable that the field of listening to music will make bone conduction headset phones more popular.

Do bone conduction headset phones leak sound?

Bone conduction headset phones will leak sound, but now some mature brands have found a solution to the problem of sound leakage, such as Wissonly and Aftershokz have done a good job in reducing sound leakage.
The sound leakage problem of bone conduction headset phones is mainly due to the fact that they convert sound into mechanical vibration through the sound unit, and vibrate the bone to transmit sound. When the headphone is working, the shell of the headphone will be vibrated together by the sound unit, and the shell will vibrate the surrounding air, so sound leakage will occur. In other words, the shell of the bone conduction headphone becomes the “amplified speaker” of the headphone, spreading the sound to the surroundings.

From the principle of the sound leakage phenomenon, we can easily see that all bone conduction headset phones have sound leakage problems. Those headphones that claim to have no sound leakage at all are basically fake.
It’s just that some bone conduction headset phones may have made more efforts to reduce sound leakage. For example, some headphones use anti-phase sound waves to offset the sound waves of sound leakage, or through the integrated design of the body without holes, reduce the air vibration caused by the vibration unit, thereby reducing sound leakage. There are also some brands that optimize the structural design and increase the shock absorption function of the body to reduce sound leakage. It should be said that with the efforts of the entire industry, the sound leakage of bone conduction headset phones has also been greatly improved.
Although bone conduction headset phones have the problem of sound leakage, it has to be said that they have several outstanding advantages
Safer: Wear them without blocking your ears, which allows you to maintain awareness of your surroundings and make outdoor sports safer;
Healthier: They use bones to transmit sound and do not need to use the eardrum, which avoids damage to the eardrum and can protect hearing well;
More hygienic: bone conduction headset phones do not need to be worn in the ear, even if worn for a long time, they can keep the ear canal clean and avoid the growth of bacteria;
More comfortable: They are very light, there is no feeling of weight when wearing them, and the wearing comfort is very high.
Next, I will recommend several excellent wireless bone conduction headset phones, some of which have little sound leakage, such as Wissonly and Aftershokz.
Best wireless bone conduction headset phones with less sound leakage

1. Wissonly Hi Runner wireless bone conduction headset phones

Recommended reason:
Wissonly bone conduction vibration unit optimization technology is one of the best technical solutions in the industry, because their team has accumulated in the field of bone conduction for 10 years, which is highly respected by people in the industry in terms of product quality and hearing protection.
Once, there was a saying that the sound quality of bone conduction headset phones was average. However, Wissonly Hi Runner refreshes this knowledge. It is excellent in sound quality. It uses a 360-degree bone conduction vibration unit, which can increase the vibration area by 35% compared with traditional bone conduction headset phones. Moreover, its loss of bone conduction sound transmission is lower, making the sound more shocking and powerful.
Wissonly Hi Runner has added a number of innovative features to make bone conduction headset phones better integrated into many scenes in life. It supports IPX8 diving waterproof, which is very good for me who loves swimming. What’s crazy is that it can still work normally under 20 meters of water! It also has 32GB of memory, so it can play music even if it is not connected to a mobile phone. I basically use it as an MP3 player, and I don’t take my mobile phone for running at night. It uses the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and outdoor activities can make the connection more stable.
In terms of appearance, Wissonly Hi Runner adopts classic black color, and its simple appearance involves matching whatever clothes you wear in any scene.

2.Philips A7607 wireless bone conduction headset phones

Recommended reason:
The sounding unit of the 7607 bone conduction headphone use a 17mm vibrator, which makes its sound have good penetrating power. What makes me even more surprised is that Philips A7607 is equipped with LED night run lamp at the rear of the its body, which has three kinds of brightness that can be switched. It is suitable for wearing at night, which can make people around you perceive their own position and further increase the safety factor. The waterproof performance of IPX6 grade is fully qualified for waterproof work in daily life, and even can withstand a small amount of rain intrusion.

3.AfterShokz OPENRUN PRO wireless bone conduction headset phones

Recommended reason:
All-weather sports companionship. The body weight of Afershokz Openrun Pro headphones is only 26 grams, but it has up to 8 hours of long battery life. It supports IP67 super standard waterproof grade, is not afraid of sweat and rain, and not afraid of the challenges brought by bad weather. It is a trustworthy all-weather running headphones. However, it is not professional-grade waterproof after all, and it is not suitable for swimming and diving, so you must consider it clearly before purchasing.

4.earsopen SS900 wireless bone conduction headset phones

Recommended reason:
This bone conduction headphone adopts the ear-clipping mode, and the novel wearing mode also makes it need to be worn with both hands. Moreover, there will be obvious discomfort of ear-clipping when worn for a long time. In the headphones’ body, the pressure control area is adopted, and the headphones can be controlled by clicking and double-clicking, etc. The single ear part weight of 8g basically has no weight sense during wearing. With the bone conduction vibrator technology newly developed by BoCo Company, it has a good performance in the low frequency range, but it has obvious sound leakage in the middle and high frequencies.

5.vidonn F3 wireless bone conduction headset phones

Recommended reason:
Vidonn F3 bone conduction headset phones weigh only 29g and are very comfortable to wear. All aspects of performance are good. For entry-level headphones, its sound quality is acceptable for daily use. After all, it is difficult for you to ask an entry-level bone conduction headset phones to have too good sound quality. It is worth mentioning that its exterior design is sporty and fashionable in color, which is very suitable for young people.
As mentioned above, Wissonly and Aftershokz are two of the most mature brands in terms of bone conduction technology. Their sound quality and sound leakage reduction performance are excellent. The product parameters of Wissonly are the best, and it is worth buying.
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