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A place for both **the general public** and **industry pros** to rave, rant, share and learn. Have fun! Post pictures, share stories, and share current events relating to the beauty industry with fellow redactors who share your passions.

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2023.06.02 17:05 Bozo247 Gotta love it, someone stole the Euro Hauler out the Track Day pack too.

Gotta love it, someone stole the Euro Hauler out the Track Day pack too.
Local Walmart is the only place in town that Carrie’s multi packs and premiums.
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2023.06.02 17:05 Asleep-Childhood-471 How Much Can I Claim On My Work-Place Clothing?

How Much Can I Claim On My Work-Place Clothing?
The clothes we wear in a professional setting not only convey our competence and dedication but also contribute to establishing a distinct identity and fostering a positive work background The clothing must be considered necessary for your occupation. This pertains to uniforms, protective gear, or specialized apparel specifically required for your profession.
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2023.06.02 17:05 Murdock03 Oahu - Must Eats

One week until we leave, looking for must eat places, any kind from fine dine to hole in the wall, what should not be missed?
We are staying in Waikiki and renting a car one day to circle the island, dont mind ubering to a spot. TIA
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2023.06.02 17:05 Fabulous-Ad-8866 I (36M) think my fiancée (33F) is being unfaithful but I can't prove it and I don't want to lose her.

Strap in. It's a long one, and may be a bit NSFW. I'll start with the background, could be important. We've been together 17 years, and obviously there have been highs and lows. We're both bisexual but I don't think that really has any bearing on the situation. Up until about four or five years ago, I had a somewhat insatiable sex drive. To the point where it started to feel like I might have a condition or an addiction. Often it would feel to me like I was pestering her for sex. At the time she was working long shifts in nursing, I can understand that she would be tired and maybe not interested in sex. Eventually (like I said, four or five years ago) I managed to control my urges and started initiating sex a lot less. Things got good, we were intimate when we both felt like it, and the sex was good. She got a new job in IT, working from home when the covid thing happened. And her sex drive suddenly went through the roof. A complete 180, now it sometimes felt like she was pestering me. I struggled to keep up honestly and it showed. She told me it felt like I was just "going through the motions". I got a new job after the whole covid thing, now I was (still am) doing 12-14 hour shifts daily, coming home absolutely shattered. Add to this that I've put on a fair bit of weight, and the guys at work like to joke about that kind of thing, with not being able to satisfy my fiancée in the bedroom, it's safe to say I feel like I'm at my lowest point mentally. I have never felt this depressed. Things came to a head in April this year, around the time of our anniversary. We booked a week away in a nice little cabin. There was a hot tub, it was secluded. She packed a few toys and nice lingerie she had bought especially for the occasion. But on the first day I struggled to bring her to climax, not a thing that happens a lot, but has happened more than I would like recently. We had a chat and I confessed that the stress of work and how I don't feel great about myself right now has kind of killed my sex drive. She said she understood but I could tell she was upset. Understandable. We enjoyed the holiday overall and we were intimate a few times, one of which was the best we'd had in a long while. Now, we had discussed a few times in the past the possibility of introducing another person in the bedroom. And even the possibility of seperate "playmates". While on the holiday, I suggested it again. She laughed and said she wouldn't want to, as she thought it might make things worse for me in my current mental state. One reason we discussed seperate "playmates" is because there are fetishes that we don't share. To the point where she expressed interest in something in particular that turned me off so much I flat out said "go and find someone else to do that for you" So. About a week after our holiday she came to me and said she had indeed found someone to indulge in her fetish with. Now I must preface that this fetish does not involve penetrative sex. We had a discussion and set some boundaries. Those boundaries being no penetrative or oral sex. Anything else is on the table, go and have fun. She told me who this other person was, and it's a male friend she has told me about before. They met on a discord server for people with "deviant" sexual tastes (I think. I'm not entirely sure of the actual purpose of the server, it started when another server (one that revolved around sharing NSFW/risqué pics of goblins, that I was also a member of) kind of went to shit). Now I need to make it clear that I'm not some kind of prude. I have my own deviant tastes, just some things aren't to my taste. This friend she had met up with once before. She told me it was for drinks and there were other people there. She also went on to tell me that he was a shy type that had no real friends and was lonely. She hung out with this guy one on one a few times afterwards and told me that she felt sorry for him because he was lonely and had no friends. When we discussed her meeting up with this guy to indulge in her fetish, she added that he was not her type and that she wasn't even sexually attracted to him. On the day she was going to meet up, she left very early, a lot earlier than I had assumed she would. But it is like a 3 hour bus journey, so I thought nothing of it. The whole day I worried. We had agreed that she would share her location with me in case anything happened. But she shared it for an hour and then nothing the rest of the day. At about midnight, she messaged me saying she had missed her bus and could I come pick her up from the station in that town. Of course I agreed. When I picked her up I asked her how it was, and would she be doing it again. She said it was "alright" and might do it again. She also mentioned that she had tried to give the guy a "happy ending" but that he couldn't keep his erection. I don't know why she felt the need to tell me that but thought nothing of it at the time. I will say that after that day, I don't know if it's jealousy or some kind of fetish I didn't know I had, but my sex drive has started to improve. This is important for later I think. About a week later she told me she would be going to hang out with him again, but just to hang out. The next morning I went to work, and found that I had gone in too early as they had put me on a later shift and I failed to check the rota board. So I went back home. Bearing in mind this was between 7 and 8am. When I got home my fiancée was nowhere to be seen. I admittedly panicked a little. Something snapped in me and I tried to call her. She didn't answer 3 times. Then she called me back about 15 minutes later saying she was on her way to her friend's place and that he had messaged her the night before and asked her to hang out, and that she could work from his house. I noticed that it sounded like she was indoors, not on a bus or train. It was like she was in a hall that echoed. I went on with my day, but couldn't stop thinking about her and what she was doing. She was out until midnight again and I really started to worry then. I actually broke down crying. Shamefully, I also tried to access her computer to look at her discord conversations with her friend. I found that the pin she usually uses does not work on he pc and her discord password no longer works on our shared tablet. When she got home she apologised for not telling me. I told her her how it made me feel and that I had tried to get into her discord account and she said she hadn't changed her passwords then she apologised again and said if I wanted she would stop hanging out with him. Of course I said that wasn't necessary and I was just being silly, but she does need to tell me when she's going and how long she's going to be. The latest thing, the one that has cemented my thoughts that she's not sticking to those boundaries we set happened last Friday. She said on the Tuesday that she was gonna meet her friend on Friday for "a meal and drinks" to celebrate her birthday which was on the Sunday. Now I assumed that a meal and drinks would mean an evening thing, right? On the Thursday night she showered and did her hair. Putting in a LOT of effort. She's quite meticulous with her appearance, but this just struck me as a lot. Then on the Friday morning, I left for work. She messaged me at 10:30 letting me know she was on her way. I asked why so early and she brushed it off saying its a 3 hour bus ride. So I thought okay, maybe she plans to come home earlier. When I get home I find a few things out of place that concern me. The first is that in the shower, there is her douche. It's normally kept in the cupboard and she only ever uses it when she plans on doing some "butt stuff" (this also includes what she did with her friend, that I admit I've been considering trying in an attempt to remove him from the equation). The second thing was that the draw of my end table next to the bed was open. I normally keep condoms and lube and some toys in this draw. There is one particular lube we have exclusively for butt stuff. That bottle was not in the draw. I lost my cool. I got very angry and punched a wall. I may have damaged my hand. I left it and stewed in my own bile for a few hours. Then at about 10 I messaged her and asked about the douche and lube. After an uncharacteristic pause (with the "typing" bubble appearing and disappearing a few times) She brushed it off, has no idea where the lube is and douched because she was worried about a smell down there due to her period. At half past midnight she still hadn't texted me to tell me she was on her way home. Cue another bout of anger and more tears. I messaged her asking if she was coming home. After another uncharacteristic pause, She said she was on her way and would be 40 minutes, but would get an uber from the station. Now I know for sure she would have missed her last bus and it takes about 40 minutes to drive from her friend's town, so I instantly thought she was lying. I waited outside to see if she had in fact got an uber. As far as I can tell she did. But maybe from her friends place instead of the station. We had another long discussion and she reiterated that she didn't know where the lube was and that she wasn't having any kind of sex with her friend. I told her I thought she made a lot of effort for just a meal and drinks and she just said I was being ridiculous and it's the normal amount of effort she would make. She offered to show me the contents of her bag so I could see she didn't have the lube with her. I gave up and said that wouldn't be necessary, my insecurities were just making me paranoid. I even told her exactly what I thought was going on. Basically accused her of cheating. The whole time she didn't get angry or even look upset in the slightest. I asked her about it and she just said she understands how it looks and she's not angry or upset. We celebrated her birthday over the weekend, we didn't have sex, which is a little unusual, but considering what happened on Friday, I can understand. On Wednesday however I was tidying up before going to work, and I accidentally knocked her bag off of the sofa. The contents spilled out and as I was picking them up I found the missing bottle of lube. Now this was a new bottle when I last saw it, still had the plastic seal over the lid, we hadn't used it yet. But when it fell out of her bag and I picked it up, there was no seal. I tried to forget it and go to work. Maybe she put it there when we went out the weekend before? But unfortunately on the way to work I started to panic. I couldn't focus on anything but that bottle and I started shaking and my chest felt tight. So I told my boss I had to go home. When my fiancée woke up I confronted her with the bottle. She said she had no idea it was in her bag. She even said why would she tell me to look for it if she knew it was there and was trying to hide it. I broke down. I ugly cried, huddled in a blanket, shaking. I pleaded with her to tell me the truth. And the whole time she remained calm, I even thought emotionless. She's normally a very empathetic person, doesn't like to see people cry, and has said on multiple occasions that men crying really gets to her and makes her upset. At this point I can't help thinking something is definitely going on. But I can't get any proof. I don't want to push it with her, I don't want to ask her to show me her discord conversations. I just want to forget the whole thing. I love this woman, and she says she loves me too. I wish I could just go on like nothing has happened. But whenever I get a moment to myself I have thoughts that she's going to leave me. She's just waiting for something. I don't know what. Both of our birthdays are within two weeks and I'm worried that after mine, this coming Tuesday, she's going to drop this huge bomb.
Sorry for the long post, any help on how to put it out of my mind would be great. TLDR is in the title.
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2023.06.02 17:05 zambonification Are you concerned about Reddit killing off third-party apps?

Basically, the title.
If you are out of the loop, take a look at this thread, for example:
Thing is, this sub is the only place I'd miss when third-party apps are eventually gone (which will most likely happen). Since it's the off-season now and the official app is frankly off-putting for several reasons, I feel like I'm not going to frequent this sub as much as I used to (or Reddit at all), and this sort of bugs me since the community is really nice here and there are plenty of posts with useful and insightful tidbits of info about skating and skaters you wouldn't find anywhere else. But hey, it's summer, best time to touch grass, and abstaining from the mindless scrolling that this site is agressively imposing on its users is... a good thing overall? Feeling torn about the whole situation, I wish it never happenned in the first place.
Personally, I mostly browse Reddit with Joey and also have used Boost and Infinity for a while. In my opinion, all three of these apps (and surely more of them) are vastly superior to the official one.
So, how do you feel about the app situation? Does it affect you as a fellow FigureSkating user?
View Poll
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2023.06.02 17:04 DoomsdayWatcher [offline][5e][18+][LGBT+ friendly]Assembling a new adventuring party in London!

Looking for a group of adventurers to join a regular fortnightly in-person campaign in central London! About me 👋 • I’m Liam. 32. Scottish currently living in London. I'm a podcast producer and broadcast journalist. • Narrative focused role-play and challenging but balanced combat encounters are my speciality. I really love working with players to craft adventures around their characters. (I’m not a great puzzle master but I try every now and then!) • I’ve been working on a new campaign for a little while and I’m ready to unleash some players into the world! About the game 🎲 • Sunday afternoons from 1:30 to 5:30 in a bar in Soho from the 25th of June • I’m hoping to have a session zero prior to this (around the 20th and likely online) • I’m a pretty hands on DM and I love collaborating with players. I want all of my players to feel vital to the story of the world so happy to work with you on backstory and whatever else you need for the world. About you 🫵 • This is an inclusive game and all genders and sexualities are welcome and encouraged to come along. We're also playing in a gay bar so if that's an issue for you this group isn't right for you. • As this game will be taking place in a pub it will be an over 18s only group. • All experience level welcome, we're starting at level 1 so there will be room to grow and learn as a new player. • If you give me 1 page of backstory or motivation, I'll give you an uncommon magic item at level 1. • If you've ever wanted to try out a new build, something not optimised or more flavour than outright function, this could be the campaign for you! I'd love to have a really diverse cast of PCs. About the campaign 🐲 👑 ⚔️ • Our story will begin on the island nation of Lythoria. A long established kingdom that has maintained independence for generations. Lythoria’s unique strength comes from an alliance with the Bronze Dragons native to the island. This partnership has proven to be beneficial for both parties. It has strengthened the claim of the monarchy, boosted the military of the nation and provided protection for the dragon's natural habitat. • The PCs will begin at level 1, as new recruits to the Ashen Blade Stronghold. A clandestine organisation that trains Lythorian citizens to fulfil roles in the Queen’s court. Recruits gain entry into the organisation through lineage, nepotism or military/academic merit. Yet those with unique skill sets are often sought out to provide unique roles: a professional dancer could become a lady in waiting while also serving as an assassin or a musician could serve as a member of the court while also a bodyguard or spy. (We can have fun with this) • Session-0 will be around the 15-20th of June however I’ll work closely with you on establishing your character and provide further information once you’ve expressed interest in the game. • Player races, I’ll welcome anything from the ‘Fantastical Races’ listed in Monsters of the Multiverse, I can send you this full list if you’re interested. Eberron and Spelljammers races can be discussed but I’d probably lean away from Autognomes and/or Warforged.
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2023.06.02 17:04 may2118 Moving to Saskatoon

Hi Guys,
Hope you all doing good. I am moving from Regina to Saskatoon, i came here for interview and loved the city. It so vibrant compared to Regina and thats when i made a choice to move here, and as locals of Saskatoon i needed you help in identifying places safe for family to live in, i will be working in downtown. Are there any places near downtown safe for families? I dont want my car breakin.
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2023.06.02 17:04 AutoModerator [COURSE] Digital Marketer – Certification Bundle 2023

[COURSE] Digital Marketer – Certification Bundle 2023
Download: Digital Marketer – Certification Bundle 2023
Digital Marketer – Certification Bundle 2023
For the first time ever, all of the certifications that coincide with our core, overarching strategy of the Customer Value Journey are available together…
…in one place…
…at one time…
…for one (ridiculously low)
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2023.06.02 17:04 giu9514 Season 1: Track Your progress!

Season 1: Track Your progress!
This posts includes a Google Sheet file you can download here and add to your Google Drive, or alternatively download and use a spreadsheet editor to view. I have tested libreoffice and it should work fine.
This file has mainly two features: the first sheets show how many Kitcoins you can still earn during the season at the current date. Then the remaining ones are progression trackers, so you need to fill them up to your progression to see if you are keeping a good pace towards your goals or not.

Introduction to the Event

Speaking about goals, do not set your goals too high, especially if you can’t dedicate much time to the game. In addition, you can still purchase kitcoins at a rate of 1 gold per Kitcoin so you can at the end buy what you are missing. Here are the goals that I recommend for every type of player:
  1. Magnate only: Casual players that do not play everyday, they sometimes skip entire weeks without playing. Try only getting the magnate and all the upgrades, it’s already a nice reward and it seems like a tank that everyone can enjoy. And probably even grind some credits from time to time.
  2. Magnate and Fixer: Dedicated players that sometimes miss a couple of days per week, but they at least claim the intermediate weekly personal mission reward. They participate in most events and can mostly complete them. Sometimes they make even some small purchases, but no more than 10€/$ per month. Fixer seems solid as well, and updated Super Pershing is something that I personally can’t wait to try it out.
  3. Magnate and FIxer and Regressor: Dedicated players that only miss playing a few days a month, complete every mission everyday and do not miss events and quests. Can sometimes drop hundreds of Euro/dollars for crate tanks. Regressor seems just a tank to flex from time to time, nothing exciting especially for collectors that already have the 50tp prototype.
You can earn KItcoin in many ways. By completing quests, like the one you find in your game if you log in these days, or upcoming events like the blitz birthday. Each week you can earn up to 320 Kc by the clan missions rewards, 500 Kc from rating battles (50 from each battle so you need only 10 battles a week) and 500 from tournaments. Another way to earn KC is by purchasing anything from the store by cash, not by gold. Crates, resource bundles, tanks and even gold bundles will give out around 150 KC per each € you spend. Finally, buying the more expansive Battle pass will grant you 2600 KC in first stages, and 1365 at purchase.
In the progression you can’t skip any of the modules, you must unlock them in order. There are three modules for each type: 3 guns( or cannons), 3 engines, 3 tracks, and 3 turrets. The total amount to unlock Magnate and all of his modules is 12.200 Kc, for the Fixer 37.050 Kc and a whopping 78.000 Kc for Regressor.
Next sections are going to show and guide you through the Tracker I have created.

Traker Section 1: Track the Potential KitCoin

At start-up, you will find the following section on the sheet called ”Potential Kitcoins”.
In this page, you will find a table with sources for Kitcoins This table automatically updates each day, so that every Monday Kitcoins for Ratings and tournaments are deducted, as weel as for weekly clan missions.
For simplicity purposes, Kitcoins for Battle pass are assigned to the first week, as the kitcoins could be easily earned with 8 missions out of 15 missions. Same thing applies to premium battle pass. On the right, you can select whether you bought the battle pass or not. Just insert “yes” if you have bought it, and the table automatically updates. In this case, Kitcoins awarded you upon purchasing the battlepass is not included, as it varies across countries
According to my calculations, you can earn up to about 25.000 Kitcoins without purchasing battle passes. However, consider that there will be a lot of events in the next three months. The birthday event that should take place at the end of the month should feature around 1000 kitcoins. Try to capitalise on events as much as possible.

Tracker section 2: Track your progress

The other sheets allow you to track your progress based on which goal you want to achieve on this event.

Note image reverse to Progression to get Magnate and Fixer equipped with top modules, 120 in cell D3 is just an example
There are three tables, one for each month of the Season. Each row represents a week. I have decided to start off last Monday, 29th May, just for consistency. Anyway, you can ignore it and leave the column D “Your Progression” empty for that week.
Then, starting June 5th you can fill up your progression” in the event to see if you are on pace or not for your objective. “Natural progression is just the progression at a constant rate, but consider that the procession of this event might differ from this one. For instance, at the start of each month you can earn 1300 Kc from BattlePass, while normally during a week considering clan missions, ratings and tournament battle you only earn up to 1320 Kc per week. “Difference” column E just subtracts your progression to the natural progression. If negative, you have less Kitcoin than the natural progression.
Adjusted per day column F shows the rate you should earn kitcoins for the future weeks to complete the goal you setted up, including current one. The last two columns G and H shows how the event sections should look like in the natural case scenario. “Last module” column shows which module should you have unlocked for last, while “Remaining KC '' then shows how many kitcoins are left after buying the last upgrade. Keep in mind that sometimes this value is negative, which means how many Kc are still missing to reach the Last Module.
At the bottom, you find the tables containing the reference for the Natural Progression.


This tracker is yet to be finished, and it’s just an early version I came up with recently. I am glad to hear feedback from you about it and suggestions on how to improve it.
A major flaw is the impossibility to track rewards from events and quests rewards, so that for now you are forced to keep track of them yourself. I might keep updating the tracker once we know how many kitcoins will be available in future events. Another flaw is the lack of certainty about whether or not it is possible to earn Kitcoins in the final week of August (28th till 31st). I have decided to consider it not possible now, but I can change in feature.
If You have read anything above, Thank You! I won’t try to explain how it works in the comments, just read the explanations in the sections above again.
Stay Tanking

Tracker Changelog

This section is empty, but it will include short descriptions that I make to the tracker. You can check the version you have in the title. The first version is 0.1 released on June 2nd.
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2023.06.02 17:03 Racer_156 Fandom Roleplay Request [Discord] [The Black Phone, IT (2017), Stranger Things, and more]

Hello, my name is Racer (she/they) and I am looking for a roleplay partner from any of the following fandoms: _____________________________________________________ Key Bold = These are my MAIN fandoms currently. ★ = Unless you are in NO other fandoms on this list, do not bother trying to ask about it. It's a 50/50 on whether or not I will accept a roleplay in this fandom. ★★ = I'm willing to roleplay this, but I don't really have a lot of confidence in my ability to do so. I may get bored extremely quickly or I haven't been in the fandom for a while. ★★★ = I will roleplay this with you, just expect slower responses occasionally. I don't know how motivated I will be with it I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix series) - ★★★★★ IT (2017) - ★★★★★ IT (Chapter 2) - ★★★★ It's Kind of a Funny Story (book) - ★ Merlin (series) - ★★★ My Hero Academia - ★★ Newsies (1992) - ★★★★ Newsies (Live!) - ★★ Over the Garden Wall - ★★★★ Panic (2021) - ★★ Stranger Things - ★★★★★ The Black Phone (2022) - ★★★★★ Slaughterhouse Rulez - ★★★ Umbrella Academy (Netflix series) - ★★ West Side Story (1961) - ★ West Side Story (2021) - ★★ West Side Story (book) - ★ Your Turn to Die - ★★★ _____________________________________________________ Disclaimers : ✦ I am a 16 (turning 17 in exactly a week from posting this)
✦ I don't mind roleplaying with an adult, but I can't promise a decent amount of out of roleplay conversation. Discussing plot and stuff is fine, but I'm not gonna be checking up on how your day is going all the time :') I like making friends with my rp partners, but I know a lot of adults aren't very cool with a minor interacting out of rp, so I tend to avoid that.
✦ Don't be rude outside of rp to me please! I don't handle it very well lol- Although, if a character is canonically a jerk, please do play them as such.
✦ Try to keep canon characters as close to their canon personality as possible ! I know I will, unless you ask me to do otherwise ✦ I've been roleplaying for a little while now. Around four years lol
✦ I will only be willing to roleplay on Discord ✦I enjoy angsty roleplay plots for a lot of my fandoms. _____________________________________________________ Disclaimers about fandoms : ✦ Adventure Time - I watch this show randomly. Sometimes I feel extremely inspired by it, other times I do not. As of posting this, I am inspired by it. I should also note : I am NOT willing to roleplay a lot of angst with this fandom. This is a comfort show and I watched it a lot as a kid. I'd prefer to roleplay some sort of fluff, but only light angst if any at all. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Flame Princess, Finn the human, or Princess Bubblegum from this fandom. But please ask me about the other characters, I'm very flexible with who I'm willing to play from this fandom. ~ I have an (unfinished) OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay canon x canon, but I'm also okay with oc x oc OR oc x canon. ✦ Be More Chill (book) - It has been AGES since I've read this. As a result, I'm not entirely sure how well I'd do with this. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Michael Mell or Christine Caligula. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x canon, but I am also okay with oc x oc OR canon x canon. ✦ Be More Chill (musical) - I'm very on and off with this fandom. I really do enjoy it, but it's not always my favorite thing. Responses are very 50/50, here. Either I'll be as immediate as possible or I will barely be responding :') ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Michael Mell, Rich Goranski, or Christine Caligula. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x canon, but I am also okay with oc x oc OR canon x canon. ✦ Dear Evan Hansen (book) - I would love to roleplay this. I don't know anybody who roleplays the book and it kinda sucks. If you roleplay with characters from the book, let me know please. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Connor Murphy, Miguel, or Jared Kleinman. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay canon x canon, but I am also okay with oc x oc OR canon x oc. ✦ Dear Evan Hansen (movie) - I did not enjoy the movie as much as the book or musical, but I feel like it would be wrong for me to offer the book and musical for this, but not the movie. I know the characters and stuff. Just please, if you know the musical or book, roleplay that with me instead of the book. If you don't, that's okay, I just don't know how frequent responses will be. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Connor Murphy or Zoe Murphy. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x oc, but I am also okay with oc x canon OR canon x canon. ✦ Dear Evan Hansen (musical) - This musical holds a special place in my heart. Although I don't enjoy it quite as much as I do the book, I'd still be happy to roleplay it. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Connor Murphy or Jared Kleinman. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x canon for this fandom, but I am also okay with canon x canon OR oc x canon. ✦ Doki Doki Literature Club - It has been a while since I've watched anything on this, OR played the game. I can't promise accuracy to the characters. I also can't promise extremely frequent responses. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Sayori or Natsuki. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x oc for this fandom, but I am also okay with oc x canon. Will be more selective with canon x canon. ✦ Dream SMP - For two years, this has been one of my main fandoms. Although I'm not very knowledgeable on the egg lore, I like to think that I know a significant amount about the rest of the lore. I already have a lot of roleplays for this fandom, so that's why it only has four stars. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Tommy, Ranboo, Sapnap, Punz, Purpled, Sam, Aimsey, or Niki. ~ I have a (well thought out) OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay no ships for this fandom, but I am also okay with canon x canon, oc x oc, OR oc x canon. ✦ Gravity Falls - It has been a VERY long time since I've watched this show. Like Adventure time, it's a comfort show of mine. I would prefer if we didn't make it super angsty. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Mabel, Wendy, or Robbie. ~ I have an (unfinished) OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x oc for this fandom, but I am also okay with canon x canon OR oc x canon. ✦ Heathers (1989) - I dunno lmfao. I'm not super into the fandom, but I'm not super opposed to rping it, either. There's not much to say, here. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Veronica or Heather McNamara. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x canon for this fandom, but I'm also okay with canon x canon OR oc x canon. ✦ Heathers (musical) - I'm decently into this fandom, but once again, not SUPER into it? I've got random periods of time where I'd love to roleplay this with all my heart, but at the same time, if I've gotta roleplay as Kurt and Ram doing their garbage acts one more time, I'm gonna lose it <3 ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Veronica, Heather McNamara, or Martha. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x canon for this fandom, but I'm also okay with canon x canon OR oc x canon. ✦ I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix series) - I have not been able to roleplay this fandom yet, but I really think that this could be fun :D I've watched the series like 12 times now and it's one of my absolute favorites. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Sydney or Stanley. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x canon for this fandom, but I'm also okay with oc x oc. Will be more selective with canon x canon. ✦ IT (2017) -PLEASE roleplay this with me. This is one of my favorite fandoms and I absolutely adore it. Seriously, some of the best roleplays I've ever had were from IT :') ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Bill, Beverly, Richie, Georgie or Stanley. ~ I have a (well thought out) OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay canon x canon, but I'm also okay with oc x oc OR oc x canon. ✦ IT (Chapter 2) - I would also be happy to roleplay Chapter 2 :D I haven't watched this one nearly as much as I've watched Chapter 1, but I still have a decent amount of knowledge on it. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Bill, Beverly, Richie, or Stanley. ~ I have a (well thought out) OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay canon x canon, but I'm also okay with oc x oc OR oc x canon. ✦ It's Kind of a Funny Story (book) - I haven't read the book that many times tbh. Maybe twice. I dunno, it's not my favorite fandom, but if someone's desperate to roleplay it, I'm here. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Craig, Race (yes, the Batman kid), or Nina. ~ I do NOT have an OC for this fandom, specifically. ~ I have no preference on canon x canon, oc x oc, or canon x oc. ✦ Merlin (series) - It has been a little over six months since I've watched the show. Although, I should say : I do not remember anything other than the characters general personalities. I have vague ideas of their relationships with other people, but I am not super knowledgeable on these people. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Arthur, Gwaine, Gwen, or Lancelot. ~ I have an (unfinished) OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x canon, but I am also okay with oc x oc OR canon x canon. ✦ My Hero Academia - I have a lot of roleplays with this fandom already, but I've only watched the show up until season four. I haven't read more than six(?) of the manga for this. I haven't been in this fandom for a few years now and I'm not super confident in my ability to roleplay this. Still, I'm willing to try if you aren't in any of my other fandoms. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, Mina, Todoroki, or Jiro. ~ I have a (well thought out) OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x canon, but I am also okay with oc x oc. Will be more selective with canon x canon. ✦ Newsies (1992) - HI, HELLO- I LOVE THIS FANDOM WITH A HECKING PASSION. A lot of people only rp the Broadway version of this and it lowkey hurts my heart a little bit Newsies (Live!) - I have a lot of roleplays for this fandom :') gonna be really selective when I pick any more. I dunno, the responses may be slow for this one. But I will roleplay it if you really want me to lol ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Jack, Katherine, Racetrack, Albert, or Finch. ~ I have a (well thought out) OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay canon x oc, but I am also okay with oc x oc OR canon x canon. ✦ Over the Garden Wall - Never in my life have I gotten to roleplay Over the Garden Wall. BUT IT SEEMS SO GOSH DARN COOL! ~ I have no preference for who I roleplay as. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I have no preference for what kind of ship we roleplay. ✦ Panic (2021) - I have only watched the show once. It was okay lol, but yeah. I dunno how knowledgeable I will be with this fandom :') ~ I have no preference for who I roleplay as. Maybe Dodge? I dunno. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I have no preference for what kind of ship we roleplay. ✦ Stranger Things - Ah yes, another one of my main fandoms. I have only watched the show once, but I really enjoyed it. I'm about half way through rewatching it, currently on episode three of season two. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Nancy, Steve, Robin, Dustin, Max, or Mike. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay canon x oc, but I am also okay with oc x oc. I'd also be okay with roleplaying canon x canon, if we can have a respectful conversation about ships. Please, guys. Just- if we don't agree on a ship, let's just move on, yeah? ✦ The Black Phone (2022) - PLEASE! Please roleplay this with me. I beg of you. This fandom has dragged me back in and I don't wanna leave. I have a few different plot ideas for it. But yeah :') please rp this with me. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Billy, Bruce, Gwen, Finney, or Donna. ~ I have a (well thought out) OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay oc x canon, but I am also okay with oc x oc OR canon x canon. ✦ Slaughterhouse Rulez - Okay, I've watched this movie maybe three times. But it's a very cool :D ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Willoughby Blake. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay canon x canon, but I am also okay with oc x canon OR oc x oc. ✦ Umbrella Academy (Netflix series) - I really do enjoy this show, but I already have a lot of rps for this fandom. I'm losing inspiration to keep up with the fandom and try to keep the characters personalities consistent. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Five, Allison, or Viktor. ~ I have an (unfinished) OC for this fandom. ~ I'd prefer to roleplay no ships for this fandom, but I am also okay with oc x canon, canon x canon, OR oc x oc. ✦ West Side Story (1961) - Hhhh.. I would prefer to not roleplay this version. I mean- it's just not great. I try to make the characters reasonable, but it's just.. yeah. Please don't message me about this unless you aren't in any of my other fandoms. ~ I have no preference for who I roleplay as. ~ I have an (unfinished) OC for this fandom. ~ I have no preference with ships. ✦ West Side Story (2021) - Okay, this one is a little bit better. Not a lot, but a bit. I can try to reason with the characters actions a bit more, but honestly? Not many of these people are genuinely good (the actors for this are incredible, though). ~ I have no preference for who I roleplay as. ~ I have an (unfinished) OC for this fandom. ~ I have no preference with ships. ✦ West Side Story (book) - I prefer to not roleplay this version, either? I haven't read the book in a WHILE and I don't want to get any details painfully wrong. ~ I have no preference for who I roleplay as. ~ I have an (unfinished) OC for this fandom. ~ I have no preference with ships. ✦ Your Turn to Die (game) - Here we go. I do like this fandom, and I truly enjoy the characters. I am more than happy to roleplay this, even though I haven't played the game in a little bit. ~ I would prefer to roleplay as Joe, Gin, Kanna, Reko, or Alice. ~ I have an OC for this fandom. ~ I would prefer to roleplay canon x canon, but I am also okay with oc x canon OR oc x oc.
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2023.06.02 17:03 Creepy-Magician-3135 Greenwich Village Italian Reccomendations

Some friends and I are visiting NYC in a couple of weeks and I made a few reservations for Italian restaurants in Greenwich Village (our AirBnb is in the area and this will be our first dinner after arriving, so we wanted to be walkable).

I was able to get a reservation at L'Artusi for 5:15 p.m. after originally failing to get it. The notify feature on Resy helped me score. It seems like the obvious choice to keep based on what I've read, but I'm curious to hear your all thoughts/if that early in the evening is still a great atmosphere for dinner.

We also have reservations at Babbo Ristorante, Denino's, and Monte's Trattoria. I have a notify set on Resy for Via Carota and Carbone.

I want to cancel ASAP, but thought it could be beneficial to hear thoughts on these places before deciding! TIA
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2023.06.02 17:03 MrArmageddonTTV One-Shot-Kill Threaded Specter Build for Strand Hunter! (+video inside)

Hello Guardians,
Ever since the Stompees nerf, I've been on an exploratory journey of the soul trying to find other lesser-known Hunter exotics that may now have a time to shine in the sun!
Obviously we already know about some of the usual suspects like Wormhusk, Geminis or the dreaded Ahamkaras... But I was genuinely surprised to find out how effective the new Strand aspect, Threaded Specter is when paired with Bombadiers or Sixth Coyote.
Now, I know what you're thinking... Bombadiers?
Well, honestly at first, it started out as a meme. I thought it was just going to be a fun little build to share. But after I used it in Trials, I got a super easy solo flawless while simultaneously battling one of the worst hangovers of my life. I was playing at maybe 60% of my usual capacity and cruised pretty easily to the golden chest.
Anyway, you can watch the video here:
Or if you prefer to read, I'll summarize everything below.


Strand Hunter has three aspects, from which you can equip two:
- Ensnaring Slam;
- Widow’s Silk; and the newest Aspect added with Season of the Deep
- Threaded Spectre, which we’ll be focusing on today.
But to quickly recap, the Ensnaring Slam is the aerial slam movement that suspends your opponents and Widow’s Silk gives you two Grapple charges.
I’ve previously spoken in depth about using Ensnaring Slam and Widow’s silk in my last Hunter Strand video, focused on suspending but for today’s build, I want to focus on the newest aspect to the Strand kit: Threaded Spectre and pairing it with the usual movement tech you have from Widow’s Silk.
Threaded Spectre means that: Activating your class ability leaves behind a decoy woven from Strand that draws the attention of nearby enemies.After taking significant damage or when enemies approach, the decoy detonates, dealing damage and releasing Threadlings that seek out and attack nearby foes.
In other words, when you dodge, you leave behind in your place a dark green mannequin in the shape of a hunter.
Your Decoy will show up on the radar like a real enemy, it also shows a health bar and your name tag when an enemy hovers their crosshair over it, and it has roughly the same amount of HP as a typical Guardian.
And yes, people fall for this decoy ALL THE TIME. Until you have it used against you, you actually don’t realise how easy it is to get fooled by the decoy when you’re in the thick of combat.
Now, much like a land mine, if an enemy gets too close to the decoy - the decoy will explode and do approximately this much damage in the process. It will also spawn two threadlings that will kamikaze themselves into the enemy.
You or your teammates can also detonate a decoy just by shooting it, which will proc the explosion and also cause 2 threadlings to spawn and chase the enemy. So the decoy, in some ways, also doubles up as a remote-triggered threading grenade.
Now, to be clear, the decoy explosion and two threadlings will not insta-kill a full health Guardian but will leave them with very close to 1 HP. So even the slightest damage done before the decoy explosion or a little bit of chip damage done after, is more than enough to finish a Guardian.
And this, of course, is where The Bombardiers Exotic leg armour comes in.


OK, anyway, if you didn’t already know, the most popular Hunter PVP exotic in D2 history was recently nerfed this season - and by that, of course I mean Stompees.
Previously, Stompees offered you a universal speed boost - sprint faster, slide longer, jump higher, without any activate trigger. It was always on. Now, Bungie have nerfed Stompees so that you only have those benefits IF you have an unused dodge charge.
Now as you can imagine, it doesn’t feel so good having a pair of exotic speed boots that become useless the second you use your class ability and this has led to many Hunter mains looking for worthy alternatives to the formerly mighty Stompees.
And for this particular build, I’m going to recommend several Exotic armour alternatives that I think you will enjoy very, very much.
Firstly, let’s talk about The Bombardiers.
Dodging leaves behind an explosive that detonates after a short delay, damaging targets around it and creating a secondary effect based on your subclass energy type.
But here’s the thing, the explosive parting gift that Bombardiers leaves behind when you dodge does about 120 damage over a 7.5m radius. That’s HUGE. And more than enough damage to finish off anyone that gets tagged by the decoy explosion and threading damage.
Not only that, the bomb also severs targets, so if they die, they also leave behind a tangle.
So the basic playloop when using bombardiers is, bait your opponent around a corner, dodge backwards and walk them into a Bombardiers explosive, strand decoy and 2 threadlings - resulting in an insta-kill. An insta-kill that’s literally available every 15 seconds or so.
It’s also great for shotgun apes, as you can dodge directly backwards as they push at you and kill them outright.
And before anyone asks - yes, this is more than just a “fun build”. It’s surprisingly and frighteningly effective. In fact, I actually used this build last weekend and went solo flawless in about an hour - while also battling possibly the single worst hangover of my life after a friend’s birthday party.
Alright now, an alternative exotic you can try is: Sixth Coyote. Sixth Coyote basically gives you two dodge charges, which means that you’re quite literally able to create two Strand Decoys back to back.
Lastly, you absolutely can’t go wrong with Frostees either, which massively increases the regeneration of all of your abilities, especially your class ability. Using Frostees will give you more decoys and additional sprint speed after you dodge.
Basically, while I’m very much against the Stompees nerf, what you’re going to see is that it opens up a massive trove of Hunter exotics that now are going to see use because Stompees is no longer anywhere as dominant. After all, the argument used to be why use anything else but Stompees but now you’re going to start seeing a lot of underrated Hunter exotics start entering the meta.

Class Ability

Alright, now before I go into the fragments you want to use for this build, let me start by giving you a quick tip:
Make sure that you use Marksman’s Dodge as your class ability. That’s because Marksman’s Dodge has a much shorter cooldown than Gamblers Dodge and we really want to maximise the amount of decoys that we’re able to create.


As for the fragments, this is what I recommend using:
Thread of Ascent is mandatory. Thread of Ascent means activating your grenade ability reloads your equipped weapon and grants bonus airborne effectiveness and handling for a short duration, while also granting +10 mobility. This one is a no brainer.
Thread of Evolution is also mandatory and means that threadlings will travel farther and deal more damage. It also gives a nice +10 to intellect.
Now the last two fragments are actually kinda optional. But personally, I recommend using Thread of Finality and Thread of Binding just for the stat boosts to Recovery and Resilience, both of which are important in PvP.


The Season of the Deep brought about a bunch of weapon nerfs and buffs, which I can very safely tell you have changed virtually nothing about the weapon meta.
Immortal is still the best gun in the game, although at least now thankfully you can get the “Immortal At Home” version by farming the new Dungeon instead of losing your will to live, farming Trials on weekend.
So here’s the thing. If you’re using the Bombadier’s build, you’ll be playing very close and aggressive. It’s actually an amazingly fun play style because you literally play like how you imagine a hunter would.
Moving rapidly in and out, baiting your opponents, and literally tricking them into falling for pre-made traps. It’s like you’re on the hunt, stalking your prey, and I really love the gameplay loop.
So if you’re going to be playing tight and close, I recommend close-range primaries and there’s not much better than the Immortal SMG right now or the alternative from the Dungeon called No Survivors. If you run either, you’re going to want to get a max-range rangefindetarget lock roll for maximum effectiveness.
Now as for the special weapon, I also recommend a good shotgun of your choice, be it a precision frame like Matador or an aggressive frame like Found Verdict.
But a slightly off the wall choice might actually be a wave frame grenade launcher. You can quite literally stand back a little bit and just wave frame the floor as your enemy rushes in - that way the chip damage from the GL + the spectre explosion and threading damage will be more than enough to secure the kill in case the bombardiers parting gift blows too early.
And I mean come on, we’ve all blown a bit too early at times right? Nothing to be ashamed of.

Alright Guardians, got a bit more info in the vid but this post is already too long, so I hope that helped and I'll see you all in the Crucible!
- MrArmageddon
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2023.06.02 17:03 darksurge21 Repeating mistakes

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, or if my flairs are correct, please forgive me if it isnt.
Lately, I have realized that I have difficulty applying advice or correcting myself when doing something. I will give a few examples to show what I mean.
I've been trying to improve at a rhythm game that I play but I keep making the same mistake at the same point of the song every single time. It doesn't matter if I know the correct way, how many notes there, if I'm fast or slow. Everytime I reach that point I just keep screwing up the same way the past 100 attempts.
Similarly, I've been learning to ride a motorcycle, I can't get past a lesson, the instructor has told me what I'm doing wrong, given me advice, and even shown me how to do it while I was a passenger. Yet everytime I approach the area, I just make the same mistake, its almost as if I dont think when doing things.
Hopefully I made some sense with the examples, but maybe what I'm trying to know is, how can I improve myself, or what even to improve, I'm so lost. I'm more afraid that this will stick with me as I move on in life (university, work, literally anything important).
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2023.06.02 17:03 Torezu What is wrong with the leaves of my cucumber plant?

What is wrong with the leaves of my cucumber plant?
The newer and upper leaves seems to curl inwards and down with a small white edge around the leaves. The plant is growing noticeably each day, having grown roughly 10cm/day for the past two weeks. Some of the lower leaves dont look too bad. The plant is placed next to a bell pepper plant in a capillary box, so it probably doesnt have sufficient space. The leaves started curling down 4-5 days ago
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2023.06.02 17:03 mnakai Got placed way above my skill level

I was a bronze-silver player in SFV, but I've been placed in Diamond for some reason (after beating a silver player at most during placements). Now that I'm playing diamond players, I've been getting smashed every game for the past ~30 games. Is there anything I can actually do here, or do I have to keep losing 40 points at a time (when I got placed at ~18K)?
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2023.06.02 17:03 Hoghunter200 [A3][Recruiting][40k][Serious][EST][NA/EU] 777th Siege Korps of Krieg

[A3][Recruiting][40k][Serious][EST][NA/EU] 777th Siege Korps of Krieg
Hello all, we are the 777th Siege Korps of Krieg, a new Death Korps of Krieg unit! We formed this place after being unable to find a unit we really vibed with for quite a while so instead of continuing the search we decided to found our own unit. Our hope is to be a relatively serious unit with a few jokes here and there allowed, this doesn't mean "yes sir no sir" Though it does mean that we are going to be a tad stricter about things. To explain in straight terms, We are fine with you making jokes with your friends here though don't go overboard and ruin other people's fun.
Our Schedule: Our operations are currently set every Saturday at 2pm EST (7pm GMT) so that our friends across the pond have a chance at joining. We also hold side operations throughout the rest of the week as well. Our hopes are that as we grow we can find other individuals interested in zeusing so that not only our main zeus can play an op once and a while but also so that we could possibly hold multiple main ops a week.
When Joining: When you join the unit basically you just need to say in the channel you can type in if you are a unit rep or wanting to join, At that point you will have a few questions sent to you that are just basics for you to answer, Here they are so you can answer them when you first join if you wish.
Where did you hear about us?
What is your age?
Are you new to Arma?
Do you need help with TFAR
Can you make our operations at 2pm EST on Saturdays?
Do you have any questions?
MOS We offer:
Quartermaster (medic)
Melta Gunner
Plasma Gunner
Heavy Gunner
Flame Trooper
Death Korp Riders
Grenadier Bodyguards
Squad Leader
Pilot (Planned for the future though it depends entirely on unit growth)
Armor (Planned for the future though it depends entirely on unit growth)
Our Rules: - Discord Rules: -No NSFW/NSFL content
  • No politics.
  • No discriminatory language of any kind.
  • No Advertising of other units.
  • Don't be a dick and use common sense
  • We require members to be at least 16 to join though we do make exceptions if you seem to be a mature individual.
In-Game Rules:
  • No Blue on Blue
  • No starting arguments, If you have an issue bring it to your SL or CO.
  • Don't modify you're weapons and armor unless you get permission from a SL or CO.
  • Follow Orders
Closing Statement: Just a quick thank you to everyone who read this far down for spending the time to do so and for being interested in the unit, Feel free to message me any questions you may have as I'm more than happy to answer questions about the unit, Have a nice day and hope to see you in Ops! Discord:
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2023.06.02 17:03 AutoModerator [Get] Alex King & Carlos Romero – Viral Funds Academy Download

[Get] Alex King & Carlos Romero – Viral Funds Academy Download
Get Course here :

What You Learn:

Learn the underground strategy that puts you ahead of 99% of the competition


29 Lessons Covering Everything You Need To Know About Getting Started On YouTube


18 Step by Step Tutorials Demonstrating How You Can Sit Back, Relax, & Watch Your Channel Grow


9 In Depth Videos To Nail Your Strategy And 10x Your Success Online
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2023.06.02 17:03 Dry-Beyond-1144 Is visiting CERN(or related museum) as a tourist possible? I am math researcher. I am indirectly related to that field?

I might visit EU this summer. Visiting CERN in order to understand particle physics deeper is great.
But I know it must be highly exclusive place. I respect it. In that case visiting the area around CERN and related university/museum is fine. Do your guys have any similar experience?
( I am math related but run own startup. I can not apply to the visit as a academia person)
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2023.06.02 17:02 Remote-Truth-2774 AirPods Suppliers

Ay, if you are just starting with reselling airpods and need suppliers i got some from a discord server for 20$ they have like a vip thingy full of fire suppliers for airpods and jbl speakers as well as some shoes and a place where they teach you everything.They have a big active community as well that is helfpul.You don't have to pay to just chill in the discord, the community is chill, it was worth it in my opinion i definetly recommend.
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2023.06.02 17:02 TLWPapsResearch [Call For Interviewees] Former Paid Troll of Any Filipino Politician

Hello Overemployed_PH ! We are two (2) Applied Psychology students from UP who are working on a thesis titled "Trabaho Lang, Walang Personalan: A Phenomenological Study on the Negotiation of Cognitive Dissonance Among Filipino Paid Trolls".
We humbly ask for your help in finding our target participants. 😄 If you qualify based on the criteria below, please sign up! Or if you know someone fit to join our study, please share this post with them. We would be grateful for any assistance or information you could provide.
To express our gratitude, all participants will be compensated for their time. In addition, one (1) lucky participant will win in our P1,000 GCash raffle.
✅ A Filipino citizen; ✅ At least 25 years of age; ✅ Had at least one (1) month of working experience as a "paid troll" of any Filipino politician; ✅ That is, you earned money by taking part in their social media campaign/attack team. For example, as a PR strategist, social media manager, digital influencer, meme/video/photo editor, content writer, disinformation producer, bot account operator, fake account operator, and the like. ✅ Have dealt with conflicting thoughts or feelings while working in the said job.
In compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012, all information gathered from the study will be confidential. The records will only be available to the research team, and only they will have access to these documents. Rest assured, the identity of the participant and their political client/s will not be disclosed. All data collected will be anonymized before analysis. Each participant will be assigned a participant ID and pseudonym. All personally identifiable information will be removed from the data. Participants will have the right to review the transcripts and results to check for any inaccuracies.
Thank you in advance! Your participation will be extremely beneficial to our thesis, and it will also help us graduate this semester. 🌻
This research does not intend to expose or shame any specific individual.
The very heart of the study is to better understand the actual experiences and mental health of digital workers involved in political (disinformation) campaigns. These people are most commonly known as "trolls". Due to the nature of their work, they face persecution and deal with stigma. Their struggles also tend to be overlooked.
In our study, we hope to give these people a safe place to talk about their experiences, specifically how they deal with opposing ideas about their line of work. We also want to discuss how they deal with, handle, circumvent, or justify such challenges.
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2023.06.02 17:02 TheBibliobibuli The time I took 7 tabs of an NBOMe.

This is my trip report for the time I took 7 tabs of suspected N-bombs. It was the most bonkers, embarrassing, and dangerous psychedelic experience I have ever had. The only experience I kinda regret. I’ll be changing the names of the folks involved out of respect for their identities.
This all happened around Glasgow in late 2019. I had an unfortunate break up with my long time girlfriend and was itching for an escape from reality that I hoped LSD would provide. I met Marty a few months prior, who has since grown to be my best friend, and he introduced me to a drug dealer, Calum, in the area.
I purchased some ALD-52 from Calum, which Marty & I tested & found safe. With this we had 2 spectacular trips; hiking around the hills of Scotland and providing me with some great memories.
So, when Calum mentioned he could get us LSD I jumped on the opportunity and agreed to meet him under a bridge. Under this bridge a white van pulled up, slid open its door, and Calum instructed me from the passenger seat to get in . I decided to obey the call of adventure, hopped in, and we took off.
Inside the back were two men I hadn’t met, a chemistry set, and a big unconcerned dog (probably their security). The man by the gizmos and vials asked me how much I wanted, and I said ‘’14 tabs’’. He used a dropper to make them on the spot before I paid them and they dropped me off back at the bridge.
I rushed home like Charlie with a golden ticket to meet Marty and show him the goods. We decided to dive into the deep end & each take 7 tabs right away, around 6 pm. The tabs tasted the way the fingers of the guy who made them looked: bitter. We had no idea this was a red flag and our dumbasses were too excited to wait and test the tabs. So began the trip.
Shortly after, Marty suggested we take the train over to his friend Ben’s house, because ‘Ben was a chill’. We headed out and I was already feeling its effects. By the time we reached Ben’s place (Maybe 30 minutes later) I was already having the strongest psychedelic experience I’ve ever had to this day. I knew I was in for a ride.
The walls were grabbing onto my hands, my body was losing its form, and I was mostly non-verbal. Everything I saw was made of fractals, faces, eyeballs, and vortices. Everything I thought of was biblically profound. I felt undying love from the universe and was convinced Marty felt the same.
This is a good time to mention Martie’s odd tolerance to psychedelics. He’s listed this as the only true psychedelic experience he’s ever had, amongst the many he’s attempted. The time when we each took a heroic 6g mushroom trip he hardly felt a thing while I was facing ego death. He was definitely blasted on this trip but fortunately wasn’t delusional the way I was, and kept me a little under control.
I remember snippets of what it was like at Ben’s and the rest has been filled in by Marty. Ben was playing Dead Island and kept using the ziplines and his TV’s max volume to trip me out. The environment around me kept exploding into spiraling multi-colored pixels which revealed an empty white subspace behind it. It was like the universe was unraveling. Everything I looked at would explosively dissolve in this way leading me to believe I was god. I thought fate made us meet Ben that day so he could reveal to us our reality warping powers. I thought I could do anything with practice and decided the first thing I would do was make a cup of tea out of whiskey, multiple tea bags, dish soap, and anything else I got my hands on in Ben’s kitchen... He was a good sport about it.
Marty came to stop me and when he did my delusions deepened. I became convinced we were living infinite reincarnations of every life and that we were the physical manifestation of Yin & Yang. I also wanted to call my mom and tell her what I’d learned but Marty assured me it'd be better to tell her later. We returned to the living room & I whipped my shirt off 'with hilarious vigor', as Marty put it.
I was convinced I knew the meaning to life, the universe, and everything, and that Marty & Ben were on the same wavelength as me. I thought we were sharing the same thoughts and were upon the same path of enlightenment. But, my delight turned to devastation when they told me they weren’t as interconnected with me as I thought, and that I was experiencing delusions. This is when the path of my trip changed.
A sense of foolishness hit me hard, and the direction of my emotions took a sharp turn. I understood I didn’t understand what was happening around me or what was real. I thought Marty & Ben were conspiring against me and working to keep me in the apartment for all eternity. I tried keeping track of time to witness its progression but every time I checked the time nothing changed. I thought I had gone insane and that fate had set me to live in that very moment forever. I was panicking and I needed to rebel against fate, so I ran out of the apartment and collapsed in the stairwell.
My escape from that environment satisfied me and I calmed down. The concrete was cool and I laid splayed outside the door. Marty came to see if I was alright and once he confirmed I hadn’t run away, he went back to trip on the couch. This is when my trip reached its peak.
I have no memory of what happened around me at this point. People could have been stepping on me to leave their apartments and I will never know. Everything became fractals. The fractal pattern kept diversifying and growing until it reached its climax. This following experience blows me away to this day.
For the next eternity all I could see was, what I can best describe as, the most realistic representation of a Penrose diagram possible. I could sense the infinities compressed at its edges and all I could hear was an earth shatteringly loud roar. I kept saying, or screaming, or imagining I was screaming: ‘IT’S SO BIG! OH MY GOD THERE’S SO MUCH! IT’S SO BIG!’. I felt like I was in the presence of the immensity of the universe and it was utterly overwhelming.
My trip likely manifested as a Penrose diagram (or, Penrose-Lovecraftian horror) because I’d been learning about them at the time. It’s interesting that something I learned so recently was so present in my trip
Some time later the trip died enough for me to find my bearings. I was wearing Marty’s shoes and my shirt was back on, so I decided it was time for a walk. When I left the building I was exhausted and it was dark out, but the world was fascinating. I remember stepping out in front of a car and it honking at me. So I took note to beware of traffic.
Life was still fractals and things had tracers but I was enjoying the air. I thought I was past my delusional state, but this is when I saw something I can’t explain. A few blocks ahead I saw a crowd of 7-9 people wearing neon safety vests turn a corner and run opposite to my direction. They were followed by 3 police officers a moment later. I wondered what the hub-bub was but my mind quickly wandered elsewhere when they faded out of site. However, when I reached that same corner, the exact same crowd came around and passed by me. I knew they were the same people and I anticipated the police following and a moment later. And they did. Those same police came jogging passed and followed the crowd. They all disappeared into the distance leaving me stunned.
It still bothers me thinking about what parts of that experience were real and what was hallucination. It wasn't like predictable psychedelic hallucinations such as geometry and tracers, but, a real situation with context and uncertainty. Seeing them felt like a dream outside a dream.
After this, I hopped onto the first train going the right direction home, but I was kicked off by a ticket inspector a few stops down. I waited for the following train and happened to meet Marty on it with my stuff, which felt like fate truly had my back.
Though I was still somewhat lost in the sauce, Marty recounted the evening to me, and bought me some chocolate on the way home. We got back and Marty passed out quick, though I couldn’t sleep until late the next morning.
This was the most dangerous, embarrassing, and remarkable psychedelic trip I’ve ever had. I’m very grateful I had Marty looking out for me on this one. Since then I’ve entered fractal land and ego death a few times, but nothing compares to this experience. In a more controlled environment, and with a safer drug, I would do it again.
TL;DR Fake LSD showed me cosmic horror
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2023.06.02 17:02 ekre Toenail seems to be going ingrown again after Partial Nail Avulsion? (Approx 3 months post surgery)

(Duplicate image) - only have right toe in it
Is this growth pain actually normal? Because it did have pus several times already.
I'm reconsidering going thru another partial nail avulsion again but not with the same doctor who did it the first time..
What I've found out
-I went to a nailcare/shop: They said this is normal and to wait until its longer to get it cut (I wanted to get it cut earlier, but was denied with the reason being too short)

-Asked the doctor who did the surgery: Recommend using "ointment" and "pressure" it with bandage/gauze (he will be doing it)

-Asked a different doctor (different country, but a friend referred): Do another Partial Nail avulsion
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