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2023.06.04 04:08 salliemariesml first dr appointment

i had a referral from my doctor to surgeon, someone they thought were better suited to help with my HS. the dr overwhelmed me a bit. while she was poking and prodding at my breasts and armpits, she kept repeating how she’s seen this for 40 years and this is the worst case she’s ever seen. she continued to tell me i have a lot on my plate (i have a pilonidal cyst as well) and that i had a very long road ahead of me. this all made me feel very anxious and defeated.
she asked what i was taking for the pain in which i responded ibuprofen so she prescribed me something that is meant to help w inflammation and pain. then went on to ask about what i’ve tried in the past. she gave me my options (plastic surgery for a skin graft and some kind of surgery i don’t remember the name of or to see a dermatologist to see if i can get it under control.) it’s safe to say i couldn’t hold my tears back, i sobbed the second she walked out of the door. i’ve been so used to doctors looking at me like i’m a freak of nature and pushing me out their doors. even though she didn’t have the best bedside manner, she’s trying. and i’ve never had a doctor do that before.
i opted for a dermatologist first, then she gave me the info for the plastic surgeon.
what should i ask the dermatologist?
the medication she put me on is naproxen 500 mg, 1 tablet a day for 10 days and clindamycin hydrochloride 300 mg 1 tablet 4 times a day for 10 days.
has anyone taken these for their HS?
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2023.06.03 16:31 theempire_ New mom planning a PDMX- DTI or expanders?

30 yo Female with BRCA2 & strong family history. Planning a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in September. I met with 2 plastic surgeons and am very happy with the second. After these appointments, and scouring this page, I am left with a couple questions. I lost my mom to breast cancer and have unexpectedly been emotional, confused, and lonely during this process of planning and making decisions about the surgery. So any advice or personal insight is appreciated. TIA
  1. I have a one year old. None of the doctors were able to offer any helpful insight about the extent of help I may need with him and for how long.
  2. The doctor left me with a big decision to make- direct to implant or expanders. I used to be a perky B/C, but after breastfeeding, I’m a tiny, droopy, asymmetrical, sad A. I want to have big, perky D/DDs after my recon. (I’m 5’2, 120 lbs and I know this is large for my size, but I’m not looking for advice re. that). One dr said I’d need expanders to even try to get above a C. The dr I’m going with said I could go big with expanders. But, he may be able to get the result I want with direct implants, and that we just wouldn’t know what size he could use until the DTI surgery was underway. Has anyone gone up in cup size with direct to implant? Those with expanders- why did you chose this route? Is the sole reason so that you can choose your size? Worth it?
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2023.06.03 13:18 RavenNevermore4 More from Bunnie's podcast with Kail

From The Ashley:
On cheating on her partners & having a “revolving door of men” in her life:
“I get a lot of s**t because I do cheat, or I have cheated,” Kail said.
Kail pointed to her childhood trauma as a possible reason for her cheating, but stated that she also refuses to be unhappy in a relationship.
“I also leave if I’m not satisfied or happy and I think that people don’t like that. People don’t like that I leave,” she said. “I’m not gonna stay somewhere I’m not happy. So it does kind of look like [I have] a revolving door of men, but also I know when and when not to introduce them to my kids.
“There’s people who date all the time and they don’t get s**t for it.”
On why she almost got an abortion with her fourth son, Creed:
Kail also discussed her time with Chris, which she called “by far, my most tumultuous, toxic relationship.”
“When I met Chris, it started off very toxic. I would say about six months in, I had already had a miscarriage with him. At that point, I had found out that he had two other girlfriends, full-time girlfriends. These were not side chicks. All three of us were main f**king girlfriends…I found out when I was pregnant with my son Lux. None of us knew about each other.”
Kail claimed that Chris was living with her full-time during this period.
On finding out Chris was having a baby with his other girlfriend:
“That was really hard for me to learn that he was having a baby with her,” Kail said. “I had a mental breakdown that day…I called my therapist on an emergency basis and she talked me through it. I basically blacked out. I don’t even remember what the conversation was. I accepted that he was having this child and from that point forward, I never looked back.”
Kail said she hasn’t had a good relationship with Chris since.
“I’ve never hooked up with him, we don’t talk, we don’t hang out, we’re not friendly. There’s been one or two friendly times where we’ve tried to be cordial but it ultimately just goes to s**t every time. It’s hard,” she said.
On the only reason she doesn’t try to get with Chris anymore:
Kail— who, earlier in the podcast, stated that she loved Chris more than she’s ever loved anyone she’s dated— admitted that she would probably still be trying to get with Chris if it wasn’t for one thing.
‘Here’s the thing: I don’t date men with kids. And if it wasn’t for that, I don’t think I would be done with him today,” she said.
On the real reasons she left ‘Teen Mom 2’:
“It was a really hard decision for me but I had been really struggling with the fact that I went through such a public divorce. And then the stuff with Chris was so messy. My kids are getting older, Isaac really didn’t want to film anymore. So I was just kind of feeling like, ‘Maybe this is time for me to move on,'” she said.
“My kids didn’t want to film. I just wanted the privacy and to kind of just move on,” she added.
On whether or not she would return to a ‘Teen Mom’ show:
Kail has made it clear that she is interested in coming back to reality TV, but says it won’t be on a ‘Teen Mom’ show.
“They’ve asked me a couple times to come back, but I’m so far removed from that now that I can’t see myself going back to the show, specifically,” Kail said, although she stated that she would “absolutely” be down to star on her own reality show.
On plastic surgery:
Kail also talked about the plastic surgery she’s gotten over the years, including a tummy tuck, Lipo 360 and the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) she got live on Snapchat by Dr. Miami in 2016.
“I love plastic surgery,” Kail said. “The only regret I have is not waiting until I was done having kids. I had the Mommy Makeover after my second son and I could definitely go for another.”
One thing Kail regrets, though, is getting her BBL, which she says has not aged well.
“I don’t love [my BBL]. I want it removed immediately,” she said. “Gravity is kind of pulling it down a little bit.”
When I did the BBL and I did the Lipo 360 I wanted everything to match because I felt like, ‘I can’t have a huge butt and then have my waist be small and my arms big.’ So I had it in my arms. My butt and my arms have grown insane. But now what? I don’t know what I can do about it. Gravity pulls down your butt a little bit and it just looks crazy and I can’t find jeans that fit me.
On having even more kids:
Kail has four kids currently, (and it’s been intensely speculated that she gave birth to a fifth child by her current boyfriend Elijah Scott around November 2022, but she’s never confirmed it). However, she said she’s willing to grow her litter even more.
“I am in a relationship now and yes [I’m open to having more kids]…[Elijah] deserves kids of his own,” she said.
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2023.06.03 06:44 drakangshasharma0 Best Plastic Surgeon In India: Akangsha Sharma

Many people are oblivious to the fact that plastic surgeries are getting as popular in India as they are in Western countries. All you need to do is to find a suitable plastic surgeon for good-quality consultations and treatments. For instance, you can visit Dr. Akangsha Sharma, the Best Plastic Surgeon in India, who offers rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, reduction, double-chin treatment, liposuction, cheek augmentation, and cheek thing. For further information, visit Dr. Akangsha Sharma at Aestiva Clinic.
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2023.06.03 05:53 Vaqxinelol White Sox Farm Report - June 2nd 2023 - Noah Schultz Debut Edition

Tl;dr at bottom!
Notable Lines from the Night
Tl;dr - Almost every level of White Sox baseball won today, with two walkoffs. Schultz made his Sox MILB debut and looked dominant while Montgomery is soon to return to playing as well.
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2023.06.02 17:23 WallabyUpstairs1496 If it needs to be said. Bosley should be avoided at all costs. They are terrible, unethical, bottom of the barrel standards for surgeons and technicians. Here are their job postings for their surgeons and technicians, which are disturbing.

Their disturbing job listings for a surgeon speak for itself
*** $250-350K+ per year ***
Why Work with Us:
Bosley, the world's largest internationally known aesthetic medical practice is offering an exciting opportunity. With 70 offices across the nation and over five decades of experience, we can offer you exceptional work experience.
In Minneapolis, MN, Bosley is the leading hair restoration expert and has been changing our patients' lives for over five decades using the latest, most advanced technology for both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration. Bosley's corporate culture is filled with passionate team members that enjoy helping people and love what they do.
If you want a rewarding career in the fast-growing aesthetics industry, then Bosley is the right place for you! Bosley is seeking a dynamic Surgeon to support our Minneapolis, MN office. Make a difference in people's lives every day while you're earning a great living!
Essential Duties:
Evaluates and educate patients with appropriate medical diagnostic and treatment skills both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration options. 
** Experience in plastic surgery or a similar specialty is a plus, but not required. We are willing to train the right candidate.** Personable, upbeat with the ability to work in a collaborative team environment treating happy patients.
Ensure compliance with all health care regulations, including HIPAA and OSHA. 
Board certified/eligible. Licensure to practice medicine in state at time of employment. 
Job listing for their hair techs
$17 per hour *** $2000 sign-on bonus ***
Do you want to work in an exciting, growing industry? The aesthetic medicine industry continues to expand, as more and more people are seeking ways to improve their appearance and confidence.
Bosley, the world's largest internationally known aesthetic medicine practice is offering an outstanding opportunity for the right candidate. With 70 offices across the nation and nearly 50 years of experience, we can offer you an exceptional work environment.
Bosley is the leading hair restoration expert and has been changing our patients’ lives for nearly 5 decades using the latest, most advanced technology for both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration. Bosley’s corporate culture is filled with passionate team members that enjoy helping people and love what we do. If you want a rewarding career in the fast-growing aesthetics industry, then Bosley is the right place for you!
Bosley is seeking a top-notch Medical Assistant to support our New Orleans, LA surgical office.
As a Medical Assistant, you will contribute to the patient experience from start to finish. This role commands multitasking in a fast-paced environment. Your role will be to help with the patient flow during the day, communicate instructions to patients before and after surgery, and guide them through it.
Why Bosley?
At our practice, we value unparalleled personalized patient experience, and technical expertise to give our patients the best possible results. If these values resonate with you and you are a patient-focused individual, you are the addition we are looking for.
Full-time and Part-time positions are available Accompany patient to exam/procedure room Prepare patients for examination and treatment Check the schedule and organize patient flow Prepare exam and treatment rooms with necessary instruments and supplies Ensure that all treatment rooms are cleaned and stocked at the end of the workday Assist providers in preparing the patient and the facilities for procedures Prepare and maintain supplies and equipment for treatments, including equipment sterilization Assist with scheduling of patient's tests and treatments Working under a microscope to dissect tissue 
Candidates must have:
Communication Skills: Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to effectively communicate with patients, peers, and management. Ability to communicate with proper etiquette. Mathematical Skills: Basic math functions. **Ability to use a calculator and calculate percentages.** Education/ Experience: Certified medical assistant. **Willing to train the right candidate. Get paid while learning to become a hair transplant technician from the best team in the business.** Reasoning Ability: Ability to multi-task, while being attentive to patients and remaining flexible to the needs of the business. Ability to work as part of a team and take initiative independent of direct supervision. Organizational Skills: Ability to follow up on leads, schedule consultations, obtain patient consent for treatment and manage time management skills. Other Skills: Enthusiastic, friendly, and energetic with a genuine desire to provide outstanding service. Need to be reliable and outgoing, detail-oriented problem solver with exceptional customer service skills. Will exhibit high attention to detail, dexterity, and hand/eye coordination. Must be punctual and can prioritize and multitask. 
We offer very competitive compensation, benefits, and an inclusive culture.
Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, LTD, 401k match, and a $250/mo., PTO, transit pass where applicable **Salary: 17.00/hour** 
The technician working on your procedure should be making 6 figures if done in one of the well off countries, which Bosley is in, the US.
Nobody should have their previous, very limited grafts being dissected from straight out of high school 17$/hour teenagers. According to independent reviews of Dr Diep, he has used technicians that seemingly are straight of out high school, and look at the physical and mental trauma he's inflicted onto his patient, including destroying of patient's previous limited grafts.
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2023.06.02 13:09 Skinclinicindelhi People's Skins are Degenerating as a Result of Way of Living

The natural vitality, shine, and warmth of the skin are all attempts to be diminished by ageing, dirt, tension, and the millennial lifestyle. Infections, traumas, and diseases all have an effect. But science and technology are quickly catching up to eliminate and undo these impacts. In addition to reducing the effects of ageing, we can now treat a variety of skin problems, rectify deformities or flaws, and take action against imbalanced characteristics. All of this is made possible via Plastic Surgery in Delhi. The moment is now to invest in yourself because of technological advancements and the decreasing cost of facial plastic surgery in Delhi.
Cosmetic and plastic surgery at SCULPT INDIA
According to some, cosmetic procedures are a blend of science and artistry. This mixture is enhanced by perfection at SCULPT India—from the highly qualified and trained medical staff to the cutting-edge technology, SCULPT India has established the benchmark for cosmetic surgery in Delhi and expanded the vision with a cutting-edge Cosmetic Clinic in Guwahati. The highly regarded surgeon at SCULPT India, Dr Vivek Kumar, performs plastic surgery with precision and refinement to reverse and cure disfigurements and faults. His standing and accomplishments have earned SCULPT the most sought-after facility for plastic surgery in Delhi; currently, high-quality medical services and plastic surgery are being offered in the Cosmetic Clinic in Chandigarh.
The Highly skilled Team of SCULPT India
Place your trust in the professionals at SCULPT India, where we guarantee to cheer you up when you look in the mirror if you want to maintain, improve, or protect your beauty.
The top Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi is SCULPT India. It assists each client to choose the best solution to their difficulties while accommodating their varied requirements and preferences. Its outstanding medical staff is the foundation of SCULPT's success as the premier cosmetic clinic in India. Our renowned dermatologist, skilled surgeon, attentive nursing staff, and cutting-edge technology have built a solid reputation for expertise.
Source : https://sculpt-clinic-chandigarh.blogspot.com/2022/07/peoples-skins-are-degenerating-as.html
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2023.06.02 12:18 drdushyanthkalva01 Liposuction An Effective Way To Remove Stubborn Fat with

Liposuction is not considered a weight-loss treatment or an alternative to weight-loss surgery. It is used when a person has shed a suitable amount of weight through other methods but has stopped seeing further results. Thus, liposuction surgery comes into play for those with a lot of body fat in certain areas but who generally have a steady body weight. In this blog, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Dushyanth Kalva, known for providing the best liposuction surgery in Hyderabad, shares crucial insights about liposuction and its related aspects. Continue reading to gain useful insights.
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2023.06.02 03:16 Happy_Heretical I wonder if they even see the connection of their actions with things like this.

I wonder if they even see the connection of their actions with things like this.
Lying about surgery, normalizing this crap- it can have deadly consequences.
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2023.06.01 21:23 sarabori Outlive Review

The medical field places a high value on training. I finished formal training 29 years ago, but the academy insists that I complete continuing education credits and re-board to stay current. The emphasis on training is also reflected, for example, in that clinicians are known by their highest level of training. A general surgeon who completes a plastic surgery fellowship is a plastic surgeon; An internist who completes an endocrinology fellowship is an endocrinologist. Although Dr. Attia underscores his Stanford and Hopkins background- in the field- he’s an unfinished resident. He doesn’t hold board-certification in any field. If this were a book on legal advice, think of it as written by a lawyer who didn’t pass the bar.
He got as far as being a resident, and I’m not at all convinced he was a very good one at that. In the first chapter for example, he retells the story of how he cared for the 14-year-old victim of a car crash. The kid’s pupils were ‘fixed and dilated’. He says this suggested severe head trauma. It also strongly suggested the kid was dead. He writes he knowingly performed futile procedures on a 14-year-old kid, while his colleagues asked him not to. With some virtuous pride, rather than shame, he says his juvenile ego couldn’t conceive of not saving every life. I bet Hopkins was happy to see him go. This is precisely the personality surgical programs fear giving a scalpel. Anyway, he didn’t finish.
He did, however, go to a rehabilitation facility after some homicidal thoughts. He describes a moment of clarity during a fit of rage, that refrains him from ripping another person’s larynx out. It wasn’t because he realized killing is wrong but because he realized he would lose everything he’d worked for. He went to rehab to vacate murderous thoughts from his mind. In keeping, he didn’t finish. Later, when his wife feared for her safety and that of her children he went to another program. Now he’s got it. He’s got a firm grasp on the idea that people are deserving of dignity and respect. Presumably this nugget escaped him during medical school and what he did of residency. He keeps going to programs to relearn the value of “knowledge, dignity and respect.” These are the building blocks of Montessori childcare. Peter is 50.
Attia makes references to “mainstream” medicine but never defines it. Politics, as I understand, is driven by compromise and a “mainstream” of convenience may arise leaving outliers that are less represented. How does that work in Medicine? Exactly what interventions, with proof of effectiveness has medicine shunned for compromise? Attia doesn’t offer evidence of this phenomenon in medicine before affixing the adjective because he can’t. Health science is inclusive of all reproducible evidence. The field includes diet, exercise, immune therapies, surgical interventions, and myriad additional varied tools. Is he trying to use “mainstream” to mean medicine that demands evidence?
I think so. As the book progresses, he uses mainstream interchangeably with dismissive-of-the-unproven. His book is a collection of case reports and rat studies coupled to a disbelief that their findings have not been widely applied. He’s here to run with the ball. He must because medicine can’t run long trials. If medicine can’t run long trials one has to use lesser data, like data that support his points. His editors hope no one finds out how long The Harvard Men’s Trial, The Nurses Study, Framingham, UKPDS, and Hennepin County have been running.
The editing of the book is unnoticeable. Things like ‘I myself’ get through, but editing also allows contradictions from one page to the next. On page 11, for example, medicine has been successful at reducing what he calls ‘fast death’ but markedly less successful at ‘slow death’, like cardiovascular disease; On page 12, cardiovascular disease progress has been stellar, where mortality rates have been cut by 2/3. Which is it: slow or stellar? The confusion of terrible editing can’t hide how little medicine Dr. Attia knows and the difficulty he has understanding the most basic concepts of health science.
Medicine 2.0 is a catch all term for Attia. At times Medicine 2.0 represents standards of care but at other times it’s a repository for what he doesn’t know and hasn’t read. Things are new to the reader if they’re new to him. He reviews the statistics of a trial on hormone replacement because he’s a “math guy.” He concludes that replacement therapy shouldn’t be abolished as it has some clear benefits. He discovered this, not the people writing position papers with the same conclusion. Although exercise has been recommended for centuries; although “Medicine 2.0” has had exercise guidelines for decades, it never played a crucial role in health until Dr. Attia read about it.
Attia regular uses misunderstanding as a building block. In one instance, the resident takes on Hippocrates. Since he doesn’t understand, primum non nocere (first do no harm), he finds it failing. He uses a case of tamponade to illustrate his misunderstanding. As a patient’s pericardium fills with fluid and chokes the heart, he decides to crack open the chest, incise the pericardium, and relieve pressure. He feels this was in violation of the First Do No Harm dictum. He thinks it means you can’t do anything painful or invasive, because short term harm prohibits a broader goal. Drawing blood, in his misunderstanding of Hippocrates, would also violate- First Do No Harm.
The rest of us interpret Hippocrates to mean you shouldn’t do things of which you are unsure that could result in harm. No doctor would be excused for standing by on tamponade because he didn’t want to cause harm. It’s a profound misunderstanding of what the dictum means. He goes as far as declaring Hippocrates and First do no harm sanctimonious. It’s what a resident doesn’t tell you that is worrisome. Except in rare situations, most of us relieve tamponade with an 18G needle, he opened a chest. You might notice not a single physician endorses this book, Hugh Jackman does.
In the end, one learns little from Attia. He intimates at treating pre-diabetes with drugs when every trial has failed to show an effect with early treatment. He’s running a dog trial with promising early data. To the trained ear, it sounds like a trial that couldn’t get traditional funding and hasn’t published results. He mocks the use of LDL and HDL markers though guidelines based on them have saved millions of lives. He ignores that guidelines for the appropriate use of APO-B, Lp(a) and calcium scoring already exist. He likes to leave things early before he understands them. He stayed long enough to learn APO-B and Lp(a) impart an additional cardiac risk, he didn’t stay long enough to learn proven therapies are lacking.
He recommends homocysteine levels and B vitamin replacement acknowledging a link with high homocysteine levels and adverse cardiovascular outcomes. He omits trials have failed to erase the increased risk with B vitamin supplementation. Similarly, he recommends fibrates in the treatment of primary hypertriglyceridemia because he hasn’t read- they don’t help. Perhaps when he learns this and has another episode of uncontrolled violence, he’ll write about Medicine 4.0.
Attia calls attention to Muhammed Ali’s tactical masterpiece in a fight against George Forman. Faced with a more powerful foe, Ali entices Foreman into the irresistible trap of hitting Ali at will. In short order, Foreman loses all strength with the expenditure of his punches and Ali promptly knocks him out. The tactic subsequently enshrined in boxing history as “Rope a Dope”. Attia draws similarities between the brilliance of his message and the tactics of Ali but ironically, his book is a boxer who can’t punch; it’s George Foreman in the eighth. His book doesn’t solve pre-diabetes; It doesn’t solve NASH; It doesn’t relieve dementia. None of Attia’s punches land. His advice to exercise, diet, sleep well and manage stress is unassailable but it’s not Medicine 3.0 and he didn’t discover it.
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2023.06.01 14:12 drdushyanthkalva01 Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad at Inform Clinics

Plastic surgery has grown in popularity in recent years due to its high rate of success. Dr. Dushyanth Kalva has more than 15 years of experience performing cosmetic and plastic surgery in Hyderabad. In addition to his medical expertise, he has an artistic vision for his patients and is renowned for performing the best cosmetic and plastic surgery. He performs a variety of procedures, such as liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, butt enhancements, body contouring, facelifts, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgeries, otoplasty, hair transplants, etc. Contact Dr. Dushyanth Kalva today for more information about these treatments.
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Liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat from different areas of your body. Liposuction is not an alternative to weight loss. Liposuction offers a way to a smoother and improved body contour. Liposuction reduces overall body size for those with areas of fat that won’t go away with weight loss or exercise. Hence, it slims and reshapes for an enhanced self-image.
Liposuction removes localized areas of fat (ex: Neck, Arms, Body, Thigh ..) using a small thin tube (known as a cannula) that is connected to a vacuum.
a. Local anesthesia is reserved for small areas of liposuction. Several small (3-4 mm), discreet incisions are placed around the area to be treated.
b. Tumescent solution (Local anesthetic, which numb the area for many hours to days, is mixed with normal saline and epinephrine) is injected in the area to help expand and firm the fat, making it easier to remove.
c. Using a small blunt-ended tube attached to a suction device, Dr. Doumit gently breaks up and removes the excess fat.
d. At the end of the procedure, one dissolving suture is placed in each small incision and a compression garment is applied. Surgery will last one to two hours, or more if several areas are treated.
a. Standard Liposuction (SAL) – Tumescent technique
b. Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL)
c. Dr. Doumit offers only procedures and treatments that are FDA, Health Canada approved and that are clinically proven to be effective.
Dr. Doumit's work on liposuction surgery appeared in plastic surgery journals and textbooks. His work is being included in a state of the art textbook on full body liposuction surgery. Dr. Doumit is one of the few surgeons in Montreal that offers SMART LIPO (Laser Assisted Liposuction) and the only surgeon in Montreal that offers the latest SMART LIPO technology with the possibility of cellulite treatment. Dr Doumit also performs tumescent liposuction and power assisted liposuction.
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2023.06.01 08:49 McGlone_Games 'In Vision' Commentary Notes - Under the Knife

'In Vision' Commentary Notes - Under the Knife
Continuing on from my previous post, this is a recap of what was said during the 'In Vision' commentary for 'Under the Knife' from 'The Strange and the Dangerous' DVD box-set.

\"Yup, it stayed off. Good result! Well done.\"

For this one he's joined by Cindy Jackson, who used to have the world record for the most cosmetic procedures. This is the second episode on the DVD, however it seems like it was the first 'In Vision' commentary track they recorded. Louis is noticeably more awkward and unsure of how to approach things, which means Cindy is the one who does most of the talking. Some of the quotes I've included make Cindy sound catty, but during the commentary she came across as a nice, and very self-aware, person.

Cast of characters: Adriana (receptionist), Dr Chugay (surgeon), Steve and Adrian (Dr Chugay's patients), Lisa (patient), Laura (candidate for a surgical makeover), Eve (Laura's life coach)

  • Cindy says she has undergone 11 surgeries (Wikipedia currently says she's had 52, but her website says that number's a lie)
  • Cindy avoids American surgeons after having had bad results from them, and she prefers the "more natural" and "creative" European cosmetic surgery
  • Cindy is not a fan of "big boob jobs" and "no-one is going through [her] nipple"
  • Staff of cosmetic surgeons normally get a discount on any procedures they have done
  • Louis suggests Dr Chugay would be willing to put an extra nose on your cheek if you asked him to
  • Cindy mentions that she knows of surgeons who were murdered by "mentally unbalanced" patients
  • Louis asks for Cindy's opinion on his nose, which she says is "completely proportional" and that a smaller nose would "feminize" him
  • Cindy when Steve appears: "I mean, look what he's done with this guy."
  • Cindy when Eve appears: "That's a nose job."
  • Louis thinks Cindy's nose job "looks very natural"
  • Cindy almost immediately identifies other work Eve has had done on her face
  • Cindy sees Laura as a "good candidate" for surgery, then compares Laura getting work done to someone taking their poodle to a salon
  • They talk about how a "trigger event" in someone's life can often prompt them to undergo surgery
  • Cindy: "Beauty's power for women, and for men it's money and status."
  • Louis: "Did you see Lisa's breasts, by the way?"
  • There is discussion of the "primal thing" that is "big boobs"
  • Cindy: "A lot of men like large breasts. Do you like large breasts?"
  • Louis: *sigh\* "You know, I like breasts, and whether they're large or small."
  • They did interview Adriana's partner, but none of what he said made it into the episode (surprise-surprise, he wanted her to get even bigger breast implants)
  • Cindy thinks Adriana should have had a nose job (and was very happy when she did later on in the episode)
  • Louis assumed Adrian would be gay, "because... because, I don't know why"
  • Cindy: "Looks are a big part of the gay scene."
  • Louis doubts that Cindy would really be fine with her partner having muscle implants
  • Louis says that being around all the happy patients, and reassuring surgeons, genuinely had "lowered his resistance" to getting work done himself
  • Louis describes the surgeons they met as "equal parts surgeons and salesmen"
  • Louis tries to blame being ill for a few weeks, and therefore not cycling as much, for him being out-of-shape enough for the surgeon to propose liposuction
  • Louis is seriously considering getting some work done under his chin, but Cindy warns him that the lack of fat would expose tendons as he gets older
  • Cindy has "plastic inserts" in her cheekbones
  • Louis casts aspersions on which one of Adriana's boobs really needs "fixing"
  • Cindy: "These Americans, they do like huge breast implants."
  • Cindy says that being an art student and having to study proportions made her more self-conscious of her own imperfections
  • Louis complains about how he hadn't drank wine for 2 weeks before his surgery due to blood tests, and couldn't eat or drink anything for 24 hours in case they had to put him under general anesthesia
  • During Louis' liposuction, the local anesthetic was spreading throughout his abdomen at the same time as the fat was being removed
  • Louis says it felt like he was being "jabbed with a knitting needle from the inside" whenever the surgeon hit an area that hadn't been numbed yet
  • Cindy is disappointed that Louis didn't relocate his extracted fat to another part of his body
  • Cindy had a chin reduction that involved her chin being cut off with a circular saw, reattached slightly further back, and held onto her skull with steel for 5 years until the bones fused together
  • It took Louis 2 weeks before he felt able to get back to his normal routine after surgery
  • Louis thinks Adrian has a nice face
  • Cindy thinks Germans have "great bone structure"
  • The commentary was recorded over a year after his liposuction, and Louis was still happy with the results (as was Cindy)
  • Louis asks if anyone ever called Cindy ugly and she says no, but also that no-one ever called her pretty (unlike her sister)
  • Louis thinks the "new" Laura should tone down the makeup
  • Cindy points out how Laura's face instantly lights up when Louis brings up her ex
  • Louis is oddly cagey when Cindy asks whether Laura and her ex got back together (he never answers the question)
  • Cindy thinks Louis sounds like a "typical cosmetic surgery patient" at his check-up
  • Cindy: "There are some very beautiful poor people. Very good-looking poor people."
  • Cindy agrees with Louis that people nowadays are too vain ("But I don't think I'm vain.")
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2023.05.31 20:21 weluvmusic Traxsource Weekend Weapons May 5th 2023

Artist: VA Title: Traxsource Weekend Weapons May 5th, 2023 Genre: House, Afro House, Deep House, Funky House, Jackin House, Nu Disco / Disco, Soulful House, Tech House, Indie Dance, Melodic House & Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, UK Garage / Bassline, Progressive House Release Date: 2023-05-05 Quality: 320 kbps
Tracklist: 1. B. B. & Q. Band – Main Attraction (Dr Packer Extended Mix) (7:08) 2. Butch, Nic Fanciulli – I Want You (Extended Mix) (8:30) 3. Hallex M, Osunlade – Right Here (Manoo Abstrakt Remix) (7:45) 4. Tasha LaRae, Larry Espinosa – Something Special (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix) (8:39) 5. The Cube Guys, KPD – Da Hype (Original Mix) (5:47) 6. Josh Wink – Autonomic Journeys (7:22) 7. Da Lukas – Drop the Funk (Extended Version) (7:07) 8. Hatiras – Gotta Feel Good (Antoine Clamaran Remix) (6:26) 9. Seamus Haji, Michael Gray, Audrey Martells – Wish (Extended Mix) (5:53) 10. Waldo Fabian – A Bailar (Narf Zayd Main Mix) (6:24) 11. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (VIP) (7:18) 12. Timothée Milton – Love’s Gonna Get You (Art Of Tones Remix) (6:33) 13. Matt Gillespie – When I Was Young (7:01) 14. Clyde P – The Thing (Original Mix) (5:04) 15. Jack District – What I Feel (6:19) 16. Harry Romero – Roll Play (6:42) 17. KACZ – Understanding Love (5:02) 18. Systm B, The Ei Collective – The Dawn (5:34) 19. Luke Delite, Michelle Weeks – Give Me Your Love (6:11) 20. THEOS, El Rod – NMW (6:39) 21. HP Vince – A Man (Angelo Ferreri Remix) (5:34) 22. S.U.M.O. – Santiago Boys (Saison Rework) (6:08) 23. Roger Da’Silva, Andy Locker – All I Wanna (Extended Mix) (5:41) 24. Joseph Ashworth – Dominika (Gorje Hewek & Dulus Remix) (7:20) 25. Daniele Busciala, Eze Jemimah, Morris Revy – What Do You Want (Original Mix) (5:37) 26. The Trackheadz – The Circus Of Love (Hodges JSM Remix) (6:18) 27. Fingerman – Just B U (6:02) 28. Kiko Navarro, DJ Fudge, Kaleta – Douwe (Original Mix) (8:08) 29. Craftsmanship – Synth Dude (5:56) 30. Ultra Nate – Free (Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Mix) (12:05) 31. Pietro Nicosia, Aurora Andrade – Meu Verao (Original Mix) (5:54) 32. Henrik Schwarz, Fiorious – King Of Lies (Henrik Schwarz Club Mix) (6:15) 33. Raffaele Ciavolino – Soul Mood (Extended Mix) (5:46) 34. X-Press 2 – You Know (Everybody) (5:38) 35. Divine Keys – The Pleiades (6:51) 36. Ortella – Needin’U (Yann Polewka Remix) (6:08) 37. DJ Dove, DJ Disciple – To The Deep (3:00) 38. Vicky Vanna – La Puesta Del Sol (6:03) 39. Housego – PussyCat (Deez Kitten Nip Instrumental Remix) (5:20) 40. Seven Davis Jr., The Illustrious Blacks – Shook (5:46) 41. Luis Radio – Get Me There (Mannix Old School House Remix) (6:55) 42. Seven Davis Jr., The Illustrious Blacks – Pandemonium (5:40) 43. Mr. X – The Curse (Revisited) (5:03) 44. Nikos Diamantopoulos, Toshi – Broken (Mizz Remix) (7:53) 45. S.U.M.O. – Santiago Boys (Main Bounce) (8:19) 46. Domino DB – You Got the Love (DJ Mark Brickman & Yam Who? Extended Remix) (6:57) 47. Delerium, Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Kryder Extended Remix) (6:31) 48. 2Sleep – Bust It (5:36) 49. Mo’Cream – I Can Feel It (Main Vocal) (7:06) 50. Karlos Kastillo, DJ Crown, Sebastian Rodriguez (MX) – African Dance (5:37) 51. Sungdi – Power (Original Mix) (5:54) 52. Burroughs – Strung Out (8:43) 53. Re-Tide – Get Away (Mattei & Omich 1996 Mix) (5:52) 54. Homero Espinosa – Tuscan Groove Express (Original Mix) (2:47) 55. Chanknous – Say Hello (5:13) 56. Native P. – Cave Of Wonders (8:05) 57. Giovanni Damico – Be Your Lover (4:55) 58. Robert Owens, Steve Mac – Wish (Original Mix) (4:18) 59. The Deepshakerz, Émilie Rachel – Reasons (6:15) 60. Simone Vitullo, Emanuele Esposito – Bengesabi (5:51) 61. Kevin McKay, Martin Badder, Mr. V – I Want The Vibes (Extended Mix) (5:22) 62. JohNick, Da Funk Junkies – We Wanna Make U Dance (Jackin’ Mix) (6:42) 63. Scruscru – Fluting Right Here (5:11) 64. Amonita – Jungle Blues (Makebo Remix) (8:29) 65. 2Sleep – Don’t Push Me (5:58) 66. TigerBalm, Session Victim – Cocktail D’Amore (Session Victim Remix) (6:45) 67. Osadon – D.D.D (Original Mix) (6:27) 68. Brock Edwards – What You Said (Sebb Junior Remix) (3:22) 69. Enmanuel Dipuglia (DO), Neritaan – Some Day (6:03) 70. Rony Breaker, Nat Mor – I Feel (Laroye Afrosoul Mix) (4:54) 71. KWU – Let It Breathe (4:07) 72. Igor Gonya – Whoo-hoo-hoo (6:02) 73. Charles Webster, Sio – Love Lives (Girls of the Internet Remix) (5:13) 74. Angelo Ferreri – Love Me (Radio Edit) (2:40) 75. Juanher – Mi Arte (5:40) 76. Nathan Nicholson, Sasson (FR), SOMMA – Color Blue feat. Nathan Nicholson (Extended Mix) (5:44) 77. Hallex M, Osunlade – Right Here (Da Mike Remix) (6:25) 78. Domingo + – Going Back Again (7:17) 79. Post Cap Era – Step Into It (6:55) 80. Joy Marquez – Calor (6:21) 81. Giusy Consoli – Feel The Energy (5:53) 82. Envee, Ania Szarmach – Sum Luv (Locally Talking 3nv33 Mix) (7:50) 83. B. B. & Q. Band – Main Attraction (Dr Packer Dubstrumental Mix) (7:08) 84. Kim Kaos – Go With It (4:44) 85. Hurlee – I Need You (5:37) 86. Manuel Tur – Soft Clip (6:18) 87. Chemars – The After (5:11) 88. Re-Tide – Good Vibrations (Extended Mix) (5:31) 89. Yaw Appiah – Hands of Kubi (Original Mix) (7:32) 90. Demarkus Lewis, Dan Laino – What U Thinkin (5:39) 91. Seven77, Sergi Sech – Back To Classics (6:11) 92. Harry Romero – Talkin’ Jack (6:22) 93. Sebastien Dutch, Kreative Nativez – Akwasu (6:56) 94. ILY, Kastelo – Got That Flow (Extended Mix) (3:57) 95. Martin Thomas – Do It Now (La La La) (Extended Mix) (5:22) 96. Phil Weeks, Mikey V – Spinnin’ (6:39) 97. Qusok – In Your Mind (4:36) 98. Miguel Campbell – Private Dancer (6:38) 99. We Are Neurotic – Touch Your Body (5:26) 100. T-Bor – Set Me Free (5:41) 101. Paul Sun – Colombiana (Original Mix) (6:23) 102. Brothers On Cue, Looney Tech – Ethnic (5:45) 103. Funk Mediterraneo – Sweet Love (6:04) 104. Michel De Hey – Far Far (7:10) 105. Jorge Montiel, Juan Laya – 5AM (Mambo Bros Club Remix) [feat. Osvaldo Chacon] (5:57) 106. Charlie Soul Clap, Life on Planets, Greg Paulus – Terrified, Still Alive (feat. Life on Planets & Greg Paulus) (6:45) 107. DJ Popinjay – Funky Light (5:00) 108. Carlita, Andhim – Life (Extended Mix) (6:04) 109. Yooks, Tasha LaRae – Wishing On A Star (6:41) 110. Benjamin Groove – Super Rouge (5:10) 111. Marian (BR) – Drums Power (Extended Mix) (5:40) 112. Magnolia, Venessa Jackson – Never Give Up on Love (4:28) 113. Giman, Chic Ago – The Job (6:29) 114. Serge Gee – Believe (Original Mix) (5:14) 115. Souhail Artwork, Komla – Ayena Donkei (Extended Mix) (7:27) 116. Mizaru – Show Me How (Original Mix) (5:40) 117. Knox – Spin My World (Dub Mix) (9:06) 118. Dustinho, Rona Ray – Can’t Return To You (Original Mix) (7:00) 119. Duwayne Motley – I’ll Wait (6:27) 120. Aris Kokou, Phaze Dee – Azymuth (5:42) 121. DJ Dove, Troy Weekes – I Feel Good (3:30) 122. The Planetoids, Enzo Elia – Golden Eagle (Foamed by Enzo Elia) (5:33) 123. Rick Marshall, Discoloverz – Miss Brown (6:24) 124. Systm B, The Ei Collective – Morning Ritual (8:42) 125. Aleets – House Del Placer (6:28) 126. Mason – Panic! (Extended Mix) (6:43) 127. Jackman Jones, Neil Chin, Roxanne Myles – More Than This (Original Mix) (6:13) 128. Elbio Bonsaglio – Wanna Be (5:37) 129. Criss Korey, Nicola Nisi – The Brass Loops (6:07) 130. Jinadu, Lorenzo Fassi – Into The Fire (Original Mix) (7:30) 131. Adri Block, Paul Parsons – Dubb To My Music (Vintage Nu Disco Dubb) (5:02) 132. Trilucid – Take Me Higher (Extended Mix) (6:28) 133. Eugene Glasgow – People (6:17) 134. José Aranda – Noches De Saxo (5:16) 135. Envee, Ania Szarmach – Sum Luv (3:36) 136. Motion Sky – Strut (7:10) 137. Knox – Spin My World (9:06) 138. Plastic Robots – Tell Me Something (5:30) 139. CARPENTIERI – Don’t You Worry But Think (7:05) 140. St. David – Feel Da Groove (7:12) 141. Doc Link, Sean Biddle – Houseparty (4Peace Superjacked Remix) (5:57) 142. Tchdwn – Elevate (3:54) 143. Filip Grönlund – Let’s Call It Dance Music (Kry IT Remix) (5:14) 144. HUGEhands – Free Fall (6:14) 145. Kaiz – Bunny & Sright (6:13) 146. Sam Curran – Twilight On The Terrace (6:07) 147. Oscar P – Trouble (David Montoya Retouch) (7:20) 148. Rick Marshall – Stay (7:25) 149. Peppe Citarella, Verbo Flow – OYE TIO (Extended Mix) (5:00) 150. Ciro De Gais – Ikigai (7:25) 151. Serge Gee – Slovak Girl (Original Mix) (5:25) 152. Fuzzy Hair – Wheel Me Out (Extended Mix) (5:10) 153. Stanny Abram – Relentless (Extended Mix) (6:07) 154. Native P., Echo Deep, Michael King – Guquka (6:21) 155. Ortella – Needin’U (6:38) 156. Kosmo Kint, Zac Tenenbaum – Magic (3:22) 157. Massimo Ramon – Feel It (7:08) 158. Gavinco – Bring The Check (Extended Version) (4:33) 159. Levantine – Première Fois (6:02) 160. Edgvr Romero – Elevator (Edit) (3:23) 161. Erik Bo – Late Beat (6:19) 162. Tingz – A Rave Ting (6:48) 163. Giovanni Damico – Watch Out (4:52) 164. Liva K – Truth Hurts (Original Mix) (5:36) 165. Larry Funk – Get Away (5:11) 166. Rodriguez Jr., Liset Alea, RJLA – Visions (Tim Engelhardt Remix) (6:14) 167. Matt Gillespie – Give It Up (Original Mix) (6:53) 168. Jackson BlessedSoul, Lesego – Rejoice (7:00) 169. Dexter Troy – La Montée (Original Mix) (6:30) 170. Rick Silva – Afro Cumbia (6:16) 171. DUNN.cruel, Dwson – XANTO (Original Mix) (6:16) 172. Bonetti – Who No Know Go Know (5:12) 173. Dan Hayes, Phat Suppli – Girls Wanna (Original Mix) (5:37) 174. Rony Breaker, Nat Mor – I Feel (Instrumental Mix) (7:07) 175. Juannan – I Can Get You (Eldeanyo Remix) (6:07) 176. Elias Bravo – All Around (Extended Mix) (5:17) 177. Omary, Idd Aziz, Dr Feel – Kolowa (Dr Feel Remix) (7:14) 178. Akeem Raphael – The Vibe (5:53) 179. Unknown Past – Bring It Over Here (6:13) 180. Disco Daddy, Boogietraxx – Y No Luv (Extended Mix) (5:58) 181. We Are Neurotic – Wanna Make U Real Good (6:53) 182. Ronnie Spiteri – Flawless (6:25) 183. Alonso Gonzalez – Buena Vida (6:43) 184. Eli & Fur – Better In The Dark (5:52) 185. Antonio Grassia – Party Maker (6:17) 186. 79.5 – Club Level (4:14) 187. Contrera’s – El Camino (6:20) 188. Nicolas Lacaille – Precious (Original Mix) (4:57) 189. The Deepshakerz, Émilie Rachel – Reasons (Dub Mix) (5:27) 190. Cormac (US) – Razor (7:30) 191. Ezirk – Disco Dynasty (4:16) 192. Oliver Dollar – Strings For Life (6:50) 193. FDF (Italy) – Relaxing Sunday (5:17) 194. DJ Feevos – The Lion (7:20) 195. Hurlee – Glory (5:30) 196. Tigs, Emy Zaluzna – On Seen (feat. Emy Zaluzna) [Gary Esson Remix] (Gary Esson Remix) (6:01) 197. Rivka R3 NYC – Phoenix Rising (Oscar P Rework) (6:10) 198. Rony Chancay – Feel at the Party (5:26) 199. Electronic Youth – Get To Yesterday (6:25) 200. Le Hutin – Lust (6:28) 201. Lesny Deep – Everyday (6:00) 202. Johnick – One Dollar (Angelo Ferreri ‘Groove Re-Touch’ Mix) (4:57) 203. Jackson BlessedSoul, Lesego – Rejoice (Tapes Back2Soul Remix) (8:02) 204. Nico de Andrea, Julia Church – Worst Case Scenario feat. Julia Church (Extended Mix) (5:22) 205. Nicolass – Alright (3:10) 206. Fynn – El Clásico (Original Mix) (7:41) 207. Soulbridge, Pathy Andréas – My Life (7:41)
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2023.05.31 18:47 bagelrat666 Peeps in Syracuse, NY / Nikolavsky / UL/scroto revision

My journey and complications are a long story. In short, my Foley catheter came out of me twice post op, requiring me to go under again twice to put it back in. Not to mention fellows trying to put it back in while I was awake beforehand. My original urologist and surgeon got charged with sexual assault in New York, (pretty sure he’s going to prison), my plastic surgeon was very inexperienced and always seeming over confident and then under confident, and the new urologist he’s working with “doesn’t really know how to help me” cause he also lacks experience with trans surgeries (meta personally for me). Yay
Basically I have a slight stricture. I can pee mostly fine but sometimes it hurts a little and it also makes it easier for bacteria to colonize and get stuck in my urethra (uti). I need the urethral stricture fixed to fix all this, but as you read, my urologists aren’t helpful.
Another issue is I’m moving out of New York, to Florida (family lives there and I’m pretty broke from living in Brooklyn) but not going to get into that. No, I’m not worried about desantis. I’ve talked to blue cross of Florida and they will continue to cover gender care and surgeries. I currently have HealthFirst Medicaid of NY.
Anyway I’ve consulted with chen and have a consult with santucci next week, but after three doctors telling me I have to get this stricture fixed asap I’m stressing out. I don’t have the funds to go to Texas or california for a month, so ASAP sounds unreasonable with those surgeons. I started looking into Dr. Nikolavsky who my plastic surgeon recommended and I’ve seen some recommendations on Reddit. Has anyone gone to him for UL revision and is pleased?
Staying upstate also sounds pricey, so if anyone knows some place I could stay, that would be helpful, since even Airbnb is looking steep for me. That’s if I can even go to him, but yeah.
Just feeling really deflated. I also need a scrotoplasty revision and eventually implants (I wanted vy and got some weird hybrid that is not bifid but not fused vy). Not sure niko does that but my main thing right now is the UL repair, even though this will mean even more surgeries. That’s why I’d prefer to get the UL repair and scrotoplasty revision at the same time, so then I only have one more surgery of implants after that. I’ve already gone through two surgeries related to bottom, not including hysto.
I’m scared of Niko because I’ve read of him not having a lot of experience and I already have issues with inexperienced doctors and trauma from that, so I’m looking for someone who knows what they’re doing and who won’t feed me BS
Hope someone can help
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2023.05.31 17:56 DapperDan719 Gyno Surgery Results Dr Blau

Hey so this is a late response of my gyno surgery results. I will share the before pictures again and then the after pictures. I will include post op pictures, that honestly I do not want to share but I am trying to be open. I am here to answer all the questions that everyone has, so please ask them.
A few things about the recovery, it was not as easy as everyone says. Honestly the recovery was terrible for me. The day after the surgery my chest blew up like a ballon you can see in the pics shown. I had to go in and get them drained, let me tell you that this was not a pleasant experience. My incision was opened up so Dr Blau could get the fluid out. He was not gentle at all, kneading my chest and squeezing the bloody liquid out of my chest. It hurt so bad my back was sweating, heart was beating like crazy and out of breathe. Knowing what I know now I would have taken a pain killer before I went in to get it drained. It isn’t his fault, I think sometimes the procedures do not go perfect, it is just a horrible thing to experience. I had to go in 4 times and get the fluid drained out because it kept building up with fluid. Dr Blau wanted me to stay extra days but I couldn’t stay any longer, I had the procedure on Tuesday Feb 21, 2023 and my flight home was Saturday Feb 25, 2023. Luckily my aunt who is a nurse worked with a plastics surgeon for 5 years so she proceeded to change my bandages and drain the fluid from my chest for the following 2 - 3 weeks. 7 days after my surgery I could barely move my arms, I couldn’t reach above my head at all. Everything was uncomfortable, driving was absolutely terrible, dressing myself was very difficult because lifting my hands above my head was not really an option. The compression vest was awful, I could barely sleep because it hurt my back having that thing on. It sucks that the healing process went this way, I would have had better results if I didn’t not have fluid building up. I have small indentions on both sides that you can see. The incision on my right side has a decent scar that protrudes from the skin. Hoping over the next 9 months the inflammation and indentions dissipates.
Over all of that, the hardest part about the healing process was mental. I started to get really depressed and negative. I thought I was going to look horrible, I thought that my scars were going to be massive. I thought I was never going to heal, it was terrible for 6 weeks total. I went from going to the gym 6 times a week to not being able to do pretty much anything for 3 weeks and then the following 3 weeks I could do things but not lift. I didn’t have an appetite at all so I didn’t really eat allot. I saw all my gains disappearing daily and I thought I was never going to be able to get back in the gym. Luckily I had a good support system through my friends and family. I am about 6 weeks back at the gym now and feel pretty good. I have a decent amount of scar tissue on both sides that I try and massage every night. Do I love the results?No. Am I happy I did the procedure? Yes.
I will post my initial post below, I didn’t know how to add photos to that post so made a new one.
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2023.05.31 17:26 Helpful-Salt-3194 PSA - Potential Surgeon in Vegas

I called the VPSI (Vegas Plastic Surgery Institute) office because Dr. John Brocious is doing my top surgery in May. Someone in the office said the surgeon (I believe the same one or both, I should have clarified on the call because there’s two there) is going through medical training next year for phalloplasty.
So TLDR; in roughly 2025 there will hopefully be a surgeon doing phallo in Vegas.
That’s all the info they had as of now. I’ll update on how my top surgery goes in case anyone is curious. So far they’ve been helpful and nice there so I’m hoping for the best. I know it can be a little intimidating knowing they haven’t been doing the procedure for as long as other surgeons.
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2023.05.31 10:28 WallabyUpstairs1496 General recommendation against Gary Linkov for lack of track record and very high prices. I have NOT seen anything concerning about him, but he basically has no track record and very high prices. He looks like a swell guy.

Gary Linkov is one of the most famous cosmetic surgery influencer. I haven't seen all of his videos, but from the ones that I have seen, he really comes across as a very well-meaning person. His videos tend to be pretty good, low on bullshit, high on low-frills honest information. Because of that, he has developed a ton of demand for his services. I must admit, if there was no forum/review world, I might have picked him.
He is also in NYC, which has some of the highest demand for cosmetic procedures, not only for the very high cost of living over there, but also the 2nd largest media and entertainment scene in the states outside of Los Angeles. He offers packages up to 100k!
That price is insane for a guy with basically no track record of full 12 month result independent reviews.
I'm not saying Gary is doing anything wrong. He put out some good videos and put his personality out there, and people liked what they say, especially in comparison to a lot of the slimy personalities in the cosmetic procedure world.
But as someone who ended up reading this, there's no reason for you go to him.
Hair transplants are fucking hard. There's been people who are well meaning, who've worked really hard at it, and had really good training, who never seemed to get 'good' at it. Hair transplants not only require a certain training regimen and diligence, but it really does seem like they also require some innate abilities. Even if Gary tried his hardest under the best training, it's possible that he still might be 'bad' and hair transplantation. There are a lot of good surgeons out there, who may make it seem easy. But it's not. That's why you should only go to people with extensive track records.
The difference between a 'good' and 'top' surgeon imo is how well they do on what I call 'edge' cases. Lets take a hypothetical situation, 10 pairs of identical twins. One set of pairs goes through a 'good' surgeon, the other set goes through a 'top' surgeon. For 9/10 pairs, the difference may not be significant, but for the 10th patient, the different is huge for the yield. That's because the 'top' surgeon is some some combination of genius, innate skill, and experience to identify and solve rare problems. Even top surgeons who have been doing it for decades and are now in their 50s and 60s say they always still learn something new for every patient they see. There's no such thing as 'seen it all'. So if you ever decide to see a young Surgeon, at least make sure they have been working under someone who has an ocean load of experience for several years.
With Gary Linkov, we just don't know where he is at regarding his skill. Maybe from his youtube videos you can infer something about his personality, but he could be shit no matter how ethical meaning and diligent he is. Only a track record can give some inkling of an idea.
Furthermore, we have no idea who Gary Linkov trained under. It's 2023, any young/new surgeon you are considering should have worked under someone who is very experienced.
Furthermore, most of the volume of his experience appears to come from plastic surgery and general cosmetic surgery. Every plastic surgery procedure is less time and experience with hair transplant experience. Like I mentioned, there is something to learn with every patient. Pick someone who has been learning more about hair transplantation.
Furthermore, I don't believe he's active in the hair transplant conference world, though it's been some time since I've been update to date on that world. I fell off of it during covid. Maybe he's more active in recent years. If someone reading this who is active in the conference world knows anything, please comment, or DM me, but pre-covid I am not aware of Gary being active in the hair transplant conference world. Not everyone whose active in the hair transplant world is a top surgeon including those who present, but every surgeon who should be considered top is very active in the hair transplant conference world including presenting and sharing what they have learned. Maybe there's some older ones who also fell off, especially after covid, but they were a significant part of that world for many years.
tl;dr Gary Linkov comes across as a swell guy, but for the criteria for considering who is a top surgeon, he wholly fails that criteria, even though his prices are astronomically higher than most or even all top surgeons.
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2023.05.31 08:53 facelifts10128 EYELID SURGERY NEW YORK

Dr. Swift will examine the skin around your eyelids, including the upper and lower eyelids to determine the precise steps for your blepharoplasty. He will take the time to explain pre- and post-operative steps and answer any questions you may have about the process. Above all, Dr. Swift values open communication and patient trust, and he will do everything he can to maximize your comfort and confidence when choosing him as your plastic surgeon.
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2023.05.31 07:26 Tall-Ad-3593 Breast treatment in Hyderabad

Breast treatment in Hyderabad
Dr. Suma is one of the doctor for breast treatment in hyderabad. Get all types of cosmetic plastic surgery done at PrettyU in Hyderabad, Jubliee Hills for both male and female, Top Customised Aesthetic Treatments by Certified plastic surgeon Book An Appointment Today Patient Satisfaction Affordable Cost Best Rated Surgeon +91 8686042042
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2023.05.30 20:55 autotldr Young women in South Korea spend $700 a month on skincare. Now they're risking their jobs, relationships, and status to revolt against the K-Beauty industry.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)
Author Elise Hu wrote about how the movement has resulted in a drop in beauty-related spending in South Korea.
In Seoul, the beauty capital of the world, surgeons offer recent college and even high school graduates discounts on procedures so they will be ready for the job market; resumes in South Korea often require job applicants to include a photo, as well as their weight and height.
One-third of Korean women between the ages of 19 and 39 have had some kind of cosmetic surgery, according to a 2020 Gallup Korea poll - 66 percent said they would go under the knife to improve their chances on the marriage market.
Consumption data from the Ministry of Economy and Finance show that beauty-related spending has actually dropped among South Korean women in their 20s, and they also are getting less plastic surgery, Hu writes.
"The feminists in South Korea are some of the most well-organized and impressive, just exceptional, feminists in the world. And they should be getting a lot more attention."
In all, Hu said she remains hopeful: for women in South Korea, for women in the world, and for those of us trying to push back against a society that tells us that looks are everything.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: South#1 women#2 Korean#3 Korea#4 look#5
Post found in /korea, /worldnews and /AsianBeauty.
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