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2023.05.29 14:25 7sendeee [Mongolia] [H] Gameboy games, PS2 games, PS2 accessories and PS2 console [W] sell in bundle($500) + shipping

Selling stuff for surgery money.

Gameboy Advance:
Zelda minish cap - $65
Reign of fire - $8
Over the hedge - $5
Scooby doo 1and2 - $8
Crash and Spyro superpack - $12
Super mario advance - $15
Woody woodpecker CC5 - $18
Donkey kong country 2 - $20
Sonic advance 3 - $20
Meet the robinsons - $5
Castleween - $6
Madden 06 - $6
chicken little - $5
Jungle book - $6
Crash nitro kart - $10
mario party advance - $30
super mario bros 3 - $20
Spongebob 2in1 - $15
Mario and Luigi superstar saga, over the hedge, finding nemo, lion king, and 4 more games - $60
Gameboy color:
tetris 15$

The last bundle of games doesn't have their pictures and all of the games doesn't have their boxes. All of them + the tetris for ($150 + shipping)
Original Playstation 2 with vertical stand - $70
Playstation 2 original controller black - $25 each
Playstation 2 controller blue - $15 each
Playstation 2 memory card 8MB - $10 each
Playstation 2 EyeToy camera - $15
Playstation 2 multiplayer adapter - $30
Playstation Portable 2000 - $50
Half-life - $10
Tokyo xtreme racer zero - $10
Okami - $15
Pro evolusion soccer 5 - $3
The incredibles - $10
Robot warlords - $4
Disney's peter pan - $5
Madagascar - $10
Sly 2 - $25
Spongebob squarepants movin with friends - $5
Ratchet and clank 2 - $12
Terminator 3 - $4
The chronicles of narnia - $3
Offroad extreme - $3
Jak 3 - $7
Rollercoaster world - $3
Kya dark lineage - $12
Eyetoy: play - $3
Tom and jerry - $20
Resident evil 4 - $15
SSX - $4
Shrek 2 - $3
Medal of honor rising sun - $7
Ratchet and clank 3 - $10
Lord of the rings return of the king - $11
Rayman 3 - $4
Spider man 2 - $5
I-Ninja - $15
Dragon's lair - $20
Shinobi - $25
The hulk - $5
Men in black II - $4
Prince of persia - $4
Harry potter - $7
Ephemeral Fantasia - $30

The PSP doesn't have a battery due to me putting it separately in a different place and couldn't finding it. All of the games are for the PS2. Everything listed here are all PAL version. All of them for ($400 + shipping)

Can get everything for $500 + shipping

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2023.05.29 14:20 xxJennyKegarxx Just need to vent a little bc I know theres nothing I can do about this situation

So my best friend is a SAHM (for context purposes Ill be calling her Maria and her partner Rob). Shes not married but she lives with the baby daddy and hes the breadwinner. Basically their story goes... One night stand turns into relationship because Maria got pregnant and now her and Rob have been together 5 years. Its beens a struggle for Maria from the start because not to talk shit about Rob, because he seems like a decent guy when we all hang out, but they just arent good for each other...
So like he is a hard worker and he has had a job throughout the entire relationship... but hes one of those guys that thinks just because he works means he doesn't have to help out with house work or the kid... and then has the audacity to hold the money situation over Maria's head even though he wont pick up the slack in order for her to get a job. And right now their kid just got out of pre k for the summer so now Maria is stuck at home with the kid and they cant afford a sitter.
Everything in me wants to scream GIRL STOP TRYING TO MAKE THINGS WORK HES ONLY WITH YOU BECAUSE OF THE KID and I suck at social cues but I know thats not appropriate 😅 thats just how I feel tho
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2023.05.29 14:19 Devinclark851 Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle: Strategies For Proactive Medical Billing

Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle: Strategies For Proactive Medical Billing
Several elements of healthcare reform have evolved over time, including value-based compensation models, recurring changes to the rule engine for medical billing services, and other federal laws. In light of these continual changes, physicians must stay up to date on the latest developments. As a result, they must receive ongoing training in medical billing and coding rules. Staying outdated is a problem for medical practitioners because they cannot compromise the quality of their professional services due to income loss. To minimize this trouble, medical practitioners should implement the proper tactics to stay in compliance with medical billing trends while also improving the quality of care services. This blog will provide you with tried-and-true strategies for optimizing proactive medical billing services in order to maximize revenue.

Claim Management Process

According to a recent survey, about 80% of all medical bills involve errors. Because of strict insurers policies, these inaccurate medical claims are denied and rejected. Although medical billers can reapply these claims in order to challenge an unpaid bill. The cycle of claim submission, rejection, and resubmission, on the other hand, takes a long period.
Medical billers should build a proper claim management process in order to save providers valuable time. They should deploy competent personnel and equipment to monitor all paid and unpaid claims. To file accurate claims on the first try, use smart medical billing software solutions. They should also make certain that accurate information flows throughout the claim submission procedure.
Before filing claims, they should double-check the claims to identify any potential information errors. This will ensure that payers and patients obtain clean claims that can later be successfully reimbursed.
Minimize Medical Coding Errors
Medical codes serve as the foundation for medical billing services. A medical bill’s objective is to standardize medical care and diagnostic procedures into standard medical coding protocols. For various medical operations, these medical codes are categorized as CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II categorization systems.
Although it is a common way of describing medical operations, errors can also arise in this aspect. It contains the most common errors, such as erroneous, mismatched, or missing codes, among others. These inaccuracies are easily detected by clearinghouses and payers. However, some medical coding errors are highly intricate and result in unfavorable outcomes.
For example, if medical coders utilize less detailed ICD-9 codes rather than extremely specific ICD-10 codes, the claim will be denied or rejected. If medical coders employed inappropriate modifiers, upcoding or undercoding, such errors can cause your claims to be rejected or denied further down the road.
Payer Contract Enforcement
Payer underpayment is another major issue for any practice attempting to optimize collections. According to MGMA industry estimates, payers generally underpay medical practices by 7-11%. Then there’s the issue of various payers paying varying amounts for the same quality of service. Clearly, if payer contracts are not monitored and enforced successfully, the practice will suffer a significant income loss. However, tracing each underpayment down is a significant challenge, and here is where robust technology comes in handy. You can also opt for the following approach to avoid these issues:

  • Each of these contracts must be correctly interpreted and configured in the practice management software.
  • Define clearly if you have any thresholds for under or overpayments.
  • While posting paper EOBs, the software should provide you with the right permitted for each CPT on the claim: any claim with an exception outside of the threshold should be marked with a specific claim adjustment reason code (CARC) and forwarded to the dispute queue/ bucket.
  • Apply no threshold to a significant payer trend: $2 per claim for 500 claims in three months is a lot of money. It is totally worth it to pick up the phone and call a provider representative to get this resolved.
Outsourcing – The Optimal Strategy!
Due to the ever-changing healthcare industry, coders and billers must constantly upgrade their skills and concepts to keep on top of the changes and avoid losing money. With the advent of EMR and advanced practice management software, the prevalent idea is that billing and collection standards will be higher than ever before, with every claim being paid out precisely and collected on time.
According to industry sources, independent medical practices are still losing up to 30% of potential revenue due to inefficiencies in the billing and collection process.
This occurs because the rejection and denial rate remains excessively high, with nearly half of denials never being handled, resulting in a 5-7% loss of potential revenue. When you have a high number of denials, your revenue can quickly become stuck in Accounts Receivable, causing a significant impact on your cash flow. As a result, you can follow these proactive strategies to make these simple modifications to your current medical billing process and increase your revenue by 25-30%.
Else you can also outsource your medical billing services to the professionals who are experts in following these proactive strategies. 24/7 Medical Billing Services is a major medical billing service provider that has optimized the billing and collection procedures for several practice’s, allowing them to maximize revenue and eliminate cash flow problems.
About 24/7 Medical Billing Services:
24/7 Medical Billing Services is the nation’s leading medical billing service provider catering services to more than 43 specialties across the entire 50 states. You can rely on us for end-to-end revenue cycle management. We guarantee up to 10-20% increase in the revenue with cost reduction of your practice for up to 50%.
Call us today at 888-502-0537 to know more on how we can help boost profitability for your practice.
Media Contact –
24/7 Medical Billing Services,
28405 Osborn Road,
Cleveland, OH, 44140
Tel: + 1 -888-502-0537
Email: [email protected]
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2023.05.29 14:18 sapphireemberss mii wealth overflow sub helped me manifest $2000!

I’m not even capping. I listened to it last week on repeat for about 10 minutes. I even left a comment saying how “I’m a money magnet” and that “money finds me” etc. This was 5 days ago. Today I had nearly $2000 deposited into my bank account! I know where it was from (not work related, loan or as a gift), so it’s not a mistake but I was not expecting it at all!
I’ve briefly used money related subliminals in the past too, and they worked then as well. Seems the money/wealth related ones always work perfectly for me! Just celebrating a major W ❤️
Just let go and believe!
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2023.05.29 14:18 AutoNewsAdmin [Business] - Liz Weston: 5 ways to simplify and reduce your money clutter

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2023.05.29 14:18 ImWinning77 I have 0 faith in GTA 6 being good

This comes from my opinion that gta 5 is worse than sa, the sa had 3 major cities which was nice and it also had way more things to do. GTA 5 only had 1 city and the rest was empty useless space that only serves as a tool to piss you off in online to make you drive across the entire map in a slow vehicle in missions. It's very likely that that the game will be released only on consoles first and then PC like 1-2 years later, so ppl would rebuy the game again at full price. This means the game will be limited by the console's spec limitations. Rockstar completely ruined GTA Online, it's awful and so have the updates to it, each update ruining the game even more, the updates were just old updates but just reskinned. No creativity or originality in them. Rockstar recently has been removing offensive/sensitive content in their older titles. It's safe to assume then that GTA 6 will be more PC friendly which is just terrible. Less satirical, less offensive, and less of a parody making fun of American culture which is what GTA should be and makes it so good. They also have been taking down well-received mods threatening to sue their creators and limiting fiveM servers that do everything better than them. I think GTA 6 will sacrifice extensive gameplay features in favor of things that matter less like graphics. I can already see them ruining GTA 6 online just like they ruined GTA 5 online.
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2023.05.29 14:15 UrgeToSurge group pking ccs?

sort of a shameful question, but the most fun I've ever had playing the game was when I joined up with a rev protection world cc. Ours was an american cc but we were allied with a bunch of venezuelans too. So whenever any major serious big clans tried to take our rev world, there would be a 10 hour 100v100 fight in the caves. First I would fight for the first 5 hours until basically lost my bank ran out of 100 kits. Then I'd leave cc just go loot for the next 5 hours until I doubled my money.
I'm pretty bad at pking, and with humans having computer like reaction time from decades of talent and gaming, and with other humans using scripts and client cheats, I just can't compete. A smooth sloth slow brain like me needs a cc where we just go and gangbang someone with 20 people.
Anyone know any ccs like this? there must be protection worlds again with the whole void waker thing in multi and bh. pm me with cc. Maybe osrsgp finders fee if you make me happy and point in the right direction?
Sorry for being a scummy loser. pepefeelsbadman
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2023.05.29 14:14 Brimmy6 Earn £25 by depositing £25 into a pension with Penfold

Penfold is a UK pension provider that launched in 2019 and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They describe themselves as a modern, flexible and faff-free digital alternative to traditional pension companies, enabling customers to track their pensions easily via their website or their smartphone app. The website and the app are both easy to navigate, clearly displaying the value of your pension and transaction history. You can also easily change between the funds that Penfold offer, including a sustainable fund that only invests in environmentally and socially sustainable companies.
Non-referral link with NO bonus
Penfold are currently offering a £25 bonus for anybody that signs up using a referral link to open a pension with them and deposits £25. It's important to note that because this is a pension, the deposit and your bonus are locked away until you are 55, this is retirement beer money. It can, of course, be transferred into other pensions that you may already pay into, and if you don't have a pension this may be the most important beer money offer you ever do.
  1. Sign up to Penfold using the referral link to ensure you earn the bonus
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Make a £25 deposit, this can be done by debit card, or you can set up a direct debit if you want to make regular contributions
  4. Your £20 referral bonus from Penfold will show as a pending transaction on your account activity. Mine was confirmed 14 days later.
  5. Your £6.25 deposit tax relief and £5 bonus tax relief will show as pending transactions and will show when they are expected to be paid.
  6. Once all the bonuses have been paid, your £25 deposit will have resulted in £56.25 being paid into your pension.
Penfold have a very simple fee structure. They charge an annual fee of 0.75% for all of the funds they offer, except for the Shariah fund which is 0.88%. There are no fees for anything else, including deposits, fund purchases, transfers, etc.
You need to pay in £25 to earn the sign-up bonus, but future payments into your pension can be as low as £1. Pension contributions are subject to tax relief from HMRC, so for every £1 you contribute you get an additional £0.25 added to the pension.
Referral Bonus Terms & Conditions
Penfold Fees
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2023.05.29 14:13 THlSUsernameSux Any chances to recover?

Summary: For a month (maybe two) my account is glitched with the Class glitch, I have a rovio account, but it doesn't fix anything. It's fruitless. I know that there is a way to fix it but it's by completely resetting my save file, I've been playing this game for years and for all that hard work to be completely invalidated especially when I've spent real money on it in the past feels like I'm being robbed. Any help?
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2023.05.29 14:13 thg4588 How to manage my money better? What else do I need to be doing?

I would like some advice on what to do with my money and on what else do I need to be doing.
25F single with no kids for at least the next five years, stable job, making 66k before taxes. Also looking for jobs to increase my income. I try to save as much as I can, I only splurge on family birthdays and vacation time, and even then, I still like to stick to the budget. I have a few credit cards that I use strategically to get the most rewards/points and always pay them off. Never had credit card debt before and dont plan on having any in the future. This is what Im currently doing:
Biggest debt is my mortgage: $168,000 @3.25
Car Loan: $12,000 @2.75
Monthly expenses ~2500 - This includes mortgage, hoa, utilities, car payment, car insurance, gas, food, etc.
It took some time to adjust my expenses and see how much I was able to save after purchasing my condo. Since Jan this year I have been able to put aside between 900 and 1200 every month.
401k: Currently contributing 5%, my employer offers 100% match up to 3% and 50% on the 4 & 5%. I have ~18k in there
Roth IRA: Created an account this year, however, I have not contributed anything. Probably should?
Savings: 6k. I have a vacation coming up to so that will go down by 1k. Also that's on a BofA savings account giving me not interest or the 0.01% which is the same thing
I have an 11month CD @ 5% with 11k in it. Maturity date is in Jan 2024 I think.
Emergency fund of 4 months in a HYSA with 10k in it.
Fidelity Brokerage Account: I have 10k in Money Market Funds giving 4.49% yield at the moment.
Crypto account with about: $1200
I have invested in the stock market before for a couple years. I made a lot of money which helped me buy the condo but I also lost a lot of money lol so Im just taking a break from it at the moment. Ive been looking at the boggleheads and thinking of putting some money in index funds but have not yet.
What are your thoughts? Should I start putting money in the Roth? Do I need to increase my emergency fund? Should I pay off my car? Do I bump my 401k contribution? What else am I missing? Any help is appreciated.
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2023.05.29 14:13 Thehealthygamer One week in Thailand, photos and thoughts.

One week in Thailand, photos and thoughts.
This is the beginning of a 3+ month trip to SEA. I was apprehensive as I haven't done any long overseas trips but so far it's been super easy and smooth! So if you're on the fence, just do it! Thailand is very easy to navigate for English speakers and with smart phones now it's dead smooth to get around and find accommodations, etc.
Photo 1: China Town. Stayed on a river front little hotel for $20/night and wandered the markets. Ate soo much good food. Favorite was grandma Noi's duck noodles, 70 baht a bowl!
Photo 2: Inside Wat Pho
Photo 3: Party boats going down the Cha Phraya River with a Wat in the background.
Photo 4: Prawns at a night market
Photo 5: A Buddha head grown over by a bodhi tree. Blanking on the name of the Wat but it's in Ayutthaya.
Photo 6-15: Various temples in and around Ayutthaya. We took a train up here from Bangkok, 2 hours, 15 baht each. Stayed at a guest house on the river for 650baht/night. Ate a ton of street food from the vendors at the various markets. My favorite were the boat noodles, seafood omlettes, and rotti.
One thing that made me apprehensive was a lot of the negative things I read online in researching Thailand. I haven't found any of the negative things listed in reviews to be bothersome. I think it's all about expectations. For example our first hotel, it was $20/night and lots of complaints online, like sure, it's not amazing and it's run down but you're paying $20/night! Don't expect a 5 star resort for that price.
The canals will be smelly, there will be traffic, there will be trash, there are stray dogs, yes it is hot. But that's just part of the experience. We've had an incredible time.
All this is to say don't let what you read online turn you off! This has been some of the smoothest and most enjoyable traveling I've ever done. The thai people are so kind! Just learning to say Sawati krap and kap kun krap goes a long way.
We've just been winging it as we go. Using Google and agoda to find places to stay. Grab app to get places if it's far but mostly walking around if it's under 3km. Discovered a ton of really cool alleyways and local spots that way. Point to the food you want. Lots of vendors speak a little English too.
We found the best food just walking around at the street markets and seeing what was popular with the locals. Our worst meals have been in the more expensive(relatively) touristy restaurants.
As far as budget goes I was a bit worried about thailand being more expensive now but every room we've booked so far has been under $20, all private rooms non hostels with A/C. Food has been $10-20 a day just eating everything we want from street vendors. Walking around a lot saves money on transportation. The most expensive thing so far has been bjj and muay thai training. Got our asses kicked at a gym in Ayuttha, training in 100 degree thailand heat is something else!!
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2023.05.29 14:12 VitalyStot Best range hood duct installation services in Kennesaw?

Best range hood duct installation services in Kennesaw?
If you're in Kennesaw and searching for top-notch range hood duct installation services, look no further than MMI. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional installation services that meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are confident that MMI is the best company for all your range hood duct installation needs.
Why Choose MMI for Range Hood Duct Installation in Kennesaw?
1. Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the industry, MMI has established itself as a leading provider of range hood duct installation services in Kennesaw. Our team of skilled professionals possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in handling all types of installations.
2. Quality Craftsmanship: At MMI, we take great pride in our artistry. We ensure every installation is carried out with precision and attention to detail. Our skilled technicians use the latest tools and techniques to install your range hood duct flawlessly.
3. Timely and Efficient Service: We understand the importance of time and strive to complete every installation project within the agreed-upon timeframe. Our highly efficient team ensures that your range hood duct installation is completed promptly without compromising on quality.
4. Competitive Pricing: At MMI, we believe in offering our customers excellent value for their money. Our range of hood duct installation services is competitively priced, ensuring you receive top-quality service without breaking the bank.
5. Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else. From the moment you contact us until the completion of the installation, we strive to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to address questions or concerns.
Contact MMI for Range Hood Duct Installation Services Today
Regarding range hood duct installation in Kennesaw, MMI is the company you can trust. With our expertise, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we stand out as the best choice in the area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or inquire further about our services. Experience the MMI difference for yourself!
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2023.05.29 14:12 quietpilgrim Chronic Illness and Falling Behind in Life (Because You Just Can Never Get Enough Done)

I've often pondered if many of my "life problems" are related to just poor time management. Or maybe I'm just unmotivated or lazy. Or, conversely that I have been overambitious and took too much on. Of course, there's loads of advice out there on how to deal with each of these. But as the old song says about "the good advice that you just can't take", when you have a chronic illness, there's so much advice that I really just can't take - but without the ability to take that advice, life starts to spiral downward.
Back in junior high, I had a science teacher that talked about why you can't put 40 pounds in a 20 pound bag. That has life implications too. And as chronic illness sufferers, our bags are so much smaller than everyone else's due to the limitations our diseases bring. "Life", in so many ways today, demands that you try to stuff 40 pounds into that 20 pound bag. Work multiple jobs. Have that side hustle. Because you're going to need that just to scrape by. I don't need to tell any of you how expensive life has gotten over the past few years. Life demands something of us, like a villain who puts a knife to our throat demanding $1000, but as chronic illness sufferers, we only have $500 to give.
I've never been a "high energy person." I was plagued with chronic ear infections as a child. After a failed marriage in my early 20's, I became a single parent and cobbled together enough work to keep us afloat while being there for my children. I'd go to the doctor and tell him how run down I felt. Finding little with basic blood tests, I was told to go on vitamins, which didn't do anything for me. In my 30's the chronic ear infections came back with a vengeance, this time with other correlating problems that drain me even more. After multiple ENT's, I finally found one who cared enough to put a tube in, which while not solving the actual problem, at least gave a path for the ear to drain. But by this time, I now have diagnoses of a vestibular disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome. At least that's the official diagnosis. But none of my doctors (ENT, neurologist, ophthalmologists, rheumatologists), are absolutely certain about any of this.
I used to say that when you have time, you have no money. And when you have money, you have no time. This illness has robbed me of both. After working with an occupational therapist, I came to the conclusion that I maybe have 6-8 "good hours" per day to give. Not to a job. To life. The problem is that life still demands so much more of me. When life demands 12-14 hours a day, and you can only do 8, what happens to the other 4-6 hours? It just piles up. I'm dealing with literally years of piled up stuff that needs to be dealt with, and more gets piled up every day. All these things that pile up become emotionally charged due to my negligence in dealing with them. And then feelings of inadequacy, anger and disgust set in.
On Saturday, I recorded my "useful" activities for the day:
I don't post these here to make anyone feel good or bad about where they are at (I know from reading on here that some of you are in much worse ways than I am). But that doesn't put a dent in all the other things I really needed and wanted to get done. I never feel like I'm doing enough, and I'm worried about how all of this is going to affect my future if I can't somehow find a way "get it together".
I guess this is just a rant, but if anyone has useful advice, I'd be grateful. Thank you for listening.
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2023.05.29 14:12 concrete_dandelion Neighbour tries to tell me when to walk my dog

I just moved in with my mom for a new place due to disability. I'm currently rarely able to walk my dog and when it's not far. My mom does most dog walks.
Karen told me several times, when, how often and how long to walk my dog, including exact times. This works for her dog who's significantly younger than mine and had a hard time learning to potty outside. She had seen my dog all of 3 times when she started that shit.
My dog is almost 14, has a pre-existing health condition that affects his mobility, can't walk as long anymore without pain of fatigue, doesn't want to walk as often anymore, has no issues with pottying inside, tells you when he needs to go outside of our potty rounds, needs a good while to get his body going and be ready to walk in the morning (which suits me as my body is the same) and has never been a morning person. Like even when we both walked 5-7km a day in the mountains I had to sometimes force him to get up and go potty by 11am and he always needed a lot of motivation to go out before 9am. Which is accounted for by a late night potty round.
I told his former foster (a certified dog trainer who helped me set up the perfect potty and exercise routines depending on what was going on with him health-wise) and she answered (direct quote): "He's not even able to sort his four legs at 7am and at 6am he neither knows where he is, nor who he is." which is a perfect description of my boy.
Other crap this lady said: "All her disabilities and health struggles are just psychiartric" (after failing to downplay them), implying because she can do more than me and is my mom's age I'm just lazy because I can't lift heavy stuff, do things that require strength or balance and my mom is spoiling me a bit due to being in month 4 of 24/7 extreme pain (before February it was only 10 days a month that were that bad and 20 days of manageable pain) and helping me get up and walk when I'm dizzy, telling me it's totally wrong that we moved into our new place without renovating (a nicely renovated place is great, but it takes time and money we didn't have), trying to rile up my dog to bark because she's annoyed he barely does that and stops on command while her well trained dog barks all the time (joke's on her, my dog stopped on command - saying it's allright - because that's one of the things we focused on in training, informed me that he needed my help and I came to "rescue" him from that mean person annoying him), telling me I need to use water to train the street dog behaviour out of him and that he's "damaged" because after 9 years on the streets you can't get rid of trauma and survival strategies, even though he was fostered by a dog trainer.
The list of "damage": Needs to always be on leash due to an independent streak (though he always comes back to me absolutely happy, just not always in the moment I want him to), a tendency to hunt and a tendency to jump at cars (according to his x-ray he has once been hit by a car and sustained spine damage), is a master thief that needs to be outmanoeuvred constantly to prevent suicide by food and has a hard time stopping to beg or take food (needs supervision and guidance to do that) as well as exchanging stuff he found for treats (doesn't work perfectly). Or in other words: This dog has a history.
I'm not sure if I should be infuriated or amused.
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2023.05.29 14:11 JasonOrion What if we traded back?

We've talked to death about Cam Whitmore, Taylor Hendricks, Jarace Walker, and Ausur Thompson but something we haven't really talked about much is the possibility of trading back.
The truth is... we've got our star players already, Cade was taking 1st overall for a reason, and he averaged 20, 6, and 6 while injured this season. Ivey finished last season averaging 20.7 points and 7.1 assists over the last 12 games shooting 38.6% from 3 on 6.8 attempts per game. Duren nearly averaged a double-double while playing most of his games off the bench and shooting less than 6 shots per game, if Duren was in this draft class like he was supposed to he would be a top 5 pick.
The point is that we don't need to take a high-risk, high-reward prospect. A case could be made that the #1 need we have is depth, not star power. The only players on a rookie contract after this upcoming season is Cade, Ivey, and Duren. Getting multiple 1st rounders to fill out the roster may be better than just having #5, considering the salary cap makes signing numerous quality role-players difficult (on top of having to pay a premium in order for them to play in Detroit).
All that being said, I'm gonna commit the cardinal sin of NBA Reddit: proposing a hypothetical trade. I'm gonna try to be as realistic as possible while trying to make a good trade for us. So, we may have to give up more than you or I would want in this trade but that's just how the NBA is, I mean... remember when we thought we we're gonna get #7 for Jerami Grant? Anyways, this is the trade...
This is presented as a 4-team trade, but it's easier to understand as 3 trades in a row.
Trade #1:
DET sends: Isaiah Livers, Best of NOP or POR 2026 2nd, Best of NYK or MIN 2026 2nd, pick #5
DET receives: Rudy Gay (Salary Dump), Simone Fontecchio (salary dump), #9, #16, and #28
Rationale: Again, we give up more than I think we probably should because that's just what tends to happen in the NBA. Both Rudy Gay and Simone's contracts are 1-year deals so we wouldn't take on any long-term salary and we wouldn't have to extend Livers who may want more than we are willing to give.
Livers could be a solid backup for the Jazz. The 2nds could be used by the Jazz in future draft day trades, which are gonna happen considering how many picks they have after the Mitchell and Gobert trades. The reason the Jazz trade up is to get that high-risk, high-reward player we don't need. Lauri Markannen has already broken out as an all-star, and Walker Kessler looks like a future DPOY in the making. #5 could be a solid co-star for those two. This trade will also save the Jazz money which they could use to sign role-players. The Jazz were a play-in team for most of the season and this trade will help them return to the playoffs more than not making this trade.
Trade #2:
DET sends: Best of MEM or WAS 2024 2nd, Best of GSW or WAS 2025 2nd.
DET receives: Richaun Holmes (Salary Dump), #24
Rationale: This is a generic salary dump, the Kings love 2nd round picks for some reason and for every draft they have a couple (like #38 and #54 in this draft). Richaun Holmes could be a mentor for Wiseman and Bagley, or he could take over as the backup center. The Holmes salary dump will save them $12,046,020, not drafting at #24 will save them $2,244,300. Overall, assuming they decline Dozier's option, they will have around $39 million in cap space which they could use to re-sign Barnes to a $15 million per year deal and sign Naz Reid to a $12 million per year deal, which will leave $12 million to give Sabonis as part of his extension similar to what the Pacers did with Turner's extension.
Trade #3:
DET sends: Bojan, Burks, #24, #28, #31
DET receives: Bertans (salary dump), McGee (salary dump), #10
Rationale: Okay, this is a lot more than I think we should have to give up but again it's in the interest of trying to create the most realistic deal possible. Bertans and McGee's contracts aren't THAT bad, Bertans only has $5 million guaranteed in 2024-25, and McGee is only getting paid $6 million that season. Bertans is also a good enough shooter to potentially be a backup.
For Dallas, they get a proper 3rd option in Bojan, a solid backup SG in Burks, and 3 picks in the perfect range to draft bigs which they desperately need. Getting 3 rookies will definitely help them salary-wise as they will likely have to pay Kyrie a max to keep him on the team, and 2 max contracts on a team are hard to work around.
We would have to take on a few salary dumps, but we would still have $12,421,395 in cap space. With that cap space, we could still sign a player like Donte DiVincenzo this off-season. We could extend Stew for $12 million per year and still have around $39 million in cap space next season (assuming the cap rises at the same rate next year). With 6 players on rookie contracts, 2 solid role players on inexpensive deals, and $39 million in cap space we would have a lot of options for that money.
So, what do you think about moving down? Should we move down and try to focus on filling out the roster or should we stay at #5 and try our luck with a high-risk, high-reward prospect?
submitted by JasonOrion to DetroitPistons [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 14:10 Liberty-Prime76 Letter of Marque - A NoP Fanfic 9

As always, thank you to u/SpacePaladin15 for the wonderful universe that is NoP
Thank you to u/cruisingNW for proof reading and helping me out of some hang ups, you're the man!
First Prev. Next
Memory Transcription Subject: Christopher A. Dewey, Human Merchant Sailor, Venlil-Human Exchange Participant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 24th, 2136.
I felt like I got hit by a truck. A small one, but still a truck.
Ensign Frenchman packed a pretty good punch and a mean hook for his size. Hopefully some time in therapy would help direct them a little better. I can’t say I blamed him, I don’t know what I’d do if I got word Ryan had been killed. I wouldn't take it out on the nearest Venlil, but it sure as shit wouldn’t have been pretty.
I’d gotten better at working the showers but Taisa still laughed at me as I fumbled with the control panel. Eventually I remembered the right button, swinging the privacy curtains between us. She seemed to find it odd that Humans were so skittish about our privacy but relented when I reminded her we didn’t exactly have fur. Filling the tub with warm water and some kind of soapy oil I slid in to soak; still pressing the melting ice pack to my tender cheek.
“Chris?” Taisa began, her tub having finished filling. “What do you think they’ll do with him?” “What do you mean?”
“Well… what do Humans do with individuals with Predator Disease?”
“Predator Disease?” I asked, working shampoo through my hair. “You mentioned it before, but I can’t say that I’m familiar with the term. Something about you having to do ‘socialization’?”
“Ya know… Predator Disease. People who are… different… are dangerous.” She responded, that note of sadness slipping into her voice again.
“Oh, we just call that mental illness I guess.”
“Ok, then what do Humans do with them?”
“Well, it depends. Some people just need some meds, help with coping mechanisms and therapy or counseling. Others need some more in depth treatments or, in more extreme cases, isolation.” I groaned, the tension of the fight leaving my muscles. “I figure for him he’ll get grief counseling, maybe some mandatory anger management classes and probably some degree of reprimand from the U.N. for his behavior.”
“Is this… therapy and anger management how Humans deal with their urges?” She asked, a thoughtful tone in her voice.
“Our… What?” I responded, confusion in my voice at the odd question.
“You know, your predatory instincts. Like violence, blood-thirst and stuff.” There was not a hint of irony nor joke in the statement.
After a moment of baffled silence I reached up and hit the button to move the curtain aside.
Taisa's messin' with me, she's gotta be.
The sudden movement of the curtain seemed to startle her, tail splashing through the water behind her, but the look on her face was most certainly serious.
“Taisa…” I sighed, pinching my fingers on the throbbing bridge of my nose. “Did you think I’ve been fighting the urge to eat you this whole time?”
“Um… No…? Maybe?” She beeped quietly, embarrassment clear in her voice as her ears lowered to the sides.
My eyes didn’t leave her as I sighed again, “No. I have never had the urge to eat you, or any Venlil. There are no urges to fight, because they don’t exist.” Her ears flicked meekly, as I broke eye contact, switching the button to close the drapes. After a moment, I asked a counter-question: “Taisa, do Venlil have a constant instinctual need to consume any plants you see? Or do you go ‘Hey I’m hungry, I could really go for a salad.’?”
“No, we don't have a need to consume every plant we see, it's just… We only know about one other predatory species, and by all accounts they do feel that urge. I just… got kind of worried from what I saw earlier. So many of the Humans in the cafeteria just seemed so angry, so… out of control.” Taisa sunk down to her chin in the tub, her ears back, like she was trying to hide from the words.
“Did I?” I countered, leaning against the side of the tub, pushing buttons until I found one to turn on a water-jet to massage the soreness from my sides.
“...No.” She conceded, her head raising out of the water a little as she grabbed a tube of shampoo, squirting a small amount into her open paw. “But… It’s not You that I’m worried about.” “Do you trust me, Taisa?”
She froze a moment, and I could see the shadow of her ears swivel as she thought, before turning, head and ears, to focus on me through the privacy screen. “Yes.” I lifted my head up above the privacy screen, her gleaming amber eyes met mine and I measured my tone to emphasize my promise. “Then trust me when I say that no sane Human has urges, plans, or instincts to eat you, a Venlil, or any other Sapient being for that matter. Sure as the sun rises in the morn’ no one’s eatin’ you on my watch.” I smiled, splashing water over at her as her ears lifted a little, laughing as she splashed water back at me.
Memory Transcription Subject: Taisa, Venlil Starship Mechanic, Venlil-Human Exchange Participant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 24th, 2136.
I sank into the warm waters, letting the wood scented oils soak into my wool, my tail slowly swaying through the water beneath me. I didn’t need to do a full wash for another paw or so but I always found it relaxing to just soak for a while. It was a good bonus that it helped to loosen any knots in my wool, not that I really ever got too many of them with how short I kept it.
My admission to Chris that I trusted him sat in my chest in a way I really couldn’t describe; it wasn’t a bad feeling per se, just… new. I hadn’t really ever had someone that I think I could say I actually trusted, outside of my family of course. It was difficult to process that the first person I really trusted in so long… was a predator. He was the first person to have ever come back; predator or not he stuck around. If he was willing to see beyond my past… Then I was willing to give him, and his species, the benefit of the doubt. Even if the topic was about eating me.
I allowed my thoughts to drift while I reveled in the warmth of the water soaking into my bones, when I heard water move from Chris’ direction. Watching his shadow through the privacy curtain Chris opened the bag he had brought in with him, setting out what looked like a few bottles and a brick of… something?
How do Humans keep clean? Do they have to clean more often than we do? They don’t have fur to shampoo outside of their heads so maybe it’s less? Still, Chris’ hair is just as well kept as any Venlil’s wool I’d ever seen, and longer than my father’s, so he certainly doesn't neglect it.
“Chris,” I began, my tail curling in curiosity, his shadow jumped slightly as I spoke up. “How do Humans groom?”
It’s kinda cute that I can scare him, sometimes.
“Well, it’s a little different for everyone, I suppose. For one, most Humans take showers to get clean, and baths to relax; it’s a lot quicker that way for us. Hell, shipboard I didn’t even have the option to take a bath; we only had the showers.” He responded, squirting some viscous liquid from an upturned bottle into an open hand; was that human shampoo?
"Ok, then how do you groom?” I asked as he worked his hands together before running them through his hair and beard.
He chuckled at that before dunking his head under water and shaking his hands through his hair vigorously for a few seconds before coming back up. “Luckily for me I’m a civilian sailor, otherwise I wouldn’t really have anything to take care of in the first place. As it is though, I use a specialized strengthening shampoo every other day to give it thickness and shine paired with Argan oil conditioner a couple times a week for some nice softness.” Chris grabbed another of his bottles and squirted it into his hands, repeating the same motion to work it into his hair but not immediately washing it out, Human conditioner, then? ”Granted, all that wouldn’t matter much without regular trips to my barber, Lorenzo, back home, that old bastard can cut hair like no one else alive. Pair that with some good wax pomade, beard oil and a stiff comb to keep everything in line between cuts… and I’m set! Gotta work to look this good!” I couldn’t see it through the curtain but I was certain he had that wide goofy smile on his face.
His routine sounded surprisingly similar to mine, albeit with less area to cover, although the answer didn’t quite cover everything. “What about the… rest of you?”
“Ah,” He started, reaching over to fetch and hold up the brick. “That's what the soap is for, nothing special here, just suds and sandalwood, rub it into a washcloth, wipe everything down and rinse off! How do Venlil groom? I imagine it can get tedious having that much wool to clean and comb through.”
“It’s not all too dissimilar from your hair routine, in all honesty. Every few paws I rub my face wool with cleaning powder - I use a Basin Tree oil based powder - and rinse it out. I can’t stand putting shampoo in my head wool, it always finds its way into my eyes. Then for the rest of my wool I use an Elva flower scented shampoo and Chessiu nut oil based conditioner! I use a pretty soft brush for my wool since it’s not often I have knots that have to get worked through; outside of my tuft.” I ran my claws through the thick tuft of wool on my head to emphasize the point, scratching lightly at the skin beneath.
“Not all Venlil do but I always try to scrape and shine under my claws. The feeling of gunk building up drives me mad, especially if I’ve been servicing carbon filters.” I shuddered, shaking out my wool at the memory of the pressure under my claws.
“I hear that, I hated getting packing grease stuck under my nails whenever I had to help the Chief get through some of the maintenance while we were underway. Gotta go after it with a pick; horrid feeling. Can’t imagine it feels any better with retractable claws.” I giggled a little at that, imagining the big human hunched over, a small pick in one hand delicately trying to dig grease out from his ‘nails’. “Do Venlil have to trim their claws back? Every week or two I have to clip my nails down so they don’t get too long.”
“We, or at least I, don’t clip my claws. I file them back once a cycle or so to keep them from getting to be too much to actually work with, but if I go too far then they’ll snap on me if I pry with them wrong and that brahking hurts.” I responded, flexing my paw, I probably wasn’t too far off from needing to tend to my claws again, now that I thought about it.
“I can’t say I’ve broken any nails but I’ve slammed my fingers in plenty of door jambs and joints. Now that hurts like nothing else.” He countered, chuckling a little.
All the talk of work over the last few days, explaining what I had studied, hearing about Chris’ time at sea, gushing, somewhat embarrassingly, over his family’s truck and just… talking, really talking had planted a seed in my head. One that was finally sprouting.
“Chris, what do you think you’re going to do once the Exchange Program is over?” I asked as my ears perked up, tail swishing through the water in curiosity.
“Huh…” He grunted, stopping a moment as he thought, before his hand reached over and hit the button for the privacy screen again to meet my eyes. “I hadn’t really thought about it, if I’m honest. I'm not sure! I could go home and go back to sailing, but that doesn't really feel like enough after... this. Honestly I’d rather fly the stars than sail the seas at this point. What about you?”
"I was trying to get a job in my field but I can't seem to find a crew or shipping company that will have me, especially with the current state of the trade markets; and I'd rather not join the Corps if I can help it. Outside of that, it would just be going back to Heartwood River to help my family with the equipment on the farm I guess." I sighed, ears pinned to my head, my paws kneading into the tuft of my tail as I remembered the issue I had been trying to avoid by signing up for the exchange.
"Guess we could always get our own ship and try to make it on our own." He chuckled, amused by the idea. "Although I doubt that'd be easy, Humans don't really have our own commercial FTL ships yet, and I don’t exactly know how to fly one either. I don't suppose you know any Venlil who could give us a good deal on a freighter??"
“Course I do! Got little Vikki the shipwright here tangled in my wool!”
Chris smiled at that and smashed his hands down into the bath before exclaiming. "Well there we go! We get a ship from Vikki, pick up some cargo and make runs from VP to Earth and back! Easy money and easy work for both of us! I'd bet there's people all over both planets spoilin' to get goods from the other!" He exclaimed, excitement apparent in his voice. "Uh... I don’t suppose lil’ Vikki there has a price in mind?"
“Yeah here, let me check!” I dunked my snout under the water and burbled a high whistle, earning a healthy guffaw from my partner. Resurfacing, I answered, “Vikki said 20mil. and your dad’s truck; I feel like his head’s a little higher than the reeds, if ya know what I mean.”
Chris was cackling by now, “That much huh?! Could always rob a bank! My old man may not like losing the truck though.” He laughed, glancing over at me before crossing his arms over his chest. “‘Hello sir, I’d like one of your finest ships please, no don’t mind the cops outside, they’re here for someone else.’”
I giggled a little, dropping my voice to a whisper as my ears pinned forward “No, no that's too obvious, we have to be stealthy about it. Better plan would be to just put on a set of Labor Safety gear and fly off with one, no one ever questions L and S.”
He threw his head back in laughter at that. “I shouldn’t be surprised that people don’t wanna get visits from space OSHA any more than normal OSHA. I guess cuttin’ safety is a universal constant.”
“Maybe we could get the Exchange program to pay for it?” I asked giggling again as my tail thrashed through the water behind me at the joke.
He chuckled a little before adding, “Yeah I bet they would love to pay for an interspecies merchant ship. Not like they’re swimming in-” His voice caught and his body froze. I watched as his face contorted through a dozen different expressions, before he settled on ‘distressingly wrinkled’ and stroked his hand down his beard. “... We could tell the Exchange program we want to… ‘Run an experiment on Human-Venlil business partnerships.’ Yeah that sounds nice… Maybe if it’s official-like they might pick up the tab!”
"Ha! Business partnerships! Like the program would ever go for that." I was whistling my humor, but Chris grew a broad smile and his eyes gleamed with wicked mischief.
My tail slowed in the water, "Wait… That couldn't actually work. Right, Chris?" I didn’t receive a response, instead he was intently mumbling to himself.
"-UN's the only world power in this, and they’ve been bending over backward to make it work… The blockade can't be good for the economy, so VP has to be as desperate for this to work as we are… they're already doing training for pilots, and they have way more soldiers than merchants…"
His eyes snapped up to meet mine, and I couldn't hide my hesitancy at the mad look in them, "Taisa, I know we were joking earlier, but this time I'm serious: do you know where we could buy a freighter?"
My ears swiveled as I racked my brain, "A-Actually…" I pondered, my ears pricked up with hope at the idea. "Wh-When the blockades with the federation happened a lot of freight companies went out of business; or sold their old ships to the yards at a loss to stay liquid. I doubt many of the ships have really moved, considering the blockades are still up; and a lot of traders are still a little bolty about trading with Humans. Really just about any sizable shipyard should have a fair few on paw that they’re probably looking to turn for a quick profit."
His hand continued to work through his beard as he processed the thought. “We might actually be able to get that to work… Doubtful they’ll pick up the tab on anything too big but that just means we work higher value cargo. Curio contracts, charter service and specialty hauls would be our bread and bu-… uh, Jelly. How long is the trip from Earth to VP?”
I racked my brain for a moment considering the distance. “Drives run at [Human Unit: 4.5 ly/hr]. That trip is around [Human Unit: 16 ly] so we’re looking at a little under a Claw for a run, give or take another half Claw for in-system maneuvers and landing clearance. By the Stars we could start a next paw delivery service and still have time to spare!”
“Hell that ain’t even that bad, I’ve had domestic flights longer than that. The training may be an issue but I can’t imagine them pitching in on the ship and leaving us out to dry on how to actually use it. The better question now is how we actually bring it up.” He sighed the last sentence as his eyes focused on a random spot on the wall.
As if to answer the question our pads beeped simultaneously, informing us of an incoming message.
Please report to the Partnership Program lead office promptly. Suite 4006 on deck 4.
Chris and I exchanged glances, considering the message on the pads before quickly finishing our time in the baths. Time, and convincing a multi-government alien integration agency to buy you an old ship, wait for no-one.

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2023.05.29 14:05 Biohazard883 Magazine for competition question

For those that are not competitive shooters, the common magazine limit is 141.25mm (5.56in) for magazine length. I like to stick with factory mags but unfortunately Glock jumps from a 17 round mag (too short) to a 25 round mag (too long).
There are mag extenders that fit onto the 17 and 15 round mags to extend them to 21/22 rounds and fit the length requirements, but after changing out the base pad and spring, it’s not a factory mag anymore. And there are aftermarket mags such as Magpul and ETS that have a 21/22 round limit from the factory.
Between these two options cost is a big factor. A factory mag is about $20 and the extension is going to run about $40 so that’s about $60 a mag for what is no longer a factory mag anyway. The aftermarket mags can be grabbed for about $18.
So what’s everyone’s experience with these two options. Is it worth the money do the extensions or is there an aftermarket option that works as well as a factory mag?
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2023.05.29 14:03 OkChemist715 Did Rick and Morty sample the same song as SuicideBoys?

So, I was listening to Drugs/Hoes/Money/etc, and the beat was awfully familiar. I looked it up and found out that it's sampled from Com Truise's 'Hyperlips' at 3:10. Is that the same sample that's also used in Season 5, Episode 10 at 14:07?
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