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2023.06.01 03:15 Haxrlequin Me and my bf never talk

My bf of six months used to talk to me every other day or sometimes every day (there are special circumstances where he isn’t able to speak to me) but recently even when he can, he doesn’t. And I’m a pretty outgoing and weird guy, I like to have clown makeup at school and I get why he avoids me, but it still hurts a lot. Auuuuhhh what do I doooo!!!!
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2023.06.01 03:15 SungHerSong [Spoiler] Recycled Sons of Anarchy plot points in Mayans MC

I noticed many recycled Sons of Anarchy plot points over the last few years. I posted a couple of comments about them, so I decided to make a post to draw more attention to this awful, lazy, downright insulting writing. There's likely more I can't remember at the moment. While some may be tenuous, with this many lazily recycled plot points, can you put anything past them at this point?
If this show ends with EZ riding his bike into a semi-truck, I might lose my shit.
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2023.06.01 03:15 RealityCheckFourU CIG Wake Up!!

Damn selling WB's for new cash and then yanking the rug right out from underneath people. Real classy CIG. PSA - Request a refund and get your money back, you have 30 days to do this so hit CIG where it hurts just like they attempted to do to their backers. Stay Classy CIG. Yes it's being reverted until Jun 27th but prove the point.
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2023.06.01 03:15 Vchat20 Proper root methods w/LineageOS in 2023?

Bringing my V20 out of mothballs once again. Working on getting Lineage updated but having a heck of a time trying to get root to stay. I got it working initially but now Magisk is saying it's not installed and the few apps that need it complain that there's no root.
I basically did the 'old school' process that I've been used to: TWRP is the recovery I already have installed. Sideloaded, in order: LineageOS 19.1, Magisk, then Gapps. Rebooted.
That's basically where I'm at currently. Any assistance or pointers are greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.01 03:14 kooky_bird786 Car broken into… need advice (REPOST)

Car broken into… need advice (REPOST)
Reposting this because I couldn’t add pics to the original post!!! So I just bought my car (lancer 2005) and didn’t have insurance since I bought it like a day ago. Was broken into last night. The ignition barrel and locking has been damaged, and the keyhole from the outside. Really frustrated but i don’t know where to go to get it fixed or how much it should cost. I can’t travel super far because I haven’t got a usable car, but I would love some advice on what to do, where I can go etc. Are there any mechanics who can give me a quote online? I’m located in mount Roskill.
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2023.06.01 03:13 Hot_Addendum_5639 GREAT NEWS. Morale has gone up a little in my station.

Senior manager told us today that instead of our station closing in September (due to the merge) we are closing July 31st. BUT We get minimums until September 1st. A free month vacation. Plus we still get our severances. Just a little good news after all of the bad that’s been happening with the merge. It seems if you’re station ends of merging that they’ll do they’re best to take care of you.
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2023.06.01 03:13 AceSAMM A hard-as-nails 2D/3D platformer

So my idea for a game is a fast-paced, high-octane platformer where you have an ability powered by a gauge that allows you to fly and drill at any direction using the right stick, and the steering is silky smooth, you could turn a 180° within half a second. However, that isn’t enough. There could also be some occasional 3D sections. They would be a bit more platformer focused with some combat sections. Of course, there will be a soft lock on that will guid the player to hit the enemy if they are absolutely aiming for their target. The steering controls could use the right stick, but the drill would be activated by the R2 button and would basically have some sort of basic plane controls. There would be three different settings for those either wanting to experience the story or just wanna try out the cool moves(there would either be homing attacks, or a cursor for the right stick to aim at enemies when drilling), not wanting to commit to the controls but still want to be challenged (if diagonal, then turning left/right would only spin you around), or wanting to be stylish and skilled (with diagonal movements being difficult to turn left and right with since you would change direction from that angle) the combat would be a main focus and most moves would be used with attack buttons. Also as the game progresses, you get more speed and power, as well as cool moves. There would also be a block/parry/grab button that depends on timing. If you manage to press the button in perfect timing, you can actually grab the weapon and have little time to either press jump to do a spin jump attack that ends with slamming an enemy to the ground, or the attack button to do a spin attack before throwing the enemy (or press attack and THEN jump for a combo). Pressing too early will allow you to block most attacks. If there is a heavy weapon that isn’t a sword, you HAVE to time it perfectly to parry the attack, or else you take damage and knockback. You could also use the drill move to deflect weapons if you flick the right stick/attack at the swinging weapon at the correct time to give you a small opportunity to attack. You could even use later moves to chain throw attacks and destroy your enemies. The lock-on itself can change the camera angle towards enemies that are gigantic, and will give a good view for the player to see many surrounding enemies. It is also a bullet-hell game. You have a move that when timed properly, can let you phase through most basic bullets, and these are the main enemies/obstacles of the game. The bosses will test you with plenty of bullets. There are so many moves to unlock it is crazy. And this is a long adventure with many stages. The music would be dnb and breakbeat (and breakcore) to crank up the mood. The story and cutscenes would be prominent, but not overbearing, the secret final boss can be unlocked in a hardcore mode that is unlocked after beating the game, and you can use NG+ to start the game with all your stats reset, but you get all of the moves you bought from upgrades from the previous run. You could also bounce off the walls with the drill move and the 3D controls would be very smooth to control, as well as designing them so cheating won’t be a problem. There is so much more I wanna talk about but I think this is a good stopping point. A bullet-hell platformer that also focuses on combat with a variety of enemies.
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2023.06.01 03:13 dizzle_owo PS4 help

Hey gamers my PS4 is giving me a lot of issues and barely functions. I always have to initialize my PS4 to get it to try and function because everytime I try to boot it up it usually just crashes at some point before it reads all the games in my external hard drive I have a 2 terabyte Seagate drive filled with a lot of games I want to play but it always tells me the database is corrupt and needs to restart and it's just a constant headache and game of chance praying my damn system works. I don't know what's wrong with it but when it does get through reading my games it runs super slow if it doesn't crash trying to launch and play something in the first place. I really want to use my PS4 but don't want to pay like 200+ dollars for a new one, does anyone know what issues I might be having or if I have a cheap way to fix it cause at this point I'm considering taking it to a repair shop or something hopefully y'all will give me good news and won't tell me I'm screwed. Anyways I apologize for the wall of text and I hope anyone who got this far has a good day.
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2023.06.01 03:13 ukaelezerk Where to watch Memoirs of a Murderer Drama subbed online, no pop-ads, for free!

Where to watch Memoirs of a Murderer Drama subbed online, no pop-ads, for free!
Looking for place to watch Memoirs of a Murderer for free? We just updated it to Drama Full, follow the below link to watch/download it: Memoirs of a Murderer
The movie begins in the year 1995 where there were 5 peculiar murder cases. The murderer would always get someone close to the victim to witness how he would strangle the victim from behind with a rope but he would let the witnesses go and speak to the media on how the murders happened. Ito plays the role of Makimura, the police detective who was in charge of investigating the serial murders but failed to catch the cunning murderer and his respected superior ended up being killed as well. 22 years later in 2017 when the case is nearing its statute of limitations, a man named Sonezaki claims to be the culprit for the 1995 murders and even publishes a book titled "Watashi ga satsujinhan desu" to talk about the cases. Despite the disgust towards Sonezaki's actions, the intensive attention showered on him via the media and SNS makes him become the talk of town.
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2023.06.01 03:13 Clean_Idea2803 The story of Kanika and Cherry

I’m finally speaking out about what happened. Kanika and I were good friends for 5 months. During the time, there was no drama. Just lots of love bombing. At first I thought she was my true friend. We would talk all day everyday and even planned to write a book together. She would even stick up for me when I was getting hate comments and even told me about how she bought me 5k worth of skincare. K also encouraged me to make TikToks and I was advertised on her social media. I thought she would never turn against me because of how close we were and I never saw her act like this towards anyone else. At one point she confessed her feelings for me and I said I like her too. The plan was for her to come to my house and meet my parents. My parents approved of her at the time because they saw how happy I was.
I was her best friend and one day she made a groupchat where she body shamed me for days spreading horrific lies and insults. She took back everything she said. Went from sending me love messages everyday and giving compliments talking about how she wants to date to insulting my surgery, saying how she would never find me attractive, called me obsessive, and claimed she never wanted to be my girlfriend. Kanika told the group I was bullying them when all she did was talk behind their back. She turned on me for no reason and even after the bullying I was still nice to her. When I asked her why? her response was that I was stealing her content. Every friend she’s had she talked trash about and then said I was the one who did. She teamed up against me with a teenage girl who she said she hated and wanted to kill for months. I begged for her back but she said she didn’t want to be friends with me since I’m a liar because I didn’t tell her my real name along with a few other things. At the time kanika said that she talked about me out of rage but it wasn’t just a one time thing. She bullied me in that group for days even after she said she was sorry. She said the girlfriend thing was a joke when it went on for a week and we talked about future plans.
During the time when I was missing her, I made a bunch of TikToks without saying her name. K said people were sending her threats and blaming her for my mental health. I then made a video saying not to blame her like she asked. She went the extra step and doxxed me. This all happened during the month of May where she became suspicious and paranoid about everyone
To this day I wonder why? What was the point of spending so much time with me just to turn all of a sudden? Why bully people who have done nothing but love and support you? Does she like playing games or does she not know what she wants and just switches up? I get that friends have arguments but nothing even happened between us. I would understand if she talked behind my back like a normal person but the things she said were extreme. One day she flipped and I’ll never understand what was the point. It’s just so sad. For so long I blamed myself and I realized there’s no reasoning with someone like this. She’ll always twist the story and play victim then will gaslight you into thinking she never said those things. All I know is I did nothing to deserve this treatment. I loved her more than anything.
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2023.06.01 03:12 a_d-_-b_lad [Landlord-CAN-On] What do I do?

So I finally got my tennants out. They skipped out on their last month's rent, and left a tonne of large furniture that is all broken garbage. There are so many cabinets and drawers that are broken in the kitchen that it is unusable. The fridge is destroyed and pieces are missing. I don't even want to walk in the bathroom. The hardwood floors are basically destroyed (stains, dog scratches….). They did however leave me a DILDO!
I believe that they have moved locally but I have no idea where. I do know where they work but with remote work these days I don't know if it when they are in the office.
I took them to the Tenant Bureau had a hearing which was uncontested. The TB did make it clear that even if they find in favor of me they do not track down tenants and will in no way enforce the judgment against the tenants. Such a useful organization.
So what do I do? I am trying to document the mess/damage but it is so much work and time and I am intimately aware that the likelihood that me getting any compensation out of my tenants is slim to none and slim left the building.
Also to be clear the unit is in no way rentable in its current state.
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2023.06.01 03:12 georgiainthejungle sex can be painful and i feel like my pleasure is almost being dulled down…what can i do??!!

so this is quite hard to explain. i do have vaginismus (pretty sure anyway) and i’ve been dilating and working on that and it’s going well so that’s not really the issue. my problem is that as good as sex can feel sometimes, i feel like i’m really missing something. it’s kind of always been like this for me, and it’s got a lot better since i’m seeing someone i have a proper connection with and i actually really really like. however, sex with him still isn’t this like mind blowing thing most of the time.
here’s what frustrates me. i’ve had really amazing sex with him a couple of times, where i’ve genuinely thought to myself after wow i didn’t know it was possible for sex to feel that amazing. however, most of the time it is just okay. i pretty much always have a great time and it’s really fun, but i’m talking in terms of actual pleasure. i cum maybe 70% of the time that we have sex which is always great, although because of these issues it can take me a while to get there (sometimes over an hour) and i have to really relax and focus on what’s happening to me kinda thing. it can also hurt sometimes, which is possibly from me getting him to go harder as i’m not really feeling anything.
all of this is quite annoying, and i’d love to be able to sort it and experience amazing sex like everyone seems to talk about, and like i’ve managed to have those times. it almost feels as though my clit and my vagina just switch off and become numb, and i’ll get little tingles or shocks of this amazing feeling but then it just quickly goes away. does anyone have any advice on this?? i’m really unsure what to do
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2023.06.01 03:12 DiskAdministrative76 OH - Medical insurance told me I would be covered until the end of the month after quitting job, now they say my employer sets that date and I am SOL for a $20k medical bill

I live, worked, and had surgery in Ohio. September 2022 I went on maternity leave from my work. I was supposed to return to work in December 2022, but decided to stay at home in the end. I had health insurance through my employer and had a gallbladder removal surgery scheduled for December 22, 2022 so I called them and explained the situation asking if my surgery would still be covered since I was not going to be returning back to work and my leave was about to be up. The phone call was recorded and I was told regardless of the date I resigned I would have health insurance coverage until December 31, 2022.
December 21, 2022, the day before my surgery, I went into my office to clear out my desk and explain the situation to my supervisor. He asked me to email him my official resignation letter and to please participate in an exit interview that would be scheduled by HR.
A few months ago my medical coverage for this was denied and when asking my insurance about it they said my last day of coverage was the 21st and that my work would have to update that if it is incorrect. I told them that they told me I was covered when I asked about this specific scenario and they said we shouldn't have said that because your work sets your coverage. I asked for a recording of the conversation I had with them where they told me I would be covered and they are still working on providing this but I know that they said I was covered because I was planning to either wait until January or file a life changing event in order to get on my husbands insurance.
On the other side of things I called my work and asked HR if they could update my last day to the 24th which is the day I sent in my resignation letter (email) and they told me that they are sorry but I told them my last day was the 21st (I did not) and that there is nothing they can do.
I've read that verbal resignation is accepted in some workplaces but my manager said he would need a formal written email from me for my resignation which I sent on the 24th after the surgery. Is this something worth fighting for them to change or am I out of luck?
Also in regards to the case with my health insurance where they told me that in my exact situation I would be covered and now are backtracking saying that is not true is there anything I can do on this end either?
The total medical bills we are owing for the procedures come to $20,000 and this is really not something we can afford to just throw away over these small mistakes when we tried to do our best to make sure we would be covered as I would have waited until January when I would be covered on my husbands plan or filed a life changing event to add me a few days early.
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2023.06.01 03:12 bunker_man Some things I think people gloss over about Kyubey.

This was inspired by another recent thread where part of the issue I think with the premise was that it was based on the idea that kyubey was just a kind of predatory entity using people for its own benefit. But this isn't really accurate.
To understand madoka, it helps to assess characters in terms of a scale from selfish to selfless. Naturally, people are inclined to think that the latter is synonymous with "good," but this isn't necessarily the case.
A big part of madoka is that many of the main characters are somewhat selfish. Often more than they realize. Mami tries to trick people into a decision she knew not to make on her own until she had no choice. Sayaka makes a seemingly selfless decision for someone else, but handles badly the fact that her intentions weren't that pure. Kyoko gives up on altruism entirely after a poor decision, and openly embraces selfishness.
Now, one of the main things distinguishing them from kyubey is... that he is not selfish. He doesn't do what he does for himself. He doesn't even have a concept of self. Individual kyubeys use the same name for themself as for their species, and are fully willing to die in the process of their activities without concern, because they can just make more.
The end of the show sets up an inverted dynamic. Kyubey acts without reference not only to himself, but to selves in general. The things he says he is accomplishing for the widest scale good aren't implied to be lies. Meanwhile, the deuteragonist is homura. Who very much is selfish. Sure, she doesn't overtly want to hurt people needlessly, but ultimately her priority is madoka. And this is her priority because of what madoka means to her. She doesn't care all that much who else dies as long as she can protect madoka.
This sets up a reflection on human nature itself. The word selfless is often used casually. But to actually see in practice someone who doesn't prioritize personal goals at all, just abstract wide scope ones, they come off very unrelatable. The word selfless seems awkward to use for kyubey, but that's because the word itself isn't really accounting for the dialectic that we want people to be self oriented enough to understand and relate to self interest to some degree, and that we expect a lack of selfishness to come off warm and benevolent when it's often not true.
As for kyubey's morality... well, it's honestly not that easy to say that what he did is objectively bad in the widest sense. He doesn't seem to be lying that he is doing the only thing he knows of to stave off the end of the universe. He also doesn't seem to be lying that human society shot forward mainly due to him coming to earth. And like he says, he doesn't force anyone into it. And he doesn't twist their wish. Their suffering is built into the premise of agreeing to have to fight.
Now, the two things associated with him and badness of course are 1: they are kind of young to know what they are getting into, and 2: he doesn't point out that the odds of them becoming a witch are fairly high. Now, these things aren't good. But these are things people are (lets be honest) willing to overlook if in a situation with heavy stakes. When is the last time anyone criticized the good side in the two towers for arming kids and sending them to fight. Avoiding having to do this is a luxury, not an absolute fact of life. A lot of things we take for granted are luxuries, and are things we want to be able to have, not something we could have in all situations.
The "villain" so to speak of madoka is not really kyubey. It's the imperfect nature of reality itself. Human darkness would form into evil entities that wreck havok on society even if kyubey never came to earth. And the fact that reality is headed to an end... well, this is a real concern. We might accept that we can't change it, but if you were in the position that could, it would be viewed as a life and death situation. Keep in mind, kyubey has been at this a long time. So the universe we see might already be past its natural life span. He makes it sound like there are some parts of space that are actually teetering on the edge.
A truth that a lot of people gloss over is that there often aren't really options where innocent people don't get hurt. People are always inclined to compare imperfect realities to hypothetical perfect solutions. But even if you are storming nazi Germany itself. A certain amount of dead innocents is accepted as an unavoidable collateral of war. Even if you minimize it, you can't erase it. And they didnt even have a choice. And that's before even getting into the fact that enemy soldiers may be drafted and fairly young themselves. You still have to kill them. Avatar style nice wars aren't a thing. To be a leader in such a situation is to unavoidably make sociopathic decisions, even if you made the best possible one.
So where does this leave us? Does that mean you have to just accept his system because it's for a greater good? Intuitively this seems wrong, but it's actually difficult to say why without special pleading. And as an extention of this, the show doesn't even try to. Homura doesn't offer a moral reason for opposing him, since she isn't doing it for moral reasons. Yet we find her more relatable, regardless of her moral framework. We want her to resist regardless if it is morally correct, because it seems unreasonable to have to accept being the one sacrificed, even if there is no path to less sacrifices, and your choice to reject may lead to a worse outcome.
In a way this realigns our relationship to morality itself. Sometimes it is relatable for someone to do something regardless if it is correct. And this opens the question of how much claim moral superiority should even have on us. You can't fall back on something like absolute rights, because those are luxuries that can't always be upheld in a life or death situation.
Whether you want to call it a deconstruction doesn't really matter, because deconstruction is a pretentious word anyways. But he is ultimately just a magical animal asking girls to fight for the greater good. Everything stems from this premise, including the fact that fighting is dangerous and always has sacrifices. We hold it against him that fighting in small numbers is dangerous, but that too is part of the premise. We can disagree with his idea of good, but he isn't doing this selfishly, but actually in the aim of this good. So one always has to ask what idea of "good" any seemingly benevolent person is using. Doctor strange gets someone killed, but we accept this. And they only accepted it under duress.
What makes this bad isn't even kyubey, but cold facts about the cruel universe itself. If my death could save some people I don't even know, there's a good chance I would try to run from that fate too. It's an obvious and understandable response. Society exists within a dialectic where we try to taper that response from going out of control. Madoka is similar to the ending of the last of us where we are pulled to root for joel even though we know he might be doing the wrong thing. Although in madoka it sides with rejection more strongly. But it still leaves ambiguous whether the choice of rejection isn't dooming a lot of unseen people. In the new world kyubey acts jumpy about the energy, implying there might be a crisis going on currently. And madoka still had to sacrifice herself, seemingly unavoidably. And keep in mind, even in madoka's "better" world there are still magical girls and they still need to fight. So a lot of this didn't come from kyubey at all.
Side point: this is why the third movie is kind of dumb. It caters more to what the fans' expectations were than what the show actually was. Half hour fanservice normal magical girl intro. Kyubey placed into a more overtly antagonist role, because it's how people saw him anyways. Homura "wow so cool she is le demon dxx." Over focusing on the relationship aspect. Mami's shirt became noticeably tighter. Wierd sex panting after a fight. Etc.
tl;dr passing kyubey off as a scheming self interested villain glosses over what his actual role is. He isn't self interested, and what he does is actually "good" from a lot of angles. The problems with it aren't just about him, but about the imperfect nature of reality itself. Whether or not it is "good," there is a sense in which it is understandable to react against some abstract greater good in favor of preventing yourself from being a sacrifice. But understandable may not mean good. And it raises the question of how to balance these.
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2023.06.01 03:11 Chelstrawberrymuffin In my childhood (ages 12-ish and under) I never had any signs of wanting to be a boy and was a typical girl. But I think I permanently fucked up my brain while in a VERY important developmental stage, and thats why a part of my brain permanently "feels like i'm a man".

As a young kid, i was a typical girl and i remember one time some girl even asked me when i was 11-12 if i'd rather be born a boy and i said something along the lines of "no ew, gross/disgusting."

But i began to "catfish"? online as a guy when i was late 12 to 13 years old. the reason i say "catfish?" with a question mark is bc... i dont really know what catfishing means anymore. i was basically honest about everything except for my sex or things that didnt fit my story of being that sex. but anyway, i basically had multipe entire lives online and friends and such who all thought i was 100% a boy and treated me as such and i beleive this is what made my (still developing) brain switch from being an average girl to mentally feeling like i am a man/guy with my whole heart. that switch doesnt happen easily or fast. i think it was from years and years and years of my brain getting repetitive reinforcement in my developing years that being male was who i am. because let me explain it to you this way..

usually children dont have much of an identity. and usually adolesence-ish, is whenever kids start to have EXPERIENCES in their life that show them who they are and help them develop an identity. its not just an emotional thing, the identity parts of their brain are literally still growing. i think if i wouldve only started catfishing as a guy at age like.. 21, then no i dont think id be stuck with this. but since i did it for several years in those periods where my brain was growing (ages 12 to 17), i think that my brain is in a way forever changed because of this. i know you all might argue against that but thats how it feels for me. i transitioned for 2 years, detransitioned multiple times, and throughout it all, ive never been able to shake the "mentally feeling like a man" thing that i gained at those young ages. so it very much feels real to me that me doing that forever altered my brain. maybe when im much older like 30-40, itlll change but i cant say that for sure.

the natural solution would seem like to counteract all these experiences by having more experiences "as a woman" but having experiences "as a woman" has always felt like im faking. there has never been a time in my entire life that i have felt like a woman. im only 4 years into adulthood so that may change, but i can positively say i have never felt like a woman whatever that means, therefore, having experiences as a woman feels wrong and doesnt bring me comfort.

i was just perfectly normal until i started catfishing online for several years as male. and plz dont ask why i began catfishing in the first place, its complicated and hard to explain. i basically was just exploring and thought guys get treated in a way that i prefer so why not introduce myself as that so people treat me the way i want? and they did. i have little to no experiences as a teen girl because all my memories are filled with experiences as a "teen guy" and getting treated as such. the only "female" memories i have are of being a female child. that's it. i dont even have any good memories of being a woman.
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2023.06.01 03:11 No_Gap1825 Potty training questions

I got my pom when she was about 4 months old, and honestly her start to potty training sucked. She was pad trained for way too long, and developed a bad habit of thinking it's ok to potty on the floor. She's about a year now and we've been a lot more strict with her.
We learned that she has a small blatter (or just refuses to hold it for too long) so we take her out every three hours. She did so good for a while, no accidents for maybe a month. But earlier this month we had her downstairs (where my mom's dogs piss is soaked into the grout) and she pooped on the floor. I was upset but I understood that her having accidents are always our fault. We normally keep her upstairs where the carpet is new and there's no pee or poop smell.
However, she has started having a couple accidents up here. We try to clean it as fast and as best as we can, but I know the pee has soaked into the foam under our carpet. So she continues to have accidents every now and then. I know we can prevent these accidents though, and that isn't the problem.
I was just wondering if she will ever learn to hold her pee in longer, because she can hold it for much longer when she is in her crate. She's never had an accident in her crate. I've been thinking maybe I need to teach her to ring a bell to go out, because right now she has no tell, other than circling, which we don't always catch. I'm always on edge for her next accident, does it get easier? We've been consistent with her potty training for nearly three months now
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2023.06.01 03:11 Common_Ferret_9074 Hm

I really cant tell if I’m getting better or worse. There will be days where at school I’m laughing and having a good time but if my friend says a certain thing my complete mood will change and I won’t feel that same happy as I did before for the rest of the day. If not that then the opposite. Recently my emotions have been stronger. If I feel happy I’ll be laughing a lot and smiling but if I’m sad I’ll also be sad mad confused and depressed. Two weeks ago was extremely hard for me, I had the worst breakdown I’ve ever had in the shower. I think I was crying in there for maybe an hour. But then when I got out I was watching a show then I was fine and acting normal. I keep worrying about so many thinking and overthinking alot idek what to do about it. I keep thinking about things that hurt me in the past or things I really regret. At this point I’m only still trying because of one person. I am so thankful for him, he helps me and is there for me whenever I need it. Deep down I know I won’t do anything to myself because I can’t cause him that type of pain I just won’t do that to him. But recently it just keeps getting harder but at the same time easier. Like my supposedly best friend is being different to me and is always choosing guys over me and she didn’t even invite me to her quince but she invited our other mutual friends. As of rn we aren’t as close as we used to be but me and her still talk every single day and sometimes stay after school together. I’m so stressed out with school. Like I feel like I physically can’t do my work. I’m always zoning out in class and if not then even if I’m listening to my teacher I don’t know what we are doing in class. There’s only two people who I actually talk about my feelings too. One of them is my bf I love him sm but I’m not able to see him that often so I’m always missing him and wishing I could see him. The other is my dad who is always working and if not then he just tired from working sm. Idk what else I can do to help myself. But I am still trying but I’m really scared of what will happen.
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2023.06.01 03:11 Serious_Grocery_7289 [IWantOut] 23M Brazil -> Netherlands\France\Luxembourg\Germany\Belgium

I want out, and I want it fast, but I don't know where to go.
I'm torn between the countries above. I want to learn the language of the country I'm going to, but I can't decide which one is better for me.
A bit of context, but you can just skip this part if you want: All I want is to have a better life. I'm an IT student, but I can't get any jobs at all. Even if I got one, it wouldn't be enough for me to live comfortably. To make things worst, I'm starting to think I might actually hate IT, but I don't know what else I would do, I'm at a point in my life where I feel completely lost. Anyway, I'm not happy with my life, I have severe depression and my current living situation is not helping (I'm not going through money problems, it's something different). I know moving out won't instantly make things better, but I have to try to change it, I have to try to make it better. I can't keep on living like this. I just don't see myself having a good future by staying here. I feel hopeless. Again, I know moving won't instantly make things better, but I have already decided that I need to have a different life. And if someday I have kids, there's NO WAY I'll raise them in my current country.
That being said, I'm thinking of moving within the next 2 years, which I believe is enough time to be functional in at least one language, if I study everyday. My main concerns for each country are: - Housing crisis - Quality of life (walkability, public services) - Cost of living - People (is it easy to make friends?)
As for jobs, I don't know what I'll be doing in the next few years. I'm thinking of maybe abandoning IT and pursuing Graphics Design, but I'll explore more possibilities.
I should mention that I do have an EU citizenship. Sorry if I sound a bit desperate, I know this isn't a decision to take lightly. I won't make up my mind here, but it might help to give me insight on things I haven't considered.
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2023.06.01 03:11 ki299 Account Wide vs Character specific unlocks

Given that all accounts will be transferred to Jagex Accounts at some point. It has gotten me thinking about this.
I think that if i merge two characters into One jagex account.. Say i have a 20 year vet cape unlocked on one character.. i think it would be a nice thing to also have that unlocked on my other character that is connected to my jagex account..
For example.. I have wanted to create a new character but at the same time i have not wanted to because of a specific Title that i have on my main and cannot get on any other account as it is discontinued.
And since we now we have jagex accounts i feel like it would make sense to have account wide things like this. harmless fun stuff.. could even be stuff like cosmetics that have been unlocked or bought.
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2023.06.01 03:11 LeoTheManager Getting started

So I’m looking to get into rc drift cars but I have no idea about how it works or where I should buy parts/what the best brands are. So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me the full rundown on getting into this hobby if there isn’t already a post about it on this sub. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 03:10 nate0907 I (23m) had sex with my uncles girlfriend (32f)

To make a long story short my uncle left his house leaving me and his gf alone. We were casually talking then out of nowhere she asked if I’ve ever messed with older woman. I said yes, being honest. I kind of already figured where this was going. She is attractive, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve never felt any type of way towards her. We were both drinking prior to this but we were both still aware of what could possibly happen. So next thing you know, one thing led to another. The amount of guilt, regret, and embarrassment running through my head is unsettling. At the end of it all we both agreed that we’re taking this to the grave, but I feel one day she’s going to say something about it. It could slip up when they’re drunk arguing or if they ever break up. So now I don’t know if should say something or not. I’m completely enraged by the decision I made and understand the consequences that could come along. Even more so by the fact my uncle is an amazing guy, a family man, and I’ve always had high respect for him in which I still do. My concern is will it be better to sit him down and have a talk? or just forget everything that happened and continue on with my guilty conscious? I guess I could answer those questions myself but since I can’t talk about to this anyone in my family, feedback from anyone who has experienced anything similar to this or any feedback that could help my situation is what I’m looking for.
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2023.06.01 03:10 snsoendbchsl Wondering something..

If I just got out of the car and went on the other side of the interstate where the cars are actually moving.. Would I get hit? Would I be the only one dead? I wouldn't want someone else dead, I'd just want to. I also don't want to die though? It's so hard to explain.. Idk.
I won't, but the thought still lingers I guess
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