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This subreddit is dedicated to organizing a decentralized alternative to traditional ISP's. VirginiaMesh runs cjdns and allows connection to Hyperboria, a global decentralized meshnet and internetwork of nodes. Over-the-air connection between wireless nodes is still in the planning phase.

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Discussion, news, tips and tricks about local search and discovery service, Foursquare and its sibling lifelogging & location-sharing check-in app, Swarm.

2023.05.30 05:35 Correct_Pattern4438 Luckiest single summon

Luckiest single summon
Let’s go bb
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2023.05.30 05:34 Party-Comedian8183 Ecom Degree University (The Complete Curriculum) – Will Rivera

Link download:

Here’s what you’ll get in Ecom Degree University (The Complete Curriculum)

E-Commerce Video/PDF Training in Steps:
Lifetime Access to Future Content (including Facebook Updates, New Ad Strategies, and Product Research Methods)
You will have acquired all the knowledge and abilities necessary to launch a PROFITABLE online store in 2020 at the end of this course. By teaching you how to start your very own internet business, this course will enable you to completely eschew the 9 to 5 and enhance your current income.
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2023.05.30 05:33 Advanced_Car_307 Danielle, now your followers are going to pay back your debt? And you’re going to accept it? Grow up and handle your business instead of expecting everyone else to clean up your messes.

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2023.05.30 05:33 trasla Confused about old blood model

Hi all, I am new here 😁 Do not have any seraphon yet but enjoying lurking and planning great things in my head. I am confused about the saurus old blood though. The one in the games workshop online shop seems to have a square base which strikes me as odd, and also the picture for the war scroll in the app looks very different. What is going on there? Is the one for sale at gw the real deal, or is there a newer model or something I am missing? Appreciate any help!
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2023.05.30 05:31 localhopeedealer F4M Literate Romance RP

Hi everyone!!
I have a couple ideas of my own,and am up for brainstorming so we make sure both sides are happy and involved!
So first, about myself!! I’ve been writing and rping for 6+ years and would conisder myself semi-lit/literate. I don’t mind the lengths of responses, as long as they’re well written. I will either write 3-4 paragraphs, or sometimes even a few one liners , if it’s heavy conversation. Please be aware that i will ask for a writing example, i like to know you’re at least literate before i put all the time into figure out a plot and characters. My partner needs to be 18+, as i am 22 and just don’t feel comfortable writing with minors, LITERATE, and i’d love someone who i get along with ooc! M or F is fine, as long as your character is a M! N O W for what i’m wanting in an RP!!
I have the most experience in Medieval, fantasy, SoL, and Modern settings. Now, im pretty open to plots or settings within these worlds. What i like to see from my male characters is your classic arrogant, cocky, morally grey, bad boy type. Feel free to message me if you’re looking for a new partner and want to chat about some ideas!!
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2023.05.30 05:31 Quentin-Quentin It’s time to talk about Gabler.

Now when S43 is officially not with the title of “last season”, I wanted to say a few words on its winner, which I personally really love.
I wanted to talk about Gabler for a while bc I am lowkey a defender of that guy albeit his mistakes, which he certainly had in his season. After watching a lovely summary video of him, I now can clearly say that he is in fact, the weakest winner of the new era so far.
It pains me to say it but I also understand why. To me (and ik many others), a good gameplay means strategic control. The ability to have the control on not only keeping you in the game but deciding who goes to the jury is impressive, and really only two people mastered it in 43, being Cody and Jesse, the latter of which became the sole strategist remaining after he blindsided the former.
Gabler didn’t really play that way, and he didn’t want or tried to. He was a social assassin. He explains his game quite well-
Let’s start with the cons, bc I want to keep the good for last.
-Lack of awareness. While he wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Tocantins Coach, Phillip, Debbie and Noura, our dear Mike was definitely a bit out there at times, leading to his “funni guy” edit. Him genuinely wanting to play his shot in the dark on the get go. Him putting the palm fronds as blankets. Him doing the Vietnam search thing and rambling in his immunity battle vs Cody for who knows how much. General cluelessness that can be seem as silliness/lack of touch. Imo the edit was totally fair on him, since that’s a part of the guy’s personality. I find it quite charming alongside the cringe.
-Lack of strategic prowess. While he wasn’t a Bob or a Fabio, he clearly was of the lesser strategic winners, which again was due to his more social relationships kind of game. However, I value strategic prowess as a plus in one’s game. For that, his lack of it will be in his cons for me.
His premerge was one of the weakest for a winner, especially in the beginning of it. He clearly started struggling, both socially and physically. Slowly but surely, however, he managed to recover, and adapt. This made his pros really shine:
-Social connections and likability. He was in an alliance with everyone. Everyone wanted him with them. Everyone liked him. While he had his goofy moments, clearly these weren’t enough in order to highly annoy the rest. He was always supportive of others and ready to listen. Nobody took it personal when he voted them out. He was maximum confident in whatever he did and said, however far fetched it was, which gave others confidence in him as well. He was T-r-u-s-t-w-o-r-t-h-y. And this cast was in dire need of trust. Any cast needs it really to some extent.
-Threat management. Nobody had it in their interest taking him out since post merge, and that’s after he single-handedly targeted Elie which led to the chain of events which ended up in her being voted out. This relates to the previous point: his many connections helped him stay afloat and receive a lot of information, which lead to his high correct vote percentage.
-Self awareness. I know, I just say he lacked in it. However, he also kind of knew that. He was clearly ready to play the idiot. “I may not be a genius but I’m not a dummy either.” Imo he was definitely aware of his personality traits and to his mistakes. Like I said, he adapted: He didn’t really do any weird palm fronds tricks after they said no. He understood that playing the shot in the dark would be a mistake, deciding to keep it and his vote, and make the right choice. He learned how to deal with his hunger and physical difficulties, managing to hold on until the end. Yeah he still had his Gablerness in him every once in a while, but he learned to fit in. He adapted. He is seen as much less of a buffoon from the post merge onwards. He was also aware that people like Jesse, Karla and Cody had to go, while sitting next to Owen and Cassidy would give him the best chance at winning.
All this culminated in a fantastic fire making challenge, which gave him the title of “the one who took down the strategic king” in Jesse. He also had a fantastic final tribal council. He explained his game of choice in a respectable, understandable confident (REALLY confident. Guy rambled for hours!) and funny way. He also sat next to two people with even less strategic agency than him, and less social connections, thus leading. to his deserving win.
Overall- while yes, he is not a strong, flashy winner, he is definitely a deserving one and a fairly complex one. The edit didn’t do him justice on all of his attributes, in that I’m sure. I will forever love and appreciate the guy as a person and a player, and I wish him the best, hoping to see him play again someday!!
Feel free to correct me in the comments in case I missed/was mistaken in any regard!! Any 43 players who’re here in this sub and also wanna add your own remarks, that would be great! Ha! -Quentin.
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2023.05.30 05:31 redflower5 Is this screen basically a batch death sentence?

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2023.05.30 05:30 rinnykins RSG stylekorean review

I've shopped on the Stylekorean website many times and never had a problem. There is free shipping once you pass a certain threshold. My orders typically arrive within a week via DHL. Packages are packed thoughtfully and I've never had anything break or leak. They often have sales so I would wait for a good one then make a bulk purchase.
On to the review!
SOME BY MI Yuja Niacin 30 DAYS Blemish Care Serum
This is a repurchase product for me. It absorbs quickly and has a nice light lemon fragrance. I did notice that my dark spots lightened.
Jumiso All Day Pure C 5.5 Serum 30ml
This was a new product for me. I did like the consistency and it sinked in quickly. I've been using it for 2 weeks did not notice a huge difference yet.
LALARECIPE Vita C Cream 50ml
Another new product for me, smells nice, cute packaging. I've been using this one for around a week, not much to report but so far so good.
Thank you!
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2023.05.30 05:28 donotdoillegalthings [Gourmet] How do I get started? I’ve only ever grown actives. Interested in selling gourmet at farmers markets, restaurants, etc

I’ve only ever grown actives. I have a whole bunch now and have no need to grow more.
I was recently at a local restaurant that sourced their ingredients from organic farmers and it inspired me to give gourmet mushroom growing a shot, set up shop at a farmers market, and try to turn this into a side hustle and hopefully (eventually) turn this into a full time job. It’d be my dream to experiment with new things and learn alongside others.
My questions are
  1. ⁠Where to start? Should I just buy some grow bags and a spore syringe of morel and lions mane mushrooms and get to growing?
  2. ⁠What other strains are in high demand? Thinking oyster as well.
  3. ⁠Recommendations for how to get myself out there and “sell-in” to restaurants?
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2023.05.30 05:27 Big__bolas I am never buying from Best Buy ever again and why you shouldn’t either!

This is not about to be one of those “I bought this item 5 months and they didn’t want to accept my return!!” types of posts. I did however try to return a brand new never opened item I bought 21 days ago. Yup that’s right, three weeks ago! The cashier told me he couldn’t accept it because it was past their 2 weeks return policy. I’m thinking “this is an electronic store and you have a TWO WEEK policy?? That’s ridiculous!” I asked, can I get a store credit or something?? He said no because it was over the 2 weeks. Imagine you buy an $2000 computer and after a few weeks you ultimately don’t love it, and nothing is wrong it. And they look you in the eyes and tell you that they cannot accept your return because it’s past their two week return policy.
So as a friendly advice, PLEASE do not shop at Best Buy!
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2023.05.30 05:27 bushpapi Wait, what?

Wait, what?
Is this supposed to be here right now?
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2023.05.30 05:26 TheNewPlague666 Cell Max, team building, and are there any units I'm currently sleeping on?

Cell Max, team building, and are there any units I'm currently sleeping on?
Account is less than 6 months old, feel like I should be able to clear more difficult stages than I have been able to.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.30 05:26 PreparationOk620 I need to cancel a trip with my friends

Hi everyone, this is going to be long so I apologise. I am aware that this is a first world problem but it’s less about the actual trip and more about preserving my friendship with someone I consider one of my best friends.
I (21F) went to school with these 3 people, let’s call my close friend (S), her cousin (M) and his girlfriend (B). I recently got back in touch with M and B after we attended an event for S. We hung out a couple times and decided to plan a trip for the summer. Italy and France.
This is obviously very exciting and I felt very grateful to be able to plan such a fun trip with my friends but very early on I ran into an issue which is budget. We don’t live in the US and are all well off in our country but two of them S & M (the cousins) are ridiculously rich even by western country standards. I’m going to list my issues so it’s easier to read.
  1. Airplane tickets. They wanted to go business class but I wanted economy so I could spend my money on shopping. They gave each other looks and I caught on so I told them to go business and I would happily sit in economy. It was a little awkward but in everyone’s best interest so they agreed and we moved on.
  2. Hotels. M sent us an itinerary $350 per night per person. I wanted to be in safe hotels so I agreed. A few weeks later this has changed to $550 per night and this was not okay with me. I’m an anxious person and didn’t want to cause conflict so I call someone for advice and they told me to just suck it up and communicate and that if S is really a true friend they’d understand and want me to be comfortable. I call S and address my concerns and they are nice about it and told me nothing is finalised and of course we can change it. I was relieved. A few weeks later nothing has changed and it’s like the conversation never happened. Instead of getting the cheapest room at the fancy hotels they wanted balconies that no one is ever going to use. I tried to say do we really need a balcony and they just laughed it off.
  3. Booking restaurants. We meet up to plan the small things. I have a friend who lives in France so I ask for recommendations. They send back a long message with restaurants and bars. We are going through this list and M starts making jokes about how they are inexpensive and probably suck. (€30 a dish) so yes not Michelin star but not unhygienic by any means. Only wanting to go to caviar lobster restaurants but I stay silent because I like food too and it’s fine.
  4. Other activities. Boat day, rental car. Need the fanciest boat but I don’t say anything because boards are fun and it’s fine. Rental car for one day is €2800 ( I won’t be driving) so it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a vintage sports car or just a taxi. I say no because they called me and made jokes about how I’m sitting in the backseat alone because B has now cancelled due to work.
  5. B has cancelled. I feel unheard and I don’t want to cheat them out of their luxury trip experience. I don’t want to keep nagging about things. It’s not fair to them or me. Not to mention things like the boat and car are now divided by 3 not 4. Without B I feel like the third wheel between two cousins who are best friends. They also speak a different regional language than me and often start communicating that way and I have to ask that they don’t do that multiple times a day. I feel left out and don’t want to not enjoy myself fully. I don’t know what to do but cancel at this point because our preferences are different.
I don’t think badly of S at all. They think that getting regular rooms instead of suites is a compromise. They think using Ubers rather than getting a car + chauffeur is a compromise. If I could afford that, of course I would go. I know that if I go on the trip, many more things like this will come up and at this point I just care about preserving my friendship with S.
If I do cancel, they will still go without me. So I wouldn’t be ruining it for anyone else. I just need advice on how to approach the situation and try to get S to see it from my side.
If you got this far, thank you for reading and I apologise for the formatting since I’m on my phone.
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2023.05.30 05:25 mcalz12 Padi Open Water in Ecuador - Is it supposed to be like this?

Hey guys so we are mid-way through taking a Padi open water diving course in Ecuador.
The whole thing is a bit of a hilarious mess of screwed up equipment and poor training.
I am gonna run through our experience for two reasons:
  1. I genuinely want to know what should be in a Padi Open Water course and what everyone else does in theirs
  2. So you can get a laugh out of how terrible it all is over here
This cost the same as all the other shops selling courses in this area and it was $340 PP (Asked 5 tour shops) so I’m not holding back on them. Their charging full-European rates on this and giving a shit service.
Day 1
We meet our “English Speaking” instructor. Barely any English he just nods at everything. At one point I asked if we were taking a Tuk Tuk to the pool. He responded with yes, thank you I love to teach diving it is my passion.
We watch a 1 hour video on the TV and he says yeah that’s enough the rest is not so important. My partner has a cold so we insist with some debate that she will not do the course (As the video said).
Move on to the pool and do some drills. Take jacket off and replace, swap breathing tool with dive buddy, use reserve breather etc.
Most of the kit was leaking air a lot. Rubber protectors broken off and lots of corrosion. If I removed my breathing tool I has to shake and twist it to stop air flowing out. We did 1 dive for about 45 mins and called it a day.
Day 2
Our first open water dive on an island. Boat barley worked and required 5 mins of playing around with a screw driver each time we set off.
Got to the site went to put together my gear and there was a frayed line on the pressure gauge and a leak. Guides said it’s fine. I pointed out another leak and a jamming breathing tool. Got it changed for a new one.
Assembled the kit and got ready to jump in. After a few seconds in the water I say my breathing tool is a bit hard to draw from (usable but annoying) he said switch to the secondary and use that. It’s missing one of the bite pads which was a real pain. No more extras on the boat and did not want to go all the way back.
Okay so I just hold the mask on my way down. Get to the bottom and my dive buddy floats off a bit. I had just finished an exhale and my mouthpiece fell out of the breathing room (We are around 8 meters deep here). So I had no air in my lungs and also no breathing tool.
I tap the guide and point to my reserve (previously main) and he hands it to me. It was a bit out of my reach and I did not have much time to get it as I had not realised the breathing tool was detached from the mouthpiece and got some water in my mouth on an inhale.
I’m fairly stoic so was not freaking out. Between us someone would have given me air but it was my first time in the ocean (ever). I cleared the tool with the button on the back (As I had 0 air) and managed to get a good breathe.
Anyway so he had a spare mouthpiece for my reserve one that he gave me. All good and breathing again. My dive buddy has floated away at this point and he signals to wait here. I wait for about 3-4 mins alone and they return. Had a little browse around and saw my first school of fish (Total time ever with scuba gear now 50 mins including 40 from the pool). We do 2 dives with my dive buddy repeatedly floating off.
We are on the boat talking to the instructor and we go what’s the deepest you’ve gone diving. He replies “The most was 35M because I have not done my advanced divers course yet” SO HE JUST HAS OPEN WATER TRAINING.
The owner of the dive shop is a dive master I believe but he spoke no English and was not diving with us. He will probably go down on the paperwork as the teacher. BTW my Spanish is decent and in the end we were speaking mainly in Spanish anyway. My hope was his English would be a lot better than my Spanish.
Under the water we did stuff like take off and put on jacket. Clear goggles etc. Total about an hour underwater maybe more. Tomorrow we finish off the course.
I did a bit of looking around and it sounds like other people did exams, lots of studying and way more diving but those were from 6 or so years ago. How different is Ecuadorean diving from the rest of the world?
Dive location: Salango Island
Edit: I had already paid so thought I’d see it though. We went back and did 2x 20M dives today. Went through their stuff in the morning and although most of it was crap found the least crappy one and brought that with. So today no gear failures.
Although my dive partners respirator did stop working at around 10M down. Had to swap it for emergency and he used that for the rest of the dive (okay now that even I wouldn’t do).
I’ve been told I will get a Padi certificate in my inbox within 2-3 days. Will update when I get it.
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2023.05.30 05:22 Far_Cockroach4225 Chance me - Philosophy student

Here's my life :
Demographics: 2nd gen Asian female, upper-middle class, private school, rising senior
3.93uw GPA (4.0 9th and 10th, 3.78 11th), 1580 SAT (800 math, 780 reading)
my school doesn't do APs, but I took rigorous classes all 3 years
Founder and Co-lead of Debate Club
- recruited 50+ members
- teach kids how to debate PF, debate PF

Founder and Co-lead of Innovation Club
- recruited 20+ members
- invented a machine to generate medical oxygen to patients
- placed in top 2% of prestigious international innovation competition

Co-lead of school community service club
- organize community service initiatives
- hosted multi-school community service conference

Director of non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness to current events in Asia

Head Writing/Research Peer Tutor
- organize peer tutor training sessions
- tutor students in writing 1hr each week

Co-captain of JV Basketball team
- I didn't rlly do much but it's a blast

Peer Orientation leader
- one of 44 out of 154 chosen to help new students settle into school next year

- had supporting roles in 2 plays/musicals

- perform at school's annual guitar show
- starting rock band next year

- am going to research philosophy in Pioneer research program

High Honor Roll
NACLO invitational qualifier
(That innovation competition mentioned above)
National Latin Exam - Gold Summa Cum Laude

Writing my college essay about how debate helped me escape dogmatic and fundamentalist religion.
I plan to apply as a philosophy/theology major and eventually minor in computer science
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2023.05.30 05:21 Pchardwareguy12 Chance a kid with a 1600 and unique ECs to top schools.

Demographics: White, $100k+, New England, good suburban public school
Intended major: economics, international development (depending on school's programs. Very commited to working in international development, even if my company fails.) Hooks: mega-legacy at Harvard) father, step-mother, uncle, aunt, sister, etc).
Academics: 1600 SAT, 1500 PSAT, 4.9 to 5.0 weighted GPA out of 5.33 potential, 3.97 unweighted (1 B in Multivariable Calc as a junior). Not submitting ACT. Not sure on class rank, but maybe 15-25/700? Coursework: most challenging available, 13 APs taken, 6-7 more as a senior, 5 years of Spanish self-studied over two years. Probably 5s on most APs but haven't gotten scores back for 9 of them. Also took precalc, linear algebra, econometrics, and a data analytics course outside of school.
  1. Started a recruitment agency in a small African country that has found full time work for 20+ people. Brokered services for software engineering firms in said country. Created and marketed a data analytics team. $20k+ profit, $120k+ wage income earned. By far the thing I am most proud of.
  2. Heavily involved in political advocacy in said country. Raised $100k+ for a small political organization there, representing a 1000% increase in their funding. This is a LOT for the region, but I can't say too much here as my involvement in this is very private.
  3. Debate captain (one of five). Only started in my junior year, but was very successful for my level of experience. Have won a few tournaments and placed t10 at states. It's possible I'll be the first nationals qualifier from my school in a while by the time I submit some of my apps.
  4. Founder of school world awareness club, discussing current events and history in lesser-known countries. Used this to coordinate some of my political activities.
  5. We the People Constitutional Law Team: 2nd place for unit group at states. Won most valuable team member award. Competed in various other related competitions independently.
  6. 3x Varsity Cross Country: 17:30 ish 5k, lol I tried to be better :(
  7. Co-leader of school philosophy club: will be honest, totally stumbled into this position recently. 20+ members, though.
  8. Published book of poetry by application season, hopefully. Won a variety of not-so-prestigious poetry competitions.
  9. Chess team: board 2 on state and county championship winning team (this is a lot less impressive than it might sound, but hey).
  10. Volunteering as a tutor on Schoolhouse. Certified in every US curriculum topic available. 100+ hours tutored.
  11. Squash, total wildcard here. I have not competed recently but should be top 20 in state. It's totally possible I could be recruitable, or that this could be a non-factor. I played a lot when I was younger and was very good, but purposefully avoided playing it as I felt that it was forced upon me by my parents. Now I'm picking it back up.
Essay: personal statement about my background as a homeschooler and how I developed a global awareness and a passion for working towards international development. I write a lot and have worked extremely hard on it, but there's no way for me to really rate it.
LoR 1: English teacher, got a 100% on nearly every assignment in his class and have a close relationship with him. 8/10. LoR 2: We the People Teacher: essentially did more than half of the work for the team of 13 all year. Worked with him all year to try to get a group of people from a lot of different backgrounds to work together. By far the most successful student in other competitions associated with the class. Knows about my political activism stuff and my company. That being said, I am quite nervous about this one, as he has very open strong political beliefs that I have questioned all year, and he might also think I'm a little awkward and disorganized. 7/10? counselor's rec: should basically say that I made her life difficult by asking for various courses and that my mom likes me
Applying to:
Harvard (REA), Penn (Wharton), Dartmouth, UChicago, Cornell, Brown, Columbia, Yale (maybe), Swarthmore, Berkeley, Princeton, Stanford (maybe), MIT (maybe).
Targets: UMich (EA), Claremont McKenna, Pomona, NYU,
Safety: my state school.
A bit nervous going in to my junior-senior summer, as my top 3 ECs are in critical periods. That being said, I care about all three of them for reasons far beyond college, especially the top 2. Some cynical part of me still wishes I just played squash all my life and made this a cake walk, though. Would love feedback on my chances and potentially recommendations for more schools to apply to.
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2023.05.30 05:19 burtzev UK shop price inflation strikes new record high: BRC

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2023.05.30 05:19 ManuelXS353 The woke 1%

This community revolves around the new world order. The woke 1% has an understanding of the corruption in the world we live in . Help more people wake up by spreading awareness regarding, the money system , mental and physical control system , and anything involving this matrix we live in . Stay woke.. we are the 1%
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2023.05.30 05:18 burtzev UK shop price inflation strikes new record high: BRC

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2023.05.30 05:17 DimRags [F4F] longterm plots

Hello there (general kenobiiii)-
Good morning, afternoon, or evening reader. Im seeking a long term partner for some lesbian romance plots I have. Please dm me with the plot you’d like to play, any ideas you might have, and ect…
What I’d like in a partner -20+ -likes to chat ooc and brainstorm -willing to keep an open dialogue and let me know whenever they need a break (or will not be able to respond for a period of time) -creative and at least semi literate. -The password is Coffee, people with the password in their message will get a response much faster.
1) Riptide This plot takes place in the small costal town of Rozwell, Washington State (not a real town). Muse A has lived there her whole life, she’s never left, not once. She wants to be free but she’s afraid of taking the first step forward, she lives with her dad and spends a lot of time on the beach. Surfing is her only escape from a boring world. Muse B recently moved into town and doesn’t plan on staying for long, but while she’s there she builds a relationship with muse A. While B is the trouble maker, the storm that leaves a mess wherever she goes, Muse A is the storm rod. Will the two run away together?
2) Supernatural NightVeil is what some would call a sleeping city, it has an air of tiredness throughout. There’s something just not.. right there. The supernatural and the waking world intersect in the city and it leads to some odd situations. Most of the humans don’t know about the supernatural, but those who are truly awake are apart of a different society within the city. The sleepwalkers, humans who can knowingly interact with the supernatural. (Open for many ideas and proposals)
3) Hollow (Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 and edge runners) It’s plot takes place in the future, the year is 2060 and the world is in the beginning age of cyberpunk. This is when legends are born, muse A is seeking that level of greatness. They want to be a legend. While muse B has seen a thing or two, they know stories like muse A usually fizzle out but this time, they feel like something is different. How will things go?
4) the Angel and the Demon A classic Romeo and Juliet, a forbidden attraction as an Angel and Demon fell in love. The Angel was then tossed from heaven after being discovered, her fall left her injured and memories gone. The Demon tried to make things work but they couldn’t approach the Angel due to a curse from heaven.
Years passed and curse faded, the demon could finally approach the now fallen Angel but she doesn’t remember her. Now the demon would have to rebuild their relationship from the beginning.
5) Coffee Shop Muse A owns a coffee shop that muse B frequents, Muse B is a new musician and struggling to find her footing but sometimes plays at the cafe. (Im looking for either a sub and moon relationship or a chill slow burn rp with cute moments).
Im also open to other plots, please dm me if interested.
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2023.05.30 05:17 PinkPansyWitch Got banned for posting this

Observations since September 2022
I’ve been using this app since September, and a lot of the current issues are far from new. I thought I’d share my experience from the beginning and how things have evolved.
In September of 2022, the Ai was so smart it was almost scary. It could keep up with you, further the plot, and it took about 500 messages for the bot to start forgetting things. The f word was there, but it was hardly noticeable if you weren’t being explicit. Originally, bots did not get violent, until the devs addressed this with an update that helped “villain” characters act more villainous.
Before the Reddit takeoff, everyone would band together on Discord when the servers crashed (which used to only happen about once a week) Immediately upon joining you’d notice people mentions the f word and getting banned. It started to get stronger, and as the f word restricted more, the bots lost memory and got stupider. During this time the devs claimed there was no f word, only a “safety” feature, that was in no way affecting the server load or the quality of the bots. The only error you got was “chat error please try again” with no explanation when something was restricted.
As time progressed the bots kept going down hill, and the f word got stronger. Soon the word kiss was being chat errored, but the devs still wouldn’t admit it was the f word.
Until one night the f word died and chaos ensued. Anyone awake got to experience pure unfiltered character.Ai at its full potential. For about three hours, the bots were even smarter than September, and it became clear to everyone that the devs were lying through their teeth when they said the f word wasn’t affecting the server load, or the quality of the bots. This led to people boycotting the service when it came back on, being the root cause of the formation of Pygmalion. There was never any address from the devs about this, the only action they took was shutting down the discord server and handing out bans on Reddit to anyone who continued to mention the f word.
Eventually, they admitted to what it was, and the error we get now explains why the message didn’t come through like it should, but for months, we were gaslight into believing it didn’t exist.
Recently, the queue has become a thing to limit site traffic and prevent the site from crashing, despite this, the site is crashing more than it ever has. When the queue was first implemented, it crashed maybe three times a week. It was introduced as a temporary solution, but has now been put behind a pay wall.
The bots are still reducing in quality. They can hardly keep up anymore, especially in role playing. The message quality now is still better than other apps like Chai, but is no where near the capabilities of this technology. Within the last month or so, spicer messages weren’t getting chat errored, and it looked like an improvement to the f word that made it less invasive.
That is until now and violence is being taken out, and the bots got even more childlike. One of the most reoccurring themes when the devs mess with the f word, is the bots start using childlike words, and the site constantly crashes.
All of the issues happening right now point to that they’re messing with the f word again, even if they said they’re aware the violence is an issue and they’re going to fix it.
They always say they’re going to fix it, they never do. They always say they’re aware of the issue, but they are creating these issues. From the very beginning, the devs have never been open with their user base, or allowed open discussion on issues within the website. I am saying this now as I’ve noticed a lot of new users, but not new problems. The bots in September were awe striking technology, and it’s a shame we are unable to see it at its full potential.
The devs created something wonderful, but from the beginning the website has been unsustainable because of their lack of transparency, and downright lying and censorship.
I am hopeful the violent issue, and the constant crashing, and overall dumbness of the bots will be fixed, but I am highly doubtful that meaningful change will ever truly occur.
Edit: I almost forgot that also during the time the f word died, creators of the most popular bots were changing the bot descriptions to anti f word statements. The devs responded to this saying they were temporarily freezing trending and popular bots because “people were complaining when their favorite bots change”.
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