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2023.06.03 09:48 BlueDoggerz Im supposed to leave for Israel in 9h but my gerbil is dying

Hi For background info: 1. birthright is a program in the US for 18-26yo Jews to get a “free” trip to israel 2. Kippah is my gerbil
So my sibling and I decided about half a year ago we would go on Birthright together since he was 25 and its his last year eligible. I didnt tell him this- im not super interested in travelling- its just kind of exhausting and stuff for me- but i wanted to go with him and he was excited. First- its not actually free. Most of it is, but there is a $250 deposit that is refunded (unless you cancel), $100 in cash for tips required, $50 insurance required, and one meal a day. Considering all this was told to us after the deposit- i wasnt expecting it. I owe my parents money right now because of college expenses and its been extremely hard to pay for also converters and supplies in addition to that stuff- plus getting to NY for the initial flight.
Now my gerbil is elderly. He is extremely important to me- and we are close. For perspective- my roommate fed him for a week while I was away once- he his every time she entered the room. I opened the door and said “Hi Kippah!” And he immediately came out. He also comes when called and ive worked a lot with him to get him to trust me. Yesterday when I woke up, i decided to clean his cage since i was about to be gone for two weeks. I found him in his bedding- he could barely walk and constantly was falling. He hadnt been able to drink or eat since i had last seen him do so about 24h earlier likely. (He sleeps a lot). He now has to have the water bottle held up to him to drink, can barely walk, and is in a carrier. Hes not going to survive the two weeks im gone. I dont want to go. I dont want to leave him. I dont want him to die alone or with a stranger. I dont want him to be abandoned as he is doing so awful. I didnt even really want to go on the trip regardless. Im okay facing the consequences of my parents and financially. I am aware that not going would also hurt my sibling a lot, though i think he would also understand. If i dont go, i think id meet my sibling in ny like planned and then go back to my parents house for the two weeks and bring the gerbil instead. I feel like if i dont go though, id be an absolute d*cl to my sibling and itll have wasted so much money
I dont know what to do, what to say to my sibling (he is slightly aware of the gerbil’s situation but not me), i dont know
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2023.06.03 09:47 Correct_Ball7024 Keep waking up after 5 hours is that concerning? U.K.

male aged 33
I stay up til 1:30am drinking scotch then go to bed
Getting to sleep is never a problem
But I wake up after 5-6 hours sleep every morning
Is that bad?
I don’t feel shattered when I wake up I feel awake and normal Like I slept well
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2023.06.03 09:47 Cultural-Lemon3168 My ex-best friend is sueing me for being a squatter in the mobile home she gifted me

So picking a title for this was difficult bc I could have added so much more, so please bare with me. I (M) met my ex-best friend (I'll refer to her as CMY (F) throughout the post) 20 years ago and we were instantly friends. It was a platonic relationship throughout the entirety, she was a sister to me and she often referred to me as her brother. Well the middle of last year my father was selling a house and property she was interested in buying and CMY asked me if I would talk to him about selling it outright to her and asked me to help fix the needed repairs upon purchase and in return she would gift me her mobile home that sat on a lot next to her parents house. A few months later everything fell into place and she moved into her new house and I moved into the mobile home in November of 2022. I cleaned out, installed new windows and countertops, pretty much gave it a new facelift and deep cleaning it's needed. During which time she had an extra car that she was letting me drive bc my family couldn't fit into the truck I had. It was a short favor as I didn't need it long and I returned the car, no harm no foul on time and in same condition as I borrowed it. In February of 2023 CMY asked me to finish an upstairs closet for her and she had also hired another local contractor (she'll be MJ throughout post) and she was from the same town as us. We were all friends with significant others, there wasn't anything weird about the agreement. I haven't mentioned that CMY is an alcoholic. When I say alcoholic I mean drinks vodka from the time she wakes up till the time her 16 year old daughter has to drag her into bed. She's had them removed by CPS 2 different times bc of her alcoholism and bad judgement while inebriated. Back to the post, One day me and MJ were cleaning and picking up tools, she had worked upstairs painting the closet all day and I was down stairs fixing a step on the porch... Anyway CMY walks in hammered drunk, crosseyed and spitty, takes one look at us (picking up a drop cloth) screams at the top of her lungs and runs out of the house. Both of us were confused and knew of her alcoholism so just thought she was drunk. Well she went right to the bar and started to tell everyone that she walked in on me and MJ not only having sex on the kitchen counter BUT then I was also shooting MJ up with a needle in her arm. Neither of which are true. Fast forward A couple weeks go by and CMY showed up to my mobile home and started smashing the windows out with a snow shovel... I didn't call the cops bc I knew she needed help and I avoided her swings and tossed her out of my house before things got worse. Month later Showed up while I wasn't home and ripped the fuses out of the electrical box by my meter. Called the propane company to tell them that her lot was vacant and she needed the tank picked up (leaving me with no heat source or cook stove source) Put a fake condemned paper on the front door stating the town condemned it bc of the broken windows (which I've since boarded up) Called electric company and switched bill into her name stating the lot was empty. Called again to have them shut power off completely stating lot was empty. I was served by a sheriff 2 days ago with a legal document stating she has no idea who the identity of the squatter (me) is. She is sueing me for not only the mobile home we had a verbal agreement on, but for all the money she could have made if she rented this mobile home out to someone else. The document says at the bottom is was printed using some diy legal document website.
The whole deal was supposed to end with me moving the mobile home off the lot by June 1st, and now I can't move it bc she has called the cops saying I'm stealing it. What do i do? I have never had anything like this happen before nor am I familiar with the court systems or where to start with a lawyer. Any and all advice will be appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.06.03 09:46 A_Wild_MiaMia F 18 :) Hii I'm in bed bored and it's late, I'm an open minded open book for all to see so feel free to dm and not be shy or hold back! :) I always reply, and love meeting people of all kinds so everyone's welcome no matter who you are! Read below for about me!

Hi! I'm Mia, from California. I'm in high school, 18, and love to meet people, go out with friends and hangout, go to the beach and mall, and go to parties lol :) I also enjoy movies and anime a lot, people say I'm pretty straight forward/blunt and honest, wild or crazy, open minded, honest, friendly, gullible and ditzy lol, helpful, outgoing, and more of an act first and think later kind of person! I try to be open minded and nice to everyone, and I love to talk and meet people, I'm usually bored at night since there's nothing to do and I sleep late, so I'd love to talk to you! Up for whatever :) oh and I love pokemon, obviously since my username kinda hints at it lol
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2023.06.03 09:45 Maggot_breath I have bed bugs but I’m traveling soon HELP

Im currently dealing with bed bugs and I have been for about a month on top of g TV at I have a depression room so they can hide all over the place. I’m trying to clean and keep my clothes out of my room but I’m so scared that I’m gonna end up tracking bugs to my boyfriends house when u go see him. I plan on taking a VERY hot shower the day of and also keeping all of my things out of my room once packed and spraying it all down with the bed bug stuff just in case. Im just so terrified in gonna give them to him and I really don’t want to. Please help :(((
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2023.06.03 09:43 Nightmare95x Couple connection???

So, my husband and I were talking and he was telling me about a dream he had. He said that in the dream, he woke up to discover it had snowed, even though it was 90 degrees out. He also said i had gone to the gas station to grab drinks and when he woke up in real life, it seemed so real he checked the fridge. My heart drops because I had a dream before I got up for the day that he came in and told me it was supposedly going to snow but doesn't believe it. Mind you, he had his dream after I did as he went back to bed this morning before work. We basically had the same dream, but 2 half. Anyone have experience in this? Any thoughts?
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2023.06.03 09:42 Educational_Umpire94 24 [f4m] Sanfrancisco- I'm just a horny white girl in downtown right now looking to deepthroat a thick cock and get fucked

Let's meet and make out, I'm curvy and horny rn. Definitely interested in making you cum all over my face don't be shy Let's get down on each other. I can host and I can travel around SF, pls be clean and have pics..
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2023.06.03 09:41 sushisev I'm (31m) losing interest in my relationship with my fiancee (25f)

Our relationship about 2-3 years ago when we started dating in late Nov. 2021. I was attracted to my fiancee at the time because she was physically attractive, and she had a great personality.
In the beginning, we had plenty of great sex and spent a lot of times together. We do road trips. Often times, when we do these road trips, we would eat out a lot. Unknowingly throughout the years we both gained weight.
But I loved her, I introduced her to my family and vice versa. After seeing her get a long with my family and being so comfortable with her, I finally proposed after a year being with her.
Shortly after, we moved in together and decided within 2024 we were going to get married. But things started going down hill. The first time she started raging at people driving when she's not even driving, it turns me off. I try telling her about it, she said it was a southern people thing.
When we went to my friend's party and played party games, she would share stories of her sex life. I didn't like it. She shared stories of how she used to date this guy at this age, and she talked about her ex constantly. She told everyone at the party that she likes rough and kinky sex, and she said all Asian guy sex was boring, they were plain vanilla. Mind you I'm Asian, and she's white.
I didn't have this issues when I was in my previous relationship, this was a first. So, I confronted her and we try to talk about it, and things turned into an argument. After the argument, we agree that both of us have different kind of sexual kinks, we just kinda accepted it. After that, our sex lives decrease.
After moving and living together for a period of time, she wanted to make friends. I told her I didn't mind her making friends as long it's not a guy, I don't mind her making friends with girls. We argued when I was trying to set boundaries, but she ended up downloading some sort of app and make friend with some Asian dude in Florida.
I didn't like it, she told me she prefers guy friends because she was raised up around boys. It didn't make sense to me and I didn't even bother trying to talk to the dude when my fiancee told me that he was gay. Next day, when she learned he was acting "gay", he had a wife. Everything at this point was suspicious. The following day,, she went back to her family in a different state (3 hours drive) for a death of a family member still friend with that dude.
At the point, I wanted to end everything, but I didn't. I was frustrated in my relationship. I didn't like the fact my fiancee was talking to some dude, and when I tried to talk to her about it, it's like I can't even set my boundaries. So I downloaded a friend app to find female friends during the time she was out of state.
I made a few friends, so I sent my IG to one of the girls. When we were talking on IG, the girl I chatted with wanted to surprise me with something. At this point I was curious, and she sent two videos of her touching her boobs. Then she asked me, if I like it or love it. I couldn't say I love it, so I told her I liked it to show my disinterested. I didn't send nothing on my end. She asked again if I loved it and interested. I told her again I liked it, and sure she could send more videos if she wants to. Then, she deleted her profile there was no trace of her and I kept the msg there on IG and see what my fiancee at the time think of it. The reason why I left the msg on my IG was to check and confirm on the fact that my fiancee had been snooping around on my phone and deleting my friends on social media.
Days when she gets back, we had a lovely day together. That night when I woke up from a nap and went downstairs to fix myself a meal, she went upstairs. I deleted the msg, and after 5-10 mins, she went back downstairs with an evil look on her eyes. At first I didn't think nothing of it, until she asked me to check my IG and check my msg, I had already deleted it.
She was furious and sad, and asked me why I did it. Well, there was a lot of reasons. 1. The whole sex thing, during party telling my friends I was boring in bed. 2. Downloading friend app and make friend with a random dude on an app while she was out of town. It was the main reason why I downloaded the friend app. 3.Whenever she watched TikTok of these shirtless Asian guy dancing barely naked, she made moan sound. When I confronted her about this, she said everytime she watched it she thinks of me. I know for a fact that this is bullshit bcuz she like Asian dudes with long hair, and I have short hair close to baldness. It's fucking sad seeing someone you love moaning to some dudes on TikTok when that person is not you.
To her what I did messaging some girl on IG is cheating, but when I confronted her about the problem she has, she tries to find ways to dodge it, like she didn't even emotionally cheated herself.
So we talked, after letting out most of our grievances, she felt like it was my fault because I didn't give her enough attention. She gave me an ultimatum, she would pack her bags and leave or I have to change and work on our future together. I felt a sense of fault partially I shouldn't have engaged in the msg with the girl on IG. I try to look at the positive thing and put the future on the line and I didn't want her to leave, which I regret it.
Sex is now even worst. We moved to a different place and found better location to work, but I'm mentality drain before our wedding. I don't know if I'm mentality ready for it. We're supposed to lose weight together, but it's just me. Since last year, I worked on busting myself losing weight and she hasn't putting effort in it. As much as she wants me to put more into the relationship, I don't think I can. She expects more from me, and now she wants to buy a house together and open a joint bank account. I don't know if I'm ready for any of this, especially the wedding. Should I just be honest and tell I'm not interested in her anymore?
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2023.06.03 09:41 Gaberonian DAE feel tired but don’t feel like sleeping?

I’m here laying bed at night feeling tired but I don’t feel like sleeping.. I could put my phone down and go to sleep no problem but I don’t feel like it..
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2023.06.03 09:40 Akitsube What is your fav Skin?

What is your fav Skin?
Mine would be Nightmare Queen Ren, although I can't get it :(
Btw, I'll leave here a question. I tried the June thread but no one answered. I finally have 150 king tokens again after wasting them on leveling up (Yeah, i know, I was young and ignorant). I can't decide between Tia, Lunair or Evan. Although Tia is my fav unit I don't want to waste more resources. (Rooster on the Slides)
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 09:39 neighbourhood_gayboi Help with room layout!

So my room is kinda a weird shape and I can't seem to organise it in a way that works for me. My current layout is okay I guess? But theres so much empty space at one end and the other is so cramped. And I don't really have enough space for my clothes.
The first image is my current set up. As you can see theres loads of space I could do something with. My telescope is facing the window but that could change.
The second is another set up I've had which also didn't work. I would just beeline straight for bed when I came in the door, ignoring my desk and not doing my homework etc.
Third is a blank one if you guys wanted to help! Please keep in mind that the entire right side of my room's ceiling is slanted downwards starting from about halfway over my current desk, or I would put a wardrobe in there. CD = chest of drawers W = wardrobe D =desk R = rug
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2023.06.03 09:38 Miserable-Conflict44 being told “you are as human as you will ever be” in a dream

As the title says- this is what was said to me during a false awakening. I “woke up” and went to reach for my phone and then realized that I wasn’t really awake. My room then flooded with red light and I heard a deep gritty voice say this to me and then I snapped myself into a different false awakening.
I’ve had lots of false awakening and sleep paralysis experiences but this is the first time something like this has happened- someone speaking to me.
Normally when I hear talking or voices in dream- I can remember what was said but I can’t exactly remember what the voice was like- it feels like a far away memory. This time I could hear it so clearly and I can remember exactly what the voice sounded like and replay in my head.
I’m currently working with Thoth and Anpu but I’ve been considering working with Sitri, Ipos or Asmodeus- I was doing research before I went to bed.
Any ideas of possible meanings would be awesome!
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2023.06.03 09:35 OrneryCompany6038 First time using Polymaker PLA pro, stopped 2 prints & threw them away at about this height because of this. Why are these random layer lines happening?

First time using Polymaker PLA pro, stopped 2 prints & threw them away at about this height because of this. Why are these random layer lines happening?
First time using Polymaker PLA pro, stopped 2 prints & threw them away at about this height because of this. Why are these random layer lines happening? I had no problems with sun PLA + was printing sun at about 210-215 and could print faster but for this new Polymaker Pro I had to bump it to 230-233 bed 50
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2023.06.03 09:35 this1girl98765 My heartbreak is raw because I realize you can never...

Ever Come back.
We can't ever be together.
Never again.
It's done.
The grand fuck-no-lly
This breaks my soul.
Crushes my heart into oblivion.
It's over.
I cant believe it.
I never thought this would be my future...
I never wanted one without you in it...
Jokes on this bitch
You did.
It's not funny tho
I'm beyond repair
Even if ever you decided you lost what you need when discarding me, maybe thinking you could always return, as you've done twice previously....
You simply cannot.
I will not allow someone back yet again that thinks they can live this already to short life we live without me.
Who could waste precious time being without me.
That's unfortunately unforgivable
As you know, I'm the shit.
Ask about me.
Ask anyone
I bring joy
I make people's days brighter
I make frowns turn...
The FUCK upside down.
You really fucked up this time...
I really wish you hadn't.
I still want Forever with you and only you.
This will never be.
You told me
Lay in the bed I made
I am
So are you
Difference is I wanted you in mine
You wanted
Not that...
Oh but you'll think of me boy
Petepanning mother fuckin boy
Your grown but will always be a boy
That lost the most faithful bitch you ever had
I had your back
You more than stabbed me in mine.
You killed my world and all the light in my life.
You will think of me.
That's all you'll ever have of me ever again.
Remember Peter pan
What you sow
You will ALWAYS reap
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Jasmine 60127086809
Room Detail:
Location : Armani Suite Glenmarie @ Shah Alam
💯 Included ALL NEW Facilities: ✅Kichen Cabinet, Refrigerator, Induction Cooker & Hood, Washing Machine, Water Heater ✅Air Conditioner, Mattress, Bed Frame, Pillow, Wardrobe, Study Table & Chair, Curtain
  • house with balcony
  • shoplot at ground floor
  • direct link to upcoming LRT station
  • free shuttle bus to Glenmarie LRT Station (Kelana Jaya Line)
  • easy access to most highways
  • right beside Hicom Industrial Park
  • nearby Stadium Shah Alam And Stadium Melawati
  • 5 mins drive to Giant & Aeon
  • for other room type, please refer to our profile or call us
Deposit: 1 month advance rental 2 months rental deposit RM150 access card deposit
Accessibility : Klinik Glenmarie - 189 M Batu Tiga KTM Station - 718 M RHB Bank - Utropolis Mall Glenmarie - 1066 M Mailboxes KDU University College - 1156 M
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2023.06.03 09:32 dopaminatrix Broke up but I am just as obsessed as ever. Please tell me it gets better.

I have been driving to his place checking to see if the light is on, seeing if his car is parked outside. This most recent time there was new damage to his hood and mirror. I assume he was nodding off at the wheel again.
I have been biking around downtown to see if he’s where he usually buys drugs. I catch glimpses out of the corners of my eyes of men that look like him. Half of me is glad when it’s not, half wishes it were so I could feel something other than pain again.
I have been checking my email constantly since that’s the only place I don’t have him blocked and he knows it. The last time we emailed I told him to let me know when he has six months sober.
He stopped sharing his location with me yesterday and I am going crazy.
I broke up with him a week ago and now I have no way of knowing what he is doing or if he is ok. The evidence I have and the feeling in my gut tell me he isn’t. I am almost entirely out of faith that he can beat this.
Realizing one has no choice but to completely relinquish control has to be the worst feeling for a codependent. I am fully in it, my heart and body hurt. I think about him constantly and have a pit in my stomach.
I keep playing the tape through when I want to contact him and each time I see myself falling back into the spiral. I believe that continuing to prop him up is perpetuating his problem, and that’s the only thing that stops me (again, because I am codependent and can only think of him).
This process is enlightening but so, so painful. I need to focus on myself and I don’t want to, I don’t know how. Focusing on him has stopped me from thinking about myself for the last 18 months. I’m lost.
Please tell me it gets better.
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2023.06.03 09:31 yourrageskneess Allergy test

was I supposed to wipe the excess hair dye off of my forearm or was that the point???😭 I mixed the developer with some of the color cream and put it on my arm per usual but then I realized how late it was and how I want to sleep so I wiped what was bound to get onto my bed off. Would I still have a reaction?? (if I am allergic)
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2023.06.03 09:30 themisterkuo 23'-24' relet at plaza verde

23'-24' relet at plaza verde
hi everyone, i'm reletting my space at plaza verde for the '23-'24 school year. the space i have is at plaza verde and is a 4 bed 2 bath a configuration. it is male only and you will be sharing a bathroom but have your own personal room. rent is 1112 per month. if you're interested, please message me thank you!
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2023.06.03 09:28 CaliforniaQT Boyfriend accidentally(?) left engagement ring on dresser?

My bf and have talked about getting engaged for a long time. He also knows I don't like surprises.... so this is where it gets tough.... We were just at his mom's yesterday. And today I found an engagement ring on his dresser in our bedroom while he wasn't home for a little bit.... I was completely shocked!!! It is obviously mine. I didn't want to "ruin" his surprise because I assume he left it out by accident so I pretended I didn't see it. This was late this afternoon.... Now we are in bed going to sleep and it's still on the freaking dresser!!!!! (His dresser) Idk what to do!!! I assume he left it out by accident, but it's still there all this time later. What do I do tomorrow? I can't believe he didn't notice it by now! So now l'm scared I was supposed to find it and tell him. Idk what to do. I'm so confused. Like I said, he knows I didn't want a big proposal and definitely not in public because I hate surprises and I hate reacting to things publicly..... but I also didn't expect to stumble upon a ring while he wasn't home I'm so confused k
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2023.06.03 09:27 Independent_Lab2441 AITA for telling my mom that my cousin basically kicked me and my cousins out of our room?

Recently, my mom decided to throw a birthday party for me because there’s no way I’d be able to have a birthday here with school yet. My cousin came up to me and told me this whole plan for our room. Keep in mind that this is OUR room. We have a bunk bed and an extra mattress for a guest if they want to sleep there. She told me that she would be sleeping on my bed, which is the top bed, and her step-sisters would sleep on hers, which is the bottom bed. Since there’s a guest sleeping over, they would sleep on the extra mattress. My cousin then told me I would be sleeping in my parents’ room since they also have an extra mattress.
I was fine with it at first because I didn’t really give it much thought, so I said okay. I usually let her do the decision-making since she’s the older one.
I was bored, so I asked my parents if I could go play with my other cousins because they were nearby. They agreed, so I went over there to play volleyball and games for a little while. I decided to invite them over to our house because they haven’t really been inside yet. My cousin was picking her step-sisters up, so they weren’t in our room.
While we were playing in our room, I got a text from my cousin. I told her my cousins were in our room and that it might be a little messy, but we’d clean it after. Also keep this in mind that my cousins and her step-sisters are visitors. She told me “Please don’t make them go in our room. Go to your parents room when we’re near so you guys can just watch tv there.” What?
She was basically kicking me and my cousins out of our room. I started to clean up the mess we had, and they didn’t really know why since we were still playing. While I was cleaning the room up to go to my parents’ room, let’s call him Adi, saw me and my cousin’s messages. Adi understood why I was cleaning now, which was so embarrassing. He told them to start cleaning up because he knew that we would be going to my parents’ room.
We both had visitors over, so why do I have to leave? When we were in my parents’ room, I called my mom to ask how do I turn the ac on. She asked me why I was in there instead of our room, and so I told her. This made my mom mad because she was the one who paid for most of the things in our room, and my cousin was the one kicking us out. Plus, my grandpa was sleeping downstairs right under my parents’ room, so we’d just wake him up. My mom told me to stay in our room and that she would handle it. She decided to talk to my aunt and cousin about it when they got home.
It was time for my cousins to leave, so we dropped them off at their house. On the way back home, my parents were telling me to stand up for myself, which is kind of hard for me. I ended up sleeping in my parents’ room last night, but I will sleep in our room tonight. I don’t know if she’s talked to them yet, but I will update you guys if there’s anything new.
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2023.06.03 09:25 Puzzleheaded-Math314 I (17M) have a crush on my straight best friend (16M)

We have been friends for a while and around 2 years ago I started to have a crush on him. I just always enjoyed spending time with him and talking to him, he's my best friend after all. I told him I was bi in hopes that he would tell me he was also bi or gay too, well he’s obviously not because it's been 2 years since I told him.
I’ve accepted that he’s straight and I have no chance with him but I still have a huge crush on him. I think about him all the time and I really just wish there was a way we could be together. I get jealous when he hangs out with other people, I don’t know why because he usually spends most of his time with me.
During these past two years there was a point when I stopped liking him, and kind of started to be annoyed with him. He didn’t do anything wrong. I have no clue what made me start to feel this way. I don’t know if it’s because I was angry that there was no way we could be together.
When I go to bed he’s the last thing on my mind, I hate this because it’s starting to cause me pain. I don’t know how I can stop liking him without distancing myself, but I can't because we go to the same school and have the same classes together.
When I first told him I was bi he was super accepting, I thought that maybe there was a chance he could be bi too. I told him if he were he could tell me because I’d obviously support him. Since he didn’t I’m positive he’s straight and I can’t help but feel unhappy all the time when I think about it.
I want to move on, but I don’t know if I can right now. I tried forcing myself to date other people but he’s the one who’s on my mind all the time. I’d do anything for him if he were to just ask. He isn’t attractive, and he isn’t always the nicest person, but when he does one small thing for me that's kind I just feel this type of way towards him that I can’t even explain.
tldr: I have a huge crush on my best friend who’s straight, I don’t know what to do to stop liking him, he’s all I think about.
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2023.06.03 09:24 shannesoo Single Room at The Nest Residences, Old Klang Road Near OUG Sri Petaling

Single Room at The Nest Residences, Old Klang Road Near OUG Sri Petaling
Shanne 60133619916
Room Detail:
ROOM TYPES: 1) Single Room - RM 480 (with single bed, wardrobe, study table and fan)
WHAT INCLUDES: - WiFi included - Utilities fee included (aircond usage excluded) - 24 hours security - 1 set kitchen cabinet - Water heater - Refrigerator
FACILITIES: - Playground - BBQ Pit - Wading Pool - Swimming Pool - Surau - Yoga Room - Gymnasium - Sky Garden - Badminton Court - Sky Lounge
NEARBY AMENITIES: - Have bus station ( 601 / 604 ) can reach IOI Mall / Pearl Point / The Scott Garden / KTM Midvalley / Nu Sentral / Central Market - Walking distance 10 mins to Tmn OUG - Driving 9 mins to The Scott Garden / Taman Desa - Driving 10 mins to Sri Petaling / Happy Garden / NSK Kuchai Lama / Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park - Driving 15 mins to Bukit Jalil / Bandar Puchong Jaya / Bandar Kinrara / Bandar Sunway
ACCESSIBILITY: - NPE Highway - LDP Highway
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