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2023.05.30 13:06 BigRoll7632 Hedphones from Tohmann

Hi, im thinking about buying some quality bluethoot headphones from Tohman for using in and out of the gym. The issue that i have is the worry of damagin them due to blasting music too hard during workouts and degradating the cushions with sweat. Can you give me any recomendations? Also, I don't know the difference between open and close back.
Thank you beforehand

Pd: I mean headphones not any kind of earbuds
Ok, i just learn that open back lets people hear a lil bit of your music, i prefer closed back then
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2023.05.30 12:41 Ashrac17 Exercise making me nauseous?

I have been on Wegovy for 10 weeks and am on my second round of .50. Prior to Wegovy, I worked out regularly… walking/Zumba/peloton/lifting and was in pretty good shape. Wegovy made me exhausted and it’s just been this week I have been incorporating exercise back in. I did a lifting workout yesterday, nothing too strenuous… and at the end I was super nauseous and thought I was going to throw up. Same thing happened today- and this is just after 30 minutes of exercising. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how do you deal with it? Feeling a little down about it because I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my strength over the last then weeks and now that I’m finally feeling ok to exercise, this happens…
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2023.05.30 12:16 theverywetbanana WB133 Free School Meals Expansion Bill Stage 3 Debate

Expand free school meals to all students in Wales regardless of parental income and make provision for free school meals to be provided during school holidays.
be enacted by the Senedd Cymru and having received the assent of His Majesty, it is enacted as follows
Section 1 - Definitions
(1) A student shall refer to any child studying full time between key stage 1 to 3 or nursery.
(2) A place of education shall refer to primary schools and secondary/comprehensive schools along with schools with integrated nursery.
(3) A free meal shall be defined as a meal provided by a place of education for students that is provided without charge of the student or parent.
Section 2 - Providing Meals
(1) Every student who is in attendance on a school day must be provided with a free school meal by their place of education.
i. Students who wish to not have a meal by their own choice may not take a meal.
(2) Places of education may not collect funds from parents/guardians nor students as compensation for the free meals provided to students.
(3) Places of education must ensure these free school meals are to a satisfactory and nutritional value.
(4) Food that has been prepared but not used will be given to local charities that are dealing with homeless people.
(5) A school must take into account the allergies, medical intolerances, and other dietary requirements of a student and provide alternatives.
(6) A school must be able to provide halal, kosher and other foods that comply with religious beliefs, for its students.
(7) A school must always provide a Vegan option for its students.
Section 3 - Holiday Provision for School Meals
(1) Free school meals will be provided during school holidays to students who’s parents or guardians are eligible for the following benefits:
i. Universal Credit II. Child Tax Credit III. The guaranteed element of Pension Credit IV. Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance V. Income-based Employment and Support Allowance VI. Income Support VII. Support under section VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 VIII. Any successor benefit to the above
(2) The relevant local authority shall decide the method of the meal allocation during school holidays.
Section 4 - Government Funding & Usage of Funds
(1) The Welsh Government must allocate appropriate funding for free school meals for schools across Wales
(2) Any money not used will be handed back to the Government.
(3) This money shall not be used for anything else other than funding the free school meals and ensuring provision of such.
Section 5 - Commencement & Short Title
(1) This bill shall come into force on the 1st August 2023.
(2) This bill may be cited as the Free School Meals Expansion Act 2023.
This Bill has been submitted by u/Dyn-Cymru on behalf of Llafur Cymru and is sponsored by Independent u/PoliticoBailey.
Opening speech.
Schools are where some of the most important lessons are learned, many key skills are learnt in early education and the understanding of these subjects will determine if a student can understand more complex subjects later on in life so again these core parts of the Education system are important.
That is why no child in Wales should go hungry even after they've started secondary/comprehensive school, this is where key skills such as numeracy, important grammatical distinctions (for both English and Welsh) are taught. More importantly this is when GCSEs are sat and these exams are sat, determining some peoples futures.
Many studies have shown education is less effective when students haven't eaten and therefore hungry students have a poorer standard of education. That is why I am proud to present this bill as it will put everyone on a level playing field and ensure everyone has a full stomach when they sit their exams next summer.
This bill will also let parents have some rest during a more and more expensive time as it is one less meal they have to pay for, this will help the ones most hit in life and this will give parents that before wouldn't have qualified for free school meals the extra change they need to get by, equalising society even out of the classroom. The cost of this is relatively quite small with the cost being under 180 Million pounds by 2026 with it starting off at just over 160 Million for the 2024 school year.
I urge all members to vote for this bill as we ensure that disadvantages such as poverty that affect children are minimised during their GCSE studies, ensuring that they can get the best grades they can and prepare themselves for a better future, one where no child's stomach is empty.
Debate on this bill shall end on Friday 2nd June 2023 at 10pm BST
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2023.05.30 11:20 General_Sir_733 Went from Super Productive to Basically losing all Desires

Hi ever its my first time posting here. So please forgive me if i miss any rules. Here i go ,
So I was learning this skill which would help me get the job i was super passionate about. I used to work daily for achieving it (3-4 hours daily) from past 1year . Then slowly i started getting better at it , my motivation increased. Two months ago i read the book “Deep work” , it inspired me a lot. I began waking up early at 4 in the morning effortlessly,solving tougher problems till noon with full interest , diet on point , workout on point . I had deleted Instagram . It was like the more i worked hard the better i felt .This was the best i was ever in my life . It felt like i had evolved considering that In school i was a big time procrastinator , only studied before exams , ran from doing hard things.
Now let me describe the problem. Few days back my dog fell ill . I had to take him to the vet many times in the past two weeks. .Unfortunately we couldn’t save him :( . I was really angry and sad at the same time.
I lost all the desire after that day . I couldn’t get myself to feel passionate about that goal again. It’s like I lost a part of me. I have started leaning into my old habits of playing video games and eating fast food. Is it some sort of coping reaction to a tragic event ? Will i move on from it or should i see a doctor? Please help me I can’t let me go down the spiral of self hatred and destruction after i had seen what i am capable of . Thanks
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2023.05.30 11:15 KingKongJames1 Triceps activation during the upper back exercises: seeking advice

Recently, I've been doing exercises like reverse flys, bend-over dumbbell rows, and shrugs to strengthen my upper back muscles during my workouts at home with my ativafit adjustable dumbbells. However, I've noticed that my triceps are also getting activated during these movements.
I'm wondering if this is normal or if there might be some issues with my form or technique. Should I be concerned about the engagement of my triceps during upper back exercises? Should I consider reducing the weight I lift to minimize triceps involvement?
If you have any ideas or suggestions on it, please share them! Your guidance will be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.30 10:59 KingKongJames1 Why my triceps are engaged in the upper back exercises?

I've recently been incorporating upper back exercises into my routine, including reverse flys, bend-over dumbbell rows, and shrugs using my ativafit adjustable dumbbells. However, I've noticed that my triceps seem to be getting a workout as well.
Is it normal to feel triceps engagement during exercises primarily targeting the upper back? If not, what could be the underlying reasons for this unintended activation? Should I reconsider my technique or adjust the weight I'm lifting?
I'd appreciate it if I can hear your experiences, insights, or suggestions on it. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 10:34 top10pulse Top 10 Effective Home Workouts for a Stronger & Toned Back

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2023.05.30 10:01 Both_Remove Im totally lost. What should I do?

Hi guys! I am a 22 year old male from Australia. I came here to ask for some advice on what I should do to find an ideal career path. I studied two and a half years of a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education double degree, however, when I went for a professional placement, I learned I didn't want to be a teacher anymore. I stopped going to uni and wanted to change myself so I started going to the gym and instantly fell in love. A few months after the gym, I injured my back, forearms, shoulders and ankles quite badly and it greatly affected my ability to work out. Despite the injuries, I still enjoyed the gym and had to make many adjustments to my workout just to be able to work out with minimal pain. Anyways, I realised I wanted to try a Bachelor of sports and exercise science because I loved the gym so much. I figured that the only potential career I would like in this field is physiotherapy. However, I recently started to hate the gym because I find it so difficult for my body and mind to tolerate the pain. At first, I was able to tolerate the pain but I feel like I've hit my pain tolerance limit. I plan to drop out because I hate working out and I am only one semester in and I'm not really what career path I should take. I don't know what I like but I could go back to uni and finish a bachelor of science separately since I have a year and a half left. I'm not sure what I would do after that because I am lost on what to do. Everywhere I go I see people working jobs they hate so I want to work a job that I can enjoy and something that pays well. But I am not sure how to get there or what to do to get to that point. What should I do?
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2023.05.30 09:52 Aggressive-Fig-4710 Weight loss with food only?

Hey all,
Have any of you lost a significant amount of weight with just calorie restriction? I travel a lot so it’s hard for me to workout daily. When I restrict to 800-1200 Cals I lose 5-10 pounds, but then I go travel and put it back.
So, for curiosity purposes, has anyone lost more than 20 pounds with just calorie restriction and no exercise , and how long did it take?
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2023.05.30 09:41 dreamdayt We are all doing great!

Hello gals, I am [F24] here to share some positive things that happened to me in these past few months.
Since Covid lockdowns I started becoming rather asocial, i didn’t workout or take care of my body and myself. I basically became so reclusive that I didn’t leave my house for 3 months sometimes after the lockdown was lifted. I grew anxious and it was really hard on my mental health.
But 3 years later I am back on the track! I found a gym nearby my home, met new people, I am about to finish my university and start a job by the end of this year. I still do get anxiety attacks when I have to call someone or when I have to get off the bus, but I take deep breaths and remind myself to relax and that it will be fine. I went to do my nails last week (I haven’t done them since Covid), I dyed my hair, I am going out more and more and starting to regain all the confidence I’ve lost and I am ready to enjoy my life again..
So, I want to remind everyone that you are doing great! Whatever the goals you have on your mind right now you can achieve them! Don’t give up on yourself 💗
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2023.05.30 08:55 DailyHoroscopeIndia Today's Horoscope! (30th of May, 2023)✨

♈️ Aries: Aries, your fiery charisma is set to draw in someone captivating today. If sparks fly but don't ignite into a full flame, don't let it dampen your confidence. It's time to take the bull by the horns and explore avenues for growth professionally. Health-wise, fortify your defenses against any bugs going around. An adventure with your ride-or-die pal is also in the cards, so plan well ahead to sidestep any travel faux pas. Keep a close eye on your wallet and avoid real estate or stock market investments for now. Lastly, remember to be mindful of your straightforwardness as it can make your friends a bit apprehensive.
♉️ Taurus: Today is a day of deepening bonds for those in relationships, Taurus. Singles should keep an eye out for intuitive Cancer signs, as love is in the air. Financially, you may face a small hiccup, but use this as a lesson in budgeting and future planning. Health-wise, your bladder might be more active today, so plan for extra pit stops. Travel is the key to life's experiences, so take the time to explore the world around you. Luck may not be on your side when it comes to money matters, but your charisma is set to skyrocket, making every social interaction a positive one. Emotionally, you are mostly content with your life's course, but there may be an aspect that needs a boost. Reflect on what that might be and seek out ways to improve it.
♊️ Gemini: Gemini, with Venus bestowing its blessings on your relationships, you can expect a smooth sailing day in the sea of love. Singles, don’t worry if your flirty charm hits a speed bump with Libra, your day will come! Financially, you are in for a windfall, so seize this opportunity to boost your bank balance. Health wise, it’s time to fill your plate with a rainbow of fruits and veggies to get the essential vitamins your body craves. And why not add an intense workout to supercharge your health quest today? Travel may have slipped off your radar today, but it’s okay to take a breather and focus on other things. Keep your eyes peeled for the numbers 10 and 31 as they are set to bring a dash of luck into your day. Finally, channel any negative vibes into a productive pursuit today and use your unstoppable spirit to keep the blues at bay.
♋️ Cancer: Cancer, your sensitivity is a secret strength and your partner appreciates it. If you're single, take the time to reflect on past relationships and use them as learning experiences for the future. An unexpected email may bring financial news that reveals a forgotten windfall. You are radiating health and confidence, and your aura is as bright as a summer's day. An upcoming journey with someone special has you counting down the days. The numbers 7 and 43 are your lucky stars today, so keep them in mind. Your emotional landscape is blossoming with positivity, and self-improvement is a bumpy road but the rewards make it worth it. Keep going, the journey is as beautiful as the destination.
♌️ Leo: Today might not be the best day for romance, but singles should keep their eyes open for a special Pisces. Professionally, you're on the right track and your ambition is paying off - you could even be in for a pay bump! Health-wise, it's important to check in with your optometrist if you wear prescription glasses. Travel could bring a new perspective and 37 and 8 could be your lucky numbers. Emotionally, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed - take some time to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.
♍️ Virgo: Today is a day of love and luck for Virgo. Venus is showering you with affectionate energy, so if you're in a relationship, expect to bask in a warm glow of love. Singles, look out for a Capricorn with a smile that lights up the room - some delightful flirtation may be in the cards. At work, you may face some challenging dynamics, but counter any negativity with a radiant smile. Financially, you're on an upswing, so keep up the momentum. Health-wise, you're in great shape, so stay on track with a balanced lifestyle to keep the good health vibes flowing. If you're feeling adventurous, consider couch surfing as a budget-friendly accommodation alternative. Lady Luck might not be knocking on your door today, but it's a neutral day on the luck front, so you've got the reins. Finally, thanks to the good vibes from your ruling planet, you'll feel a wave of positivity and happiness today. Soak up the sunny energy and shine on!
♎️ Libra: Today is a day of love and learning for Libras. Single Libras may find themselves drawn to someone who is already taken, while those in relationships should take the time to appreciate the loving gestures from their partner. At work, break up the monotony with a chat over lunch with a colleague. Unemployed Libras should keep an eye out for a potential job lead. Health-wise, those with a history of blood pressure issues may experience a mild fluctuation, but overall health should remain steady. For those with long commutes, use the time to read or listen to an audiobook and turn the journey into a learning experience. Lady Luck favours the colour red and the number 15 today, so if possible, add a touch of green to your outfit for an extra sprinkle of good fortune. Finally, take some time to disconnect from your devices and give yourself the tranquillity you deserve.
♏️ Scorpio: Single Scorpios should be prepared for a day of flirtatious vibes, as a charismatic Gemini is sure to capture your attention. For those who are married, a small tiff may arise around money matters and kids, but it's important to remember that these small battles can help strengthen your bond. In the workplace, your boss may have some concerns, so be sure to acknowledge them and strive to improve. Financially, you may experience highs and lows, but have faith in your ability to balance it all. Health-wise, it's time to commit to healthier choices, such as quitting smoking if you're a smoker. When it comes to travel, make sure to familiarize yourself with the local customs and traditions, as respect for others' cultures is the key to meaningful experiences. Your ruling planet has your back today, especially when it comes to financial affairs, so consider playing the stock market if you're feeling lucky. Lastly, be gentle with your own heart today, as a figure from your past may resurface in your thoughts. Allow yourself to remember, grieve, and heal.
♐️ Sagittarius: Today is a day of change and progress for you, Sagittarius. If you're in a relationship, it may be time to seek advice from trusted friends if you're feeling uncertain. For those who are single, the presence of an Aquarius may bring a sense of comfort. At work, a colleague is set to drop some significant news, so be prepared for change. Financially, you may receive a boost, and job seekers should stay alert as your phone may hold the key to a promising opportunity. Health-wise, it's time to book an appointment with a healthcare professional and get a comprehensive check-up. When travelling, remember to squirrel away some 'just-in-case' funds for peace of mind. Lady Luck is whispering your numbers today: 39 and 1, so expect some positive magic to come your way. An understanding Leo is also set to step into your emotional realm today, guiding you towards emotional clarity.
♑️ Capricorn: Single Capricorns should take advantage of the day and show off their vibrant party spirit. Those in relationships should be prepared for secrets to come out into the open. Jupiter's aura makes this a potentially lucrative day, so bring your best to the workplace and show your dedication. Health-wise, consider joining a gym or sports team and try to balance your diet. If you're travelling, immerse yourself in the local culture and try out the local delicacies. Your lucky numbers for the day are 4 and 10. Lastly, it's time to work on managing your emotions more effectively and cultivating a steadier emotional climate.
♒️ Aquarius: Today is a day of mixed emotions for Aquarius. On the one hand, those in relationships can expect an extra sparkle in their bond, while single Aquarians should brace themselves for potential heartache. Professionally, it's important to open up and invite collaboration, as cooperation is key for success. Health-wise, you're set to enjoy a day of physical vigor and mental calm, so don't forget to stay hydrated. Travelers should take the time to learn about their destination before embarking. Luck will be on your side in social scenarios, but it might not be the best day to make real estate investments. Emotionally, you're holding up well and your strength will help you weather any storm that comes your way.
♓️ Pisces: Today is a day of kindness and patience for Pisces. If you are in a relationship, be understanding and empathetic towards your partner. For those who are single, an unexpected ping from a past flame may be on the horizon. Professionally, there is a golden opportunity coming your way that could lead to a promotion and a financial boost. Health-wise, consistency is key when it comes to fitness, so make sure to pair your workout regime with a healthy diet and consider bringing a personal trainer onboard. If you are travelling today, don't forget to pack your travel insurance. Jupiter, your cosmic benefactor of luck and prosperity, is sending positive energy your way, so embrace it and let it guide your day. Emotionally, you are feeling grounded and balanced, but if you live with family, some pressure or nerves may creep in - but you've got this, Pisces!

Check out today's Hora

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2023.05.30 08:53 nc0855 Finished Epic II - here’s what I learnt

I finished Epic 2 last week, it’s the first time I have ever stuck with a program all the way through, enjoyed it and seen results. I thought I would post what I’ve learnt to help others who are new to CG like I was.
This is purely my opinion and experience, it’s not a substitute for proper medical or qualified fitness advice.
  1. It’s really hard! She pushes you in a way you won’t have worked before. You need your rest days and you will ache if your new to CG. But it’s really motivating to keep pushing yourself and seeing how strong you become.
  2. Strength gives better results than cardio (for me!) I’ve never managed to slim down my legs and I was struggling with perimenopause weight gain. The results only came towards the end of the 10 weeks but I’m hooked and love growing stronger.
  3. Diet is key for results. You need to watch what you eat if you want to slim down. And you won’t look like Caroline after 10 weeks!! It’s clear to me now that significant results take a HUGE amount of effort and may not be worth the restriction in diet. Take measurwments and photos so you can track results, the scale fluctuates too much to rely on for me.
  4. You might need extra rest days. My whole body ached a few times after the full body workouts. Extra days are good to help you recover and come back stronger. Extra sleep helped me too.
  5. The music might annoy you after a while 🤣 I just zoned out and focused on my muscles and how I felt.
  6. A mirror helps to correct your lifting form. I gradually increased my weights so I didn’t injure myself.
  7. If you’re new to weight training, you might feel puffy and bigger at some stages. I had this around week 3,4 and when I was very sore. A rest day really helped the puffiness reduce, stretching and a walk were good too.
  8. A rest week or deload week is good after you finish a programme. I’m currently doing some of my other favourite workouts for a week until I try Epic fuel next week.
I hope this helps anyone new to CG, please remember this is my experience and may not apply to everyone.
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2023.05.30 08:52 Mysterious_Half1890 Ross, J.C. - Body weight workouts for men over 50_ Beginning to get back in shape without using weights or joining the gym (2021).pdf

Ross, J.C. - Body weight workouts for men over 50_ Beginning to get back in shape without using weights or joining the gym (2021).pdf submitted by Mysterious_Half1890 to FitnesProgramsSharing [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 08:52 Mysterious_Half1890 Ross, J.C. - Body weight workouts for men over 50_ Beginning to get back in shape without using weights or joining the gym (2021).pdf

Ross, J.C. - Body weight workouts for men over 50_ Beginning to get back in shape without using weights or joining the gym (2021).pdf
If you download it upvote 🤦‍♂️ stop being a silent taker.
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2023.05.30 08:31 joethekid10 Yerba mate & caffeine withdrawal symptoms

I am in a pretty high pressure job, and have been drinking caffeine for years with no problems. Recently I've found yerba mate around 3-4 months now, I've started drinking a bit to much but ignored the few moments of really crazy shaky moments where I have to move, run or workout. But recently I began noticing the same strange feeling so I've began tapering off, and what have experienced full blown panic attacks, with heart palpitations and the feeling of the world ending, feelings of anxiety throughout the whole first days and that lasted about a week with it getting better day by day and better after coming off caffeine.
For reference I would drink about 100-200mg of caffeine for years, but with the mate I've lost track of the amount as I am sipping it alot, and would sometimes go through 1.5L of water with the tea.. way to much looking back.
I guess my question is are the feelings of anxiety/ sometimes on verge of panic attacks. Something normal and will pass? My last mate I drank was about 150ml last week, and I had a English breakfast tea 7 days ago.
So I am technically on day 7 without caffeine.
TLDR; are feelings of panic attack/anxiety, weird heart feelings, pressure headaches normal on day 7 without caffeine? Did everyone feel like their first week off caffeine was the longest week ever?
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2023.05.30 08:30 stoicmannn I’m broke and want to date/find a long term relationship…Need advice

I’m 21 years old, I live in a 60 acre farm/ranch with my family. Unfortunately during my last 2 years of highschool I skipped a lot of classes in order to work and make money since I wanted to help my mom(my father passed away and left 7 children in her care). For that reason my grades plummeted and I ended up not going to college. I work seasonally during the summer doing yard work and during the winter as a logger and welder but I make just enough to get by. Ive been working out passionately for almost 3 years now and I spend a good amount of my salary on protein powder, pre workout and meal prep food. Working out is one of the only things that keeps me looking forward to the future since I can see the progress I am achieving. The rest goes into helping my mom and siblings and taking care of the property. I can’t afford spending unnecessary money on things such as eating out or going on vacations or concerts or the such. I also had to cut back on some hobbies like training mma to save money. Back in highschool I dated 3 girls long term and my situation didn’t seem to bother them at that point in life. My last relationship lasted 3 years and I thought I was going to marry her, but as we started getting older I started to sense that we were falling apart due to her becoming aware of my situation. We got in contact again 1.5 years after our breakup and she seemed very enthusiastic to get close again, as “friends”(I think it was because my physique had improved drastically and I was much more comfortable in my own body than before I started working out). Anyways after she did some digging and found out that I was in a similar situation as before and couldn’t really spend too much money on dates, and the such, she just ghosted me. I have not dated in a little over 3 years, since that relationship. I have been in a few “getting-to-know-you” stages in that time frame but all of them slowly drift away after they find out about my situation. The girls seem to be initially attracted to me physically and because of my convos but when they find out about my finances they all dart away. I also sense that the girls who pursuit me seem to only be interested in having casual fun but I want something solid. So anyways I’ve been solely focused on my bodybuilding journey and in helping out my mom, but people always ask about my dating life and why I’m single and to be honest I feel really lonely. I appreciate the support and love I get from my family but it’s different when you have a significant other who also cares about you. I guess I just wanted to ask for any advice or thoughts on whether I should be alarmed that no girl is willing to date me long term. Or should I just keep living life and stay focused on working out. I just don’t want to go through life without a partner by my side but I can’t shake the feeling of desperation knowing that I could very well unintentionally live my life single. PS. Sorry for the long text, I wasn’t planning on opening up this much😅
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2023.05.30 08:26 Chance-Bug-449 Is there any one mentally going through obstacles

Tham yellarigu Namaskara my dear Bangalore sub. I hope you guys having a great day if you’re coming inside of Bellandur kere bridge Bidhogide take Marathahalli main road. Okay coming to the point I hope you guys have time for to read the self struggling Iam going through right now.Myself (27M) Recently(extreme) I’m going through extreme depression and guilt low self esteem. I’ve been facing this severe depression (which used to to be in under control) Since two weeks it went out of my hand which led me to abuse my body with alcohol every day basis to calm the storm in my head.I’m professionally music composeteacher and fitness enthusiast I love doing workout,training boxing and mma. And working out is a therapy for me. Right now I’m just stuck in loop of feeling hopeless and avoiding little to no interest to do my work which effecting me and my work. With all that heaviness in my head just to make myself calm I’ve been doing drinking every day since morning till end of the day. I never been fan of alcohol or prefer to drink.As alcohol is most accepted drug and easily available in our society it’s easy to rely on it for cope up with your mental state.Many people at the bar came to me and complimented me on my fitness I feel soo guilty like wtf am I doing here. Even If I say there’s nobody will believe that Iam going through something as Iam 6’4 tall with masculinity people look at me smile like you look like a bodybuilder what is wrong with you but they don’t know struggle inside of my head.on top of that I socially distanced myself avoiding or just talk for few mins with parents. And not caring on my music and working out spending money and wasting precious time eating all garbage foods which I never did before.I know God blessed me with unique skills and physique I know and i strongly believe I can make come back to my healthy lifestyle and my routine. This kinda habits nobody do appreciate. The reason I post my struggle with mental in our sub is I believe there is someone out there going through the same situation as me. Instead of surviving alone why not overcome together :)
PN: Feeling so relief by posting this on our sub thank you everyone of you, And your Support in DM will be highly appreciated in this rough times 🙏🏽
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2023.05.30 07:50 InteractionAnxious21 I want to know how could I help you.

Some backstory: I'm a software engineer, and I've been working in the tech industry for almost 4 years since graduation. After the 2nd year in a big corporation, I got food and a place to live, and my motivation to pursue a career just stopped. I felt like I had nothing to chase for. I enjoy playing video games and buying toys like Iron Man, Transformers, or Ultraman figures. That's pretty much it. So, life became tasteless and boring, and there was nothing that made me happy.
For the past year or so, I've been thinking about how I can help people and create value (so I can start to feel that I'm useful to the world) based on my skills. Around that time, my best friend (who also works in tech) experienced severe depression. So, I started creating things to help him combat it. We began by developing a mood tracker that allowed him to input his mood every day, and we used algorithms to find patterns, such as how workouts or the weather correlated with his mood swings. However, it wasn't helpful because it didn't offer solutions or solve the problem.
Later in the year, OpenAI's ChatGPT became popular, and we thought we could leverage this technology to assist people, as it could answer mental health-related questions and potentially help those in need of answers. So, we created an app called Quokka! (I apologize if this sounds like self-promotion, but you can search for it on the Apple App Store) and we had around 10 to 20 people using it. However, people only asked a couple of shallow questions and then never touch the app again, and that was about it. We wondered why talking to ChatGPT wasn't as "therapeutic" as talking to a real person.
We spoke to a few users and thought this through. In a nutshell, we believe ChatGPT isn't sentient enough or designed to relate or feel the actual pain of the user. Let me provide you with some examples:
  1. It's slower and tends to provide people with walls of text, which can be very off-putting. Even if it's spitting out truths, people don't want to read a 400-word paragraph about how to be better.
  2. If you ask ChatGPT about very personal issues like sex life or an abusive relationship, it will give you a "correct" response like having good communication with your partner, being honest, and trying new things. While these are correct answers, they lack a "personal" touch. It's like telling a homeless person to get a home, if you know what I mean. A real therapist (a good one who matches your background and personality) would guide you and help you discover issues in a more subtle and informative way, rather than simply telling you how you should behave.
(As an engineer, I understand why ChatGPT performs this way. It's designed to be an "AI assistant" and has been trained on data that convinces itself it's an "AI assistant." Therefore, it doesn't treat sensitive questions like a real person with feelings. Moreover, anything unethical is filtered out. If you ask it a sensitive question, it will respond by saying, "I'm an AI, so I don't have preferences," and it won't engage and blame your bf/gf with you in biased discussions.)
To address the shortcomings of ChatGPT, I spent the last month training and developing a model myself. This model focuses solely on performing therapy and helping people. If you ask it to solve a math question, it probably wouldn't know the answer. It's a small model, only 7/1000 the size of ChatGPT, so it's not that advanced (but it is super fast). However, it has knowledge of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) as I trained it using two books and common sense. I've tested it with some examples, and I think it's working. I'm allowing everyone to try it out on a server that I'm renting out of my pocket. I'll try to keep the server running for as long as possible so that everyone has a chance to try it. https://a93b26bbd1ae.ngrok.app/
some example conversations I had with it:
Human: how can therapy help people, like how does it work? AI: Therapy helps individuals understand their thoughts and feelings better, develop coping strategies for dealing with difficult situations, and improve communication skills. It also provides a safe space where clients can explore their emotions without fear of judgment or criticism. The goal is to create a positive change in behavior and attitude towards life. Human: ok but the underlying issue is still there right? it doesnt really solve the problem. so the client will probably continue to be sad AI: That's correct. However, therapy can provide tools and techniques that can help individuals manage their emotions more effectively and cope with stressors in a healthier way. Additionally, therapy can help individuals identify unhelpful thought patterns and replace them with more realistic ones. This can lead to a reduction in negative emotions and an increase in overall well-being. Human: what about people suffer from like, money problem? or suffer from something thats out of their hands AI: In some cases, therapy may not be able to completely eliminate the source of distress. However, it can provide individuals with the necessary tools to cope with difficult situations and improve their quality of life. For example, if someone is struggling financially, therapy can help them develop a budget and prioritize their expenses. If someone has a chronic illness, therapy can help them learn to accept their limitations and find ways to live a fulfilling life despite their condition. Human: Ok thanks, I understand it better now. AI: You're welcome! ... ... 

Human: How can I improve communication with Sam about our sexual needs and expectations? AI: It's important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your sexual needs and expectations. You could try using a technique called "I-messages" when communicating with Sam. This involves stating how you feel and what you need in a clear and direct way. For example, "When we have sex, I would like for us to use protection." Human: I understand, the problem is that we love our sex life, but I feel we've fallen into a routine and often feel lazy to engage in it. AI: It's great that you're aware of this issue and want to address it. One way to approach it is by setting up a date night where you can focus on each other and enjoy intimacy without any distractions. Another option is to create a list of activities or positions that you both enjoy and make sure to incorporate them into your routine. ... ... 

Human: Ok I feel like you are kind of helping more like an assistent, not a therapist. how would you handle my case if you use CBT technique? AI: As a therapist, I would work collaboratively with you to identify your values and goals and develop a plan to achieve them. We would also explore any underlying beliefs or assumptions that may be contributing to your feelings of frustration and uncertainty. By using CBT techniques such as cognitive restructuring and problem-solving strategies, we could work together to overcome these obstacles and move forward towards a more fulfilling life. Human: Ok yes thats what I'm talking about. please lead the conversation. AI: Great! Let's start by exploring your values and goals in greater detail. What do you want out of life, and what steps can we take to help you achieve those things? Human: surprisingly I dont vable money that much even tho I just mentioned them. I genuienly just want to help people. my motivition is kind of driven by that. actually my start up is about helpping people. I'm building an virtual therapist using LLM AI: That's great to hear! Your motivation is clearly rooted in a desire to make a positive impact on others. Let's work together to develop a plan to achieve your goals and overcome any challenges that arise along the way. Human: Ok looks like you understand, what kind of plan we talking here? AI: Yes, we can work together to create a personalized plan that takes into account your unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals. This might involve developing new coping mechanisms for dealing with stress, identifying areas where you need additional support, or exploring alternative career paths that align with your values and interests. Human: My strength is I'm a dedicated person, meaning I dont easily give up. my weakness would be ... I have too much ego so sometimes I feel it makes me arrogant and ignorant. my goal is to help other people in any way to unleash their true potential. by creating a AI therapist is one of my way trying to achieve that. AI: It sounds like you have a strong sense of dedication and a clear understanding of your values and goals. We can work together to identify any blind spots or areas where you may need additional support. Remember, therapy is not just about fixing problems but also about exploring your strengths and finding ways to build upon them. Human: Ok interesting, so what could be my blind spots? could you give me some examples AI: Sure, blind spots can include things like unconscious biases or assumptions that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential. For example, if you believe that certain types of people are inherently less intelligent than others, this belief may limit your ability to see their true potential. By working together, we can explore these blind spots and develop strategies for overcoming them. Human: I see, so what could possible be mine blind spot that I'm not awared? AI: It's important to remember that everyone has blind spots, and they can be difficult to identify without outside perspective. However, once identified, we can work together to develop strategies for overcoming them. Human: I was kind of expacting you to find it out for me. thats what you do isn't it ? AI: While it's important to work collaboratively with clients to identify blind spots, it's also important to remember that ultimately, the client is responsible for their own growth and development. As a therapist, my role is to provide guidance and support, but ultimately, the client must take ownership of their own progress. Human: ok could at least give me some direction? like how do I find the blind spots tho? AI: Finding blind spots requires a willingness to be open and honest about one's own limitations. This can be challenging, as many of us have been conditioned to view ourselves in a positive light. However, by being vulnerable and seeking feedback from trusted sources, we can begin to gain insight into our own blind spots. Human: so you mean asking people around me? AI: Yes, seeking feedback from those who know us well can be an effective way to identify blind spots. Additionally, reflective practices such as journaling or meditation can help us become more aware of our own thoughts and behaviors. Human: what's reflective practices AI: Reflective practices involve taking time to reflect on one's experiences and behaviors. This can include activities such as journaling, meditation, or talking with a trusted friend or family member. The goal of these practices is to increase self-awareness and improve decision-making abilities. Human: could you be more specific? like I should do journaling everyday? like I want you to explain like in theory how would that help. writing daily journal and then read them after? AI: Reflective practices can take many forms, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Some people find that journaling regularly helps them identify patterns in their behavior and emotions. Others prefer to engage in mindfulness exercises or talk with a therapist about their experiences. Ultimately, the key is to find an approach that works best for you and stick with it over time. ... ... 
As you can tell it is not that smart so I have to ask a lot of questions to remind the AI to take the lead and guide me. So start the conversation with "I would like to work on xxx issue, could you help me with cbt technique." and ask questions for the next step or guidance.
I want to emphasize that this is a small model, so if it works well for all of you, please let me know, and I'll continue to upgrade it. For example, I can make a larger model and feed it with more therapy techniques, or even give it a voice, so eventually, you can have a phone call with it like a teletherapy session (that's the goal).
I apologize for the lengthy text. To get to the point, we haven't stopped developing this project. We still want to create things that can help people who want access to therapy but can't afford it due to financial situations or lack of access. We're trying out everything we can, anything that can make you happier.

Please leave a comment and let me know how I can use my skill set to make you happy and provide assistance. I'm open to trying anything and everything that can help you out.

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2023.05.30 07:25 TryingToTakeFlight Day 148 Done

Oh man I forgot to post. In the middle of my workout and run for day 149. I need to remember to type. But when your sweating and just wanna shower and eat you tend to forget. I'll be back soon with my next post.
Btw it was a sprint run for half a k. Had a really great pace. Anyway later
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2023.05.30 07:04 Real-Mobile3853 Can ATF program finally help me with my agony?! (..please help)

Can ATF program finally help me with my agony?! (..please help)
Underlying condition (finally diagnosed?)
- Extremely weak left leg (glutes, quads, hips just don't get stronger)
- Identified knee ‘laxity’ (instability) causing tendonitis and all sorts of issues as explained in the MRI findings (see attached)
My history
-32 year old male, who relatively played no sports while growing up. Fell off a cycle and had stitches right on top of my knee when i was 13
-Got into fitness 5 years ago, lost 20+ kilos and got into long distance running and HIIT workouts -Mistakes made on the way, never focused on strength programs, unstructured plans, ran without any planning and in 2019 one of my PT’s noticed ‘my left leg is weaker than my right’ one
-Never paid attention until my first experience with ITB syndrome in 2020
-Focused on strength and started running again but no consistency due to constant niggles and set backs
-Sep 2021 second incident with ITB syndrome, physio finally said go to a sports doctor. Reputable sports doctor suggested steroids which i rejected and said ‘it is normal to have ITB syndrome’
-1.5 year in, did multiple strength programs, had periods of relief but I have NOT fixed my leg issues
Where i am today
-i can barely do a full lunge, constant pain (3-4/10) even after walking 10k steps
-Any bending flares up the knee
-Left hip is tight i.e. doesn’t move freely while doing IR’s (windshield vipers)
-Even getting off a chair and having a relatively easy knee bend is hard before i take a couple of steps
- I can't even think of any repetitive exercises such as running, elliptical etc etc
Apparently, I pronate slightly inwards and apparently i have flat feet.
My issue:
- Spent 1000's of dollars trying to fix my agony with no Success. Can this program really prove to the circuit breaker?
Whoever reads and is able to guide me, i will be grateful🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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2023.05.30 07:01 DanMahBoy Took my 6-month old to the fair. My back is in so much pain.

The family went to the fair today. I spent MAYBE an hour at most with my little guy in the baby chest rig. My back is screaming. I feel it throbbing as I lay in bed.
I’ve always wanted to get fit for weight management and physical appearance reasons. But I’ve never stuck to it.
I’m not horribly over weight, but I’m bigger than I ought for my height. It’s now occurring to me that if I can’t keep up with my six month old, how on earth will I keep up with a toddler?! Or a 5 year old?? And heck my wife is pregnant again, what am I gonna do with TWO who want to play?
I have a new real motivation to get in shape outside of self gain. What kinds of workouts are cohesive with helping with a baby at the same time?
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2023.05.30 06:39 Hungry_Pipe5894 Im in love with a girl but i leave school in a month, do i pursue her or let things go

To quickly summarize, I'm a Grade 12 guy and im in love with a girl who's in grade 11. We met and started talking in school about 4-5 months ago, and I'm taking her to prom this Thursday. I originally decided a while back that I'd just ask her to prom as friends because I thought she was really damn cute and she also was sooo cool, we had so many things in common and she had an awesome personality. The issue is that I'm convinced we both have caught feels (I have hard). Especially this past month I've really been talking and only thinking of her. In terms of how she feels, it's hard to tell because she is quite reserved and wont tell much to my friends because she knows they'll tell me, but she is for sure showing signs of interest. The real issue here comes in 2 parts. 1. I am leaving in about a month to university, and even if you make it 3 months with the summer is it worth to spend our time together falling in love just to leave heartbroken. 2. Even if I were to pursue a long term relationship with her a HUGE issue is that her parents are strictly religious, and have very specific restriction for a boyfriend. Even though I may pass as I follow a similar religion (not strictly), I still don't really fit her parent's cultural requests. That being said, I still really really love here and I've spent the past week thinking about us non-stop. I don't know whether I should keep my distance especially after prom so that we don't catch feels too hard and end up hurting each other, but on the other hand I really wanna spend this last month with her as much as possible, and since her birthday is on June 29th (literally day before school ends) I want to give her a gift and confess everything to let her know in case things don't really workout. What do you think I should do?
TL;DR I'm in love with this girl a year younger than me and I'm leaving, do i try to continue a relationship despite her parents being strict or do i have fun and let it go?
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