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A place for people to share recipes and pictures of homemade ice creams!

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2023.06.01 04:25 I_am_Zuul Issue with equipment skins

Have been playing RTTS for years, and noticed something last year that is occurring again. When I equip certain skins (ice cream fielding glove), the glove itself does not look like the glove and is missing details. It has the right logo, but the “drip” details are missing. Is this a known glitch?
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2023.06.01 04:24 RuleInfinite9443 does he likke me?

he grabbed my Jean jacket and held onto my bag at an amusement park ,he paid for my ice cream let’s me have a sip of his drink when I ask him,he held my hand at the park bc “my hands were colder” than his lol, instead of going with his friends he sat with me on most of the amusement park rides we bumped shoulders while walking to the roller coasters, almost actually held hands on one of the rides kept checking up on me making sure I didn’t pass out, didn’t want me to pay him back for the ice cream, WE LISTENED TO TAYLOR SWIFT TOGETHER AND HE ADDED IT TO HIS LIKED SONGS btw he added cardigan and i think all too well 10 minutes version LOL, On the bus he tied our sweaters together to make a blanket,Our knees touched at food court, on the bus and in dominos today he didn’t move it away showed me his favorite bands, also im going to a concert with him next week but his younger cousin and their friend is coming with us. Also he lets me play with his hair. Im scared because we have been friends for half a year and my friends all tell me that he likes me. He also has a friend who is a girl and he told my friends that she is just a sister to him.. I dont know if he also thinks of me as a sister im getting mixed signals pls help omg…
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2023.06.01 04:18 Autumn_admires Ice Scream For Ice Cream

Ice Scream For Ice Cream
I'm so happy 🥰 I'm a relatively new player who's only been playing this for a month now but on the last day I got my favourite costume in this game! The one that literally motivated me to grind and get better just so I could win it 🤣
Which costume was your most satisfying to earn fellow Beans?
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2023.06.01 04:17 Deuxmac Henya eating ice cream oreo ona hot day.

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2023.06.01 04:16 DaBuzzScout rule

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2023.06.01 04:10 Wyatt_the_riot6 This guy has attempted to murder the Ice Cream Man, succeeded in killing his music teacher, and attempted to kill his own brother twice, not to mention he is the 2nd biggest cartoon simp

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2023.06.01 04:09 BrettSetsFire Ice cream cake roll

Ice cream cake roll
My mom is turning 70 this year and has brought up wanting an ice cream cake roll. The image I've included from online is what she is describing. She says she got it back in the day at a Vons that's been closed for like 30 years.
Anyone have any suggestions on places for something like this? I've seen them with a cream instead of ice cream, which wouldn't be terrible. There is something on the vons app, but it's out of stock. I'm going to check out 99 Ranch Market which lists it, but I'd really appreciate if anyone has any suggestions. I thought about trying to make one, but I'd rather buy in this case.
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2023.06.01 04:07 AllTheCoins [TotK] [SPOILERS] My Theory on the “New” Zelda Timeline with TotK!

The Era of Creation and the Zonai
Before The Legend of Zelda’s Earth existed, there were the Zonai. A mysterious race of creatures that could be considered gods. Among them, there were three goddesses that were considerably more powerful, and they decided to make for themselves a home. Din, who was considered to embody Power, created for them a planet. And on that planet, the Zonai began residing in what would eventually be called “The Kingdom of Hyrule.” After centuries of building monuments and living on the planet created by Din, the Zonai grew bored of this world and decided to leave. But before doing so the goddess Farore, sister of Din and the embodiment of Courage, created life to inhabit this planet, as to not waste Din’s beautiful creation.
The Era of Life and the Disappearance of the Zonai
The lifeforms created began to populate but to the dismay of the Zonai, they were chaotic and unruly. So Nayru, third of the goddesses and the embodiment of Wisdom, decided to create order and took a young woman named Sonia, who seemed to be the wisest of the lifeforms, making her Queen. But she needed a King and Rauru, a Zonai who had grown quite fond of the planet, volunteered to stay and be the King of this planet. Mineru, his sister, elected to stay as well, curious to see what would become of this planet. With Queen Sonia and King Rauru taking over the ruling the lands, the rest of the Zonai left and so the Kingdom of Hyrule was officially born.
The Era of Order and the Founding of Hyrule
After a few years or so of building up the Kingdom of Hyrule, the King and Queen had a daughter and named her Hylia. She looked just like her mother and had the powers of both Sonia’s control of Time and Rauru’s mastery of Light. That was when a mysterious woman, who called herself Zelda, showed up from the future and took residence with the King and Queen. During this time, another group of lifeforms called the Gerudo where also building their kingdom but couldn’t compete with the superior technology of Hyrule and its Zonai leadership. King Ganondorf, a rare male born from the Gerudo, decided to take action against Hyrule by pretending to swear fealty. His ultimate plan being that he would surprise attack Rauru and Sonia, take over Hyrule and use their technology to create his ideal world.
The War with Ganondorf and the Last of the Zonai
After years of war with the Gerudo, Sonia is killed, her secret stone stolen by Ganon. With his newfound power he was an equal match for King Rauru, even with his sister, Mineru, and his secret stone carrying warriors aiding him. After Ganon defeated Mineru and the other warriors, King Rauru was forced to sacrifice himself to protect Hyrule and with that, the last of the Zonai were gone. Three of the secret stone warriors, the warriors of Lightning, Fire, and Ice, decided to swallow their stones and undergo “Draconification” in order to continue their service to keeping the lands of Hyrule safe, becoming Eldin, Faron and Lanayru. Peace was finally brought about and Hylia, now Queen of the Kingdom of Hyrule was left to keep order. After sensing something wrong with Din’s last creation, the Three Goddesses returned to Hyrule to find their two kin dead and Hylia, too young to rule the lands properly, was the last of their kind, even though she was only half Zonai.
The Era of Hylia, Daughter of King Rauru and Queen Sonia
So, the Three Goddesses created a new artifact, The Triforce, and bestowed it upon Hylia to protect her from the evil that Ganondorf had inspired. Thus, beginning the “Era of Hylia.” Hylia married and had a daughter of her own and named her after the mysterious woman that showed up from the future. This would result in the tradition of first-born daughters being named Zelda in the Royal Family. This era of prosperity did not last long though.
After years of pure hatred building underneath the lands of Hyrule where Ganondorf laid imprisoned, that hatred began to manifest, and Demise was born out of it. A demon of pure hatred that, upon sensing the power of the Triforce being displayed by Hylia, saw his chance, burst free from a fissure in the ground and took to war with Hylia to claim the Triforce and free Ganondorf from his prison. Hylia, in an attempt to save her people and maintain the protection of the Hylians, took them to the sky in an effort to distance herself from the depths that Ganondorf rested in. There, she created the Skyloft and gave the Hylians a new home where they could prosper, but because she was mortally wounded in the fight with Demise, she transferred her soul into the body of one of her descendants that would be born thousands of years later. A first born of the Royal Family, Zelda, princess of Skyloft.
Then Skyward Sword’s game takes place, and the Official Timeline continues onwards.
So... What do you think?
TLDR Hot Takes;
The Three Goddesses are Zonai, Hylia is the daughter of Sonia and Rauru, and Demise was born out of pure hatred from Ganondorf while he was imprisoned.
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2023.06.01 04:05 Appropriate_Help_217 Still upset and angry?

I had a tizzy with a friend. I wanted to talk to her in person but we weren't able to meet around the time so I ended up texting her instead. I apologized and asked how I could make it up to her, like maybe me treating her to lunch or ice cream. We talked for a couple hours the other day so I thought she was okay. She had to leave, but later I asked if she was still upset or mad and she never responded back. Earlier today I said maybe we could get together this weekend but she never responded...so does it sound like she is mad and upset at me?
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2023.06.01 04:00 trifoglina Ice Cream

Hello Capitol Region! What is your favorite local ice cream shop? Also, does it have any quirks? Cash only? Lawn games? Fun combos? Hook a transplant up!
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2023.06.01 03:59 trifoglina Ice Cream

Hello Capitol Region! What is your favorite local ice cream shop? Also, does it have any quirks? Cash only? Lawn games? Fun combos? Hook a transplant up!
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2023.06.01 03:58 trifoglina Ice Cream

Hello Capitol Region! What is your favorite local ice cream shop? Also, does it have any quirks? Cash only? Lawn games? Fun combos? Hook a transplant up!
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2023.06.01 03:55 Beanhedge "I work as a lifeguard. I love my job." LONGER VERSION

Hey, this is the longer version of the story "Lifeguarding" I'm posting it here because it got removed from NoSleep due to the main character being the villain (I think?). I am going to just post the shorter version to Short Scary Stories but I've got an hour before I can post there again and I feel that it looses some of the jokes.
Also, I know I said I plan to be posting less, and I do, I promise, I just really liked this idea.
Thank you for reading. :)
You learn lots of things working as a lifeguard.
CPR, BLS, EAP’s. They literally make you take a week-long course beforehand—if you’re like me and get your chemical certification with your basic life support so you can earn sixteen bucks an hour instead of thirteen.
My favorite part is what we call the Good Samaritan Law. Or as my instructors called it, the CYA law. (We have an acronym for everything.)
That one stands for “cover your ass”.
It means, in my state, anyway, that a first-responder, like a lifeguard, cannot be sued or jailed for actions taken to save a person's life in an emergency.
It comes in handy often. I guard a place called the Camrock Quarry. Not its real name, of course, but who cares. It’s a glorified swimming pool, except forty feet deep, and we have parents who think we’re a daycare. I regularly fish two to three kids out the deep end, only to drop them off, crying, to parents lazing in our chairs on their phones, angry that I won’t let their kids back in the water for a half-hour and they actually have to care for them.
They threaten to sue. Every. Goddamn. Day.
Other than that, it’s chill.
I spend one hour scanning an area. Then two beautiful, sharp, whistles blow. And it's a chair change. And I get to walk over to another area and watch there. We have breaks sometimes. That’s what adult-swim is.
Today, my coworker, Dede, roves toward me.
“That woman's child vomited watermelon in the toddler pool again.”
I pause. Blink.
“Is that all she feeds it?
Dede shrugs. I rub my face.
“I’ll turn on the pumps.”
I clean the “biomass”. Treat and recycle the water.
Feel the stares of “that woman” on my back.
“Why’s it taking so long?” She asks.
I tell her we have to rerun all the water through our filters.
“Well what am I supposed to do?”
I don’t want to argue.
“My manager bought us ice-cream last week. You could have some while you wait.”
Surprisingly, this works to calm her down. And five minutes later we’re standing in the building kitchen.
“You look like a drumstick man.” I say to the woman's kid, and make a show of him getting the last in the box. He's actually really sweet. He's got acid reflux and his mom doesn't like to pay for tums.
Then I dig back in the freezer.
“And would you like an ice-pop, ma’am?”
“I think I deserve one, at this point.”
The boy eats his desert with feral energy. His mother is more hesitant. I watch her face pucker.
“These are sugar-free, aren’t they?” She asks.
I pretend to check the box. It's my revenge.
“Oh yeah, huh. Sorry.”
She drops it dramatically into our trash. Bitch. We’ll get bees.
Fifteen minutes later she’s pawned her child off to Dede, and I watch her swim in the deepest part of Camrock, what we call “The Pit”. It’s the actual full forty-foot deep part. We don’t allow children there.
You can’t see the bottom. It just goes black after a few feet.
Sometimes I wonder how many bodies have to be beneath that murk.
What else can you do when you spend twelve hours a day staring at water?
I watch that woman swim to the center of the pit.
Then she touches her head.
And she sinks.
Did you know we’re not supposed to call them victims? They’re “GID’s.” Guests in Distress. Because “It’s not their fault they’re in trouble.”
But I do my job. Just because I hate someone doesn’t mean I want to get fired.
I blow my whistle long and dive in with my rescue tube. People evacuate. Scream. Get directed to call 9-1-1.
By the time I get her on my tube she’s not breathing. I grab her chin and force open her airway.
Someone slides a board into the water. We pull her out.
I begin CPR.
Her ribs crack, her chest caving as I push hard and fast atop her. It sounds like someone stepping on twigs.
Dede runs up with our crash bag.
“I’ve got the AED! I’ve got the AED!”
And she tries to pull the woman's shirt off while I’m still doing compressions.
“Christ!” I say. “Calm down.”
And then I help cut the woman's shirt off. Her boy is watching us. Crying. There's still ice-cream on his face.
We paste the pads on and wait.
“V-TAC. SHOCK ADVISED.” The machine says. “STAND CLEAR.”
The woman's whole body arcs.
She doesn’t talk. It’s not like the movies, where someone sits up and speaks. Instead the woman rolls over, crying softly, and vomits. I roll her onto her left side. Dede vacuums out her mouth.
By then the ambulance has arrived.
The EMT’s put her on the stretcher. One of them taps my shoulder after she’s loaded in.
“Hey,” He says. “Congrats. You just saved a life.”
I smile.
Broken ribs. Possible brain damage. She’s going to be in the hospital for months, not to mention the damage of the medical debt.
I think of her boy.
Saved indeed.
All I needed was an ice-pop tray and the key to our chemical shed. And I'm legally protected.
Just thought I’d say.
Enjoy your Summer.
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2023.06.01 03:49 Zekeiel666 My First AI picture

My First AI picture
Satan eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Only the best ice cream for him.
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2023.06.01 03:48 Chief_tyu Hit me with criticism on my business ideas

I'm toying with a couple ideas of businesses to start. I'd love feedback on how to execute them well, what I should be aware of, or any ideas for enhancement. Help me pick which, if any, to do.
1. An Ice Cream Truck Tracker. Ever heard the music from an ice cream truck, only to never catch up with it? Users can see all Ice Cream trucks near them, track common routes, see prices/products in advance, and even ping nearby trucks to request they stop by. Ice cream truck operators can send in their location to the app so users can see them, serve ads/offers to users, and get insights on where/how to improve sales. Revenue would primarily come from truck operators. Focus would be on beach/park/vacation areas where lots of trucks operate. Could be expanded to food trucks in general. Challenges: hard to get a critical mass of users to be able to market to truck operators. Data accuracy would be important, but accurate live map data can be expensive. Limited market size.
2. Pickleball coaching. Pickleball is exploding in popularity and most people who play are affluent. The business would partner with current tennis/fitness coaches, teach them the rules & fundamentals of Pickleball, and pay them an hourly rate to lead group and private lessons. Would advertise at local fitness centers, 55+ active living communities, and parks. Could also arrange matches, tournaments, clinics, etc. Could also set up an online shop to sell gear. Challenges: already exists nearly everywhere and would be competitive. Many fitness centers already offer this in-house and wouldn't welcome outside competition.
3. Live Christmas Tree Additive. Live Christmas Trees are growing in popularity and are also generally purchased at tree farms. The tree farms typically have limited revenue each year based on the number of trees they have. They'd all love to add a few extra dollars to every ticket because that's the only way to grow revenue. I'd contract a botanist or something to help me make a proprietary powder to be added to live tree water. It would extend the life of trees, keep them greener for longer, and enhance moisture retention in the tree, reducing fire hazard. I'd put the powder in bags, and sell it for $5 at the point of sale at Christmas Tree Farms, giving the farm operator a chance at an extra $1-2 per customer. Challenges: Extremely seasonal, extremely limited market, thin profit margins. This probably gets started as a side-gig and maybe never grows beyond that.
4. Online Mini Golf Supply Shop. I'd be drop shipping mini golf clubs, balls, scorecards, etc. The value add is that I would set up web domains related to parks that have free mini golf with bring-your-own equipment. There are several of these in my town, and probably tons across the country. So, if there's one at 55th Street Park, I would set up 55thstreetminigolf (dot) com with my online shop. I would make a very official looking sign that simply says "Equipment available at 55thstreetminigolf (dot) com". I'd hang it right beneath the actual official sign that the parks have explaining that they are free and BYO equipment. This would not be sanctioned by the city/municipality, but odds are good no one would notice or care. I could do some additional long-tail search advertising too. Challenges: Would have to set up independently for each park/location. Could get in trouble for posting unofficial signage. Relatively low volume and low margins, so not a big opportunity. But once it's set up, it would run itself.
5. Indoor Golf-in-the-dark. Buy old warehouses/barns near vacation destinations. Clear them out, pave the inside, set up black lights, music, neon decor, and mini golf holes. Can sell snacks at the front counter. Can do birthday parties, company events, etc. A perfect bad weather activity at vacation places. Could also set up as a turnkey franchise. Challenges: hard to find good locations that aren't too capital intensive. Requires design/creativity skills to set up well. Overall a lot of upfront capital and work.
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2023.06.01 03:47 djshefu573 Can you stack the Clear the Vault Special with the FTD at Rise?

Can you stack the Clear the Vault Special with the FTD at Rise?
"Price reduced items allow one discount with the offer". Does that mean it'll stack? Or should I steer clear of the vault since it's probably really old?
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2023.06.01 03:46 flights_not_feelings I feel so inspired by the posts on this sub, but I can’t seem to stop overeating, even when I track my calories. I think it’s because of my job and I’m starting to lose hope…

I’m a flight attendant and I tried to put on my blazer, and I couldn’t button it closed. I haven’t worn it in months, but I worked an international flight recently, which we have to wear blazers for, and I literally cried because I couldn’t button it closed. It used to fit a little loose on me a year ago, but I’ve gained so much weight that I can’t even fit into my own work uniform anymore. I have been trying to track calories for a few weeks now, but it’s so hard to not over eat with my job. The hardest part for me is the odd hours. Sometimes I work all night from sunset to sunrise, so it’s hard to go hours without eating all night when I’m awake, and we’re surrounded by food all the time. We have ice cream sundaes and hot meals that we scarf down between the little sit time we have. It’s so tempting to eat candies and chocolates that passengers and other crew bring us, or leftover cookies from the snack cart. When we do have time between flights to not eat airplane food, McDonald’s and other unhealthy airport food is the quickest and cheapest option for us. I can meal prep, but I suck at it. I don’t really know how to cook unless I follow YouTube videos, and I still mess that up. We can only put so much food in our bags, and unfortunately if we work international flights, we can’t really meal prep. Anyways, I’m sorry for the long post and sorry if this is coming across as more of a rant. I know there’s solutions and I probably sound like a lazy crybaby but it’s so difficult for me for some reason. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.
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2023.06.01 03:43 trifoglina Ice Cream

Hello Capitol Region! What is your favorite local ice cream shop? Also, does it have any quirks? Cash only? Lawn games? Fun combos? Hook a transplant up!
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2023.06.01 03:39 inspiredtotaste I made butterfly pea and blueberry cupcakes filled with blueberry-white chocolate custard. They're topped with a whipped cream cheese frosting and decorated with salted caramel bonbon suns and royal icing butterflies

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2023.06.01 03:38 Sweetlo123 Kool-Aid’s Sharkleberry Fin (1990) THIS HIT SO HARD!

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2023.06.01 03:37 Sweetlo123 I made a very delicious Coffee (and Coffee Oreo) ice cream using an instant coffee I enjoy drinking. That is the key! It’s amazingly creamy with notes of caramel and cocoa if you can believe it! ❤️

I made a very delicious Coffee (and Coffee Oreo) ice cream using an instant coffee I enjoy drinking. That is the key! It’s amazingly creamy with notes of caramel and cocoa if you can believe it! ❤️ submitted by Sweetlo123 to icecreamery [link] [comments]