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2023.06.03 09:03 Expensive-Teaching72 Have you ever had a moment of pure excitement that took your breath away?

What's the most meaningful relationship in your life?
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2023.06.03 09:03 Peaceful-2 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

Photoworthy rules and guidelines - since we continue to increase our numbers…
We’re back to the usual until next Monday. Please be patient with me, you might question a couple of calls I make…sorry, I’m doing my best with that. I’m trying to keep it the place you wanted to join. Please don’t feel upset if you’re asked to repost a photo on Monday, some calls are hard to make and you’ll be in good company. I’ll make a few mistakes, I’m human. Thanks to all of you for making it the place that it is - I’m just the post-herder. 🌲🌲🌲
🌺 I’ve gotten a few reports of our photos being spam. Please be sure that either you took the pic yourself or have given credit in the title. One of them was mine and I know very well that I took it myself. Mod letter appears to say they will be cracking down on copyright stuff. If all we post is original, we’ll never have a problem. If someone is making frivolous reports, it stops now. If you say it’s original content, I believe you - unless it egregiously not. 🌲. Okay - carry on.
🌺MONDAY Fun pics: Please keep in mind: - Keep it light. No dark themes or sexy pics… This is for fun and to get to know each other a bit, to post those favorite pics that don’t usually fit our description such as pets, babies, houses, your latest hobby project, unusual dishes, fantasy, made to look unnatural, etc… - Original pics, please. You may still post a couple of “regular” pics as well.
🌺 ALL DAYS OF THE WEEK: Please follow our regular guidelines. Please submit original content and use the flair. Thanks.
For all days: landscapes, waterscapes (ocean, river, lake, waterfalls etc), flowers, wildlife. (No, not you on a nude beach… that might go on a different sub, not our thing.) **Avoid signs of Civilization and its chaos and noise, this is a retreat from all of that. So - avoid all those buildings, houses, vehicles, pets, etc. (You can use them on a fun post.)
NO unkind or snarky comments, we do not critique nor criticize. We do not use downvotes. We’re posting our own work not calendar pics off the net.
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2023.06.03 09:03 Blizzanity 📖 Lingqi Manga K.O Count #40: Lu Bu's Halbert Shattered? 🔥

📖 Lingqi Manga K.O Count #40: Lu Bu's Halbert Shattered? 🔥
As the shattered halberd lies before Lingqi, questions arise. Could this be a sign of a what's to come? Or is it a catalyst for a something else? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments!! 💭
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2023.06.03 09:03 inner_loops 37 [M4F] New Zealand/Australia - You get so alone at times that it just makes sense.

I'm Seth! I live in New Zealand. Habitual book-sniffer, poster child for introversion.
Life has thrown some lemons my way lately. It's a pretty painful time in my life, but I'm treating it as an opportunity to be a better version of me in the long-term. As part of my journey, I'd love to connect with some new people. I'm enjoying watching myself slowly grow, but the loneliness is real and I miss the journey of getting to know someone and forging a bond. Maybe you do too.
Lists are awesome, so here's one populated with random factoids about me! YAS!
Tell me about you and what you're passionate about. I'm one of those people who loves hearing about what people are into. If I ask too many questions (it happens), I don't mean to interrogate. I'm just interested. :P
I'm not looking for anything romantic, just friends. If you're interested, flick me a chat request if possible. I'm also willing to move off reddit if we hit it off, if you so wish.
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2023.06.03 09:02 zacggs Original art book, an oasis of inspiration - I amazingly found one!

Original art book, an oasis of inspiration - I amazingly found one!
First, to my local neighbor and fellow Manufacturing Engineer, thank you for your persistence in finding a home for this items 3 year old listing . I assure you it's been a joyous addition to my physical POE collection, and I hope not the last. I hope the inspiration this brings me prolifrates to others through my work.
Now, here's the tale in kinda bullet point fashion:
Search local listings for OfferUp for my favorite game: PoE 4 results, 1 local-a 3 year old positing Think no way, get encouragment from BIL to reach out; you miss 100% of the shots you don't take! Comes through and adds some of the og apperation prints too!!!!!
The frame just behind my collection will house both sets on a good Photomat cutout and some of the signed tarot cards as well, then hung on the wall of my Tattoo parlour.
I also plan to study the book more and come up with a flash page of iconic PoE symbols and sayings to add to my flash book! Which is a book of simpler designs/tattoos.
I was wondering if you had any suggestions for flashes(thank you /global 420 for the tucan text suggestion, it first on my list) or what your favorite part of the book is? My favorite part of the book is Oraiths stained glass!
If a digital copy exists someone please share if permitted, it's a beautiful book and all fans should see where some of the most iconic PoE artwork came from!
Best part of this experience was the ability to speak about PoE in person with a fellow 'professional parent' and nerd out at the mechanic usage of their current build! (Shadow explodi todums)
Thank you for your time and contributions. Stay sane, exiles.
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2023.06.03 09:02 Allocosmia Any tips for a Desert/ Eastern campaign?

Basically the title. I am starting a new campaign that is set on a continent of 8 countries , or deserts as they are called.
Each desert is themed after a different civilization begining at an Arabian themed city. I will include themes from the Aztec , Chinese , Japanese , Hawaiian and others to create a rich environment. Topographically, it is no issue since my homebrew world is constantly changed by time rifts that randomly bring in new creatures , objects or even whole towns.
My question is, what monsters or enemies were the most memorable in your desert campaign? What descriptions did you use to immerse the players in the atmosphere? Any and all tips or info are welcome, thanks in advance !
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2023.06.03 09:02 Paowiekan Amex Referral Links

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2023.06.03 09:02 Trilobox Sony has become the Apple of video games

Sony has become the Apple of video games
ps it’s really approaching Apple’s anti consumer policies with the monopoly of the ps store and its crazy prices but also for other things. it’s been two years since ps5 came out and looking back it was really sad and disappointing the jump to the nextgen on the side of PlayStation. ps5 is just sad (not bad), it is unnecessarily large, it has no removable memory, it is not customizable, the dualsense has a battery life that is half that of the dualshock 4 and very few developers have integrated the available functions. there have been very few games that really take advantage of the graphics power of ps5 and backwards compatibility with ps4 is mediocre not offering any kind of boost like xbox. I would like to remind you that when ps4 was “old” like ps5 it had these exclusives available: yakuza 6, uncharted 4, horizon, nioh, until dawn, infamous second son, the last guardian, gravity rush and bloodborne. then let’s not talk about the vr2 which has very few games and the project Q which is almost useless. and in all this the games have risen by 10 dollars which here in Europe now cost 80€ which is 85 dollars. for 85 dollars you can buy 5 old ps4 exclusives to give a “scale”. I used to love PlayStation, I used to enjoy its consoles while now it’s there collecting dust metaphorically
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2023.06.03 09:02 Adam-best Stardust Essential Oil Diffuser

Brighten up your room and sooth your sinuses with our stunning Stardust Oil Diffuser.
Besides its uses in aromatherapy, this essential oil diffuser also functions as an air purifier and humidifier. Use it to improve your home's air quality, cover the smell of pets or smoking, and protect you family from excessively dry air, microorganisms, allergens, dust, and more!

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2023.06.03 09:01 mrmadoff I thought this was pretty funny (Antwerp)

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2023.06.03 09:01 savageforhim Explore the Wide Range of Laundry Detergents Savage For Him

Laundry detergent sheets play a pivotal role in keeping our clothes clean, fresh, and vibrant. With a multitude of options available in the market, it's crucial to understand the different types of laundry detergents to make informed choices. In this article, we will take a closer look at the various types of laundry detergents and their unique features, helping you optimize your laundry routine for superior results.
Read More -
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2023.06.03 09:01 Gr33nHatt3R Daily Discussion - June 3, 2023

Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Polkadot discussions.
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2023.06.03 09:01 StarBoyReddit Help me choose one - 10 VW CC vs 12 Honda CrossTour EX-L vs 15 Toyota Camry LE

Hi, Following are the options i have which is within my budget. Please suggest the best one amongst these. Also, do you think i am getting any good deal here? Please share your thoughts.
I am looking for reliability and good resale value. I am planning to buy a new car later once the market cools down. So I am looking to use this for a year or two.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 09:01 AutoModerator ~Shop Local~ Saturday!

In an effort to cut down on Spam, but also promote our local movers, shakers, and creators, /Spokane is happy to provide this weekly Shop Local post!
Available only on Saturday and Sunday, this is the place for you to submit your Shop Local ideas. This can be anything that adheres to the rules of Reddiquette and must be specific to our region as described on the sidebar in Rule 2. You can submit your own business ideas or give a shout out to other local products and services that you'd love the rest of us to know about.
All other advertisements will be removed from /spokane, particularly those that violate Reddit's rules for what constitutes spam.
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2023.06.03 09:01 AutoModerator Daily Vent Thread

Thanks to everyone who provided their feedback yesterday. We'll be keeping the daily vent thread as a feature on this sub.
Air your vents here! As a way to improve the sub, facilitate more positive content and reduce the amount of negative daily content here, we have provided a space to post your daily gripes, vents, and grievances. We recognize and understand the need for members of this community to be able to post this type of content, and hope that the community finds this thread helpful. As a friendly reminder, Reddit rules and ftm's rules still apply in this thread.

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2023.06.03 09:00 Aduttya I am building a blockchain-based Freelancing Product and need some early adopters to provide some feedback

I have been working in freelancing and always faced situations where I had no way other than to move on whether it is a shady client or enforcing rules from the Freelancing marketplaces, so I decided to take some time off from my work and started research. What I found was no less than a wonder and the major point is that I am not the only one frustrated with the current freelancing system, so I decided to build something which will help not only for myself but also for you. It had taken me and my team so much time to build it and now finally we are ready to serve, so we need your feedback. it's built for you, so your participation is very crucial.
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2023.06.03 09:00 AutoModerator The Weekly r/multicopter Discussion Thread

Welcome to the weekly multicopter discussion thread. Feel free to ask your questions that are too trivial for their own thread, make a suggestion on what you'd like to see here, or just say hi and talk about what you've been doing in the world of multicopters recently.
Don't forget to read the wiki, where you'll find details of suppliers, guides and other useful links.
If you want to chat, then the Discord server is located here (an invite link is here if you haven't already joined)
Old question threads can be found by searching this link.
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2023.06.03 09:00 AutoModerator What Are You Reading Weekends? — June 03, 2023

What danmei works have you been reading, watching, or listening to recently? This weekly post is a space for you to discuss the danmei that you've been currently addicted to, or that you'll be looking forward to picking up! From old or new series, to popular or underrated titles, feel free to let us know what's in your current list or backlog!
Please make sure to use spoiler tags generously, especially if you are discussing plot points or events that others may not yet have watched. For formatting purposes, feel free to bold or italicize titles. Consider also sorting the comments by "new" (instead of "best" or "top") as this thread fills up quickly.
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2023.06.03 09:00 Leziea_Eza Lf: shiny giratina in premier ball Ft: pic

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2023.06.03 09:00 AutoModerator NC/NP Trade/Sell & Pet UFA/UFT Thread! - June 03, 2023

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Neocash Trading

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If you're trading NC items, here are a couple of guides to help you out with values and avoid being scammed: ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR WHEN THESE WERE LAST UPDATED AS THEY MAY BE OUTDATED.
Neocash Guide Hub
Most Recently Updated Value Guide
/~Owls - NC Wearables A through J
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2023.06.03 09:00 TheCurserHasntMoved (Sneakyverse) The Travels of a Galactic Cowboy, Part One: The Star Council, Chapter Nine: Corvian Home

First Previous Next
Skeeter had made an error. Not a big one, but one that did have significant downstream effects. He'd assumed that he could visit enough of each planet to give a sort of general feel to each one's character in three or four days, but it was looking more and more like he'd have to extend the stay at Corvian Home for at least a weak. He could scarecely remember being so excited by making a mistake. In most respects, Corvian Home was wildly different from Terra. From its many small islands to its ever turbulent storms, to its mediworld gravity, it was unlike any place found on Terra. It still baffled him that the xenos thought Terran gravity was heavy. The in which it was similar had to do with the wide verity of culture, which made getting a general sense of the place a tad more difficult than planets with a more unified culture.
So, he had to ask Captain Vexkeed to extend the stay, which wasn't cheap. Additionally, it required the refund of any unsatisfied passengers who were on more time-sensitive journeys. However, it turned out that the majority of the passengers had apparently viewed the voyage as a "Sneaky Cruise," which made Skeeter laugh until he couldn't breathe when Captain Vexkeed told him. Likewise, when he told Suzie and Ivan, they found themselves completely overcome by mirth. Kip on the other hand couldn't see the humor in it. This, of course sent all three adults into the throes of hysterical laughter, which only further perplexed the boy.
The inscrutable, to Kip, Terran sense of humor aside, it turned out that apart from paying a fee to extend the journey and maybe five or six refunds, there was very little adjustment in terms of the We Bring Friends from Afar to Joyous Meeting making drastic changes to her manifest. Which was amenable to Skeeter's bank account, and his conscience. In any case, it let him fill out the itinerary with a wide variety of events from the local sporting events, to seeing interesting geological formations or particularly treasured vistas, to attending musical theater, to restaurant hopping in one of the larger cities with a conveniently cosmopolitan makeup. Even better, all of the things toxic to Humans, Doggos, and Lutrae were also toxic to the Corvians, so the risk of accidental poisoning was almost nonexistent.
"We actually discussed this in class last week," Kip was saying as the shuttle shook in the storm winds, "once a group went to a new island, the storms cut them off from the original group, except for the very few traders brave enough to fly in… well, this."
"That so?" Skeeter prompted genially.
"Yeah, for the most part I guess people would just float along with whatever everyone else thought, but I guess that's true for most places. Except, since they were separate and all, they didn't all go along the same currents, and so even islands that are pretty close can be crazy different."
"That, and it is ruining the landing shots," Ivan grumbled as he kept the camera trained on the trio.
"Well, back home rain's a good thing!" Suzie exclaimed exuberantly.
"Rain makes rye," Skeeter rejoined.
"Rye makes whiskey," Suzie laughed.
"You mean industrial disinfectant or emergency stomach purging doses," Kip said flatly.
"How'd you find out about that?" Skeeter asked.
"Greg George mentioned it in his book. He dumped so many doses in a glass that any sane person would think he was trying to poison someone with the fumes."
"Oh, I loved My Side," Suzie said, "It had always bugged me that the Lost Boys never got a fair say."
"Wait, isn't he a hero? He talks like you guys almost worshiped him…"
"It's complicated," Skeeter said, "I served on a ship with one of the Lost Boys once, Stephen the Line. It was hard to not be in awe of him. Hard to remember that behind the deeds was a man just trying to serve like me."
"Were you discussing more about Corvian Home in the classes?" Ivan asked before the silence could turn cold.
"Oh, sure, lots. Like on this one island there's a big festival where they celebrate the harvest of these huge nuts, and then there's this island where they have 'Imitation plays,' where Corvians try to mimic exactly how the plays sound from other races. Tutor Brixvee showed us a video of one they coppied from the Star Sailors, and it was pretty cool."
"Do you figure she had lessons on Corvian Home since she knew we were headed here?"
"Of course," Kip said with a bitter scowl, "she's full of dirty tricks like that." His hosts couldn't contain their mirth, not that they tried all that hard.
Later that day, the intrepid travelers were in the throes of a local festival. They had surmised that it was probably related to local folklore, as various icons and masks were featured heavily, but the press was so active and exuberant, that not even the Terran implants could keep up, slaved as they were to the Terran compads with better translation matrixes than even the local networks. Therefore, three out of the four friends found themselves swept up in a feathered fury of dance and rough song, to their ears anyway, while the only clue to Ivan's immense pleasure at the experience was his swiftly wagging tail. Which the locals had no idea was the unconcealable tell that his exterior coolness was in fact, a complete sham.
The festivities seemed to show no sign of abating as night fell over the city sheltered in a rough and rocky crown from the storms of the sea, so in order to get a good night's sleep they were obliged to catch a local shuttle ride between islands to find a slightly less festive town to bed down in, and Suzie took the opportunity.
"So I hear Y'all's planet name isn't what anybody calls it," she said impishly to the shuttle pilot.
"INDEED, ahem, indeed. We know that you mammal-peoples, and the reptile-peoples, and the water-peoples, cannot do it."
"Come on, give us an example," Suzie said in that challenging, teasing way that made Skeeter both cringe and love her.
The pilot laughed, or at least Skeeter thought he, or maybe she? At least Skeeter thought that the pilot laughed, whichever sex they were. He had a hard time with regular Terran corvids, let alone these giant bird people that reminded him of the former. Then said piolet of undetermined sex made a weird clicking noise in the depths of the throat and said, "That is the name."
"I can see why y'all think folk can't do that. Hey Skeeter, why don't ya give it a shot?"
"No," he said flatly.
"Aw come on, it's their planet's name, you should at least try," she said with that wry smile she had that made promises. Promises that he had a very difficult time resisting for… reasons.
He then made a right proper fool of himself trying to replicate the sound by clicking his tongue in various ways before giving up and just saying, "I'm stickin' with Corvian Home."
After making a right proper fool of himself, the other passengers obliged to laugh at him, and Suzie turned on Kip saying, "Your turn."
Kip shot her a sullen look.
"Aw, c'mon, you gonna let these folk just laugh at Skeeter all by his lonesome?" she chided.
Kip downright pouted at her.
"Coooome oooooon," she taunted.
Realizing that she wouldn't quit unless he gave in, Kip also made a mockery of himself trying to replicate the throat clicking sound to the delight of all and sundry. "Shut up," he mumbled as he laid his ears back.
"Ivan?" she asked of her final victim.
He clicked his tongue once, and when Suzie gave him a pout he said, "That is as much as I am trying."
"Now you try," Kip shot at her.
"I know my limits, unlike you boys," she laughed to Kip's indignant sputtering.
Meanwhile, Jerry was having a less festive time. Instead of happening to land on an island that happened to be hosting a festival for one reason or another, he had purposely chosen the center of finance for his outing. He'd had a relatively uneventful series of meetings with financiers, entrepreneurs, and shipping guild heads, and various other parties interested in securing access to new markets for their various trades. It was all very productive, and very boring, and not for the first time he felt a stab of regret for the last time that he had interacted with Skeeter.
Even still, it was a satisfying day. There was a lot of troubling mentions of debts though. Jerry was no stranger to the lending industries of various planets of the CIP, and even had some Republican contacts in that realm, those who could stand his needling of the Republic's systems, but nobody he knew ever said anything about "debt masters" or "clan debt." Troubling indeed, but he chalked it up to clunky translation. Even CIP systems could have trouble with new languages, and he just knew that Republican datapads were inferior. They had to be, of course.
Still though, there was something about the references that bothered him. Something furtive behind the eyes of the avian people who spoke of either concept. Then, there was the fact that only those who were obviously startup businesspeople would speak about them, never the financers. Very troubling indeed. He resolved himself to investigate the matter if he could make the time the next day.
The following morning, the intrepid travelers went on the only "heavyworlder safe" zipline tours available on the planet, which just so happened to be in the heavily forested canyons and followed paths through the foliage designed to simulate danger. Skeeter and Kip found it thrilling, but Suzie found it merely pleasant while Ivan was actually bored by the thrilling experience. The man was pleased with getting a shot of kip chanting breathlessly, "Let's go again, let's go again, let's go again, let's go again!" Wile Suzie was more pleased to have sneakily captured a shot of Ivan's unamused expression as he sped along on the pullies.
"Sure, why not?" Suzie had said to Kip.
To which Ivan said, "Because is boring."
"What?!" Kip nearly shouted.
"You take ride in boarding torpedo, and you will be understanding then."
"The real answer to why not is I already booked a nature walk. There's this island where there's like this bowl formation full of flowers. It looks amazin'" Skeeter explained to Kip's dismay.
Meanwhile, Jerry was exhausted. He'd reshuffled the meetings so that he had mere moments between them to prepare, but he was good at his job, so long as his counterpart wasn't a Republican, and could get the proper contact details to the correct people for whatever the other party hoped to accomplish, so long as it was legal, and it all was. It was therefore by mighty effort alone that he had a scant two hours in which to seek out the information he sought before he would have to retire to sleep, or else be completely useless the next day.
He took snagged a gravcar and told the cabbie, "Take me to where you and the lads go for a spot of drink, or whatever the legal intoxicant is around here."
The cabbie gave him a one eyed beady stare and said, "Are you sure, mammal-people? The places we go are not the high class places, by the storms."
"I'm sure, I'm sure. I might not look it these days, but I came up from w working family. My dah still makes fun that I lost my calluses."
The cabbie blinked twice and raised his crest. Jerry had no idea whether that was a good sign or not, but the blue plumed cabbie lowered his crest and blinked again saying, "Sure, mammal-people. I will take you there, but do not cause the fights or my clan will have share of the debt."
Jerry thought about pressing the issue, but something about how the cabbie's feathers had puffed out and still weren't lying flat convinced him that social lubricant was the needed thing. "What is the preferred intoxicant?" he asked.
"We smoke an herb. It usually does not work for mammal-peoples, so you might not have the fun you look for."
"I see, we also have some intoxicants taken this way, do you draw the smoke through water first?"
"Yes, do you mammal-peoples do this too?"
"It's called hookah, and has a long tradition in several of our cultures. Or bongs, which have a somewhat younger tradition, as history is measured."
"Maybe then you will get the happy haze and no fights will be started, mammal-people."
"Maybe, maybe. I'm just after a good banter, and the banker types are too stuffy."
"You are right, you are right, debt masters do not laugh when you joke, they charge you more interest!" the cabbie laughed, and Jerry fell silent.
At the, well, Jerry would call it a hookah lounge, Jerry found that the lads about avoided him and shot him suspicious glances, and also found that apart from a relaxed feeling in his limbs, the smoke had no effect on him. It was a pleasant feeling, and he could maintain it by taking a draw from the hookah every two minutes or so. It seemed that was a prodigious rate of smoking though, for eventually the suspicious glances turned to those of curiosity or even grudging respect. Jerry surmised that despite his rather drab coloring, they knew an expensive suit when they saw one.
Eventually, a clearly intoxicated Corvain stumbled over to his table and sank down on one of the cushions, "Why do you smoke so well, mammal-thing-people?" he slurred.
"I am used to a much stronger herb, and this makes me simply feel good. Does it not feel good for you?"
"'Course it do. Can't smoke as much."
"Wondering anything else?"
"You a Sneaky?"
Jerry thought about correcting the error, but another glance at the state of his conversation partner dispelled the notion, so he said, "Yes, but I am not very stealthy."
"It's just what people call you… dunno why…"
"I'm not botherd, I know the reason and it's funny."
"Yes, do you know it?"
"Ish a meme."
"The first one of us that the Star Sailors met was mistaken for a pet, and they named him Sneaky."
That, as planned, brought forth uproarious laughter from the intoxicated Corvian who confided, "That's the kinda thing people-things get bristly about."
"I know, people-things get brislty about all sorts of things. Like the bankers, they won't tell me what debt masters are."
"They own clan debts."
"Clan debts?"
"You know, the debts you clan has, from like way back."
"Do you mean to say you were born in debt?"
"Sssssure, isn't everybody? Well, not rich people-things I guess, but ever-peoples I knowed."
"And these debt masters, they merely collect the interest?"
"If you're not… if the job doesn't pay… erm… they so like tell you to do stuff."
"Involuntary servitude," Jerry said coldly.
"Yeah, that. The hatchlings get that rough."
"Explain please," Jerry said with cold intensity.
It seemed that the intensity of Jerry's gaze or maybe the soft quality of a hammer that his voice emulated, gave the Corvian some degree of sobriety as he stammered, "Yes-yes. The erm, the uh or-or-orphanages. The hatchlings there have no parents to provide for them, so the debt masters have them do something useful."
Jerry was very close to becoming a very dangerous man as he asked, "Are the debts of these children for sale?"
"Where does one go to buy debts?"
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