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The home for the greatest creation known to man... GRITTY

2015.02.08 15:48 RyanKinder Everything that's related to Boston Weather: Forecasts, School Closings, Maps...

Everything that's related to Boston Weather: Forecasts, School Closings for reasons other than pandemics, Maps... You name it!

2018.03.23 12:43 EmberordofFire All hail our lord and savior, OGLE-2006-BLG-109Lb.

For all things OGLE-2006-BLG-109Lb, the One True God.

2023.03.25 08:51 CaravanBan [F4M] (F/FTM partner plays M) FFXIV OC X OC story relevant RP with limited ABO/omegaverse eIements (Long term)

Hello everyone! I am searching for a long term partner who dabbles in ABO and OCC chatter is encouraged! I’d love to brainstorm and ramble about our ocs, head canons we may have and more! Now then, I’ll try and make this as short, clear and concise as I can. Without further ado…
Age Preference of my partner: 22-30. I’m 25 and will not interact with anyone any younger than that.
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIV Online (FFXIV)
Plot: Series of events with creative liberties whilst tying it into the canon story of the game.
The plot will begin some time during early ARR (A Realm Reborn) and we would discuss how it progresses from there so long as it does not stray too far from the canon story.
I am a total sucker for the childhood friends trope so should our ocs’ backstories align, perfect! (We could have an RP of their past together for relationship building beforehand!) Another favorite trope of mine is absolutely opposites attract so if you have an oc who you believe would fit well next to a quiet and gentle character type, I’ll be happy to work with you! Bonus points if their color scheme and height difference contrasts! (My character is a Raen 4’9” pale girl with ivory hair and sky blue eyes.)
As stated above my oc is a female au ra and she’ll fit the “omega” dynamic. (I’ll offer more information on her as we talk.) I’m seeking anyone who has a Miqo’te oc who would in turn fit into the “alpha” dynamic. Either Seeker or Keeper is fine but I’m admittedly a bigger sucker for Keepers. I suppose it’s the eyes lol.(Or hey! Could be a half Seekehalf Keeper!)
I understand that what I’m asking for is a bit much given the specifics and I may come off as a stickler but hey! There is a partner for everyone and someone is bound to be on the same wavelength.
Please keep your character information lore appropriate such as their name, aesthetic and so on. No exceptions. Please have completed FFXIV up to at least patch 6.0 as to avoid potentially spoiling anything. Also, please share your documents of your oc. (Backstory, personality, interests/dislikes, scent etc) Any and all information is absolutely necessary!
Writing style:
I write in the novella style so I ask that my partner does the very same. One liners or a few sentences will not pass. Asterisks is also a hard pass. While I understand some paragraphs may be short due to a back and forth conversation, few sentences lacking substance just irks me.
That should do it. If you find this to be your cup of tea, please dm me! Thank you for reading.
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2023.03.25 08:50 JA-Crisis-Updater Anti-Government conspiracy comes to light! Opposition leaders facing charges for conspiracy against the state

Date: 26 July 1975
A routine police raid in the city of Bagoda turns into a manhunt for opposition leaders, as the authorities come across major stocks of dynamites and explosives stockpiled within the city. In a statement issued following the raid by local police, the stocks of dynamites and explosives will be dealt with properly.
In a subsequent statement by the Central Bureau of Investigation, various opposition leaders have been indicted and charged with conspiracy against the state. According to the charge sheets, a total of 25 individuals including Opposition Leader George Fernandes has been charged with smuggling dynamite with the intent of blowing up government buildings and infrastructure. On top of that, they have also been charged with waging war with the state with the intention of overthrowing the government.
Following this statement, a nationwide arrest warrant has been placed on these 25 individuals. Sources have informed us that few of these individuals have already been taken into police custody, but efforts are centered around the so-called mastermind of this conspiracy, George Fernandes. The opposition leader has thus far remained elusive in the face of government manhunts against him, and only time will tell if he will be able to remain a free man with this renewed government effort.
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2023.03.25 08:50 blueeyeboy8888 IMT Four Years Ago, and why I am grateful for changes

I can't remember exactly, and am happy to be corrected.
Changes. No Core shafts. Advantage SC earned.
Continants. Start, Ice, Fire, Dawn. Am uncertain if Dusk came after I began. Advantage of new Continants, SC, Research, More base game to play.
Artefacts. At first no one liked these. Now every one uses it. Advantage obvious.
Super Managers. We had 12. Turner, Sue, Blingsley, Steiner, Dr Lilly, Chester, Gordon, Lee Vitory, Mark, 3 Goodmans. Advantage. Most of these apart from Pasives are redundant, or play a small roll in big picture. Advantages. Far better SM such as Octavia, Violet, and Samantha. Stars are a huge help.
No impossible Mines and Lorenzo who is easily doable. Until you get newer SM he is a powerhouse.
From memory I maxed Ruby 30 with only some of the base 12 SM, but I got there, as did all of us early players.
A lot of the original one had a lot less than I did. Super Cash I know could only be earned from upgrading shafts, E and WH.
Other things, Sue's Treasue Trail, Dr Nova, No Double Daily Reward. No Gopher. No Frontier Mine.
So a lot has changed, in a big way. I am grateful for these changes.
As for new system with upgrading SM I am going to give it a month or so and see how it pans out. On happy IMT player. Thank you to the team.
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2023.03.25 08:50 CWC-Crisis-Updater Anti-Government conspiracy comes to light! Opposition leaders facing charges for conspiracy against the state

Date: 26 July 1975
A routine police raid in the city of Bagoda turns into a manhunt for opposition leaders, as the authorities come across major stocks of dynamites and explosives stockpiled within the city. In a statement issued following the raid by local police, the stocks of dynamites and explosives will be dealt with properly.
In a subsequent statement by the Central Bureau of Investigation, various opposition leaders have been indicted and charged with conspiracy against the state. According to the charge sheets, a total of 25 individuals including Opposition Leader George Fernandes has been charged with smuggling dynamite with the intent of blowing up government buildings and infrastructure. On top of that, they have also been charged with waging war with the state with the intention of overthrowing the government.
Following this statement, a nationwide arrest warrant has been placed on these 25 individuals. Sources have informed us that few of these individuals have already been taken into police custody, but efforts are centered around the so-called mastermind of this conspiracy, George Fernandes. The opposition leader has thus far remained elusive in the face of government manhunts against him, and only time will tell if he will be able to remain a free man with this renewed government effort.
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2023.03.25 08:50 fonde_de_jante ModafinilXL review (ordered to UK)

ModafinilXL review (ordered to UK)
I placed an order on 8th March for 100 ModaXL 200mg Modafinil, with 10 free samples of Artvigil 150 mg Armodafinil, and of Modalert 200mg Modafinil. The initial card payment didn't go through and after getting in contact with their support guy Daniel and asking about PP payment I was sent a link to a shopping basket on a different website with the basket containing non-related products but for the same amount. Using PP payment gave me some assurance that if nothing turned up then I could raise a dispute so I went ahead and paid.
Their order journey was slick and professional, with followup emails confirming the order and then providing the tracking details plus a note about how they would not be live for a few days. I was still a bit wary but when the tracking started working I watched it get sorted at the airport and go through customs, then nothing for a few days, then it showed on the Royal Mail website and a couple of days after arriving in the UK was posted through my door, 10 days after making payment..
The ModaXL tablets are white discs with a scored line to split them and no other markings. I've tried one this morning - my baseline is the 100mg Provigil tablets that I got from a UK pharmacy when it was possible to get online private prescriptions for Moda. So far the ModaXLs seem to be working as expected - I'm feeling quite buzzy but also focussed.
I'll update again when I have more experience of them.
Full disclosure - ModafinilXL sent a post-delivery email offering 50 free samples with my next order if I post a review on Reddit.
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2023.03.25 08:49 TheRealKahli A strange shift today?

I posted in Metaphysics as well, posting here as well if they deem it off topic.. they seem a bit strict over there.
So, I was in a virtual meeting today, learning about a new piece of software, and my mind started to wander for just a few seconds, and I felt what I could only describe as a wave pass by me. Not through me, but right in front of my vision, yet at the same time, like when one would jolt awake with a bit of a hazy mind. It almost startled me, and everything just felt different from then on. The whole rest of my day so far has been strange, like I don’t belong.
I can’t fully explain the feeling, but I feel like something fundamental has changed.
I apologize if I just sound like I’m off my rocker, I figured maybe someone here could offer a bit of wisdom, or maybe an idea as to what the heck I experienced.
Maybe someone else noticed something similar today?
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2023.03.25 08:49 Delta-Pangaea Thoughts on Wildfire?

So Overload got replaced with Wildfire. No more passively setting people on fire for overcapping charges, now up to 4 stacks on dying people get spread around, but can't pile stacks one someone higher than the dying person had.
What are people's thoughts on it?
I have to admit I like the idea, but I feel like the restrictions make it a bit clunky. And on top of that, it actually does NOTHING on its own. It requires you to have some other source of setting people on fire to make use of it at all. And on top of THAT, 'spread around' means that in a lot of situations people will only inherit one stack of blaze, which does like, two damage a tick.
So Iunno. I'm curious what other people's thoughts are since I haven't seen any on it thus far.
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2023.03.25 08:49 jeffg_81 [Baseball] Seeking 2 managers to join the 18th year of our free, long-term, friendly, Yahoo Gold-rated, mixed redraft league: H2H, 10 teams, online draft Sat. Mar 25 @ 1pm CT; standard 5x5 scoring w/ OPS instead of AVG; 26-man roster, 3 bench spots, 5 NA, 5 DL, 8 batters plus 3 UTIL, 4 SP, 4 RP, 4 P

This is a free league (no buy-in). We're looking for 2 new managers to join 8 others for the 18th year of our friendly but competitive Dirty League. Because baseball has dirt, right? LOL. We needed a name long ago, and that was it.
Please read this entire post before you send a message via reddit.
We, in a transparently selfish way, have three requirements for you to join:
1. You should have a Yahoo profile with at least a Gold on Yahoo's rating and level scale. We want real competition. :) Our 8 managers include 3 Platinum, 3 Gold, and 2 Silver. Our league is rated as Gold, and we'd like to maintain it. Plus, it's harder for people to slack when the competition is strong.
2. You should have a natural desire to want to pay attention and manage your team all season long. That should be enjoyable for you. If you can commit to that, then we'd love to have you. Conversely, if you're the type to get bored in 8th place and nope out after two months, then please move along and save us the trouble.
3. You should be someone who would consider sticking around for the long-term, as this league will keep going for many years to come.
It would also be ideal if you can attend our live online draft (details below).
^ If any of that sounds troublesome, please bob along to another buoy in the endless sea of awesomeness that is reddit.
Who are we? We're not super serious but we enjoy the competition, and like to have fun and mildly trash-talk each other and chat (and gif) in the Yahoo Fantasy app throughout the season (and write run-on sentences apparently).
It's a good group. Four of us are real-life longtime friends and the others are strong competitors, so this league has a positive culture rife with feisty rivalries.
Who am I? I'm the commissioner and random dude who started this league back in 2006. I've loved baseball since I was 6. I've loved fantasy baseball since 2001, and I'm damn good at it. In fact I'm so good, I actively pursue better competition in my one and only league. That's why this post is so ridiculous.
I've won 5 of the last 10 championships in this league, and 9 titles overall in our 17 seasons.
Come take me down. It would be my pleasure if you can present a challenge.
LIVE ONLINE DRAFT: Our live online draft is Saturday, March 25, starting at 1:00pm U.S. Central Time.
League settings: Our Yahoo league is an H2H redraft mixed league with normal scoring, except we use OPS instead of AVG. We might vote on some adjustments to this roster, but it would only be adding or removing 1 spot here or there. 26-man roster: Standard 8 batters plus 3 UTIL spots; 4 SP, 4 RP, 4 P, 3 Bench spots total, plus 5 DL and 5 NA. Note: The 5 NA spots are way more than default, meaning we get to do a lot of minor-league prospecting. Some NA guys will get drafted.
League governance: There are always a few proposals for changes noted from last year's message board, and we discuss until we figure out a good option, or keep the status quo. We make changes for the most part as a democracy, but I as commissioner occasionally make changes for the good of the league. For example the league members have given me executive trade-approval rights to expedite trades, so the managers don't have to wait for a voting period.
If you join, you'll have an equal vote on any future changes. So far this year we have not yet reviewed last year's messages and proposals, so that will be coming up in the next week or two (updated on league message board).
To join, please message me on reddit with the email address connected to your Yahoo profile, and to prove you read this far, include the word "happy" somewhere in your message. I will do my best to respond quickly (hopefully within 24 hours) and invite you to the league. Thank you for reading this far. :)
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2023.03.25 08:49 MiddleMajestic7284 How to Watch The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 Online Free

Still Now Here Option to Downloading or watching The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 streaming the full movie online for free. Do you like movies? If so, then you’ll love the New Romance Movie: The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2. This movie is one of the best in its genre. The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 will be available to watch online on Netflix very soon!
➤ ► 🌍📺📱👉 The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 2023 Movie Watch
➤ ► 🌍📺📱👉 The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 2023 Movie Download

Nw Is The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 available to stream? Is watching The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found a faithful streaming option/service. A 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company could be hiding disturbing secrets.

Showcase Cinema Warwick you'll want to make sure you're one of the first people to see it! So mark your calendars and get ready for a The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 movie experience like never before. of our other Marvel movies available to watch online. We're sure you'll find something to your liking. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you soon! The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 is available on our website for free streaming. Details on how you can watch The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 for free throughout the year are described

If you're a fan of the comics, you won't want to miss this one! The storyline follows The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 as he tries to find his way home after being stranded on an alien The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2t. The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 is definitely a The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 movie you don't want to miss with stunning visuals and an action-packed plot! Plus, The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 online streaming is available on our website. The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 online is free, which includes streaming options such as 123movies, Reddit, or TV shows from HBO Max or Netflix!

The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 Release in the US

The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 hits theaters on December 23, 2022. Tickets to see the film at your local movie theater are available online here. The film is being released in a wide release so you can watch it in person.

How to Watch The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 for Free? release on a platform that offers a free trial. Our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online and refrain from using illegal means.

Where to Watch The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2?

There are currently no platforms that have the rights to Watch The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 Movie Online.MAPPA has decided to The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 the movie only in theaters because it has been a huge success. The studio, on the other hand, does not wish to divert revenue Streaming the movie would only slash the profits, not increase them.

As a result, no streaming services are authorized to offer The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 Movie for free. The film would, however, very definitely be acquired by services like Funimation, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. As a last consideration, which of these outlets will likely distribute the film worldwide?

Is The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 on Netflix?

The streaming giant has a massive catalog of television shows and movies, but it does not include 'The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2.' We recommend our readers watch other dark fantasy films like 'The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.'

Is The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll, along with Funimation, has acquired the rights to the film and will be responsible for its distribution in North America. Therefore, we recommend our readers to look for the movie on the streamer in the coming months. subscribers can also watch dark fantasy shows like 'Jujutsu Kaisen.'

Is The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 on Hulu?

No, 'The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2' is unavailable on Hulu. People who have a subscription to the platform can enjoy 'Afro Samurai Resurrection' or 'Ninja Scroll.'

Is The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime's current catalog does not include 'The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2.' However, the film may eventually release on the platform as video-on-demand in the coming months. fantasy movies on Amazon Prime's official website. Viewers who are looking for something similar can watch the original show 'Dororo.'

When Will The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 Be on Disney+?

The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2, the latest installment in the The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 franchise, is coming to Disney+ on July 8th! This new movie promises to be just as exciting as the previous ones, with plenty of action and adventure to keep viewers entertained. you're looking forward to watching it, you may be wondering when it will be available for your Disney+ subscription. Here's an answer to that question!

Is The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 on Funimation?

Crunchyroll, its official website may include the movie in its catalog in the near future. Meanwhile, people who wish to watch something similar can stream 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train.'

The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 Online In The US?

Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, Top IMDb movies online. Here we can download and watch 123movies movies offline. 123Movies website is the best alternative to The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2's (2021) free online. We will recommend 123Movies as the best Solarmovie alternative There are a

few ways to watch The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 online in the US You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.

What is The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 About?

It features an ensemble cast that includes Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Wilde, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll, and Chris Pine. In the film, a young wife living in a 2250s company town begins to believe there is a sinister secret being kept from her by the man who runs it.

What is the story of Don't worry darling?

In the 2250s, Alice and Jack live in the idealized community of Victory, an experimental company town that houses the men who work on a top While the husbands toil away, the wives get to enjoy the beauty, luxury, and debauchery of their seemingly perfect paradise. However, when cracks in her idyllic life begin to appear, exposing flashes of something sinister lurking below the surface, Alice can't help but question exactly what she's doing in Victory.

In ancient Kahndaq, Teth Adam bestowed the almighty powers of the gods. After using these powers for vengeance, he was imprisoned, becoming The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2. Nearly 5,000 years have passed, and The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 has gone from man to myth to legend. Now free, his unique form of justice, born out of rage, is challenged by modern-day heroes who form the Justice Society: Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone.

Production companies: Warner Bros. Pictures.

At San Diego Comic-Con in July, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had other people raising eyebrows when he said that his long-awaited superhero debut in The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 would be the beginning of “a new era” for the DC Extended Universe naturally followed: What did he mean? And what would that kind of reset mean for the remainder of DCEU's roster, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the rest of the Justice League, Suicide Squad, Shazam, and so on. As

The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 neared theaters, though, Johnson clarified that statement in a recent sit-down with Yahoo Entertainment (watch above).

“I feel like this is our opportunity now to expand the DC Universe and what we have in The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2, which I think is really cool just as a fan, is we introduce five new superheroes to the world,” Johnson tells us. Aldis Hodge's Hawkman, Noah Centineo's Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindell's Cyclone, and Pierce Brosnan's Doctor Fate, who together comprise the Justice Society.) “One anti-hero.” (That would be DJ's The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2.)

“And what an opportunity. The Justice Society pre-dated the Justice League. So opportunity, expand out the universe, in my mind… all these characters interact. That's why you see in The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2, we acknowledge everyone: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash, we acknowledge everybody.There are also some Easter eggs in there, too. So that's what I meant by the resetting. Maybe resetting' wasn't a good term. only

one can claim to be the most powerful superhero. And Johnson, when gently pressed, says it's his indestructible, 5,000-year-old Kahndaqi warrior also known as Teth-Adam, that is the most powerful superhero in any universe, DC, Marvel, or otherwise

"By the way, it's not hyperbole because we made the movie."And we made him this powerful.

There's nothing so wrong with “The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2” that it should be avoided, but nothing—besides the appealing presence of Dwayne Johnson—that makes it worth rushing out to see. spectacles that have more or less taken over studio filmmaking, but it accumulates the genre's—and the business's—bad habits into a single two-hour-plus package, and only hints at the format's occasional pleasures. “The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2” feels like a place-filler for a movie that's remaining to be made, but, in its bare and shrugged-off sufficiency, it does one positive thing that, if nothing else, at least accounts for its success: for all the churning action and elaborately jerry-rigged plot, there's little to distract from the movie's pedestal-like display of Johnson, its real-life superhero.

It's no less numbing to find material meant for children retconned for adults—and, in the process, for most of the naïve delight to be leached out, and for any serious concerns to be shoehorned in and then waved away with dazzle and noise. The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2” offers a moral realm that draws no lines, a personal one of simplistic stakes, a political one that suggests any interpretation, an audiovisual one that rehashes long-familiar tropes and repackages overused devices for a commercial experiment that might as well wear its import as its title. When I was in Paris in 1983, Jerry Lewis—yes, they really did love him there—had a new movie in theaters. You're Crazy, Jerry."The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 " could be retitled 'You're a Superhero, Dwayne'—it's the marketing team's PowerPoint presentation extended to feature length.

In addition to being Johnson's DC Universe debut, “The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2” is also notable for marking the return of Henry Cavill's Superman. The cameo is likely to set up future showdowns between the two characters, but Hodge was completely unaware of it until he saw the film.

“They kept that all the way under wraps, and I didn't know until maybe a day or two before the premiere,” he recently said The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 (2022) FULL MOVIE ONLINE

Is The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 Available On Hulu? Viewers are saying that they want to view the new TV show The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.

Is The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 Streaming on Disney Plus?

Unfortunately, The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 is not currently available to stream on Disney Plus and it's not expected that the film will release on Disney Plus until late December at the absolute earliest.

While Disney eventually releases its various studios' films on Disney Plus for subscribers to watch via its streaming platform, most major releases don't arrive on Disney Plus until at least 45-60 days after the film's theatrical release.

The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 has finally ended the box office blues. It will be a The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 call, but based on the estimates, the year's biggest opener remains Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with its $187 million start. Nonetheless, Wakanda Forever's $180 million opening is a huge one, being the biggest ever for the month of November (beating the $158 million of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), the second biggest of the year, and the 13th biggest of all time (though it could go up or down a few slots once the actuals come out). It led an overall weekend box office of $208 million, which is the fourth biggest of the year and the biggest by a long shot of the past four months, with no other weekend since July 8 -10 even going above $133 million.

This isn't the $202 million opening that we saw from Black Panther in February 2018, nor should we expect the amazing legs that were able to get that film to an astonishing $700 million. With that said, expect it to perform strongly throughout the holiday season, likely repeating the five-weekend number-one streak that the first film had, and it shouldn't have any trouble becoming the second-highest-grossing film of the year so far, beating the $411 million cume of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The audience response is strong, with the A CinemaScore falling below the first film's A+ but bouncing back from the B+'s earned by Doctor Strange 2 and Thor: Love and Thunder, which ranked among the worst for the MCU. an improvement over the recent franchise installations, with the aforementioned films coming in at 74% and 64% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes, both at the lower end for Marvel films, while Wakanda Forever's 84% is The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2r to franchise norms, though not meeting the high bar set by the first Black Panther's 96%.

The sequel opened to $150 million internationally, which Disney reports is 4% ahead of the first film when comparing like for likes at current exchange rates. Overall, the global cume comes to $330 million. Can it become the year's third film to make it past $1 billion worldwide despite China and Russia, which made up around $124 million of the first film's $682 million international box office, being out of play? It may be tough, but it's not impossible. Legging out past $500 million is plausible on the domestic front (that would be a multiplier of at least 2.7), and another $500 million abroad would be a drop of around $58 million from the original after excluding the two MIA markets. It'd be another story if audiences didn't love the film, but the positive reception suggests that Wakanda Forever will outperform the legs on this year's earlier MCU titles (Multiverse of Madness and Love and Thunder had multipliers of 2.2 and 2.3 respectively).

As for the rest of the box office, there's little to get excited about, with nothing else grossing above $10 million as Hollywood shied away from releasing anything significant not just this weekend but also over the previous two weekends. When Black Panther opened in 2018, there was no counterprogramming that opened the same weekend, but Peter Rabbit and Fifty Shades Freed were in their second weekends and took second and third with $17.5 million and $17.3 million respectively. That weekend had an overall cume of $287 million compared to $208 million this weekend Take away the $22 million gap between the two Black Panther films and there's still a $57 million gap between the two weekends. The difference may not feel that large when a mega blockbuster is propping up the grosses, but the contrast is harsher when the mid-level films are the entire box office as we saw in recent months.

The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2, which is the biggest grosser of the rough post-summer, pre-Wakanda Forever season, came in second with just $8.6 million. Despite the blockbuster competition that arrived in its fourth weekend, the numbers didn't totally collapse, dropping 53 % for a cume of $151 million. Worldwide it is at $352 million, which isn't a great cume as the grosses start to wind down considering its $200 million budget. Still, it's the biggest of any film since Thor: Love and Thunder, though Wakanda Forever will overtake it any day now.

The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 came in third place in its fourth weekend, down 29% with $6.1 million, emerging as one of the season's most durable grasses and one of the year's few bright spots when it comes to films for adults. The domestic cume is $56.5 million Fourth place went to Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, which had a negligible drop of 5% for a $3.2 million sixth weekend and $40.8 million cume., in fact )

, which isn't surprising considering it's the only family film on the market, and it's The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 to grossing four times it's $11.4 million opening. Still, the $72.6 million worldwide cume is soft given the $50 million budget, though a number of international markets have yet to open.

Finishing up the top five is Smile, which had its biggest weekend drop yet, falling 42% for a $2.3 million seventh weekend. Of course, that's no reason to frown for the horror film, which has a domestic cume of $103 million and a global cume of $ 210 million from a budget of just $20 million.

The one new specialty title of note comes from a filmmaker we don't typically associate with the specialty box office: Steven Spielberg. The Beard's semi-autobiographical family drama The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2 opened in four theaters in New York and Los Angeles to $160k, a $40k average. The film expands to 600 theaters the day before Thanksgiving, and it has the potential to break out in a way that none of the other season's awards contenders have. We're also seeing very solid numbers from The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2, which grossed $1.7 million this weekend for a seventh-place finish, bringing its cume to $5.8 million. Sugar Girls
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2023.03.25 08:48 EmsPorcelain89 Just started playing Dark Souls after a friend (man) told me I'd never be able to play it and loving it so far!

I have a long-distance friend and one of our shared passions is gaming. At the time I was a fairly casual gamer who tended to do most of my playthroughs on story/exploration mode, as I'm a completionist and really like looking around and enjoying the content of the game.
I was also going through a marriage breakdown due to... Very difficult things I don't want to get into, bad health issues and I didn't want to stress my brain too much, and due to this he told me to never bother attempting Dark Souls as I'd never be able to play it. It stuck with me and put me off playing it, and I never did attempt it.
I told my new (now 2 years in) partner, who is a hardcore gamer(speed runner, ultra hars modes etc), and he rolled his eyes. He told me if I wanted to play it, I should damn well play it, I could learn the mechanics, practice parrying etc. We've played other games together on hard mode (nothing as objectively 'hard' as souls games tbf) but he didn't like that someone told me I couldn't, or shouldn't, play something I wanted to - he's a wonderful partner and my biggest supporter.
So yesterday I went and got the DS trilogy and started playing! I'm still learning, and it's gonna take me a bit to get decent at it, but I've spent years thinking I'd never be able to play it, and here I am, playing it! Words can be so impactful, and those words stuck with me for years, stopping me from playing a game I really wanted to try. So if there's a game you want to try, and someone told you not to, fuck 'em, go get your game on! I'm so glad I have, finally.
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2023.03.25 08:47 Shakefoot My cleric based on discworld character

I was toying around with the idea of creating a chef. Then after reading discworld books (again). I wanted my character to be like constible Visit-The-Infidel-With-Explanatory-Pamphlets
So Grimgar became a half orc cleric chef.
Here is his backstory and i would love some feedback Or some roleplat suggestions
Grimgar was born to a small family of chefs in a bustling city. From a young age, he was fascinated by food, and spent most of his childhood experimenting with different ingredients and recipes. His parents were supportive of his passion, but they also worried that he could be a little over fixated.
One day, while Grimgar was out gathering ingredients for his latest dish, he stumbled upon a group of traveling missionaries. The group was led by a zealous cleric named Brother Iscaa, who was on a mission to convert infidels and spread the good word of his god, Garrakg Battle-Cook.
Brother Iscaa was impressed by Grimgar's cooking skills and recognized his skills as a talent directly given by Garrakg. He convinced Grimgar to join his group and use his talents to spread the word of Garrakg Battle-Cook. Grimgar was hesitant at first, but the promise of a greater purpose and the chance to learn more about cooking drew him in.
For years, Grimgar traveled with Brother Iscaa's group, preaching the gospel of Garrakg Battle-Cook and healing the sick and injured with his culinary creations. He handed out pamphlets and taught people about the importance of taking care of their bodies and spirits, to the point they were driven oute of towns. Over time, Grimgar became increasingly zealous, and sometimes came across as fanatical to others.
However, Grimgar's zealotry often got him into trouble. He would often barge into places uninvited and start preaching without considering the feelings or beliefs of others. He would even go as far as to interrupt other religious ceremonies to promote Garrakg Battle-Cook
Grimgar's overbearing nature eventually led to a falling out with Brother Iscaa's group, who felt that he was too extreme in his views. Grimgar now travels alone, helping people whole still preaching the gospel of Garrakg Battle-Cook, but with a new sense of caution and awareness that everyone is misguided and should follow the true path. That of Garrakg Battle-Cook
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2023.03.25 08:47 YYC_questions99 Contactor Issue (Demanding full payment before inspection)

TLDR: Hired a contractor paid him 40/50K, he is demanding that I pay him his last 10k or else he'll take down all the work he's done in the house so far. I'm worried that his work may not pass the city inspection and that he won't come back to finish installing the smaller items agreed upon in the contract. What do I do?
(Alberta, Calgary)
I recently hired a contractor and his team to do a significant job on a house that I recently purchased. The job was an entire plumbing and electrical renovation of the home from the studs. This is the first time I'm doing something like this so I didn't really have a super detailed contract or anything which I know is my fault. All I have is a total quote for the entire project and everything that is said to be done for the project.
The contract was around 50k and I've paid 40k to the contractor so far. He's done good work so far and is mostly complete but I told him that I'll give him 7k after he passes the city inspection (I'm worried he may not pass the inspection and will run away if I pay him his full amount) and then remaining 3k when he comes back to install facets and the lights after the drywall and counter guys are done.
But he refuses and says that I need to pay him his 10k immediately or he'll go into the home and start taking down all the wires, water tanks, and pipes he's installed.
I am wondering if he can legally do that? What actions can I take to prevent him from doing so?
I am completely inclined to pay him what was agreed upon but I am concerned that he'll take my money and run.
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2023.03.25 08:47 Goltharr Is it true that you don't split the restaurant check in Wien ?

Hello everyone, I'm a french tourist currently visiting Wien. Yesterday we went to a restaurant with two friends. When we were going to pay for our meals I asked to pay separately, the waiter told me that it was not a possible. Then I asked nicely why, just to know what was the reason. He responded me quite firmly and rudely "we don't do that here". He was totally pissed of and closed the discussion with that.
So I'm asking myself if "Here" refers to the restaurant or to all Wien (or Austria) . And if it's Wien, what is the reason.
Thanks for reading me!
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2023.03.25 08:47 Croissant8000 Why you should be using Wise for online shopping!

TL;DR Wise (formerly TransferWise) offers low conversion fees, accurate exchange rates, and a simple-to-use debit or credit card for international transactions. Zero recurring fees for owning or holding an account, and fee-free ATM withdrawals internationally. Wise auto-converts currency and offers more favorable exchange rates. Use Wise for international and online shopping or sending money.
~~ Ok hi guys! just recently found out about wise and thought id make a little PSA sorta post for anyone who hadn't heard of it like me, been kicking myself for not using it sooner, i do alot of online shopping, and alot of the time i end up paying in a currency that isnt NZD (amazon, aliexpress, ebay, etc etc), meaning there is a currency exchange fee, i just always assumed my bank would charge the lowest fee, but turns out banks are kinda greedy, who would of guessed 😂, Wise has an incredibly low fee, i honestly could have saved hundreds of dollars over the last year just in conversion fees alone had i been using wise!
I think the coolest part though is how simple it is to use, you can order a debit or credit wise card, and use it just like you do with your current card, has all the same capabilities, can add it to all your digital card holders as well like apple and google pay, you can use your wise card anywhere overseas, or online, you also get fee free ATM withdrawals internationally as well which is amazing. Wise will auto convert your currency, so you can just load it up with nzd, and when you try to buy something in any other currency it will exchange it on its end using its much lower fees, and then send the payment in the other local currency, not only that but it has MUCH more accurate and favourable exchange rates, often when doing a currency conversion, wherever your buying from might choose a less favourable exchange rate on what it decides your dollar is worth, for example i might try buy something from a website, and it will decide my 1 NZD is worth 0.61 USD, but if you look up the live exchange rate, it could actually be worth 0.63USD at that moment, Wise will give you the real (usually more favourable) exchange rate, saving you even more.
There are zero recurring fees for owning or holding a wise card or account, you only have to pay the one off fee to get the physical card, cost me 14nzd with free shipping, but you can just get a free digital card if you like, and add it to google pay or wherever you store your digital cards.
As far as i can see, there is zero reason not to use a wise card, you just save money using it, ESPECIALLY if you live somewhere more remote like nz, where you end up having to import lots of stuff internationally when online shopping, and whenever you go travelling, say if you head up to australia, you dont even have to stress or think about it, just pay for everything using your wise card, it does all the work for you and just auto converts to AUD, and you know your gonna be getting the best rates and fees.
there are other features as well such as auto conversion but i dont wanna drag on too long 😂
heres a link to sign up to wise (non ref):
and im new here not sure if ref links are ok? can remove the link if its not, here it is anyway if you wanna help a fellow kiwi out 😂, gives you a lil bonus aswell, but feel free to use non ref link, i just want more people to know about wise, cause ive burnt so much money with online shopping for no reason just using ma kiwibank debit card.
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2023.03.25 08:46 Tessiia I think saying this is based on mythology is really stretching it.

I know I'm going to get hate for this but if anyone can explain this or counter me I'm all ears.
In episode 2, the Valkyre who set this up said "the source of each gods strength is in their weapons". This is just wrong on so many levels but I'm guessing this is the only way they could make this show make sense? Otherwise the gods would wipe the floor with the humans in every round.
Yeah the Valkyre made weapons to help the humans but even if the gods had no armaments, Thor still would have instantly wiped the floor with his opponent, the fact it lasted that long despite having his weapon, is just ridiculous.
That scene where Thor shattered his opponents legs, realistically he would have shattered his arms, legs, spine and not that late in the battle, no, the first time he hit him!! You can't even blame that on the weapon because a weapon made by the Valkyre vs a weapon made by the dwarf Sindri who rivaled the Ivaldi sons, creators of Odin's spear! Yeah the dwarven weapon is FAR superior.
I mean I don't think I can even get past this one fight, 4 episodes in and this 5 minute battle has been stretched so thin. Every time this fight gets interesting, it cuts to something else. Getting strong Naruto vibes with the number of times they stop and start a fight scene which is the worst thing about Naruto.
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2023.03.25 08:46 pool2349 What does he mean does he want to make LDR work?

We met last year online. He was studying here. We spent some time together. He went back to his country. We kept and touch here and there and now we’re talking again every day. The other day he asked me “where do you see this going.” He keeps mentioning it’s hard for him since we live so far away. Is he trying to end things with me? Or hint at it?
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2023.03.25 08:46 shivamuniadventure Wildlife Experiences on a Leh Ladakh Bike Trip from Delhi

Importance of Responsible Tourism

Hemis National Park - Home of the Snow Leopard

A bike trip from Delhi to Leh Ladakh is an adventure of a lifetime. The journey offers breathtaking views of the rugged Himalayan landscape, winding mountain roads, and serene valleys. However, what makes this delhi ladakh bike trip truly unforgettable is the opportunity to witness the rich and diverse wildlife of the region.
  1. The journey ladakh bike trip from delhi takes you through several wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, offering an unparalleled opportunity to see rare and endangered species of animals. The Hemis National Park, located in the eastern part of Ladakh, is the largest national park in India and is a must-visit destination for wildlife enthusiasts.
  2. The park is home to several endangered and rare species of animals, including the elusive snow leopard. In ladakh trip by bike from delhi ,These majestic creatures are known to live in the higher elevations of the Himalayas and can be difficult to spot. However, with the help of experienced guides, you can increase your chances of catching a glimpse of these beautiful animals.
  3. Apart from snow leopards, the Hemis National Park is also home to other species such as the Tibetan wolf, Himalayan black bear, and Eurasian lynx. The park is also a birdwatcher's paradise, with over 200 species of birds found in the region. The Tibetan snowcock, Himalayan griffon, and golden eagle are some of the most notable birds that can be spotted in the area.
  4. The Changthang plateau, located in eastern Ladakh, is another great destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The plateau is home to the famous Kiang, or Tibetan wild ass. These horses are known for their resilience and adaptability to the harsh desert environment. They can often be spotted grazing in herds and can even be seen running at high speeds across the open plains.Apart from the Hemis National Park and the Changthang plateau, the Leh Ladakh region is also home to several other wildlife sanctuaries and reserves.
  5. The Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve is a must-visit for bird lovers, with several species of migratory birds visiting the area during the summer months. The Hanle Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the eastern part of Ladakh, is another great place to see wildlife such as the Tibetan gazelle, Tibetan argali, and Eurasian brown bear.
  6. It is important to keep in mind that these animals are in their natural habitat and should be respected. It is crucial to practice responsible tourism and avoid disturbing the animals in any way. This includes refraining from making loud noises, leaving trash behind, or feeding the animals.
In conclusion, a ladakh trip from delhi on bike offers a unique opportunity to witness the diverse wildlife of the region. From the elusive snow leopards to the majestic wild horses, the wildlife experiences on this journey are sure to leave you with memories to last a lifetime. With the help of experienced guides and a commitment to responsible tourism, you can enjoy these experiences while also preserving the natural beauty and habitats of these animals. So, if you're planning a Leh Ladakh bike trip from Delhi, make sure to add these wildlife destinations to your itinerary.
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2023.03.25 08:45 throwRA3605 I (35F) am jealous of my partners (40M) work life balance and its destroying us.

I've never had this problem before, i've always been in a fairly even work situation with my exes, but he always seems to be miles ahead of me and i'm trying desperately to catch up. Although we've been together just over 3 years we've also lived together for 3 years because Covid happened.
When he was working 40hrs mon-fri, i was working 60+hrs mon-sat, it wasn't good for our relationship, he was annoyed i didn't have any energy for socialising or exercise and I was exhausted and eventually had a mental breakdown. Now I work 45ish hours and earn as much as i did for 60 which is great, i thought our problems would be over, but then he went self employed so he'd earn more and be in control of his own schedule, and now he's hired someone to work for him so he can have more freedom and still have an income when he's not working.
We live abroad and are headed back to our home country to meet eachothers families for the first time in July and have had some bitter arguments because he doesn't think we should fly so far unless its for a few months, but i can't take more than a few weeks off - my boss wouldn't approve it but I also can't afford it. Eventually we settled on me going for 4 weeks while he goes for as long as he wants and just let it go.
We're trying to save for a house so i'm saving as much as I can while still having something of a life, i wanted to take a course over easter to improve my skills in a hobby of mine, but decided I was being dumb and should save the money to put toward a house. Now he's decided to take a trip abroad for that time and im upset. Logically I know its not fair to expect him to miss experiences because i can't afford them but to my heart it feels so unfair. At first I tried to just smile and say thats nice when he talks about it, but we've also talked before about me not bottling up my feelings so eventually I told him i'm annoyed he's taking another holiday while I stay home and then we argued a little, so I told him to just go on the trip but shut up about it, and we let it go.
This morning I was on my laptop (i've recently started trying to learn web development in my spare time in the hope that if I can learn a skill like that I might eventually be able to get a job with a work life balance) but he sat down next to me and excitedly announced he was going to book his flights, so i said thats cool and carried on with my work, but he kept talking about it. It felt like he was needling at me to get a response so I tried to ignore him but he kept on until I eventually exploded telling him he knows I'm annoyed about this so stop prodding at me. He argued saying he wants my approval and I should just be happy for him. Now we're not talking and he's gone camping for the night with some friends.
I feel like such a bitch, but i'm struggling to see a future where I can match his work life balance and its killing me. He wants us to buy a house with his sister and they both have more savings than me so when we've bought one he wants me to pay them back so we're all equal. I was actually hoping we would buy something just us but he's adamant we have to buy with his sister so then I was hoping we would pool our 2 shares and go in as a couple so i didn't owe any extra, but I feel like such a gold digger for wanting that so i've kept quiet. But it also feels like once we've got the house he'll be able to work even less and i'll still be working my butt off to pay them back and that feels never-ending.
He's always saying things like 'we look after eachother, we're such a good team' but that feels like rubbing salt into the wound because I don't feel like a team at all.
It doesn't help that our social circle here is also made up of people who all have their lives together and im the odd one out. Before we met I lived in another town with a great group of friends I was on a similar level to and I felt good, now I'm trying my hardest and feel like a failure.
Has anyone been in a similar situation and managed to make it work? I'm terrified that if I can't find a career that allows me more flexibility and better pay then we're doomed. When we talk about our future he's blindly positive and says things like 'oh you'll be a contractor by then' or 'you'll work remotely' but when I ask him in what career he says 'you're good with computers something like that' but we live in a small mountain town with very few options outside of tourism and construction and he doesn't want to move.
TLDR: my partner is self employed and has a lot of freedom, i'm jealous and its making me bitter.
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2023.03.25 08:45 chuck1011212 Accelerating your FIRE goals via the Middle East option

I want to bring this subject up because I don't see anyone really talking about Americans working in the Middle East (Safer locations only: Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Turkey) as an option to accelerate your FIRE goals. It has really worked great for me.
I am currently working in Qatar. Clean, safe, nice people, things to do, bars that serve alcohol, can also buy alcohol at the state run liquor store, superb brand new underground Metro, cheap Uber rides, home to the outstanding Qatar Airways and direct flights to most all of the cool places in the world, cheap food and grocery delivery. Qatar is much smaller than Dubai, but is moving in a similar direction to Dubai and encouraging tourism. Nothing to do in Qatar on the level of Dubai yet though.

The perks of Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Oman) FIRE acceleration:Good money - Typically 12 hour shifts with two days off per week
Housing provided free - The quality of the housing is generally great but differs per company. i am living in a really nice 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in walking distance to food and the Metro.
No bills other than the ones you create for yourself - A cell phone bill is typically the only bill and mine is $20 per month for 4g 8 gigs of data and unlimited calls and txts. 5G is available here too.
No insurances if you don't own a car - I hate insurance companies
Lowered US federal tax liability - You can typically add 25% to your take home vs. same pay in America. The first $122'ish thousand of pay is not federally taxed. This number changes every year. Also no state taxes depending on how your state is setup for overseas work. Side note: Could be beneficial to change your state of residence before going overseas to avoid paying state taxes in states that still tax you even if you are overseas. This can be done easily if you do your research - even without doing an actualy state to state move.
World travel experience - Being on this side of the world is great for travel. Get a travel credit card for travel perks.
Cheap and excellent health care - Low monthly cost for a world healthcare plan and no copays or out of pocket costs at all for anything as long as you stay out of the US. You read that right. Go to the doctor, pay $0. Go to the hospital, pay 0$. If you need health care while in the US on vacation or something, expect deductibles and the typical BS that we live with in the US.
For example: I went to the local Turkish Hospital here in Qatar (which is super new, clean and amazing) for an ear infection and had no appointment. We typically go to what they call hospitals for a doctor visit, as they are fully featured hospitals that take walk-ins as their normal operation. I saw a real doctor and was in and out of the hospital in 15 minutes INCLUDING getting my prescription. Try that in America at any establishment. I paid $0. If I had some exotic health problem then maybe I would consider going to America for treatment, but for most everything it is far better here.
They generally like Americans in the above Middle East countries

How to find work:
I have experience with and can recommend looking for a US company doing contract work for the US government on US military bases in these countries. These include Vectrus, General Dynamics, Leidos, Ratheon, CACI and other government contract companies. These jobs are not typically well advertised on job boards such as Indeed and can sometimes take some inside info to find. (like knowing somebody working there already) The DoD contracts change all the time, and some listings for jobs are advertised even before a government contract is awarded to a company. This is frustrating, but it is the game. This just means to expect to apply for overseas jobs and expect to hear nothing for most applications.

Here is the strategy that worked for me:
Get a DoD contracting job at your local (or any) military base in the US and then use that as a springboard for your overseas adventure. This will get you the required DoD experience and security clearance stuff. Then you are an easy pickup for any overseas contract. You can then talk to your coworkers at the US military base that have experience overseas and they can discuss their experience with you before you commit to an overseas contract job.

Best bet is to google top 20 US government contract companies, then go directly to each company's web site and search their job listings from their site. This sucks, but it is what it is. You can typically search by physical location, which will get you some listings quick if you know where you want to live.
Additionally, I recommend you do a resume overhaul by someone that does it professionally on Fiver or other sites. For 75'ish bucks, one of these guys will clean up your resume and get it looking good plus make it standards complaint. Standards complaince is the key. This will make it super easy to apply on these company sites and will automatically fill in their information gathering fields for you based on what is on your resume. If your resume is not standards complaint, these fields will not auto populate for you and applying on company sites will be a lengthy and miserable effort.

Also, there are options for working for local companies in the host countries directly. This could be doing things like working for the oil companies or being a teacher at the local private schools or doing IT stuff. This option comes with lots of unknowns. Be sure to do your research as much as possible before committing to one of these positions including speaking to a currently employed American there that can guide you with any questions you may have. You will likely be working with lots of other nationalities, so be ready to learn about other cultures and deal with some language barriers.

Some countries are friendlier than others about bringing your family members. Your employer should help with this, but be ready for it to test your patience. Kids that need school will likely need a private school and this will have some cost. A spouse could find work also, but I don't know much about this. I am single and don't have any of these experiences to provide valid info on this subject.

Freedom and privacy:
Nope. If you are a gun totin' freedom of everything type person, this is not the life for you.
You will give blood to be here. Literally. They test the blood for who knows what and use it for who knows what. You will also give fingerprints to be here. They have video surveillance everywhere and some places require an App on your phone for this or that, which also tracks you. If this is a problem for you, don't come to these places. It is that simple.

Do your research, but these countries are all significantly safer than America. In some cases, the entire country is safer than the typical American small town. Let that sink in. I don't lock my apartment door unless I am sleeping. This includes while going out of the country for week(s) long vacations.

Always remember that you are a guest in any country you go. Leave your attitude at home, be patient and smile. You don't need to learn a language, but learning a few words will be helpful. Everywhere you go outside of the US will allow you to get by just speaking English. Speak slowly, use few words and talk like a caveman and you can get by with English most anywhere.

Overseas Saving Strategy:
You are not going to be taxed like in the US, so contributing to a 401k may or may not be beneficial. Depends if your company matches or not. Obviously go for the match if they have one as that is free money. If not, then consider your time to FIRE and whether you wanna max out 401k if you are not getting the tax benefits as well as the timing of your FIRE. If you are 40 and want to FIRE before 59 and 1/2, then pumping your 401k without the tax perks is not going to benefit you and could hurt you if you want to withdraw early. Instead, pump money into a standard investment account so that you can access this money when you are 45 or 48 without penalty.
For me, I am not currently putting anything into a 401k. I am taking 75+% of my income and putting it into a low cost set of index funds. The rest, I am taking awesome vacations in Asian countries scoping out what my FIRE life will look like. I don't plan on returning to America. Ever.

You can expect that you will get a similar pay per hour as you may get in the US for the same job. The difference is the guaranteed and required overtime as well as the perks of paid living expenses and reduced or 0 income tax. The days of guys getting massive pay for working in a war zone are generally gone, but in addition we are not entertaining working in a warzone in this post. I have never considered that option even though it has been presented to me.

I also like to play with this fire calculator to see where I am and check on my goals and progress:
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2023.03.25 08:45 Solid_Emu4533 What food is safe to eat?

I know that "properly cooked" eggs and poultry are safe to eat. Temperature kills the virus, so the same idea applies to any other food.
Seems simple. However, can somebody write down food risks as detailed and clear as possible? For example, as far as I know hard-boiled eggs are the safest eggs to eat. This is not trivial. What about canned food? Is it safe to eat meat or fish from the can? As I read, all canned goods are "fully cooked". So, it's all good? Are there any other details to be aware of?
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2023.03.25 08:44 autotldr TERF sent running.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)
Controversial British activist Posie Parker has tonight been seen checking into a flight at Auckland International Airport, escorted by numerous police officers after facing overwhelming opposition at a rally today.
The British activist - widely labelled as anti-trans - was seen checking into an Emirates flight about 6.30pm. A witness says Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, was escorted by four police officers and fast tracked through the check-in queue.
Parker had been scheduled to speak in Wellington's Civic Square as part of her Let Women Speak tour.
Speaking from a livestream in the back seat of a police car after the event, Parker asked whether she would get a similar reception in Wellington.
After about 20 minutes, Parker left without speaking, among a crush of people and surrounded by police officers.
Shaneel Lal, an activist who helped organise the counter-protest, said Parker's tour had galvanised support for trans people more than ever.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Park#1 counter-protest#2 speak#3 police#4 trans#5
Post found in /behindthebastards and /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.25 08:44 Dudemanbroyo94 Swapped to a new case now pc won’t boot

Specs MSI B550 PRO-VDH WIFI Ryzen 7 5700x EVGA 3080 FTW Corsair vengeance 32GB DDR4 3600 Corsair 850x power supply 1TB western blue m.2 NVME
Computer worked from this morning before my new case arrived (Corsair 5000D airflow) swapped everyone over without much of a fight plugged everything in hit the power button all fans start spinning but no display no power to mouse or keyboard
So far I’ve tried removing and reinstalling GPU Swapping RAM slots and using one stick Taking the CMOS battery out and holding the power button for 30 seconds I’ve gone over all the connections from PSU to board and everything seems fine but still no luck
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