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Spectrum Outfitters vs GC2B Review

2023.06.04 05:45 fantastic-mrfawkes Spectrum Outfitters vs GC2B Review

Spectrum Outfitters vs GC2B Review
Hey there guys!
I've been wearing one of GC2B's racerback binders since late 2021, and two months ago I bought a Spectrum Outfitters short binder. I've seen a lot of people asking about these two binders in comparison, so I decided there was no better time than the present to do a review of them.
First, a bit about my body type, though.
I have a pretty large chest relatively speaking, with a 32" rib circumference underneath my soft tissue, and a 39.5" circumference around the chest/nipple, which puts me at around a G to H-cup in terms of bra size. I bought a size medium for both the GC2B and the Spectrum Outfitters binders. I believe my sizing is actually pretty significant in terms of the fit of these two binders, but I plan on getting into more detail about that later.
So without further adieu, the review!
For reference, S = Spectrum Outfitters, and G = GC2B

Spectrum Oufitters side view
With the side view, there tends to be a visible "dent" or "swoop" from the shirt falling through the neckline of the binder, which gives the effect of it looking less flat than the GC2B binder.

GC2B side view
As you can see, the GC2B binder isn't completely flat either, but the shape seems a bit smoother, and looks a bit less like I'm wearing something under my shirt.

Spectrum Outfitters front view
GC2B front
Not a huge difference here.

Spectrum Outfitters front view (no graphics)
Here, you can yet again see the shirt sort of fall through the largelower neckline of the SO binder. It's more obvious on this shirt than it was on the black shirt with the graphic design.

GC2B front view (no graphics)
With the GC2B binder, the neckline is visible, but it's higher up, and there's not enough weight to make the shirt fall through much. However, as you can see, the binder kind of squishes my chest together, giving me a "uni-boob" that's slightly more visible/less flat looking.

Spectrum Outfitters fit.
This is where the Spectrum Outfitters binder shines. As you can see, the whole binder comes much lower down on my torso, which provides support for my chest. The armpit area is also much lower, and so I don't have fabric cutting into my armpit. However, as you can see, the lower neckline allows my chest tissue to squish upwards, which is technically a better binding practice as it avoids skin stretching, but it makes that tissue more visible and prominent with a shirt on.

GC2B fit.
The GC2B binder binds higher, and doesn't leave a wide gap for the short to fall through when I wear one... BUT, my chest is constantly slipping down in the binder, and I'm almost always having to stick my hands under my shirt to readjust my chest every few minutes. Very, VERY often. This binder is also very tight around my armpit and it kind of hurts like hell. The smaller armpit hole is actually why I think the GC2B binder gives me uni-boob. It forces them to press together in the middle instead of chilling on the side.

Binders overlapped.
Here you can see how much lower the Spectrum Outfitters binder sits than the GC2B one. The Spectrum Outfitters binder also has much wider and more discreet shoulder straps that slide into view way less often than the GC2B ones do. In fact, the GC2B shoulder straps actually cut into my shouldeneck, and cause a lot of discomfort.
In general, the Spectrum Outfitters binder is MUCH more comfortable than the GC2B binder. My nipples never feel like they are getting chaffed, the fabric is much thinner, cooler, and softer than the GC2B's fabric, there are no uncomfortable seams digging into my skin, and I never have to readjust my chest in the binder. The Spectrum Outfitters binder is much better for exercising or doing active things as well.
However, in terms of raw binding power, I think the GC2B may be slightly better.
But that comes with a big caveat, and that's 1) it binds better IF AND ONLY IF my chest is in the right position, i.e., I've just adjusted it in the last few seconds, and 2) IF YOU HAVE A LARGER CHEST.
I think all of the problems I have with the Spectrum Outfitters binder wouldn't be an issue if I had a smaller chest. For example, your shirt probably won't fall into your cleavage if you don't have a big enough chest to have major cleavage in the first place. With a smaller chest, I think that the Spectrum Outfitters binder would be better on all accounts.
So to summarize...
Binding power: The GC2B is slightly better, especially with a larger chest. However, the larger chest can "fall down" or slip in the binder, which means you need to readjust the binder constantly to get the full binding effect. I'd say...
Spectrum Outfitters - 4
GC2B - 5

Versatility; The Spectrum Outfitters binder is more discreet, has less visible straps/seams, and is much better for exercise. Since I don't have to readjust my chest wearing it, it's also far better for multi-layers outfits.
Spectrum Outfitters - 5
GC2B - 3

Comfort; Spectrum Outfitters wins this one hand down for many many reasons. Softer, cooler, better fit, less tight in the armpit/shoulder, supports your chest, folds nicely, does not roll up, etc...
Spectrum Outfitters - 5
GC2B - 3

Durability/Quality; While I haven't been wearing my Spectrum Outfitters binder for nearly as long as my GC2B binder, I can pretty safely assure you that the stitching and pigment quality of the Spectrum Outfitters binder is far superior. It feels much better quality.
Spectrum Outfitters - 5
GC2B - 3


The Spectrum Outfitters binder is more comfortable and more supportive, has less visible straps, and is of higher quality (seemingly). However, the GC2B has slightly better raw binding power for larger chests.
I would recommend the Spectrum Outfitters binder over the GC2B binder.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.
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2023.06.04 05:16 oddott what are bra equivalents to 34g? (US sizing)

i discovered my true bra size today and it's a 34g. i spent a good portion of the day running between stores trying to find something with my boyfriend but we couldn't find anything. what are some equivalents to 34g?
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2023.06.04 04:53 De-pressedStudent Some bra science from someone who fits lingerie for a living :)

I just came on here to share some nuggets of wisdom about bras in general, if one of you find you learned something new then my job is done:)
To start with, I work in a high end lingerie store where we shape TO your body, not the other way around. Lingerie has the absolute power to transform how you feel on the daily as it’s the one thing that no uniform and no individual could control. Only YOU know what’s underneath (unless not, in that case im happy for you) and that’s special! I like to teach clients how they could wear special “fancy” pieces that they previously thought only existed for those special occasions on the daily. Quality of each piece matters, and personally find that European quality is just so much more than north American offers (cries in Canada). Once you figure out your size, you could mix around lingerie in your everyday wardrobe as statement pieces, sneaky peekaboos that could look so sophisticated when done right (ex: having a fancy lacy strap peaking through a blouse, having the top of the lacy cup peeking through in a cami, etc).
On top of this: I’ve met so many people who were mistreated at lingerie stores previously. You should not ever feel pushed into buying anything. You should not be ridiculed, shamed and ignored. Only YOU know what’s comfortable for you at the end of the day: and that’s okay. If you come to me and I fit you and you say you don’t like the true band size fit, and prefer loose because of ___, I will just warn you that you will not get as much support as you COULD, but will encourage you to stick with what you already know. If you’re sensitive to lace *good quality lace girl, not the la senza grit 4000 shred your lats by midnight. I will never show you lacey stuff. If you prefer to go in alone with no associate in the store to help you, I have tips on the bottom:)
Also a disclaimer: bra fitting is a freaking science to say the least, and that’s exactly why people like me exist! Since starting work I haven’t seen two pairs of breasts that are alike. Everyone is unique, everyone has at least a little difference in volume from left to right, and everyone has different preferences for bras.
I work hard everyday to break the stereotype of coming home and taking off that itchy piece of torture we wear daily for 8+ hours in our lives. I see so many girls come in saying they’re a 36C and they want a bra that FITS but surprise surprise they come out a 32G…
It could also be a very intimate and powerful piece of beautiful art that we wear for ourselves. Everyone deserves to be comfortable and feel beautiful in something like a bra.
Now onto the fun stuff, I’m gonna walk you through how to size yourself as best as you can :
Once you calculated your bra size with the calculator (which is correct for so many people (if measured according to instructions), however, some may feel more comfortable in sister sizing(see below))
To start with, there are two “main” types of bras: lined and unlined (padded/unpadded). I will not use any sort of “push up” or bra that has extra padding to give the girls any sort of “oomph”. When working, I prefer to size customers with unlined as that is when I can visually see if the sizing works because the padding hides any extra space that you’re not filling in that specific size. So to start with, i’m gonna have you grab any style unlined bra in the store to try on, along with two sister sizes in the same colour and style:
I will be using european sizing from here on out, so a DDD is just an F (D, DD=E, etc)
Fun fact: 2 bras of the same style but different colours usually fit DIFFERENT. I know all of the product that we offer, so I know which collections and which things fit and how they fit and who they work well with. You do not need this, just remember that every bra fits different even in the same size. The difference between the sizing is super minimal, but for comfort purposes you have to try on a lot. Just because a red bra made of super tight thick material doesn’t let you breathe in a 32H doesn’t mean that a lacy soft bra will as well.
Fun fact: Sister sizes technically have around the same volume as each other but the shape of the wire is different. In every cup going up (A,B,C) the wire kind of concaves more outward so there’s more volume depending on the “root” of the girls. And sometimes the band fits better if your in between sizes:)
Now into the changing room!
the bra wire should sit comfortably under your girl hugging the shape. The end of the wire is supposed to be angles towards your armpit, not stabbing the girls.
Now repeat this with a sister size. Doesn’t matter if this one feels perfect, TRY it out some find these way more comfortable.
Now onto finding a GOOD quality bra that could outlast you:
also a very important one: Is it flattering? There are different types of styles of bras : demi cup, full cup, plunge, etc etc
I want you to try on at least a few before deciding what you don’t like. So many people don’t imagine wearing something when on display but change their minds when it’s on them.
Good quality bras that could last DECADES are in the 90-200 range. La senza and VS are following the big price ranges slowly but their quality is nowhere as good as something that Simone Pirele or Huit offers.
Fun fact: Red and any colour with red hues closer to your skin tone (read: beige lighter than your skin tone DOESNT work) will cover better under white tshirts than white.
If your bra is truly your size you should not feel it at the end of the workday.
Now random tips:
For bigger sizing stick to thicker straps. You need the support and the thin straps will dig in and make you die inside.
Demi cups are supper flattering on smaller sizes
Look at the stitching and quality of the material of the bra, learn to judge it: actual band material, if it feels high quality, if the lace is soft, etc etc. The felt on the back of the wire doesn’t count as “quality”. It should be soft but it’s never perfect, there’s some string strangers, etc.
I’ll edit if I remember anything important to add but my fried brain is retired after a long day :)
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2023.06.04 04:17 HullabalooO2 Recommendation for Nursing bra in 36H?

Hi! I'm sick of nursing bras that squish my breasts downwards and outwards and am looking for something that gives me a lot of support. I'm 6 months postpartum with close-set breasts. I think my shape is full but am not positive. The bra size calculator says I'm a 36H in UK sizing. I tried the Elomi Molly in a 36G before doing the calculator. The gore was way off from tacking and the part where the underwire rests on my ribs was uncomfortable. I think I have a pretty prominent side and front rib flare. I don't think going up a cup size would fix the gore issue with the Molly 36H. I don't think I've ever had a bra where the gore actually tacks, but I'm hopeful I can finally find one!
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2023.06.04 04:08 Worried_Echidna_5684 Bra shopping at store experience

This is my first post. I'm pre hrt and a very shy person, but some months ago everything changed! I woke up early morning with a lot of anxiety, I wanted to buy a bra that fits me well and have the experience of shopping at the store. So I went to the mall and when I was walking to VS I was super nervous and shaking. I was tucked in high-rise skinny jeans, a CK bra that I bought online, a regular t-shirt, and a black coat to cover the bra lines. I was looking very gender-neutral. I walk into the store and start looking around and one of the ladies at the store asked me if I need help with something. I told her I was looking for a bra, and in that moment she looked for 3 seconds at my chest and asked me "Do you know HER size?" I told her "No, I'm going to ask her and come back". I left the store very fast. I was super sad and scared. I went to the car and start driving around the neighborhood when I so a small store (Soma intimates) and I told to myself, I'm NOT going back home with empty hands. So I went in, and again I start looking around and the lady of the store told me that if need any help to tell her. I continued looking around for 15 mins and she came to me and asked me if I need help. I told her I'm looking for a bra and she asked me "Would you like to try on anyone?" OMG, the euphoria I felt at that moment was crazy. Of course, I told her YES, so she walk me to the fitting room and told me to take off my coat. She asked me if I'm wearing a bra I said yes but I was not comfortable (36A) so she measure me and brought me some push-ups (34B) to try. I was in front of the mirror looking at myself and how I was trying on I WAS IN HEAVEN! She came back and ask me how was it fitting, I said great and she adjusted the straps. I tried on other models, my eyes were full of tears, it was one of my happiest moments. She was super kind to me and the bras are the best, I can't stop wearing one. I will come back soon. And you girls? Did you have any good experiences?
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2023.06.04 03:49 space_cartoony Need a high support Sports Bra for 34D (and I mean 0 bounce, if possible) that is Affordable.

I've had my sports bra for about 5 years and she was a daily wearer for the first two, so, understandably, shes getting a little shot (surprisingly still in decent good shape given the usage.)
My current bra is a high support sports bra from target (target brand) and I absolutely love it tbh, great support when she was still new and extreamly comfortable. They don't have that exact style anymore though. They have similar ones but I am still trying to find time to go try them on (if the dressing rooms are even open anymore, haven't gotten new cloths sense mid COVID so not sure of the current situation with that), so while I wait to do that I though I would get some other recommendations. My cupped bra that fits best atm is a 34D and is extreamly comfortable so I'm guessing tats my size, but I did get measured at pink a few years back and they said I could fit into a 32DD (not sure how reputable they are though).
What I'm looking for:
High support, like I don't want my girls moving at all.
Something that can support during burpees, light jogging, and moderate weight supersizes.
Something that is comfortable and does not dig in or leave red compression marks when taken off.
Last, but sure as hell ain't lease, AFFORDABLE under $50 is like the absolute most I have to spend on this.
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2023.06.04 03:29 CompetitivePraline62 Pumping Bras

Currently in the third trimester with my second, and I've been think about bras. My current ones feel too tight as it is, so I was looking into getting some new ones. I'm using an Elvie this time around, and that thing adds some bulk, let me tell you. I'm looking for no padding or underwire, and was wondering if anyone has used these types of pumps and what bras you used. I don't think I need a pumping bra, the ones with the holes, and worst case I have an old one from my first. But I feel so lost, I don't even know what size to get/how to size up if I need to order online. I am large chested, so in store options tend to be annoyingly limited.
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2023.06.04 02:52 blue_dreamer67 [Recommendations] for 36DD and maybe shallow but flat top?

I have struggled with correctly fitted bra all my life and finally seem to have found my size! (I was wearing 36B and 34C, but actually seem to be 36DD). My measurements were LU 36.75, SU 36, TU 33, SB 40, LB 41, LyB 40.5 (everything in inches). Came out to 36DDfor both US and UK sizing. I am based in US.
After reading through posts here, I tried the Freya Offbeat Underwire Side Support bra. Surprisingly, 36DD seems to fit, even though 36DD in other brands I tried at Nordstrom all didn't fit.
However, I'm not quite happy with how it looks. Specifically, I think I am shallow, but also became flat at top due to age. I want to get something that makes me look fuller on top, without digging into the tissues. I would like recommendations for a t-shirt bra type, something with lace, and a strapless. I saw some recommendations on the Shallow Guide, but most of them seem discontinued and the Natori is a bit out of my price range...
I will try uploading a photo of my side profile with the Freya... I haven't figured out how to upload photos yet.
Thank you in advance to anyone that can help! So glad I found this after all these years...
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2023.06.04 02:24 Tumbleweirdo Fit Check/ Freya Offbeat and Fancies Halfcup, 30E, Ewa Michalak 30E

Thanks to help from this sub, I've established what my new size is and that I need more projected bras than I thought. I always thought I was shallow because I have very tall-rooted breasts--and maybe I was shallow when I was younger, but due to age/past pregnancies/the slow march of time my tissue must have moved south and I now have projection at the very bottom near where the wires go. So I'm looking for things that accommodate bottom fullness and projection at the bottom of the cups, but at the same time doesn't cut into tall roots because despite the fact that I have very little upper pole fullness, my breast tissue does go up all the way to my collarbones.
I've ordered a lot of bras and am in the process of trying them out as they come. Here are three that I just got:
Frey Offbeat Side Support 30E: Unfortunately while I think this bra is very pretty and I like the side support concept, it cuts in at the top, especially on my left side. Is this what is meant by "closed on top"? I wonder if another of the Freya side support options would be better.
Freya Fancies Half Cup 30E: This band actually felt too big and MUCH bigger than the band on the Offbeat--I wonder if it runs big. I did not see a 28 band option on Amazon for this but maybe I could find one somewhere else. ? It's hard to tell with the black but the cups were wrinkling a little on my right (smaller) side. I could pad that side though.
Ewa Michelak Plunge 30E: I saw this in a store and decided to try it. It's very comfortable. On my left side there's a wrinkle/pucker at the gore--that's my larger side. Would Polish bras in general be a good shape for me?
Thanks for your thoughts! I'm very grateful.
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2023.06.04 00:30 AHelpingClamp [Recommendations] Just starting out, looking for what to try first

Hi all, I'm hoping the collective wisdom of this sub can help me out -- I have a lot of trouble finding bras.
About me:
I'm looking for:
  1. General advice, brands to look at, good stores (I'm in NYC), etc.
  2. A t-shirt bra
  3. A half-cup bra
  4. A strapless bra
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2023.06.04 00:27 snowymountain_1 Bra help pls!!!

Hello All
I’m a first time mom to a two month old baby. I am reallyyyy struggling in the bra department. I have a big bust for my small size (about 36 D or double D) Been a real struggle finding bras - I’ve tried everything. My biggest wish is something with support and doesn’t spill over out from the sides or pop out from the front. But I also want it to be comfortable a bit??
If this type of bra exists somewhere pls tell me bc leaving the house is such a struggle.
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2023.06.04 00:25 transcribersofreddit traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns Image "THIS IS NOT A TEST, I HAVE THA BOOBA!!!! :3 (even tho no hrt D:)"

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2023.06.03 23:29 BigFabulous2856 Guess my bra size

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2023.06.03 23:08 UrArchieEminy I have seem to have aquired tha bobba without hrt

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2023.06.03 23:07 UrArchieEminy THIS IS NOT A TEST, I HAVE THA BOOBA!!!! :3 (even tho no hrt D:)

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2023.06.03 23:02 UrArchieEminy Egg❓❓irl

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2023.06.03 22:36 zandyro Follow up to my last post. Reference and comparison pics included

So I had many issues with the bra I just bought in my size. You can find that post here.
Basically the bra was super uncomfortable and I did not like the shape it gave me. After some helpful suggestions and explanations, I was able to deduce that while the bra may “fit” me, it’s simply not the right bra for me and I should look for something else.
Please look here to see what I’m talking about. When I compared the 3 bras, I noticed something very specific about the last bra that I think is what’s making the difference. Notice how wide the gore is on the gray bra compared to the pink Freya. I have very bottom heavy, super separated breasts. Most bras seem to have gores less than 1 inch wide. I think I need wider.
So far I’ve tried the Freya you see here and Panache Clara many years ago. They both gave me unflattering shape and we’re not comfortable in the slightest. And I’ve noticed that both brands tend to have narrow gores in all of their styles. I think if I could find a brand with comprehensive sizing that also makes styles with a wider than average gore, I could be on the right track.
Also my left breast is smaller than my right so you may notice extra space in the left cup of all of these. Not sure there’s much I can do about that.
Please recommend anything that fits this description or let me know if I’m completely off track. The bras thar are supposed to be fitting me the best have been the biggest disappointment. I mean look at my boobs, I’m clearly not a C cup. So why the heck does that one feel and look the best?
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2023.06.03 22:36 DesignerCold64 [Fit Check] Panache Clara, 30D, 30DD, 30E, and a slight rant

So, I visited a lingerie boutique an hour away from me because they told me they had the Panache Clara in the red/noir in a 30D/DD aside for me, when I got there she actually put the 32 on hold - and she didn’t even apologise! Whatever. I thought while I was there I’d try on the other colours to see.
She first brought me the 30E, not sure why, and that just seemed big with the wrinkling, and then the 30D, however the wires felt incredibly narrow and tight on me. However, I’m finding it very hard to actually tell how it looks for some reason? From my perspective all three sizes looked incredibly similar visibly. What do you guys think? I eventually asked her to please bring me a 30DD and she did in the cream.
I’m feeling disheartened after that visit, I thought that by visiting a boutique that specialises in fittings that I’d have a better experience? But she just kept throwing bras at me and coming into my fitting room every ten seconds, and when I was buying a Passionata bra at the end she kept trying to push another one on me that fit the exact same but was €30 more expensive. Ridiculous. However, this bra is my dream bra in the red and black colour, so what do you guys think of the fit?
Sorry for bad pictures, the owner genuinely wouldn’t leave me alone for ten seconds just to come inside and go “mm. yeah.”.
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2023.06.03 21:35 transcribersofreddit cringepics Image ""Did I blow it?""

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2023.06.03 21:16 ABR9911 Comfortable bra 32G with support for running

I’m trying to help my daughter (16) find a bra. She wears a 32G (UK size - measured with the Bra That Fits method!). She wears sports bras without wire all the time, which are not terribly flattering. She says she has to run to class, and the regular bras don’t offer enough support. She also finds lace and trim itchy. For just fit, Panache Clara seems to work well. Can you all recommend a bra with a similar shape that offers enough support for minor running and nothing itchy? Thank you!!
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2023.06.03 20:42 tswizzlefanacc what to wear with very thin straps dresses or tank tops

95/100 C here, not actually a big size from other rants in this forum i know, but still very inconvenient for me nonetheless. i have a wedding coming up in which i'll use a dress with very thin straps. i always have the option to use a bra with "invisible" straps but they are so much more uncomfortable than the straps of a normal bra. a few days ago i also tried boob tape, which i didn't really like, idk if it was bc it was my first time trying and i didn't tape it correctly, but i didn't feel my boobs secured, at all. i've also heard about those silicone "bras" that have like the same method of using as a nipple cover. anyone here as used bras like that? if so, any recommendations? (especially from shein pls since it's the only store i can afford bras from). thank uuu 🫶
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2023.06.03 20:38 Individual-Shape-465 How much material should I buy for a bikini project?

I've been meaning to start a bikini project, simple bikini nothing crazy, however, I am not sure how much material I should buy. The thing is that I am going to move out of the country soon, and I have this 3.5 mm 100% cotton yarn that is beautiful in both quality and colour. I don't have much option in my country when it comes to yarn, so I would like to buy it here. It's 50g per yarn roll (expensive too thats why I don't want to buy too much and waste it) so I am not sure how much I should get. My waist is 85-95 cm (size L or 40 EU measurements) and my bra is B75.
Do you have any recommendations?
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