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2023.06.04 03:31 Ka-carrot- Chapter 179 — Manhwa

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2023.06.04 03:09 LeleTheKing [DISC] Overgeared - Chapter 179 (Reaper Scans)

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2023.06.04 00:32 LoveMangaBuddy Read Overgeared - Chapter 179 - MangaPuma

The world's greatest VR game Whether in reality or in the game, misfortune has always befallen upon him… An unexpected reward he discovered during a quest, 'Pagma's Rare Book'. Changing into a one of a kind, strongest, Legendary class amongst +2 billion users. "How are you still alive…?!" "Well, it's nothing complicated…" "I'm Overgeared."---- Webtoon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwfZ6BQbIc ... Read Overgeared - Chapter 179 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/overgeared/chapter-179
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2023.06.03 16:55 Silent-Ambition-751 Can someone help me with the maps? For kingdoms and cities please

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2023.06.03 15:02 TalseUzerr OG Chapter - 1840

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2023.06.03 10:31 xxxschadenfreudexxx [Overgeared] MANHWA is Abhorrent.

I can't force myself to read the Manhwa adaptation of Overgeared. The novel was great for me though.
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2023.06.03 09:45 Sushi_chan18 Weekly Manga Live Tracker: 03-06-2023 to 09-06-2023

This Table updates every 15 mins. You can save this post and come back later! ( ´ ▽ ` )
Top Manga in last hour
Status Manga Upvotes
←→ Ueno-san wa Bukiyou (How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno) Ch. 94 - Rabbit Ears. by tugeneko from Graveyard of Airships 8
new Knight Run Ch. 272 1
new Yomei Nikagetsu Kenkouhou - Chapter 10 1
new KamiKatsu / Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou, Ch-17 (Drowdaro's Workshop) 1
new Under Ninja - Chapter 24 1
new Silver Spoon (OZAWA Mari) - Chapter 53.2 1
new SS - Chapter 6 1
new Maria Children - Chapter 10 1
new Little Nerd Dragon! Bahamuko-Sensei - Chapter 10 1
Top Manga in last 6 hours
Status Manga Upvotes
←→ - My Flatmate at -18°C - Oneshot 572
- Company and Private Life - Ch. 12 164
Dungeon no Osananajimi - 24.5 107
Overgeared - Chapter 179 (Reaper Scans) 93
Nick & Lever - Chapter 67 86
←→ The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years - Chapter 171 (Reaper Scans) 70
Second Life Ranker - Chapter 158 49
My Lovey-Dovey Wife is a Stone-Cold Killer - Ch 39 30
←→ My Dad is Too Strong Chapter 133 Leviatan Scans 27
Ranker’s Return - Chapter 105 S2 END (Reaper Scans) 24
Ending Maker - Chapter 42 (Reaper Scans) 21
Zenbu Kimi no Sei - Chapter 20 11
Ueno-san wa Bukiyou (How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno) Ch. 94 - Rabbit Ears. by tugeneko from Graveyard of Airships 8
Mob Kousei no Ore Demo Boukensha ni Nareba Riajuu ni Naremasuka? - Vol. 4 Ch. 16.2 - MangaDex 7
Mafia's Daughter (75) 5
new Knight Run Ch. 272 1
new Yomei Nikagetsu Kenkouhou - Chapter 10 1
new KamiKatsu / Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou, Ch-17 (Drowdaro's Workshop) 1
new Under Ninja - Chapter 24 1
new Silver Spoon (OZAWA Mari) - Chapter 53.2 1
new SS - Chapter 6 1
new Maria Children - Chapter 10 1
new Little Nerd Dragon! Bahamuko-Sensei - Chapter 10 1
Top 50 Manga in last 24 hours
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←→ When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken - Ch 38 by @zyugoya 2776
←→ Sometimes Cats Are Very Humanlike (Oneshot) (@inunonekochan) 2702
←→ - I'm Worried About My Classmate Who's Covered in Bruises - Ch. 16 2470
←→ The Childhood Friend from the Vegetable Garden by @sushijiro6 1289
←→ - Until This Social Outcast Becomes My Wife... - Ch. 2 1183
←→ - 'Mechamecha Kininatteru Gyaru ga Nanka Yabee Kanji ni Natteku Yatsu' - Ch. 1 911
←→ Mato Seihei no Slave - Chapter 106.5 826
←→ Kanan-sama Is Easy as Hell! -- Chapter 51 (KananScans) 799
←→ - My Flatmate at -18°C - Oneshot 573
←→ Service Wars - Chapter 11 489
←→ Yakuza Reincarnation :: Chapter 40 :: Kirei Cake 475
←→ - Chieri's Love Is 8 Meters Tall - Ch. 26.5 393
←→ - Otaku Grandma Ch. 1.5 - 2 336
←→ Surviving The Game as a Barbarian Chapter 15 Asura Scans 327
Until the Gal and I Become a Married Couple (Ch. 5) 267
Welcome Home, Papa - Chapter 9 266
←→ Yumeochi: Dreaming of Falling For You - Extra Chapter 248
←→ Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - Ch. 144 240
←→ Atsumare! Fushigi Kenyu-bu - Chapter 324 196
Renai Daikou - Chapter 5 (Foxachu Agency) 184
Umeko-chan is in Love - Vol. 1 Ch. 2 (oh hi :D) 173
←→ Tonari no Furi-san ga Tonikaku Kowai Ch. 41 166
←→ - Bug Ego - Oneshot by ONE & Shitara Kiyoto 165
- Company and Private Life - Ch. 12 164
Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru - Ch. 69 159
←→ May I Ask for One Final Thing? Ch.34 137
←→ Shinmai Ossan Bouken-sha, Saikyou Party ni Shinu hodo Kitaerarete Muteki ni Naru - ch43 128
←→ Ichijou-San Wa Kao Ni Deyasui (Ch. 22) [END] 123
←→ Handsome Must Die - Chapter 5 114
Bocchi the Rock! Ch. 64 (Ripe Mango) 111
Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 84 Asura Scans 109
Dungeon no Osananajimi - 24.5 107
Isekai NTR ~Shinyuu no Onna wo Saikyou Skill de Otosu Houhou~ - Vol. 4 Ch. 34 - Princess Knight - MangaDex 100
An Anthology of “Teaching” the Twins a Lesson Vol 1 Ch. 6-7 96
- Chiisai Boku no Haru Ch. 3 - Receiving 95
←→ Overgeared - Chapter 179 (Reaper Scans) 94
Nick & Lever - Chapter 67 83
Osabori Jouzuna Koumukai-san wa Ore wo Nogasanai!! - Chapter 7 72
←→ Swordmaster’s Youngest Son - Chapter: 75 [ASURA SCANS] 72
Shingeki no Eroko-san ~Hen na Oneesan wa Danshikousei to Nakayoku Naritai~ Chapter 42.5 71
The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years - Chapter 171 (Reaper Scans) 69
Shiroyama to Mita-san - Chapter 31-40 68
Sensei No Koto, Kusugutte Ageru - Ch. 27 67
←→ An Anthology of “Teaching” the Twins a Lesson (Ch. 8 - Our Older Brother Is Our Older Brother by Yuu Mitsuki) [END] 58
←→ I Reincarnated as a Legendary Surgeon Chapter 66 (Season 2 Start) - Realm Scans 45
Second Life Ranker - Chapter 158 45
Hajimete no Gal - Chp. 159 42
Ao Ashi - Chapter 332 - Football’s Zenith 42
←→ Saikyou Onmyouji no Isekai Tensei-ki ~Geboku no Youkai-domo ni Kurabete Monster ga Yowasugiru n da ga~ - Ch. 24.4 41
new KamiKatsu / Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou, Ch-16 (Drowdaro's Workshop) 40
Top 50 Manga in last 7 days
Status Manga Upvotes
←→ Chainsaw Man - Chapter 131 6854
←→ The inescapable trap (Oneshot by @horideiyasumi) 6240
←→ Telework Yotabanashi - Bonus Chapter 20.5 by Kintetsu Yamada (Sweat and Soap) 4450
←→ - Ganbare, Douki-chan - Ch. 223 (Extra) 3747
←→ - One Punch Man - Chapter 185 3562
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... Extra chapter 3547
←→ Please Go Home, Akutsu-san! - Chapter 142 3411
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... Ch. 38 & 39 3159
←→ Nan Hao & Shang Feng Ch. 104 - At the beach 3087
←→ When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken - Ch 37 by @zyugoya 3052
←→ SPY x FAMILY - Chapter 81 3005
←→ The Grim Reaper Falls In Love With A Human (ch 0) 2900
←→ Dandadan - Chapter 108 2824
←→ - Senpai of the photography club - Ch. 1-10 2810
←→ When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken - Ch 38 by @zyugoya 2780
←→ Sometimes Cats Are Very Humanlike (Oneshot) (@inunonekochan) 2700
←→ - I'm Worried About My Classmate Who's Covered in Bruises - Ch. 16 2473
←→ Ignorant girl ◯◯ years later... - ch.1 2454
←→ - The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... - Ch. 35 2453
←→ Nevertheless (Oneshot by @horideiyasumi) 2348
←→ Go-Senpai's Counseling 8 2322
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... - Ch 37&41 2244
←→ I Was Reincarnated As The Scumbag From a Netorare Manga, But The Heroine is Coming On To Me - Chapter 3 2222
←→ Go-Senpai's Counseling Session 9 2142
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... Chapter 37 2081
←→ Sukinako ga Megane wo Wasureta (Twitter Extras) - Chapter 66 2053
←→ Jujutsu Kaisen - Chapter 224 2024
←→ - Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute Ch. 53 1921
←→ Guessing Game - Oneshot (by @POPON050707) 1827
←→ - Until This Social Outcast Becomes My Wife... - Ch. 1 (By Giba-chan) 1736
←→ Go-Senpai's Counseling Session 7 1734
←→ Mato Seihei no Slave Vol. 13 omake raw 1703
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... - Chapter 42 1673
←→ - Sad Words Yield Many Blossoms - Oneshot 1630
←→ - The Case In Which Streaming In Another World Led To The Creation Of A Massive Yandere Following - Ch. 2 1626
The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... - Chapter 36 1576
Mato Seihei no Slave - Chapter 108: Shangri-La 1574
←→ SAKAMOTO DAYS - Chapter 120 1542
←→ Izakaya Onee-san - Oneshot (by @POPON050707) 1447
←→ Otaku Grandma Chapter 1 1402
←→ What Happens Inside the Dungeon, Side Story - Chapter 2 1326
←→ What Happens Inside the Dungeon, Side Story - Chapter 3 1320
←→ - Less than a Sister - Oneshot 1310
←→ The Childhood Friend from the Vegetable Garden by @sushijiro6 1294
←→ Mashle: Magic and Muscles - Chapter 157 1268
←→ Go-Senpai's Counseling Session 6 1258
←→ My Girlfriend Gives Me Goosebumps! - Chapter 3 1208
←→ - Until This Social Outcast Becomes My Wife... - Ch. 2 1184
←→ You and I are Polar Opposites - Chapter 32 1184
←→ - Getsuyoubi no Tawawa - Ep. 432 1155
Last Update: 06:15:02-04/06 IST
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2023.06.02 22:19 jb0009 Playing Tower Defense in PVE by luring bosses into trapcastles

On our like, 20th playthrough or whatever, my crew and I realized that boss killing was exciting and fun, and a real challenge still at the higher levels. But some of the fights are kind of tedious and not as fun. For some of these, especially the ones that are roamers, we've been building servant-trapcastles and luring the bosses into them. It's fun for us to build pop-up castles and experiment with different kinds of servant squads, and fun for us to kind of sit back and watch what happens. It brings a bit of tower defense to PVE. Here are the bosses its fun to do this with (spoilers if you haven't seen the boss list yet):
Putrid rat: we really hate this fight. Even though it's L30, we take great joy in not spawning this little jerk until we have the servants in our castle needed to take him down.
Vincent: tougher to do, because he gives us prison cells, which makes this whole scheme easier. But his path is pretty well known and if you don't like freezing over and over, he's a great one to trap in a room and let your servants go nuts.
Tristan: if you put a castle in the right spot in Farbane, Tristan will come practically to your door. His path is well known, and he's still a bit tougher than his level.
Christina: a great boss to cheese because most of her skill is healing herself and spawning mobs. If you get a miliitia brawler they can interrupt her self healing.
Bane: new, and already don't want to fight him again more than I have to. Man of a million mobs, and kind of quick with his little jump attack.
Terah: you can pull Terah anywhere, so if you really wanted to build a Dunley castle to catch all the roamers, you could also conceivably drag her there.
Frostmaw: it only took me one battlenun in Hallowed Mountains to tame the mighty Frostmaw. Soooo worth it.
Jade: kind of jumpy for this to be perfect, but when it was over me and the brute were still standing, and Jade was not.
Domina: she's not a roamer, technically, but she is functionally. She roams around Rustlock and can be pulled out and across the path if you want to trapcastle her.
The Old Wanderer: this guy. He is right across the path from a large, centrally located castle spot. you could definitely chase him in there and lock him down with a bunch of hangry nuns.
Foulrot: Not a roamer, but close enough to the spots near him that if you were determined, after you cleared, you could pull him onto a territory
Nightmarshal: This is the biggest prize on the list. Get batform and what you need to fix legendary weapons by cheesing him into your castle and battling with a handful of pissed off, overgeared brutes and nuns from silverlight.
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2023.06.02 21:45 Beren_tooked_simaril Chapter 1840+ Theory (Funny Idea)

I have a really funny Idea how the epic Showdown could End and i just want to share it with you all.
After a long fight Humanities Fear of Baal was reduced to a minimum and in a last ditch Effort to become somehow feared again he begins to Gamble.
He gathers all his Energy to self Destruct and tries to kill Grid and if he succeeds maybe Humanities Fear will Rise again and then he can Ressurect, If Grid survives he would probably die.
Grid sees it and pulls Out the Mysterious Cloth and neutralizes the Explosion. Humanities Fear of Baal becomes Laughter and he becomes the biggest Clown in History. Rememered as a Villain who couldnt even go out with a boom.

This would be somehow Ironic and somehow fitting for Grids Enemies who mostly get reduced laughingstock (for example: Bubat 3 seconds (?) )
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2023.06.02 20:03 TrueQQ Question regarding dungeoning and raiding experience.

Hello, I've talked to a a friend about buying WoW and he warned me about the following: In the beginning, people will only want to take overgeared players for groups of mythic dungeons, because they want to rush through them. He further stated that the dungeoning experience does nto convey a feeling of struggling through a challenge together, but rather that I will be gear-checked and on the first wipe people will generally leave, because nobody wants to put in effort and rather just take the loot. Same goes for raiding, unless one is part of a M+ static group.

I wanted to ask if this is the case. Because I pretty much only care about group-content, I would be quite disappointed if that was the experience. I appreciate honest answers as I don't want to waste time and money, so no need to be overly positive.
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2023.06.02 19:24 weirdpoi [Overgeared] what is the difference between them

[Overgeared] what is the difference between them submitted by weirdpoi to manhwa [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 05:18 HatSubstantial7614 [My Journey to become the ultimate manhwa enjoyer/reader] guys.... I need help

[My Journey to become the ultimate manhwa enjoyereader] guys.... I need help
Sooo I saved this picture from September 15, 2021 and Im still not done with it. Matter of fact I still don't know almost half of the titles. Can anyone help me with the titles or recommend me something thats not in here but its also worth it? The titles that I have read that are in this picture are: S: tower of god, Eleceed, the survival of sword king, the sss suicide hunter, bastard, solo leveling, my dad is too op(dropped), ORV, how to fight, the boxer, tbate. A: trash of count, nano machine, return of mount hua, hero has returned, study group, the second time ranker(or something like that), overgeared, return of crazy demon, great mage returns after 4000 years, the return of the magician should be special (or something like that), medical return, mercenary enrollment. B: legend of blackfield, descendent of demonic master, get schooled, the max level hero..., jungle juice, return of 8th class magician. C: the tutorial tower advanced player, slave b(dropped), the max level returnee(dropped), limit breaker. Phew .... that was a lot now folks... just wanted to let you know that this list was not made by me I just saved it and started reading everything I could find throughout this two years
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2023.06.01 16:58 Appropriate_Cold1559 How many chapters do you think the fight will last?

It's technically not a spoiler if I dont specify what fight, and novel readers will understand, but webnovel readers, don't look in the comments!
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2023.06.01 15:54 AnemoneMeer A simple guide to clearing this abyss 12.

Honestly, this wasn't too bad. But you do have to throw out some typical behavior in order to pull it off.
Each of these floors requires a different tactic to deal with. Bringing one team to mop up all 3 isn't happening unless you are grossly overgeared. Make sure you go into each new floor with full energy.
Bring one Anemo with grouping on Side A, such as Sucrose or Kazuha. Suspending the whopperflowers in the air makes them free kills. After that, AoE them down. You should have enough time to sleepwalk through the machines after.
Burning teams are how you get through Side B, with an emphasis on Pyro. Disregard Anemo, and bring a low-energy requirement Dendro like Nahida if possible. If you don't have Nahida, you can make due with basically anyone. Then just stack Pyro. You do have Bennett and Xiangling, right? Basically free kills. If you do. Abyss mages kinda just flop over dead at the start anyway, so they're not even worth mentioning.
Side A does not matter. Bring whatever the hell you want. Dendro Chicken just dies.
Side B mostly just demands ranged damage to clear fast. You know the drill. Make sure however that whatever team you're bringing for Side B can farm energy and healing off of him when going to 12-3. Otherwise, free kill.
Focus the Dendro enemies on Side A. The Hydro enemy will chase you down aggressively, but the Dendro one has several ranged attacks. Hu Tao teams are great here, but you can use plenty of different teams. You CAN pull these jerks with Kazuha, but you can't really launch them. The Hydro Beast will take ample collateral damage simply by focusing down the Dendro one. When in doubt, reset until they actually spawn their cores. I swear, it's random.
Side B is extremely easy to clear with Kokomi/Fischl/Yae/Nahida. Failing that, Hu Tao Vape with Nahida mixed in also rocks them. Ganyu Melt also destroys them. This is not too hard, but using any dendro focused team will generally fail here.
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2023.06.01 14:59 TalseUzerr OG Chapter - 1839

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2023.06.01 14:19 ItsKozeh Chapter 177 can someone tell me who is this character? I just forgot and if possible what chapter did he appear in

Chapter 177 can someone tell me who is this character? I just forgot and if possible what chapter did he appear in

I read a lot of mangas/manhwas that's why sometimes i save like 10 chapters to read at once
but as someone with bad memory, I forget some characters like "Who were they again" and I hate when that happens
really hope to get the chapter he appeared in
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2023.06.01 12:50 BoysGonnaBePlayas The overgearing to account for without Wicket lol

The overgearing to account for without Wicket lol submitted by BoysGonnaBePlayas to SWGalaxyOfHeroes [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 10:06 amazfeed Overgeared Chapter 184 Spoiler, Raw Scan, Release Date, Countdown, Color Page & Where to Read

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2023.06.01 06:50 General-Yam-948 New Player Nightmare Part 2

I decided to split up my post since it was getting really long, so this is just a continuation of my previous post of the same name.
I’ll start with a minor grievance that I had with Paladin, he had a habit of being really passive aggressive with me during the game. I would always ignore the comments they would type in chat but it always felt like he was trying to say that I am playing antagonist to him. A couple of examples that really stuck out to me was when he got a new weapon and how he would act in roleplay intensive sessions.
Paladin wanted a weapon that dealt extra lightning damage to enemies, so I gave him a task of capturing lighting in a bottle to use as an ingredient in the enchanting. After many weeks of preparation, he finally got his weapon and was eager to try it out. But it just so happened that the next group of enemies the party fought against had resistance to lightning, this was probably an oversight on my behalf but honestly lightning damage is quite far up there for commonly resisted damage types. When he realised that he was doing less damage, he wrote a snarky little comment saying “guess I don’t get to play…”. He would say this phrase often throughout the campaign whenever something rubbed him the wrong way. He once decided to go fishing instead of joining the party in rescuing another party member who had gotten lost. In the encounter, the remaining party members fought a large thunder boar and the Paladin suddenly wanted to appear there to claim some of the loot. I didn’t let him since he said he wanted to go fishing in town. What do I see next? “Guess I don’t get to play…”
Now we get to the argument that caused me to decide to take a break from the campaign for a month. The party had just finished a battle against a powerful boss monster and I was getting worried that I was making the party overgeared. To combat this, I told them that they could trade in a couple of items that they don’t use for something of higher quality. I picked out items that would match the theme of the dungeon, and items that would be useful to someone on the party. One of these items had a chance for the character to become poisoned by a material from an official book, I didn’t look too far into the item since I wasn’t sure someone would pick it. Guess who picked it because the name sounded cool?
I got a message later that night asking for details on the item, so I took some time to look into detail about it so I could properly explain it. That’s where I learned that this item slowly gives the wearer points of exhaustion that cannot be removed unless you do something specific to a different campaign. I felt bad for them picking the ring without fully understanding what it did, a seemingly common trait of Paladin throughout the campaign, and let them pick something else of equal value. We spent some time discussing various options and what they do to make sure he knows what he wants to take. Paladin eventually suggested that he trade in more items for something more powerful. The item was a tattoo that was extremely costly and extremely powerful, at the time that I added it, I never really considered how powerful it actually be. Keep in mind that the party had just turned level 10. I initially accepted the tattoo, but after discussing thing with another player that I trust, I realised just how big of a mistake I had made….
I decided to ask paladin to pick something else instead, this is how the conversation went…
Me: would u mind trading the ring for a different very rare item that i could suggest? now that i think about it properly. the tattoo is really strong for lvl 10 haha.
Paladin: Nah
Me: oki. is that nah as in u wont trade or nah as in u dont mind trading haha
Paladin: Nah as in I feel like if Rogue or someone else had bought it they’d be allowed to keep it without question LMAO
Me: if u say so, though also keep in mind they didnt buy it and that i let u change ur ring cause u didnt read all that it does. but if ur gonna keep it i cant exactly go against that
Paladin: You didn’t seem to know it would kill me either tho and it doesn’t say that on the text on the item, you can’t seriously expect me to know what every item in the game does or what every illness is capable of, right? Like. If you want me to just have the ring instead because I was too stupid to know a random but fatal piece of lore I mean that is totally up to you, but you also put the tattoo on the sheet that you had weeks to plan. No one forced you to put it there and no one forced you to offer to let me change my choice. All I had asked for was clarification, and that’s fine. I was content dealing with that until you made the offer. I was going to let the tattoo go because I didn’t think it was was meant for me or that you would accept the cape as well until you said so. So like yeah I’ll change if you wish. But. It feels a little bit like being robbed lol
Me: when u realised u didn't want the ring i let u change it, i have been extremely accommodating to you the entire campaign. you are not being robbed in anyway but i suddenly realised that letting u have an item that can let u heal around 140 hp in 1 round of combat this early into the campaign might not have been the best move for me to balance combat to be fun and engaging for everyone to be part in.
I am not your enemy, i am noones enemy despite u basically accusing me to trying to screw u over a couple of times in the past. if u try to bring up Rogue’s item i will explain why its different. at the stage grey has it right now all it can do is open doors a little better, and it will eventually get stronger, that is fine, but i realised after thinking that letting u guys have an item that is that powerful at this stage in the campaign might ruin combat balance.
Have i not been accommodating to you? Do i really seem like the kind of guy ur accusing me of right now? cause if so i dont really know what to say about that. IF u want to keep it that badly then keep it, in the end i am the one that has to deal with the mistake, i dont have a higher power who i can turn to when i realise a mistake was made to try and compromise on a solution. keep it
Paladin: I never said I didn’t want the ring and I never asked to change it. I just thought it was unfortunate that it could kill me but I was willing to deal with that if I could manage it properly and not die.
Me: which is why once u learned the new info i gave u the option to change it
Paladin: Yes and that’s very kind of you and I appreciate the offer. I did take the offer, and I chose an item based on what was available, I looked at a lot of other items first, but I never asked specifically to change and I don’t feel like its fair to hold your offer over my head like I asked for it. At what level would the tattoo be balanced?
Me: would u like me to rescind my original offer and pretend i never made it? would u prefer that? i offered 3 other interesting items to choose from, i am not holding anything over ur head
Paladin: Because I can totally just not use the tattoo until the right level of you would prefer? You are though? You’re acting like i am being unreasonable for not wanting to lose a thibg you willingly gave us and that you agreed to
Me: if u dont use more than 3 charges per day till lvl 15 then fine
Paladin: Okay. That is doable
The next day I announced to the server that I would be taking a break from DMing the campaign for a month. The argument with Paladin wasn’t the entire reason (I was having a feud with another player over something that happened in game, and two of my other players had still refused to write a more fleshed out backstory) but it was simply the trigger, I had enough of the pressure that was building on me to make a campaign that everyone would enjoy. I figured that if I was working this hard on making the campaign fun for everyone, the least the players could do is meet me halfway when I ask them to, and knowing that someone a few of them refused to do that sorta made me want to quit entirely, even if just for a while.
In the end Paladin left the campaign before it started up again, citing general illness as his reason for departure. I don’t know if what they said was true but at this point I don’t really care. The player played in my game for a year, and honestly I am still not sure if they know how to play their character.
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2023.06.01 04:05 XNarutoUX [Titel] suggestions pls

Finished 1st season of "damn reincarnation" And want something more :0
Have finished quite a few so far, the "streamed ones" SoloL, TBATE, omniscient..., Murim login, overgeared and prolly 15 more "quite a few" xD
Just ramble up something good 👍 And pls for the love of GOD nothing with 1-40 chapter 🤥 Atleast 50 CH or a season
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2023.06.01 04:01 XNarutoUX [Titel] cure my boredom

Finished 1st season of [damn reincarnation] And want something more :0
Have finished quite a few so far, the "streamed ones" SoloL, TBATE, omniscient..., Murim login, overgeared and prolly 15 more "quite a few" xD
Just ramble up something good 👍 And pls for the love of GOD nothing with 1-40 chapter 🤥 Atleast 50 CH or a season
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2023.05.31 23:27 Zathiax Duo of noobs first playthrough status

Currently we are in what I assume is the tower of Braccus Rex in the gargoyle maze, the maze was a pain at first but overal we're 22 hours in taking our sweet time (also because I'm a loot goblin) and having a great time in divinity!
Currently we are level 8 with still the tower and I assume the camp north & the ship part to go. I see people say "oh u could've minmaxed the island for level 9 and get lots of legendaries from the well".
Is there any guide line or golden rule to know if you're to under or overgeared? Considering one fight in the marshes demolished us several times even tho we escaped fort joy as level 6 (the fight with skeletons and this void...eel?)
edit: also personal question...what did you guys do with Gratiana's jar? I wanna smash it for the loot on her but my friend wants to return it.
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