Installing curtain rods into drywall

All USB Ports in PC Randomly Disconnecting

2023.06.02 23:57 MyNameIsTheManiac All USB Ports in PC Randomly Disconnecting

Motherboard: AsRock (B85M Pro4) Bios version: P2.60 OS: Windows 10 Home
Problem: My USB ports, every single one of them, have been disconnecting and reconnecting at random. It only seems to happen when I plug in a USB device, like connecting my phone via USB or plugging in an external hard drive, and my keyboard and mouse don't seem to randomly disconnect.
However, whenever I plug my phone into my PC or an external hard drive, the problem starts, and no matter what port I use, they will randomly disconnect and reconnect.
It used to be that the devices would rapidly disconnect and reconnect, but since I've tried installing new drivers, they disconnect and reconnect every few minutes or so. This is what makes me think it's a software issue, but I can't be too sure.
Here are some of the things I've tried:
  1. Updating my USB drivers
  2. Updating my bios
  3. Trying different ports
  4. Uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers
  5. Disabling the "allow computer to turn off this device to save power" for all of my devices
  6. Going to edit power plan and disabling the "USB selective suspend setting"
Additional Information: I make music, so I use my phone to stream audio from my PC via USB tethering and an app called AudioRelay. I do this because the audio on my PC is quiet and produces artifacts.
I use a Netgear A6210 WiFi adapter, but I use the default Windows drivers because using the Netgear A6210 driver causes the BSoD with a "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" error code. It also reports the following: "what failed: A6210.sys"
I decided to unplug my WiFi adapter and plug my phone into the port that the adapter used to be in as a last ditch effort, but then I got another BSoD with a "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" error code. It also reports the following: "what failed: usb80236.sys"
Conclusion: I'm at my wit's end with this. I have no idea what the problem could be, so I'm really hoping that someone has the answer to this problem.
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2023.06.02 23:54 Tribevel Why are you like this? (animation bug help)
When my character holds any two handed weapon in his right hand he holds his fists up like he is going to box and if the left attack is pressed he swings his fist instead of block. In the left hand it looks better but he still swings a punch with the unarmed hand. I have CGO installed but hitting the grip switch key didn't do anything. I get a notification that the grip has switched but my character does nothing. Disabling CGO didn't seem to work. I re-ran nemesis and now the idles are right (no dukes up ready to box stance) but he still swings a fist when attacking.
I have over 950 mods so I'm not going to post all that but just curious if anyone has run into a similar issue?
I have most of the popular animation mods and everything seems to work fine except the two handed idle stance in and out of combat.
Tbh its kind of funny running up on a bandit with a two-handed great sword and just hauling off and punching them in the face instead but I digress....
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2023.06.02 23:53 onerm I am replacing my 3 ton geo with a 5 ton after a new addition. I don’t have split system. Can I change blower?

I am replacing my 3 ton geo with a 5 ton after a new addition. I live in part of the country where we don’t use much high velocity although I installed that 20 years ago when I built my house it’s been working fine. I used my water furnace blower for the back up heat and then on top of that, I installed a Unico high velocity system, it’s worked great. My bills are very low summer and winter can I just replace the high velocity fan into the water furnace unit? Then I will only have one fan, running the high velocity and pouring airflow over the back up heat. The fan unit I have is equivalent to the BTUs. I need for 5 ton.
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2023.06.02 23:53 Xatraxalian Something wrong with Lutris Flatpak

This is about Lutris 0.5.13.
Today I tried the Lutris Flatpak. At some point my Lutris install on Debian Testing Bookworm (which will soon be Stable) broke, so I removed Lutris and re-installed it from the deb on Github. It now worked, but icons were broken. That's the reason why I removed it and tried the Flatpak.
I put a few games in it with the same configs they had before under the other (deb-installed) Lutris, and they all worked fine; except for "Lorelai" from 2019, from "Harvester Games". That game made the computer practically go berserk. It ran at 2-3 FPS / sec, it put full load on a 16-core 7950X, used 80% CPU power on an RX 6750 XT, and used over 10 GB of RAM. Completely unusable.
I removed the Flatpak version again (and all the unused dependencies) and looked into the Deb-version again. I found out that it doesn't have one dependency in its deb file: python3-gi-cairo. (Found it by searching for the error I got in the console when starting Lutris.) I installed the library and this version of Lutris now fully works, including Lorelai, with the same configuration I had used in the Flatpak version.
Does anybody have any idea what could be wrong with the Flatpak version? I'd prefer to use Flatpaks over third-party deb's or repo's. (I want Lutris to update, because the Debian version will be stuck at 5.12, and they have lots of bug fixes per release.)
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2023.06.02 23:51 Conspiracy_Geek Problems with Animation Changer plugin

I installed this plugin using DeckyLoader called Animation Changer.
It was kinda cool, but it caused a lot of problems and didn't work as well as I was hoping, so I uninstalled it. Then, I found that the animations were still playing, which was a frustration.
So, I poked around the files and found a folder named "Animation Changer" which contained various videos that I had downloaded for Animation Changer. I deleted the file, and then I went to Gaming Mode put my Steam Deck into sleep mode.
All was well, but when I took woke it up, the default animation played, but the screen was completely black. It was on, just displaying black. I was able to get open the sidebar by pressing the Steam button and then restarted the console to get back to normal, but this happens everytime I wake up the Steam Deck.
To make things even more frustrating, going into Customisation shows that the files for Animation Changer's animations still seem to be there!
Please help!
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2023.06.02 23:51 GaryTheSoulReaper Worth hiring a structural engineer?

Had insurance company’s field adjuster out a few months ago and he wrote a dozen or so windows for “R&R” for which he said is typical damage for a hurricane. Also documented a couple bent tracks and enough damage to the roof that the roof has to be replaced. The front door was also damaged.
Anyway insurance took their time but need up cutting check for less than I could get estimates for. They are especially hung up on the windows and their exactimate is at roughly half of my best estimate. The exactimate doesn’t specify whether or not the replacements are impact but they would have to be to meet current code (or shutters would have to be installed )
The windows are tight in their frame like someone jammed too big of a window into too small of an opening or twisted the frame out of square just slightly. Some of the seals on a few look “mashed” between the lanes near the corners.
Anyway the desk adjuster took all my quotes and said the gap is too large for them to cover so they have to send a structural engineer to verify the damage is hurricane related. He said the engineer would only look at the windows, nothing else. I questioned whether that would be considered cherry picking, he relented and said the engineer would be at my disposal.
Anyway I’m thinking I will hire my own engineer so I have a few questions. How much should I expect to pay? Should I look for a specific “type”of engineer? What should I ask and have the engineer look at? What’s the likelihood the report will be in my favor?
I have video during the storm where the doors where rattling in their frame, a tree slid down the road and the pool cage was flexing 8-12 “. Any point in sharing the videos with an engineer ?
I’m really tired of the back and fourth but I’ve learned how inefficient and illogical this whole process is and how so many lose out or sue. Leaning towards caving since I went from a below deductible claim to 120k because I was persistent and documented everything but I’m tired and think hiring an independent engineer can’t hurt.
Thoughts ?
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2023.06.02 23:50 Charming-Rabbit-3337 How to go about removing this backsplash? It seems pretty glued to the wall, I'm afraid it will take out the drywall with it. Hey guys, I'm looking to take out the white backsplash we have now and install something else that goes all the way up. I'm afraid if I rip it out though the drywall will come with it in pieces. How would you guys go about removing and installing? Thanks.
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2023.06.02 23:49 Mahasta1 I need to rant a little

It's so hard to want to keep playing when every round ends in a loss with an unyielding badge. I don't know/care if it's matchmaking or what, it's just exhausting.
I don't use wedges, dog builds, hovers, and I had to stop using omni's once going uphill became a 20 km/h crawl. I have one build that came from exhibition, two that were created from modified faction blueprints and the rest are from scratch.
It seems every battle I die, its to somebody with spaced armor from across the map and it's a pain. I'll die halfway into a match and I'll still get unyielding somehow. I just do my challenges and quit playing, I had to stop farming engineer badges because getting so angry during wire and battery battles would make my chest hurt.
I don't want to play with hovers using some s***** build from the exhibition, I want to drive the cool fire starters hot rod buggy with rockets or the flamethrowing brick on augers.
Hopefully this new update will fix some of these problems, or it'll make em worse.
I just wish there was other games like this so I wouldn't have to settle for how s***** this one is ran.
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2023.06.02 23:48 Charming-Rabbit-3337 Is this backsplash removable without causing major damage to drywall? Want to install a different backsplash.
Hey guys, I'm looking to take out the white backsplash we have now and install something else that goes all the way up. I'm afraid if I rip it out though the drywall will come with it in pieces. How would you guys go about removing and installing? Thanks.
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2023.06.02 23:45 the3dfer cannot connect audio interface

Hi hi, so I've been trying to connect "Behringer UMC22" audio interface to this software, yes it's plugged into my pc, windows recognizes it as "USB AUDIO CODEC" and it recieves signal from my guitar, also I've installed "ASIO4ALL".
That's my configuration, but I still don't have any input signal from the software (yes, input channel is correct)
Any ideas? Does anyone know what am I doing wrong here? Do I have to install something else?
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2023.06.02 23:43 Single_Fee7673 HOA Nightmare

We live in a 10 unit gated complex in a rough neighborhood. We are experiencing challenges with our HOA stemming from what we believe is the disagreement with the board over who is responsible for the repairs to our roof/patio which is leaking into the room below.
Facts - Building was constructed in 2007. - In 2017 our townhome began to leak into our home from the patio on the roof. - There are 10 units in complex, six with one construction and four with another type - Six of the six units with the same construction type all have patios on the roof that are leaking into the homes - HOA argues they are not responsible for repairs as they are a result of not keeping up with routine maintenance. - We argue it is a building defect or flaw in the construction of six of the ten units afflicted with this problem. - We perused a 3rd party claim with the HOAs insurance company despite their opposition - The claim is still being investigated and the cause of the leak is still unknown at this time - In six years of living here there have been no disputes between our unit and any other residents or board members. - We live in a gated community. The neighborhood is known for having a high rate of crime and gang activity and safety parking on the street is a real concern - Recently one of our guests mistakenly parked blocking the trash cans from removal that day - As a result, the board president has proposed changes to the bylaws imposing fines and interest upwards of $166,000 for multiple violations over the years, namely parking violations among others. - The Board president singled our unit out to address a concern in the form of public admonishment directed specifically at us in a group text to the entire complex - Cameras that were requested for the front of the building, due to package theft and non-community members being spotted inside the premises, were denied. However, cameras overlooking the parking and trash areas are installed in the back to catch parking violators. - The board sent a text stating that one of our vehicles was going to be towed and threatened to call the police if we didn’t claim it, otherwise it would be reported as trespassing. The text was sent only to us, not as a group text so clearly he knew which unit the vehicle belonged to. We had only left for 15 minutes while we went to pick up food before his threat was made. - Board president warned me via text to be careful not to be “raciest” from what I can surmise was an inadvertent mixed up of his last name. Nothing remotely raciest was stated in any comment as we strictly addressed the matter at hand. - We believe this treatment began due to side-stepping the board and filing a 3rd party claim on the HOA’s insurance policy, despite their disagreement. - Any advice, ideas or input is welcomed and greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 23:43 Smooth_Quantity515 Why did Mauser rifles keep the cleaning rod top on the outside of the rifle?

Heading into the 20th century, it seemed like most of the gun manufacturers removed the cleaning rod head from the place where the ramrod used to be on muskets. Most Steyr, enfield, Springfield, and French rifles would remove this feature while Mauser and many Mauser inspired rifles (like arisaka) would keep it below the muzzle. Was there any particular reason they decided to keep it there when most other manufacturers seemed to take it off the outside of the gun?
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2023.06.02 23:39 fruitagua Any independent contractors with expertise in window installation?

Hi all. Long story short, my mom got into an accident two years ago and put the settlement money from the crash into renovations on our home. She hired an independent contractor to put stucco and new windows on our home and now, a year later the job is pretty botched, even our untrained eyes can tell the installation was not up to par. The contractor mentioned is extremely belittling and dismissive of our concerns.
My mom worries there is impending structural damage due to the poor installation of the windows. Broken seals, cracked frames, bowing of windows are our main worries. I am wondering if there are any independent contractors who specialize in window installations that could give her a second opinion on the window installation? Being already tight on money and putting most savings into this renovation, we feel pretty devastated. Are there any professionals who could do a written report on the state of the windows?
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2023.06.02 23:34 Ekiph Intel Report - Art Installations

Original document translated to English
Classified By: Commander !noplick
Base: XBC Seeker (Xorblorg Class Stealth Ship)
Reason: 16.998(RT)
Declassify on: 151014.26
Uncontacted world "Earth"
Commander !noplick
101049.83 Commander !noplick takes over shift.
101050.08 Middle of night extreme stealth ships leave for regular observation of random human home life.
101050.24 Middle of night team discovers new human behavior with high energy scanners.
101050.36 Middle of night team returns to mother ship with no issues, for full report please use form 103.22.444(XPM) to create a request.
101050.74 High Altitude surveillance - spotters noticed art installations began operating. Empty train carts, or carts with large plastic jugs would ascend to the highest point of the structure from unknown propulsion and follow the tracks to finish a loop.
101050.97 Many humans begin standing in lines to view previously mentioned art.
101050.99 Correction -- the humans are getting into the trains, speculating that his may be ritual suicide. Their bodies would subjected to rapid changes in velocity, unnaturally sharp turns, and disorienting ascents and descents. the carts were definitely experiencing too much gravitational forces for any known species to survive.
101051.00 The humans exiting the art installation seem to be unharmed, the biology of these humans is remarkable. Speculating this could be either high gravitational forces training if their gravitational dampeners are insufficient, or with the looping nature of the installations flight pattern memorization, or both.
We are unsure if these humans on the trainers are military personnel or if this is open to the general public, as the only uniforms are on the operators, and they do not seem to match military garb we have seen. They appeared to be ordinary civilians, including men, women, and children of various ages.
101052.33 If this is a military site these are a very warlike species, the amount of humans training on these is staggering. We have noted over 100 sites similar to this on earth.
Further research into these "Amusement" parks is warranted.
Commander !noplick has issued these recommendations, additional surveillance, abduction interrogation and release of those that attended, covert close examination of the structures under cover of night.
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2023.06.02 23:31 NewParty1664 AITA for asking my neighbour to remove her washing line screws from my fence panel?

Some background: me and my neighbour both rent connected semi detached houses (different landlords) and we’re good friends.
Here’s the issue, I’ve had a fair few frustrations that I’ve always held my tongue on to keep the peace, so I feel this last one tipped me over the edge and I said something that has annoyed her.
Basically a few months ago my landlord installed a new fence to replace a hedge between our gardens (my landlords boundary). I’m lucky as it’s a very nice and expensive looking one. A week ago my neighbour put up lights along it that hang over my side - annoying but not that big a deal. She attached the solar panel on top and it’s a bit annoying as it’s a bit of an eyesore but again, not the end of the world. Then whilst I was out yesterday she got her dad to screw in 2 hooks to attach 2 washing lines across her garden into one of the fence panels. I was really frustrated at this as I have previously told her she’s not able to screw anything into the fence without my landlords permission, as it’s legally my landlords property and not either of ours. (She was going to screw something on the top.) I’d had enough and sent her a message to let her know that hanging wet washing onto the panel could damage it from the weight, and that she would be liable for the repair if that happened which I didn’t want for her (she’s on maternity leave so short on money right now). I asked if she could move the line onto one of the concrete posts by wrapping it around the top. I also asked her to move the solar panel into the ground where it is designed to go. She said she was allowed to do what she wanted on her side of the fence, but when I googled this the information I could find very much backed up what I believed about it being my landlords property. I explained this and said I was worried I would have to pay damages to my landlord if anything happened but she assured me she would pay. I told her I would ask my landlord if they were happy with this and unfortunately they said no to anything being attached. My neighbour replied that I should just not tell them and she would replace the panel if anything happened.
Here’s where I’m worried I’m the AH. I told her I was sorry but she had to remove the screws as it wasn’t her, or my, property and therefore not our decision to make (I’m also concerned that if anything did get damaged she wouldn’t replace like for like, meaning I would still end up having to pay out).
She’s now told me she’s annoyed with me and I’m being petty as she’s said she will cover any damages. I gave her some different washing line options but she’s told me she won’t remove the screws. I’ve left it by telling her I’ll leave it with her, as if I push anymore I can tell she will go off at me and I hate confrontation.
So AITA for telling her to remove the screws even though she’s said she will cover any damage that her washing lines inflict? I do feel this whole thing is petty to be hones.
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2023.06.02 23:29 5mall5nail5 [USA-PA] [H] ASUS Z790 Hero Motherboard [W] PayPal

Hey all - my primary machine is a 7950X3D and I decided to venture into playing with high speed memory. I started with a 13700K and Z790-E Strix, then picked up this Z790 Hero a few weeks later, and then upgraded to a 13900K, and finally found a Z790 Apex in stock. So, this Z790 Hero board was installed in the system for only a few weeks before I found the Apex. It is on the later 0904 BIOS and was bought locally from Microcenter on 4/24 so I am outside of the return Window hence listing it for sale. I received the Z790 Apex on 5/24 and this machine is a second workstation so again the board/etc. are all very minimally used.
Thanks for checking it - time stamp photos are linked!
As you can see none of the accessories are opened, etc. Everything included.
I am starting looking for $500 shipped to CONUS
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2023.06.02 23:28 kantoking0206 Dolphin Icons on Hyprland...Hell Icons In General...NEED HELP!

Long post alert !!!
I'm trying out Hyprland for the first time and I'm having a hell of a time trying to get icons to play nicely in just about every GUI file manager I've tried! Before you go suggesting "jUsT uSe A tErMiNaL oR cLi MaNaGeR", please don't. I've tried Ranger and while it "works", I don't wanna struggle with something as simple as emptying the trash bin or extracting archives.
I'm not brand new to Linux or window managers but I'm not a guru with either. I've dabbled in i3 and awesome wm before this. I've scoured the Arch wiki and tried a few things I've read and still struggling!
I use Plasma normally so I was estatic that Hyprland's config uses Dolphin as the default file manager. I thought I'd be able to do a fresh install, carry over the same Kvantum and icon theme and ricing my Hyprland setup would be SIMPLE! How WRONG I was...!!! On Plasma, I was able to use the Dracula global, kvantum, and icon themes just fine. Switching over to Hyprland though, Dolphin no longer seems to like the icon theme. I would open up Dolphin and a bunch of the folders and files don't show the right icons.
I've tried extracting the icon theme into both ~/.icons and /usshare/icons. I've tried installing the icon theme from the AUR. I've tried cloning the icon theme's git repo into both locations. I've tried setting XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=KDE in /etc/environment. All of these methods have left me with a very sad looking Dolphin.
I've tried switching to the GTK version of the theme to test out Nautilus, Thunar, Caja, and PCManFM and also had icon issues on all of those. Those had more of the folders and files showing the right icons but still not all of them like I would like.
Coming from Plasma where pretty well everything can be customized, it bothers me that I can't figure out something as simple as changing the icon theme so Dolphin looks how I'm used to seeing it :( ... I kept reading that theming QT and KDE apps outside of the Plasma desktop can be a pain but I really wasn't expecting this!
If anybody out there has figured out how to get Dolphin to play nice with the Dracula icon theme on Hyprland, I'm open to suggestions!!!
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2023.06.02 23:25 One-Yogurtcloset-383 Blockstream Jade lost access to one of my main accounts

Hi I just set up my blockstream jade today and installed blockstream green on my PC. The first time i access the jade through the PC, it sets up a main account which i proceed to transfer over some btc from a few apps. Then I updated the firmware on the jade. Then I access the jade again through the green software and it makes a second main account... So I transfer the rest of my btc into the second main account. However, now when i try to access the first main account, it says pin access disabled and asks to restore the wallet through my seedphrase. When I enter my seedphrase, it only restores the second main account. Not sure why two main accounts were created but I've been at this for hours and cannot access the first main account for the life of me. someone please help!
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2023.06.02 23:21 happychaos1 CPU Issues - Games I launch met with 100% CPU - With Images

As the title suggests, for about two days, I've suddenly been met with tons of issues regarding certain programs being met with up to 100% CPU in my task manager. Unsure if related but, I recently bought a controller at Best Buy for my PC to play fighting games. It's specifically a SN30 Pro wired controller by 8bitdo. I don't think it came with a driver but the moment I plugged it in, I suddenly was faced with CPU issues. I had gone to their subreddit regarding it, but my post was locked as the mods believed it wasn't the controllers doing. So now I'm at a point where I'm not sure if I need to download a specific program or perhaps reset my pc. Before I do that, I'll list out the things I've done:
I've already returned the controller and I may contact some IT support, however I don't know if I want to spend money for a service that may offer that. Like previously stated, I may just have to reset my PC. I've searched the internet for my issues and it seems others also have it, however, I've tried many methods from the above and no results have happened.
I have provided a few screenshots of my task manager so you can see the specifics I'm talking about. If you can, please provide any help or advice. Thank you.
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2023.06.02 23:20 cblguy82 Potential new buyer: Things to know, consider, ask etc especially as 1st time EV owner

I need to pickup a new vehicle after my lease is up in a couple months. New lease deals on ID4 Pro S FWD model seem to fit my price range.
I've read here and there about electric vehicles but would like to get guidance on things you wish you knew or maybe I should consider planning for on as a first time EV buyer.
What other factors, questions etc... should I consider with possibly going into EV for the first time that you all have experience with and which you now know versus not back then?
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2023.06.02 23:20 eiramired Ignite the Ashes Chapter 4 - Edith

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Chapter 4 - Edith
Northern Facility, Vanstead Dukedom of Augustein, Year 989
News of the Raymoths’ demise spread quickly throughout the cell. Neither of them had been particularly quiet, after all, and soon enough everyone was muttering about it.
Edith still wouldn’t talk to her. Every time Amara approached, the other girl would huff and turn away. It got to a point where Amara regularly had to resist the urge to grab her and demand what the hell was wrong.
More present than irritation, however, was growing fear and concern. Edith had been pulled away for more and more sessions lately, and Amara didn’t miss the way she could barely work up the energy to stand sometimes. At night, Amara would wake up and see her staring up at the ceiling, eyes wide open and distant. She looked like little more than a doll like that. Motionless and unseeing.
Amara would lay awake as well, watching her. Her fingers would ache to reach out and shake the girl, to make sure she was really alive, but she never did, too scared that she might do it and find Edith unresponsive.

The night was cold. Amara frowned and rolled over, not even flinching when her bandaged wounds pressed into the ground. A strange unease had bubbled in her stomach all day. Something about the way the guards had paced around outside their cell, more active and restless than usual, and even the steady drip of water from the leak that had appeared in the ceiling a month ago felt wrong.
Amara squinted, allowing her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She rolled over again, bumping into Lily. She winced and held her breath, but the girl’s breathing remained even. Amara sighed and slowly sat up. It was probably better to move somewhere else for the night, lest she wake someone up with her tossing and turning.
Rising to her feet, Amara spotted the old corner James used to occupy so many years ago. Sometimes it felt like just yesterday that the boy had been dragged away, limbs thrashing and flailing. Other times it felt ancient and distant, every bit as blurry as her supposed life before the facility.
Amara crept over to the shadowed corner, pausing when she realized it was occupied. Edith sat with her back against the wall, her face hidden as she hugged her knee. Amara frowned. Edith had been taken away for a session before her that day, and when Amara had returned to the cell, she hadn’t seen the other girl. She was about to ask when the girl had come back before she remembered that Edith wasn’t talking to her, so she stayed silent. She glanced around, searching for another open space, but before she could move, a hand shot out and grabbed her.
Amara spun around, tensing, but the main thought ringing in her mind was how cold Edith’s hand was.
Edith mumbled something, and Amara leaned in closer on instinct.
“I can’t hear you,” she muttered, eyes briefly flickering over to the rest of the cell.
Edith exhaled shakily, and her breathing sounded shallow and uneven. Amara’s brows furrowed in concern.
“...I did something really bad,” Edith whispered. She released Amara’s hand, reaching up to yank on her hair that had grown so much thinner since she’d first arrived. Her eyes squeezed shut for a moment before opening again. “I don’t—I don’t think, I don’t know—” The girl stumbled on her words, sounding nothing at all like the Edith Amara knew.
“Edith, what happened?” she asked urgently, struggling to keep her voice quiet. “What’s going on?”
Edith just shook her head over and over.
“You wouldn’t get it,” she said. She pulled her hair tighter, and Amara grabbed her hand, carefully moving it away.
“You know, Amara, I used to be really jealous of you,” Edith was saying. Amara swallowed and kept her attention focused on untangling the girl’s fingers from her hair, refusing to look at the other girl’s face as she continued to babble.
“You never react to things, you don’t get mad, you just exist and don’t care about anything. I wished I could do that. Be like that. It must be nice to not have to feel things.”
Amara’s throat was dry when she swallowed. The feeling in her gut rose.
“It’s not like that,” she whispered, but Edith didn’t hear her, her words still rushing out all at once like a broken dam.
“I tried, you know. I really did, but I just can’t push things down like that. So I thought, it’s okay if I’m not like you, because I’ll be the one who fights.” Edith laughed hollowly. “I thought, _I’ll show her, _I’ll be the better one, I’ll be the hero.” She squeezed her arms around her knees so tightly that they shook. Amara’s hands hovered above her, not sure what to do or where to place them.
Finally, all at once, the shaking stopped. Edith’s entire body slumped down in defeat, and her head dropped back down, thin dark strands falling like a tattered curtain over her face. When she spoke again, her voice was muffled.
“Hey, Amara?”
Amara swallowed. “Yes?”
“Can you promise to look after the others?”
Amara nodded, then remembered Edith couldn’t see her. Her fingers clenched into a fist, then relaxed again. “I promise,” she said, forcing her voice to remain as steady and calm as she could manage.
For a moment Edith didn’t respond, silence pooling between them. And then, slowly, Edith nodded.
“Thank you,” she mumbled. Head still lowered, Edith turned, shifting so that her body was facing away from Amara and leaning slightly against the wall on one side. The movement was clumsy and uncoordinated, and it took much more effort than a simple action like that should have.
Facing away, only her hunched form visible, Edith whispered, “Good night.”
Amara stared at her, wondering if her back had always been so small. She ran through different words in her mind, but her tongue felt heavy. Finally, she simply swallowed and turned away as well.
“Good night.”
Later, when weariness settled deep into her bones and her lids grew heavy and her senses hazy, Amara thought she heard Edith say something. But the growing weight of sleep had already taken its hold, and before she could respond or ask her to repeat what she’d said, it was already too late.
When Amara woke up the next morning, the space beside her was empty. She slowly moved her head, scanning the cell with dull eyes, but Edith was nowhere to be found.
Tom whispered that some of the guards had taken her away for a session that morning. Amara had just nodded dully, the words barely processing. She let herself sink into the distant comfort of numbness.
She stayed there for the rest of the day, back against the wall and eyes never leaving the cell doors.

The night passed. Amara stayed awake the entire time, not caring how much her eyes burned. She refused to look away from the gleaming metal cell door. She simply sat there, still as a statue.
Another night passed. Then another.
By the third morning, Amara was so exhausted that she could barely hold her head up. Her head throbbed and her vision was so blurred that she could barely make out Ben’s hesitant form approaching her.
“Amara?” he asked, and she distantly thought about how strange it was to hear him say her name. No one but Edith ever did.
The boy’s body shook, or maybe that was the weariness catching up to her. Ben’s voice was small, and he sounded more like the crying child he’d been in those first few months than he had in years.
“Where’s Edith?” he asked. His voice cracked.
Amara stared at him, vaguely registering other figures gathered around them. All of them knew, just like she did. They were looking for confirmation, the sort of confirmation they usually turned to Edith for.
Amara swallowed, throat dry. Her limbs felt heavy, like they weren’t her own, but still she reached forward and hugged the boy, hoping that the flaring cold deep within her core hadn’t spread to her skin. Ben froze slightly, then buried his face deeper into her shoulder.
“She’s gone,” Amara whispered.
“She’s never coming back.”

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