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2023.06.02 18:30 yourbusinessprof IRS did not apply check to account, bank is no help either.

Hi. A friend of mine paid their IRS taxes dues via a check at the end of March. IRS cashed it, and the bank processed it as an ACH transaction. The payment was never applied to a friend's account. Now it has been an endless loop of calls. IRS cannot find the payment and demands copies of the canceled check. The bank says the payment was processed as ACH, they don't have images of the check and only give us a trace number...which IRS cannot trace. I am at a loss for what to do next. The bank absolutely says there are no images of the canceled checks.
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2023.06.02 18:30 Pickles_N_Tickles 30F and 28M boyfriend, issues with chores, feel like his mom.

My (30F) boyfriend (28M) and I have been dating for almost 6 years now, and living together basically the whole time. We get into the occasional fight every now and then. He’s never been one to surprise me with sweet little things/flowers/notes/etc, even though I’ve mentioned to him how much it would mean to me a million times. He’s always been pretty good at cleaning, I would usually cook. We’ve even made a previous agreement that if I cook, he cleans. Lately(past 6 months maybe) he’s really stopped helping clean anything. He’ll vacuum fairly often, and sometimes do dishes. But that’s literally it. I clean everything else. I started a new medicine in February that has basically killed my appetite, so I haven’t been cooking much at all. If I don’t cook, he will eat chips/ice cream or go get fast food.
Last night we were just hanging out and he mentioned how we should maybe cook some chicken in the air fryer, that we had just bought. Without saying anything, I went into the kitchen and started cooking the chicken. Then from across the room, he yells to me that fries sounded good too if we had them. So I cooked those too. I didn’t have to do this, but I enjoy making him happy. Well we eat and then I go outside to let my cat look at some baby birds that are by our apartment cause he loves that lol.
When I come back inside, boyfriend has already gone to bed. And left all of the plates, sauces, and everything out. So sarcastically I say “sure babe I’ll clean everything up” he mumbled something back. Whatever, I clean up, get ready for bed and come into the bedroom and I said I’ll remember this next time you’re hungry and want me to cook for you. His excuse for not helping me was “well, you ate some too.” It would be fine to just leave it out there until morning, but we have a little kitten who is notorious for stealing our food, so if we left it, she would destroy everything and make a huge mess.
We’ve discussed multiple times about how we want to eventually get married, but there’s really no rush since we’re both happy where we’re at. So after I get into bed, he blows up on me and is yelling, saying “you think a man wants to get bitched at like this for the rest of his life?” LOL honestly like, you think a grown ass woman wants to put up with a man baby for the rest of her life? But I didn’t say that. He goes off on how I bitch at him all the time, and I did say well if you would stop giving me stuff to bitch about, I would stop. I explained to him that I didn’t even have to cook for him, I could’ve let him starve. All I want is a little help every now and then. And I’m not kidding when I say he does this almost every single time (leaves all the dishes for me to clean up)
There’s so much more to this relationship that I would love to spill on here, but I already feel like I’ve written too much for anyone to want to read especially since it isn’t even that juicy. The main thing that hurts me is him saying “you think a man wants to get bitched at like this for the rest of his life?” I guess I just want to know, am I overreacting or is he being childish?
TL;DR boyfriend refuses to help clean, I say something about it and I’m just “always bitching at him” overreacting or?
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2023.06.02 18:30 GodOfLamaS Is there a way to play comp without Rift?

I just came back to D2 after a long break (since sunset). I always loved playing Comp and tried to play a match today. I was forced into 'Rift'. I honestly hate it. I just want a competitive game where i win because I have better aim or lose because I have worse aim. Kills don't matter at all in that gamemode and you are 100% reliant on your random teammates which you have no way of communicating with. Challenging my aim and matching up against others is the whole reason i wanna play Comp to begin with, but this gamemode is the opposite of that. Pretty much every time i get that mode its an automatic loss and I cant even leave the match. Is there a way to queue for actual comp?
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2023.06.02 18:27 maaanwhatido Hard water vs bloom??

Im sorry if this is a stupid question, but really I’m at a loss here. I’ve got 2 relatively new pieces that formed stains when I brought them on vacations for < week. I can’t fathom how it happened so quickly, I try to take great care of my nicer pieces but maybe I messed up, no clue. I’ve tried every cleaner in the book except a select few, and have had no luck on either piece. It’s been super frustrating to say the least.
At this point I’m starting to believe that they’re not from hard water deposits despite the timing of the staining lining up with those trips. Is there any way to discern a difference between blooming on a piece and hard water stains? I appreciate any and all help, thanks.
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2023.06.02 18:27 viet_yen3597 Going crazy with all these symptoms, struggling to find a doctor and I really need help

I moved to a new town and having a hard time finding a thyroid doctor in my area so I switched to using Paloma Health app but they demand I have to get a referral to keep seeing the online doctor (I only had appointment with her once), currently I get stuck on figuring out this whole thyroid myself until I can figure out my health insurance, PCp and finding a doctor
For my thyroid background, I was first diagnosed with hypo this February:
TSH: 9.63 FT3: 2.79 FT4: 1.03
The symptoms I had include anxiety, hair loss, fatigue, heart palpitation, itchy skin, weight gain, trouble falling asleep and stay awake, feels like there’s something at bottom throat but did an ultrasound and nothing shown up. For diet i was asked not to consume night shades and soybean products.
Doctor prescribed me 50mg levothyroxine and i did feel just a bit better for 2 months, although some days are worse than other. But then when I moved to a new city, the new doctor (on the app) switched me to 100mg levoxyl. It’s been 2 months and at first I felt better but then it has gotten worse over time the last 2-3 weeks, my have anxiety attack at night, tachycardia, feeling short of breath through out the day, extreme fatigue, forgetful, feeling like something at bottom throat but it’s not swollen. I decided to do a blood test and result came back:
TSH: 0.01 T4 (free direct dialysis): 3.1 H T4(free non dialysis): 2.4 H
I need help to know what these numbers indicate since for now I’m struggling to find a doctor, the earliest one I could find in town is a month booked away. All these symptoms are honestly making it so hard for me to perform any daily activities and at work. I also did not take my med today because I feel like the more I take the more it gets worse…
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2023.06.02 18:25 Skygrasper25 How to remain mentally stimulated at the gym?

I've been struggling with going to the gym for years due to motivation/understumilatuon from me ADHD. Usually, I'll get the motivation to go every few months, start up my regimen of this really fantastic program I bought years ago...and then stop going some between weeks 3 and 5 out of the 9 weeks. I've never completed the 9 weeks and it sucks. 😭
It's not that the program gets too hard. I like the results that I se up until that point and I can handle the exercises. And I don't hate going to the gym. But I don't like it necessarily either. I know what the problem is: I'm mentally bored overall. The lull between sets drives my ADHD brain bonkers. Music is OK and it's how I largely keep sane but it's not enough. My friends are all couch potatoes and it's hard to find someone that is able to go along with me erratic workout schedule, so having a gym buddy seems to be a not reliable support for myself. I can't pick up a book because I frequently have to put it back down (which is frustrating) and most gyms don't have a TV I can pay attention to and/or I lose track of sets if I'm too distracted. So I just end up under stimulated and the overall mental lull for that 60 to 90 minutes eventually gets go me. After several weeks of putting up with that lack of mental stimulation, it becomes a real drag and I get massively demotivated to go again.
If I could make the gym mentally more fun/rewarding for that whole hour and still concentrate enough to keep track of sets, I think I could do this. But I'm at a loss as to what could stimulate me but won't overly distract me. Any suggestions???
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2023.06.02 18:24 martapap Going from 2.4 Wegovy (Semaglutide) to Tirzepatide, where to start?

I've been on Wegovy since about Jan 1. Have lost all of 3lbs over the past 6 months. I'm done with it as I am not getting anywhere. No appetite suppression. No anything. I've been on 2.4 for 2 months.
I did take MJ in the fall of 2022 for a couple of months and lost about 12lbs, but gained some of it back when I went off. I know TZ works.
My ins doesn't cover MJ now and I can't afford it out of pocket (with student loan payments kicking back in). So anyway, what dosage do should I start on TZ? Should I just start from the beginning? When I was on MJ last year I was up to 5mg and felt fine. I feel like I could start at 10mg. Just wondering if anyone else has switched from Semaglutide to TZ under the same circumstance.
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2023.06.02 18:23 autotldr Hackernews thread describing how Apollo could swap out the backend to create a reddit competitor. Provides historical example where this has worked in the past

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 98%. (I'm a bot)
Why do you believe Reddit knows less about its users? Users on Reddit literally self select into interest groups by visiting, subscribing to a subreddit.
That's an ancient problem, framing Reddit as some sort of intentional ideology-spreading-loss-leader-for-powerful-capitalists doesn't correspond with their actions - after all, Reddit has been deeply involved in the spreading of all sorts of ideas on all ends of political spectrums.
Now with Reddit trying to shutdown Apollo and other 3rd party clients with this pricing move I can see myself never using Reddit, their official client sucks a lot, if Apollo dies... I will simply not use Reddit as much, the only other way I can use Reddit right now is through old.
With the Digg exodus, Reddit was already the strong #2 alternative for a decent amount of time so it was a no-brainer and obviously Reddit has grown exponentially beyond what Digg was.
In regards to the idea of reddit rent-seeking - the primary value of reddit is not something they create, it's something they host.
He's always been fairly transparent about his money flow, so it's exceedingly easy for Reddit to price him out and put the fear of god into any developer interested in a Reddit client.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: reddit#1 people#2 thing#3 users#4 more#5
Post found in /apolloapp.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.02 18:23 Klimmit Harmony Amidst the Fray: The Ballad of the Battle Bard

The Bard Ascends
Amidst the chaos and clamor of the battle's raging storm, There stood a bard, undeterred, with melodies to transform. With lute in hand, he strummed and sang, his voice cutting through the fray, A beacon of respite and solace amidst the disarray.
The clash of swords and thunderous drums formed a discordant symphony, But the bard's enchanting verses wove a thread of harmony. His fingers danced upon the strings, a melody bold and true, Notes soaring high, like golden birds, cutting through the ensanguined hue.
Warriors paused, their swords held still, their hearts gripped by the sound, As the bard's dulcet tones whispered tales of valor all around. He sang of heroes long forgotten, of deeds that shook the land, Kindling the embers of courage, lending strength to every hand.
His voice, though tender, carried far, reaching both friend and foe, Telling tales of unity and hope, amid the ebb and flow. With each lyrical verse, the battle's fury seemed to pause, For the power of his music held both armies in its jaws.
The bard's ballads resonated, weaving tales of love and loss, A poignant reminder of the human toll beneath the battle's gloss. The wounded and weary found solace in his haunting refrain, Their pain and suffering momentarily eclipsed by the bard's sweet strain.
But as the battle raged on, the bard's voice grew ever strong, A clarion call for peace and understanding amidst the throng. His melodies echoed through the fields, carried by the wind's embrace, Uniting foes in shared appreciation, bridging the divides in space.
Through blood-soaked ground and trembling hearts, his music soared on high, Breathing life into souls wearied by the battle's cry. In that moment of respite, a glimmer of humanity shone through, For even in the midst of conflict, the power of art and empathy grew.
And so, the bard played on, his melodies like balm and fire, Embracing the cacophony, igniting hearts with their desire. For in the darkest hour, when chaos claimed its toll, The bard's music brought solace, rekindling hope within every soul.
When the battle's fervor ceased, and the clash of arms did wane, The echoes of the bard's songs lingered, memories that would remain. For he had woven a tapestry of peace amidst the strife, A testament to the power of music and its transformative life.
So, let us remember the bard who played amid the battle's roar, Whose lute and voice became a beacon, a refuge forevermore. In the crucible of war, his melodies rang true, Unifying hearts, healing wounds, and kindling a love anew.
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2023.06.02 18:23 ThePennedKitten Should I try to get my account back?

I am pretty sure I should cut my losses and keep my mouth shut, but I wanted to ask you guys what you thought. Should I try to ask for my side back?
I lost my side account because they reset passwords. The email attached to it was deleted (due to inactivity) a month before TNT reset passwords. However, the user lookup on my side literally says my main account in the description, I have sent tons of NC items to that account, sent paintbrushes and other items to paint pets, and done pet transfers to it from my main. So, it's clear the account is mine. I feel like I might have enough to make a case for myself. I would even take the account back without getting my NC items or anything TNT might see as something a thief would want.
The issue: when I was a kid I really liked drawing and making characters. I ended up with something like 16 accounts. Some got frozen for rule breaking over the years, and when I was 18 or so I froze all the accounts except for 5. From there I was "straight and narrow" not operating off of the logic of a 10 to 15 year old lol.
If I put in a ticket would they decide to just freeze my current account for the rule breaking? My current account is linked to an email with some frozen accounts. I could change my email on my main, but I assume they would notice that, or am I overthinking? My current account is the only thing that really gives me proof + my side's user lookup says what main it belongs to. I guess I am wondering if I, at 29, must still stand trial for the sins of a 10+ year old that really just liked drawing and role playing on the neoboards. 😅
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2023.06.02 18:22 TurangaLeela78 Low-normal free T3

Hi all, I’m curious if anyone had a low-normal free t3 lab result before starting ozempic. The NP who prescribed the ozempic for me talked a lot about my thyroid results, and while they’re all within the range of normal, she felt my free t3 at 2.09 should be much higher and even recommended armor thyroid for it. I told her I’d think on it and I just can’t find any good information on whether this is significant or not. I don’t want to take an additional med if it’s not necessary or beneficial. She feels it will help with energy and weight loss, and I’m just on the fence. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 18:22 Sissymorgan4851234 Hey everyone! I just started Spiro and estrogen how will it effect my performance at work?

I work outdoors for a living. I see that spiro has a side effect of muscle loss. Should I be worried about the effects for work reasons? 100mg of spiro daily
Thanks for the advice love the group
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2023.06.02 18:22 rhodesman Is there a way to check/test if panels are working correctly?

I'm trying to verify if there's something wrong with my solar array. I have two Delta Solivia 5.2TL inverters connected to 36 solar panels. Normally I pull around 9.5 kW with spikes that can hit 10 kW but usually the average high is around 9.5 kW. I am currently producing about 8 kW in total (yesterday's high was 7.98) but there was considerable dust, dirt, pollen on the panels. I went up yesterday afternoon and washed all the panels with soap & water and rinsed all the panels so they are clean.
Watching the power generation today, I am not seeing any notable increase in production, in fact it looks identical to yesterday which seems odd considering the cleaning (I would assume I would gain at least a couple hundred watts if not more from clean vs. dirty panels). The weather is exactly the same as yesterday, clear blue skies, temperature in the 85-95*F range no wind or other factors that could be affecting the panels (not that wind would do anything, just reaffirming that conditions are as identical as they could be).
This has me now thinking maybe a couple panels are dead or a squirrel or some other critter chewed on some of the power cables under the panels. Is there a way I can check/test to see if all the panels are working correctly and producing normally? I've had the system for about 5 years and I do get there's some loss of generation over time but this is really drastic (i.e. 1-1.5 kW difference) from around the same time last year.
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2023.06.02 18:21 idontknowwhouare_ Help me plz

i have a problem with driver wifi and Bluetooth!! when my asus laptop out of battery and then i charged it but when i startup window i loss wifi and bluetooth driver i tried to reboot and reset UEFI but it not work for me. i can not see driver wifi and Bluetooth in Device Manager
MY Asus ROG GL503ge
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2023.06.02 18:21 ProtectionMedium4779 I've been gaslit for the past ten years.

I don't even really know where to begin honestly. My girlfriend of the past ten years has, by every means as far as I can tell, been gaslighting me into supporting a double life she's been living behind everyones backs.
We have a six year old daughter (her birthday is actually today), and we were high-school sweethearts. We met summer of 2012 at 18 and 17 and have been together ever since. Now I'm 28.
Clearly the relationship wasn't perfect but I tried my best and over the past couple weeks evidence of her infidelity have been creeping into discussions. We had issues a couple times early in the relationship but always managed to smooth things over and swipe things under the rug. "Nobody is perfect" sort of thing. It finally tipped when I caught her having another man's number saved in her phone with a heart next to it (her phone had a password and he called, so when i swiped and answered it bypassed the code). I actually messaged the guy on Facebook and he told me everything that had been happening for months, then from there I was flooded with pictures of her and other men in bed, some half way across the US, people I had never heard of, etc given to me by friends and family that had the evidence but didn't want to get involved or hurt me.
All the trips she was taking to "visit friends" (she originally lived out of state before moving in with me nearly 8 years ago), were actually excuses to take the money I was giving her and going to see other guys. As far as I can tell, from all the evidence I've compiled, she's cheated well over twenty times with nearly twenty different men that I had no clue about. It was almost nonstop. All while begging me to marry her, to buy her a new car, to build a house together, to have another kid.
Me, my parents, her parents, her friends, none of us knew this was happening and it's left me wondering where things went wrong, if I could have done anything differently, when did it start and a million other questions.
Needless to say, the past week has been the closest thing I've experienced to what I'd imagine Hell is like. All appetite is gone, I can't stop thinking about it, can't sleep, anxiety through the roof, and I constantly keep repeating to myself that "she never really did love me", as I have plenty of screenshots given to me by people she's said, "I love you" too...
I've never went through a bad break up and I don't know why I feel like trying to fix something broken beyond repair but Ive had to stop myself every night to keep from messaging her to see if theres any chance to fix things even when I know there isn't.
My heart is broken and what I thought was love was just an excuse to use me.
Has anyone went through this, or even anything close, and if so how did you deal with it. All my friends and family, and even her family, are utterly baffled by this and what little advice I've been getting is summed up as, "you'll find better" or, "can't get any worse so start meeting people".
I'm scared, hurt, confused, anxious, paranoid and I genuinely feel like my trust in people has died a little bit as the person I trusted the most has led me, eagerly, down a lie that spanned a decade.
Sorry for rambling, I just have a lot on my chest.
Edit: also, yes, the child is my number one priority before she's mentioned. Me and my mom are seeing a lawyer sometime early next week to see what steps we need to take because I'm clueless on what to do involving that.
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2023.06.02 18:20 Southern_Elephant_20 Mitigating hair loss from lions mane

I will be starting lions mane soon, and will be take panex ginseng with ginkgo bilba with it.
Any of y’all seen any success with mitigating hair loss side effects while on lions mane?
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2023.06.02 18:20 KathTwo3 Ordered my 1mg doses 2 weeks early...

They're now on order at my pharmacy. Crossing fingers they can get it. If not within a week I'll be calling around again. :) I mean, this is working. 7 weeks in, 7 lbs lost overall. Very minimal side effects, pretty decent appetite suppression most of the week. I want to keep it up! I feel like this is the kick in the pants to keep up the 500-800 calorie deficit and exercise every day. When I was 'just' doing that before, I'd lose about a half lb every two weeks. Not very motivating. :( I'd give up and lose progress after a month. I have the compounded option in my back pocket, which I may need to do now that my insurance is changing and who knows if they'll cover any bit of it.
Just blabbering. Seems like a lot of us are in this same boat of waiting to see if we can get the next dose. So weird, there are 3 marijuana shops within 5 miles of my house, but I can't get Wegovy that easy. LOL.
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2023.06.02 18:20 Southern_Elephant_20 Mitigating hair loss from taking lions mane

I will be starting lions mane soon, and will be take panex ginseng with ginkgo bilba with it.
Any of y’all seen any success with mitigating hair loss side effects while on lions mane?
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2023.06.02 18:19 Southern_Elephant_20 Mitigating hair loss from taking lions mane

I will be starting lions mane soon, and will be take panex ginseng with ginkgo bilba with it.
Any of y’all seen any success with mitigating hair loss side effects while on lions mane?
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2023.06.02 18:19 Southern_Elephant_20 Mitigating hair loss from taking lions mane

I will be starting lions mane soon, and will be take panex ginseng with ginkgo bilba with it.
Any of y’all seen any success with mitigating hair loss side effects while on lions mane?
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2023.06.02 18:18 Albatross-13-over Pattern drafting help!

I posted yesterday about buttonholes and everyone was so helpful, but true to form I’m already planning three projects ahead with my left over fabric. I’ve wanted to make a pinafore for a truly absurd amount of time, and I think I finally doing the style I want to make while bingeing Rachel Maksy videos, but I have no idea where to start drafting the top. The bottom I want to make a full circle skirt, but I am at a loss for drafting the asymmetrical button detail at the top. Photo included for reference, and excess fabric included as well!
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2023.06.02 18:16 Glacial_Shield_W Narcissus

As you float through town, The light catches and reflects upon your gown.
Your beautiful hair, to which they fornicate, Their desire for you, they could never satiate.
You are not among, but above. Your fairness was reflected in their love.
Whether through ignorance and bliss, Or through some hidden strength, you knew to resist.
But still, they would cling to you, On and on, they would sing for you.
It must be difficult to be made a God. It must be impossible to comprehend, when your every move is met by someone willing to applaud.
An icon of love and lust. The masses, to you, were always just.
Their affection allowed you to sink away from reality. You began to see your own perfection with totality.
What a shame that the only crack in your resplended armour, Was when you became your own truest amour.
Perhaps it was inevitable that you would catch your own eye, In a moment of innocence where you realized why.
All those hands always reached for you, Everything they said was true.
Don't look away, stay awhile. Stare at your own flawless smile.
You should have kept running from your own reflection. Heaven knows it would have helped you to avoid that point of inflection.
What folley, that for all the parts of you that you could view. The shallowness is the one thing that you mever knew.
Blame those who opened your eyes, Blame those who always listened to your pathological lies.
Who put you on a pedestal, brick by brick. All of them ignoring that you were becoming sick.
You were a victim of your own ascent. In your own eyes is the only place where you can be content.
You should have never walked up to that pool. It's curse turned you into a fool.
Look away from the depth of that water. You have led yourself to the slaughter.
It is in your own eyes that you will drown. It is your own perfection that will bring you down.
A pity greater than the vanishing of the small, Is the loss of one who could have ruled them all.
To his own self-righteous hand. Could this really be what you had planned?
Your darkest hour, Marked by when you realized you were the most beautiful flower.
Your own lack of shame laid you to rest. Perhaps the Gods do have a sense of jest.
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