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2023.06.02 17:14 Excellent_Crow_6830 Attracting Predators

I wrote about what it is like to be viewed as a target by sexual predators. I thought this might be a place where others who have experienced this might understand what I have written.
I am now convinced, at 57, that there are ways to identify and call out certain sexual predators. The only stumbling block I can see to pointing out and stopping such predators, seems to be the blame that gets placed on those who are targeted as prey. I am currently trying to write more about this, in hopes of one day having society protect, instead of sexualize and then blame, the targeted children and young ones who end up being devoured by sexual predators.
Please do let me know if this is not the group where this post belongs.
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2023.06.02 17:13 Klutzy-Captain-8823 Engine swapping scion xb

I’m doing an engine swap on my 2006 scion Xb I’m to the point where I am about to pull the engine but I am unsure where all the engine mounts in the car I need to disconnect her. I’ve done some research on the Internet, and found the three engine mounts, but I’m on sure if I need to disconnect all three if I’m not pulling the transmission with the engine.
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2023.06.02 17:13 Disastrous_Ad9787 Fine webbing and discoloration red/cracking leaves on 2 yr old plant...

Hey So I was growing my plant indoors for the winter as I live in New York but I moved it outside this summer and now it was going well but I checked on it after a week and I find some sort of little spider looking bug i'm not sure if it was a spider mite but the fine webbing was all over, I had a problem with afiz I thought I solved with the solution mixed with a little bit of dawn dish soap when I was growing indoors and now I put it outdoors and this is happening, it's definitely in hindering slash destroying my kratom plant and I just want to know if there's anything I can do to solve it besides spray it down I blasted the spider might I wish I just grabbed it but I wasn't thinking I just saw and blasted it with the solution and I sprayed the whole thing down pretty heavily with the dawn solution. Any advice on how to get rid of these outdoor pests otherwise I might have to move it inside. I don't have to repod the entire thing with fresh soil as I did this a few weeks ago when I moved it outside. Help is appreciated TLDR I got an infestation of some bugs probably avids or spider mites and I just want to know what to do about it I'm currently growing outside in New York I may be able to move it inside again but it's getting big the pot size and it's going to be growing hopefully as long as I get rid of these pests because they're definitely destroying the plant
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2023.06.02 17:13 Bikergrlkat Cameras?

Hey Reddit, I am looking to get a camera for my bike, not so much for vlogging but more so just for insurance purposes.. I live around the Toronto area and traffic out here can get absolutely wack. There’s no shortage of cars and trucks and semi’s that drive stupidly/ not paying attention and I’d like a camera to be able to record while I’m on rides just incase something ever were to happen. Does anyone have camera recommendations? Are there any good ones that maybe even do 360 view that y’all recommend?
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2023.06.02 17:13 Zamballon [PAYMENT PROOF] The BEST WAY to EARN FREE Cryptos. 70 different coins. Claim FREE DOGE two times per hour and withdraw INSTANTLY to your Wallet. Perform easy tasks and get points which you can exchange for Cryptos automatically.💰

Final Autoclaim is the best faucet to earn cryptos for two reasons: you will constantly withdraw INSTANTLY. You don't have to trust the site, the money goes directly to your wallet. The second reason is the MANY ways to make money on the site.
After registering on the site, do your first free rolls. You will have two: DOGE roll and Dutchy roll. The DOGE goes to your balance where you can withdraw it and the Dutchy points are the "coins" needed to use the auto faucet. If you use balance mode, you earn 10% more!
When setting the faucet, remember more cryptos consume more points. The best set I've found is ten minutes per refresh and x5 rate. There's a 20% bonus on weekends, so save your Dutchys for them.
What else can I do here?
Complete shortlinks for more bonuses. Find the easiest ones and finish them in less than ten minutes. PTCs are great for fast EXP too.
Each task gives you EXP. Every 5 levels, you get 500 Dutchys; every 10 levels, your level x100. At level 20, you'll receive 2000 free Dutchys! Plus, you get a 0.1% bonus on all site activities (PTC, Shortlinks, Surveys, Autofaucet claims, etc.). I'm at level 150 with a 15% lifetime bonus!
The BEST tasks are surveys. They pay A LOT – up to 100,000 Dutchys. Not everyone can do them, but if you can, this site is unbeatable. Other options include offerwalls, asiamag, and watching videos.
To MAXIMIZE EARNINGS, stake $SPACE! It's the site's Token and can earn a lot (I'm earning 2 USD per DAY just from staking $SPACE tokens!). Get them through social jobs, autoclaim, or claim coins to Final Autoclaim from their secondary faucet.
register at the site and let me know your earnings!
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2023.06.02 17:12 Proof_Worry HVAC system freezing. Please help.

HVAC system freezing. Please help.
Occasionally, our AC system will “freeze”. Generally, we turn of the air conditioning and run the fan until it defrosts, and then resume using the air conditioning.
It hasn’t been a huge deal until my sister and her three small kiddos moved in upstairs due to a DV situation. Normally, the upstairs AC would run at 76, etc because no one was ever spending time upstairs. Now, we’re having the issue a lot more often and it’s not ideal that her and her kiddos have to deal with 78° to 80° heat where they’re staying out upstairs, until we’re able to let the system defrost.
Can anyone suggest why we’re having this issue? For reference, we live in Texas.
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2023.06.02 17:12 LaurenLolaLauren Time I experienced homophobia

A couple months ago I went through a time where I loved drag and wanted to be a faux queen. I didn’t want to tell anyone because I’m in a Christian community. I did have an online friend, though. She was nice, we’d been friends for like a year or so. And I told her about it. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was happy to be able to tell someone. A day or two later she wrote back “huh?” And the usual “you can rant to me whenever you need to” I was mad at her response. (“Huh?“ that’s it? That’s to all my thoughts and struggle with telling others about it?) so I wrote her “I’m never gonna rant to anyone again lol” to which she was like “okay”. We texted for a couple days after, then she GHOSTED me for like 5 months or so. A couple weeks ago she wrote me and asked how I was. I told her,(in a mocking/insulting way) “I’m not into drag anymore, I’m safe to talk to again” and she said “PHEW! I MISSED TALKING TO YOU” and I was in shock. She just admitted that she was ghosting me because of my rant. Then she has the audacity to start ranting about her own problems when she ignored mine. What should I do? Should I ghost her or block her or just keep talking to her?
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2023.06.02 17:12 RoundRaise4152 Intentional Wording

So this happened a few months ago and I still think about it, and I’m curious to hear y’all’s thoughts.
So where I work we don’t offer military/veteran discounts. So when folks ask I usually just say very nicely “No, we do not” and we keep it going, never been a problem.
One day I had some older guy come up and ask “Do you honor military”. Now, my instinct during a lunch rush where I’m behind the bar by myself was to say “no we do not” but I took a beat and said “No we do not offer any military or veteran discounts”. He seemed annoyed but paid (and didn’t tip).
What got me thinking after that interaction is how intentional that phrasing was. Making it a question of if we “honor folks”. I have a feeling if I had said my usual response, it would have been a whole “you hate the military, this est doesn’t support , etc” thing from him. Then to try to get it to become this whole thing to maybe get a discount or something free.
Now the question is, am I over thinking it? Do I just instantly assume the worst of folks? Both are definitely true haha, but in this case, just curious to see what people think!
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2023.06.02 17:12 blorboville Arcane RP - Ekko x Jinx plots ⏳️💣

Looking for someone to explore some good old angsty Ekko x Jinx plots with! I'd be writing Ekko.
Themes I like:
• slow burn, messy enemies to lovers
• dark soulmates au (ie "I've discovered that we're apparently bound together by fate and this is the worst thing ever because we hate each other and we could never work - how the fuck do we break this stupid connection before it compels us to do something stupid")
• obsession, power struggles and toxic relationship dynamics
• dark a/b/o dynamics (exploring the consequences of one-sided claiming, and/or cycles being triggered at the worst possible time ie a fight)
• abduction (perhaps an alternative ending to The Bridge scene where Ekko is the more badly hurt one and Jinx takes him home as her first " tea party guest", before she rounds up the others?)
My criteria for rp partners:
• Must be 18+
• Be proficient in writing multi para/novella (3rd person POV, past tense or present tense) and willing to provide a writing sample. I will also provide you with a writing sample of mine, so we can determine compatability before we begin.
• Be comfortable exploring dark and nsfw themes
• Enjoy plotting and worldbuilding (ooc communication is important to me! I want us to come up with a story we're both excited to write, discuss scenarios and share ideas!)
• Be able to reply at least once a week (I'm pretty flexible with replies in general, as I myself work full time and have IRL commitments - plus I prefer longer, more thought-out posts over short rapidfire responses.)
• Have experience writing chaotic, calculating, dangerous wildcard characters without watering them down (I'm looking for a Jinx portrayal that is as close to Arcane canon as possible! Let her be unhinged! Keep me on my toes!)
As an additional note: I don’t care what your gender is, so long as you're happy to write Jinx (and I also don't care whether you want to write her as cis or trans, alpha or omega etc - all those options have interesting plot potential, and what matters most to me at the end of the day is whether your Jinx portrayal has chemistry with my Ekko portrayal.)
If you've read this far and you're interested in discussing plots, DM me with:
• your name/pronouns
• which of the above themes you wanted to explore (can be multiple!)
• at least one scenario idea that includes those themes (I always do this when I DM people - it just shows that you've thought about stuff before approaching and are willing to pitch ideas/take an active role in plotting something out collaboratively.)
• a writing sample
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2023.06.02 17:12 cytaken after the anime

after finishing all of the animes/ovas/seasons was there any major stuff cut that i have to go back and read and where do i pick up the manga after rising?
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2023.06.02 17:12 johnny_the_boi Thought I just had an Anxiety Disorder, now wondering if it's Autism

So long story short since I was 17 I've been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and it's been pretty rough until recently when it got so bad I had to be medicated, and my medication is working really well to the point where I can pretty much talk to anyone with very little anxiety. I often misread social cues and body language, start speaking when the other person pauses but clearly isn't finished talking, etc, and I always chalked it up to Anxiety, however even after being medicated it's still happening just as frequently and I don't know why. I know this isn't necessarily indicative of Autism, and often people online run to Autism as their first explanation for any awkward or strange behavior.
Can anyone else relate to being very socially awkward but not due to anxiety? If so do you know what condition is causing your social awkwardness?
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2023.06.02 17:12 zincinzincout Conference room microphone suggestions?

Hey all. I’ll preface this by saying I am not in audio or tech and I’m a scientist that is tired of just accepting when meeting audio is crap.
I’m very tired of having hybrid Microsoft Teams meetings at a longish table (5-20 people in a room) and depending on where someone is sitting, people tuned in online can’t hear them or they’re extremely quiet.
Has anyone had personal success with a microphone system that’s pretty simple/plug-and-play for users to enter a room, one person joins the meeting on their laptop, and that laptop connects to the mic(s) by USB? Thinking 2-5 mics would do it for most of the rooms I’m thinking of.
I’ve lost faith in single-microphone systems, so unless proven otherwise I’d like to connect multiple to a USB hub and then have the hub connect into that one laptop so that all mics are active with no effort
Speaker capability is irrelevant as the rooms have speakers that work fine
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2023.06.02 17:12 MrArmageddonTTV One-Shot-Kill Threaded Specter Build for Strand Hunter! (+video inside)

Hello Guardians,
Ever since the Stompees nerf, I've been on an exploratory journey of the soul trying to find other lesser-known Hunter exotics that may now have a time to shine in the sun!
Obviously we already know about some of the usual suspects like Wormhusk, Geminis or the dreaded Ahamkaras... But I was genuinely surprised to find out how effective the new Strand aspect, Threaded Specter is when paired with Bombadiers or Sixth Coyote.
Now, I know what you're thinking... Bombadiers?
Well, honestly at first, it started out as a meme. I thought it was just going to be a fun little build to share. But after I used it in Trials, I got a super easy solo flawless while simultaneously battling one of the worst hangovers of my life. I was playing at maybe 60% of my usual capacity and cruised pretty easily to the golden chest.
Anyway, you can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/rApk5RGho-4
Or if you prefer to read, I'll summarize everything below.


Strand Hunter has three aspects, from which you can equip two:
- Ensnaring Slam; - Widow’s Silk; and the newest Aspect added with Season of the Deep - Threaded Spectre, which we’ll be focusing on today.
But to quickly recap, the Ensnaring Slam is the aerial slam movement that suspends your opponents and Widow’s Silk gives you two Grapple charges.
I’ve previously spoken in depth about using Ensnaring Slam and Widow’s silk in my last Hunter Strand video, focused on suspending but for today’s build, I want to focus on the newest aspect to the Strand kit: Threaded Spectre and pairing it with the usual movement tech you have from Widow’s Silk.
Threaded Spectre means that: Activating your class ability leaves behind a decoy woven from Strand that draws the attention of nearby enemies.After taking significant damage or when enemies approach, the decoy detonates, dealing damage and releasing Threadlings that seek out and attack nearby foes.
In other words, when you dodge, you leave behind in your place a dark green mannequin in the shape of a hunter.
Your Decoy will show up on the radar like a real enemy, it also shows a health bar and your name tag when an enemy hovers their crosshair over it, and it has roughly the same amount of HP as a typical Guardian.
And yes, people fall for this decoy ALL THE TIME. Until you have it used against you, you actually don’t realise how easy it is to get fooled by the decoy when you’re in the thick of combat.
Now, much like a land mine, if an enemy gets too close to the decoy - the decoy will explode and do approximately this much damage in the process. It will also spawn two threadlings that will kamikaze themselves into the enemy.
You or your teammates can also detonate a decoy just by shooting it, which will proc the explosion and also cause 2 threadlings to spawn and chase the enemy. So the decoy, in some ways, also doubles up as a remote-triggered threading grenade.
Now, to be clear, the decoy explosion and two threadlings will not insta-kill a full health Guardian but will leave them with very close to 1 HP. So even the slightest damage done before the decoy explosion or a little bit of chip damage done after, is more than enough to finish a Guardian.
And this, of course, is where The Bombardiers Exotic leg armour comes in.


OK, anyway, if you didn’t already know, the most popular Hunter PVP exotic in D2 history was recently nerfed this season - and by that, of course I mean Stompees.
Previously, Stompees offered you a universal speed boost - sprint faster, slide longer, jump higher, without any activate trigger. It was always on. Now, Bungie have nerfed Stompees so that you only have those benefits IF you have an unused dodge charge.
Now as you can imagine, it doesn’t feel so good having a pair of exotic speed boots that become useless the second you use your class ability and this has led to many Hunter mains looking for worthy alternatives to the formerly mighty Stompees.
And for this particular build, I’m going to recommend several Exotic armour alternatives that I think you will enjoy very, very much.
Firstly, let’s talk about The Bombardiers.
Dodging leaves behind an explosive that detonates after a short delay, damaging targets around it and creating a secondary effect based on your subclass energy type.
But here’s the thing, the explosive parting gift that Bombardiers leaves behind when you dodge does about 120 damage over a 7.5m radius. That’s HUGE. And more than enough damage to finish off anyone that gets tagged by the decoy explosion and threading damage.
Not only that, the bomb also severs targets, so if they die, they also leave behind a tangle. So the basic playloop when using bombardiers is, bait your opponent around a corner, dodge backwards and walk them into a Bombardiers explosive, strand decoy and 2 threadlings - resulting in an insta-kill. An insta-kill that’s literally available every 15 seconds or so.
It’s also great for shotgun apes, as you can dodge directly backwards as they push at you and kill them outright.
And before anyone asks - yes, this is more than just a “fun build”. It’s surprisingly and frighteningly effective. In fact, I actually used this build last weekend and went solo flawless in about an hour - while also battling possibly the single worst hangover of my life after a friend’s birthday party.
Alright now, an alternative exotic you can try is: Sixth Coyote. Sixth Coyote basically gives you two dodge charges, which means that you’re quite literally able to create two Strand Decoys back to back.
Lastly, you absolutely can’t go wrong with Frostees either, which massively increases the regeneration of all of your abilities, especially your class ability. Using Frostees will give you more decoys and additional sprint speed after you dodge.
Basically, while I’m very much against the Stompees nerf, what you’re going to see is that it opens up a massive trove of Hunter exotics that now are going to see use because Stompees is no longer anywhere as dominant. After all, the argument used to be why use anything else but Stompees but now you’re going to start seeing a lot of underrated Hunter exotics start entering the meta.

Class Ability

Alright, now before I go into the fragments you want to use for this build, let me start by giving you a quick tip:
Make sure that you use Marksman’s Dodge as your class ability. That’s because Marksman’s Dodge has a much shorter cooldown than Gamblers Dodge and we really want to maximise the amount of decoys that we’re able to create.


As for the fragments, this is what I recommend using:
Thread of Ascent is mandatory. Thread of Ascent means activating your grenade ability reloads your equipped weapon and grants bonus airborne effectiveness and handling for a short duration, while also granting +10 mobility. This one is a no brainer.
Thread of Evolution is also mandatory and means that threadlings will travel farther and deal more damage. It also gives a nice +10 to intellect.
Now the last two fragments are actually kinda optional. But personally, I recommend using Thread of Finality and Thread of Binding just for the stat boosts to Recovery and Resilience, both of which are important in PvP.


The Season of the Deep brought about a bunch of weapon nerfs and buffs, which I can very safely tell you have changed virtually nothing about the weapon meta.
Immortal is still the best gun in the game, although at least now thankfully you can get the “Immortal At Home” version by farming the new Dungeon instead of losing your will to live, farming Trials on weekend.
So here’s the thing. If you’re using the Bombadier’s build, you’ll be playing very close and aggressive. It’s actually an amazingly fun play style because you literally play like how you imagine a hunter would. Moving rapidly in and out, baiting your opponents, and literally tricking them into falling for pre-made traps. It’s like you’re on the hunt, stalking your prey, and I really love the gameplay loop.
So if you’re going to be playing tight and close, I recommend close-range primaries and there’s not much better than the Immortal SMG right now or the alternative from the Dungeon called No Survivors. If you run either, you’re going to want to get a max-range rangefindetarget lock roll for maximum effectiveness.
Now as for the special weapon, I also recommend a good shotgun of your choice, be it a precision frame like Matador or an aggressive frame like Found Verdict.
But a slightly off the wall choice might actually be a wave frame grenade launcher. You can quite literally stand back a little bit and just wave frame the floor as your enemy rushes in - that way the chip damage from the GL + the spectre explosion and threading damage will be more than enough to secure the kill in case the bombardiers parting gift blows too early.
And I mean come on, we’ve all blown a bit too early at times right? Nothing to be ashamed of.

Alright Guardians, got a bit more info in the vid but this post is already too long, so I hope that helped and I'll see you all in the Crucible!
- MrArmageddon
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2023.06.02 17:12 wohoo0 10 years ....

a daughter of single parent
this isn't the right place for me to type but it's been eating me for past few days and i don't know where to type it
my father my papa died 10years July,2013 ago due to a cardiac arrest he was taken to hospital alive but was bought dead and neither me and my mom knew it until he came home and one would think 10 years is such a long time but is it really? I still can't move on from that visuals , of him in his deathbed in all white , or my mom's scream when she saw him not breathing anymore the tons of people gathered outside our house when would a day come when i would be able to recall him and just the happy memories when would this constant flashback of that one moment - him in all white , nose bleeding red which runs behind the back of my brain would stop
it's crazy to think it would be 10 years and yet sometimes i still wait at 8:30 for him to come back home from his work Maybe i still haven't accepted it fully and as July approaches i can do nothing but crumble and go spiralling My ma is worst i can't even talk about him without her eyes shedding tears and her going spiralling down i mean he was just 35 why would it happen to him and i often ask the question why me and why my maa? because of that i have lost a faith in God too everyone around me is very religious and i do have my believe in them too but too actually visit is something i just can't bring myself to do inspite people telling me and i wish this would not be the case he was a very spiritual person and wouldn't have wanted this for his daughter i was so young and it was all happy the night before we played like any happy family would and the next morning he was just gone it's so hard to live without you papa without your radiant smile and kind voice , without the words of encouragement and especially when i see my friends and classmates with their dad's I Miss you dad and mumma does too I hope you are in peace whereever you are
this whole post is a bit all over the place and not even matches with community since I'm a single daughter and sincerely apologise for it I just needed to let this out and here another opinion I can't discuss it with mom since anything reminding of him and she falls into circle of blackhole and tears and it's hard getting her back to jovial self also her birthday is approaching and i don't want her gloomy during that time
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2023.06.02 17:12 hftamayo Connecting to internet through a Server

Hi people, I need your guidance in the next scenario:
The network proxy has restriction for connecting to certain ports using the terminal, for example MongoDB or Git, I have access to a Red Hat Server which does not have this restrictions, so during an active session I can clone/push repos and connect to any server in the Internet.
The question I have is this: is there any possibility to route my connections request from my workstation through my server? I'm trying to do something like this
Computer(request to connect to MongoDB) -> Server(accept and process the request just like a gateway) -> connect to the Service requested
If you have any hints or terms what I should look for it would be nice, maybe I need some terms criteria where to start digging how to tackle this.
Thanks a lot, all the best
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2023.06.02 17:12 NuggetBitchPotato help

sooo I may have kinda gotten addicted to laxatives to the point where if I try to take a shit naturally it wouldn't work and now I have to take a large number of laxs for it to work so what do I do
it's literally so embarrassing
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2023.06.02 17:12 BoltOLightnin Trouble getting on the road

Hey so I've been learning driving for the past two and a half weeks or so and it's been a pretty fun time, I've got changing gears and steering well enough but one thing still troubles me.
It starts with the clutch as most problems do.
I live in India, our roads aren't known for their quality and neither are it's drivers. The car I drive is often parked on the roadside parallell parked and on a slight slope.
When I get in the car, I adjust my seat, wear my seat belt, shift gear into neutral, start the car while pressing down on my brake and clutch,shift to first and disengage the handbrake.
Now here's the problem: I've shifted to first my clutch still pressed down, and my foot resting on the accelerator as I release my foot slowly off the clutch and I give it some gas but for some reason beyond me, it starts revving(I assume it's revving it just makes Vroom-vroom noise)
At first I thought this was just normal, but today my I had a substitute instructor and he got into a hissy fit and scolded me( I didn't really understand what he said) The rest of my drive is usually pretty straightforward but this keeps on bothering me. Any solutions?
P.S: When you have to stop behind a car that has stopped on the door temporarily(a few seconds), do you just clutch+ brake until they move?
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2023.06.02 17:11 SadotX mvc View Model, Partial Classes and Drop Down List in mvc

Hi All,

I have a question and it kinda bugs me that I can not wrap my head around a few of these concepts.
Before I start I have used Viewmodels I have use partial Classes and I have program in mvc using dropdown list. I have got them to work via examples... but if I'm honest I just don't get it. All of the microsoft tutorials on these topics that I have found bite.
My Main issues are how do you populate view models.
Why would anyaone define a list or a dropdown list in side of a view model
And finally how would I get data from more then one table in a view model.
Currently I create a view in SQL server and using EF I important that in to the application and
then create a Partial class to define my field labels for the views and stuff like that.

Please not I only do Database first and I don't get code first and hot that even is effective.
With all that I would apricate any guidance on this.

Code example are below.

Example view model in mvc..
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;
using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Schema;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Mvc;
using VehicleRequestSystem.Models;
using Foolproof;
namespace VehicleRequestSystem.ViewModels
public class mydropdownlist
VRS_DB_Entities _db = null;
public mydropdownlist()
_db = new Models.VRS_DB_Entities();
public virtual string AvailVehList_ID { get; set; }
public SelectList GetAvalibeVehicles()
IEnumerable AvailVehList = (from v in _db.VRS_VEH_INFO where v.VI_INACTIVE == false && v.VI_STATUS == 1 select v).AsEnumerable().Select(v => new SelectListItem() { Text = v.VI_CAR_MAKE_MODEL, Value = v.VI_ID.ToString() });
 return new SelectList(AvailVehList, "Value", "Text", AvailVehList\_ID); 
public class VRS_REQUEST_VM /*:VRS_DB_Entities */
//internal IEnumerable VEHICLE_ID;
[DisplayName("Reservation Code")]
public int RES_REQ_ID { get; set; }
[DisplayName("Agency Email Addr")]
public string RES_EMP_ID { get; set; }
Why would someone define a dropdown list in a view model
Also to populate a view model you have to do something special correct.

Partial Class. For Some Reason Partial classes make since to me a little bit but not much. But I use them over using view models.
Partial Class Example
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;
using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Schema;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Mvc;
using Foolproof;
namespace VehicleRequestSystem.Models
public partial class VRS_REQUEST
public class VRS_REQUESTMetaData
//public DateTime CurrDate = Convert.ToDateTime (DateTime.Today.ToShortDateString());
//public DateTime CurrTime = Convert.ToDateTime(DateTime.Today.ToShortTimeString());
[DisplayName("VRS Reservation Code")]
public int RES_REQ_ID { get; set; }
[DisplayName("Agency Employee ID")]
public string RES_EMP_ID { get; set; }


For some reason they make since to me I guess because mvc automatically populates them with data
and nothing special has to be written in the controller.
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2023.06.02 17:11 Amza1 “Landlord” told me my rent was going by a $1,000 starting this month. A 60 day notice for an increase more than 5% is required. I told him. He turned off the water I called the cops, Apparently this man is not the property owner and the owner says my unit is supposed to vacant and want me out

I live in a duplex style home.
I rented from a guy that lives in the other unit.
I payed him every month.
He told me about the $1,000 increase and I told him about the 5% law so he turned off the water.
I called the cops and he tells them he doesn’t know what I’m talking about he’s just a tenant and he turned off the water because he was working on a toilet inside.
The cops got in contact with the property owner who says that the unit I live in is supposed to be unoccupied.
The owner showed up and was someone I had never seen before and was not happy and wants me out immediately.
The police were trying to arrest me for breaking and entering the owner said no they didn’t want to press charges but wanted all my stuff out immediately.
The police left and now what am I supposed to do.
She is also serving the other tenant an eviction notice for this whole ordeal.
What can I do I already paid him for the month?
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2023.06.02 17:11 homalley Phone trade in

Looking for recommendations for where to sell my old phone. Already got a new one and would rather sell somewhere in person rather than online unless it’s much better to do so.
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2023.06.02 17:11 justanotheruser991 Would you drive 6 hours to see someone?

I have been talking to a girl (20f), for about 4 months). We met on Instagram and connected pretty good. We have a lot in common.
The problem was that she lives 10 hours away from me. We still want to meet, she suggested to drive halfway and go out on a date.
I just checked and driving to the location we agreed on would take 6 hours for me and 4 hours for her.
You might ask, “ why would you see her?”, well I just don’t want to have any regrets in life. I think it would be a fun, life- long memory that I can share. I really want to see her and I wish it was easier to do so.
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2023.06.02 17:11 MiaDanielle_ Querying table with Null value without using "IS NULL" possible with Python?

I'm tinkering around with a little project and I have a table called "Address". In this table are 5 columns: addressID, street, city, state, zip. The addressID is automatically generated. I prompt the user for street, city, state, and zip and allow them to be blank which I then convert to "None" and insert it into the table using the following statement:
cur.execute("INSERT INTO Address (street, city, state, zip) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)", (street, city, state, zip)) 
This works fine. I can verify the row was entered by doing a SELECT *. However, if I try to query the ID of the row that was entered it fails to work. Here is the query I use:
script = "SELECT addressID FROM Address WHERE street = ? AND city = ? and state = ? and zip = ?" cur.execute(script, (street, city, state, zip)) print(cur.fetchone()) 
I'd expect this to print the addressID but instead I get back None. Although I'm allowed to INSERT using "None" with Python, I seem to not be able to query with "None" as a value. I know the proper way would be to use an "IS NULL" but this is going to get messy as I will need different iterations of this query based on which values the user did not enter. Surely there is a way to get the simple functionality I am looking for, right?
I'll also mention that I verified this query does work when there are no null values. So it is definitely the nulls that are messing it up.
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