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putting the lol in vexillology

2013.07.24 21:56 Cosman246 putting the lol in vexillology

make fun of /vexillology, or flags

2018.10.28 02:21 CubedGamer Thomas the Plank Engine

Don't let your memes be dreams!

2014.12.17 17:17 toxik0n DnDMemes

DnDMemes is a subreddit dedicated to memes and other humorous content about D&D and other TTRPGs.

2023.05.29 15:12 Aggravating_Cup2306 This has been nagging my brain for a while, how real is the concept of romantic love?

I know that love as a feeling is very much real. You love your parents, you care for them. You might love anyone in your family unconditionally. To some extent you also love your friends for being with you and you could also love a lot more people without being partners per se.

But what about "falling in love"? do you fall in love with the "type" of people you like? In that case, if you have a crush on your type of person and suddenly another person whos also your type, but supposedly even more attractive/fitting that category comes along, will your feelings shift to that person?
If your crush makes you laugh or makes you smile, isn't that just a really funny/interesting friend? If someone says something flirty or something along the lines of a compliment, are they just making you feel really good and hoping you'd feel the same way about them? Don't people make exes and realise that their previous partner wasn't as nice as their next one? Or sometimes people feel even worse with a new partner than with their ex.
That asks the question, are you actually in love? Or are you (and partner) under the pretence of the concept of romantic love?
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2023.05.29 15:12 leazer102 Witnessing the Unfamiliar: My Friend's First Homosexual Experience and Our League of Legends Adventures as Ignite Lovers

Hey, Reddit folks. I find myself in a situation that I'm still trying to comprehend, and I thought I'd share the story of my friend's first homosexual experience intertwined with our League of Legends adventures as Ignite enthusiasts.
So, not too long ago, our gaming group welcomed a new member, whom I'll refer to as Chris. Now, I have to admit, it was a bit of a shock to discover that Chris was starting to explore a different side of their identity. It took me some time to process it, and I'm still grappling with my own biases and discomfort surrounding homosexuality.
Our group, as close as we were, had always been a mixed bunch, and I had never really considered the possibility of anyone being gay. But that's the thing about life—it throws curveballs when you least expect it. It turns out, Chris was embracing their true self, even if it didn't fit into my preconceived notions.
In our gaming sessions, we often found ourselves picking Ignite as our champion. It became some kind of symbol for our LGBTQ+ community within the gaming world. While I struggled with Chris's newfound identity, I couldn't deny their unwavering passion for Ignite and the connection it held for them.
One evening, as we gathered for a League of Legends marathon at Chris's place, there was an undeniable tension in the air. I watched as Chris and another friend, let's call them Alex, grew closer during the gaming session. Their interactions became more intimate, and it was clear that something was developing between them.
While part of me tried to resist it, I couldn't help but acknowledge the undeniable chemistry between Chris and Alex. As they sat side by side, their fingers occasionally brushing against each other, I felt a mix of confusion, unease, and a glimmer of curiosity. It was as if I was witnessing a whole new world—one that challenged the assumptions I had carried for so long.
As the night progressed, it became evident that Chris and Alex's bond went beyond friendship. They shared stolen glances, whispered conversations, and moments of vulnerability that made my discomfort grow. I tried my best to keep an open mind, but I couldn't shake the unfamiliarity of it all.
In that moment, I realized the limitations of my own understanding and the prejudices I needed to confront within myself. It was a sobering realization that I had much to learn and unlearn about the complexities of human relationships and identities.
Their love story continued to unfold, both on and off the virtual battlefield. Chris and Alex became known as the "Ignite Lovers" within our gaming community, and it served as a constant reminder of the new reality that I was grappling with.
While I may not fully understand or accept it yet, I've come to appreciate the bravery it takes for Chris and others like them to embrace their true selves. I'm learning to challenge my own biases and slowly educate myself about the LGBTQ+ community.
So, as I navigate this uncharted territory, I share this story with you all, not as an enlightened ally but as someone who's trying their best to be supportive and open-minded. Life has a way of surprising us, and I believe it's essential to approach these surprises with empathy and a willingness to grow.

Ignite players are gay

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2023.05.29 15:11 Emragoolio They all become Logan, just not the good part:

Kendall becomes Logan the prevaricating abuser. His love is deceit and dominance.
Roman becomes Logan the isolated nihilist. He has everything and nothing matters.
Shiv becomes Logan the impulsive betrayer. She goes with her gut regardless of pre-existing loyalties.
Everyone of the kids DOES eventually internalize and manifest Logan Roy in one way or another. All of his downsides are apparent in them. If you put them all together, they might make a decent or successful facsimile of Logan Roy and, for a moment, they were just that. At the last moment, however, they cannot cohere and each spins off into a crumbling orbit.
This episode was the final death of Logan Roy, his qualities disintegrating into their base resonances and disappearing into the aether. All because they lacked a unifying force.
And that force was…Connor.
Connor, who never lied, never gave up hope, never turned coat and never really understood the world. Connor, whose unshakable self-esteem never wavered even in the face of hardest reality. Connor the unloved, the persistent, the self-deceived. The other kids want to sit in Logan’s chair, but Connor sleeps in his bed. None of the others have what Connor has.
He was the eldest boy. And, although he inherited none of what the others were given, none of what the others were given would ever work without what only he could give: Pure, reality-warping, single-minded will.
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2023.05.29 15:11 V3N0MB0MB Memorial Day double

Just a humble brag that I can’t share with anyone I know because that makes me feel weird but yesterday I worked a double at a brewery. I worked alone, I lazily attempted to get someone to cover the second half of the shift but no bites which was fine. My manager said him and the assistant manager would be around so I requested if one of them could watch the bar for half an hour so I could take a quick break/eat etc. it’s an 11 hour shift. 13 with travel.
The assistant manager came in to rearrange merch? Or something? Told me I could use plastic cups if I needed and sat down then asked me for a beer. Neato.
Well, I didn’t have to plastic, I made sure all tables were cleaned when available, every guest was pleasant and I sold a fuck load of beer to go. I made more money in a day than I ever have, $760 with a $100 tip from someone, alone and without any disruptions or bad interactions. It went silky smooth.
I’m proud of myself. Put some hair on my chest for sure. Treating myself to a massage today.
I hope y’all slayed this weekend, to all my kitchen homies too (I am a traitor that went to the dark side last year).
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2023.05.29 15:11 dclive1 Client Questions for a (long, 2 different cities) move task

Hi! New (potential) TaskRabbit customer here - and I'm aware this isn't a TR owned forum, but I thought I'd bounce a few questions over those who are most interested & aware of how things work:
I need to move an office area (medium sized wood desk that's all one part, plus an old wood chair that can't be disassembled, plus maybe 10 small moving boxes of office stuff) from one city (Dallas) to another (Houston). It's 250 or so miles from one to the other, per Google Maps, and about 3.5 hours drive, traffic cooperating. My hope would be on the TaskRabbit person having the truck or trailer or Nissan SV2500 fullsize van that could then move this stuff.
What should my expectations be on a (very) small move like this? Is this something TR can help with, or should I go with a more traditional move service? How would hours be charged, and is the 33% TaskRabbit fee (I see a common rate of around $60 an hour, and a common TaskRabbit add on of around $20 an hour) typical and expected?
When I read about most folks who list themselves as helping with moves, most of them feel like they handle sofa deliveries or in-town movies, which is a bit faster and simpler than what I am asking for.
What if when I select a TR person, they see the job and decide they can't do it (perhaps due to the dates, or the distance, or just not wanting to do a city to city, all-day move) ? I feel like I'm paying my money before even realizing if they can and will do the job...
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2023.05.29 15:11 Big-Mathematician540 Would anyone be able to advice me concerning me wanting to complain about human rights abuses to the ECHR? (Concerning police abuse.) Finland

In 2021, I was was detained by the police for cannabis possession and small time growing. I thought I might get off with them just a fine then and there, but they detained me. As they detained me, they assured me I could take my medication with me, as long they were in the original packaging and I had a prescription.
I wasn't too worried, as I had trust in the Finnish police.
After being put in a cell, I was still pretty calm, and took a nap. After a few hours, they came in and told my detention was being changed to arrest. I asked why, and only received a blunt "we've already told you." I started ringing the bell, to ask for information, and at least to know my rights.
They ignored me, got annoyed, and placed me in isolation. They denied me my prescription medication. I got very distressed, and... went psychotic, to be honest. I demanded medical care and my medication. All was ignored, with flimsy excuses.
I ended up staying up for three days, without eating anything, harming myself with a make-shift shank I made out of hard cardboard of a juice box. I eat my pinky to get it to bleed properly, and drew over 300 words on the cell walls. I ate nothing for three days. They took away the thin mattress there was, and gave me no blanket. I did not know how long they could keep me there. The lights were constantly on, and the guard would taunt me from time to time, through the loudspeaker. They even cut off the water to the cell for hours, until I managed to yell about my congenital kidney issue and the illegality of not having water provided to me. After three days, the arresting officer came in, and asked "whether I'm ready to behave and tell them everything".
I did, to get out, as I didn't know my rights.
Afterwards, I made complaints about their behaviour, quoting laws. I made a "freedom of information" request, based on the law for "personal register" that any surveillance constitutes. I never got a reply, even though I got an automated email saying they had received it.
They didn't even investigate it, dismissing all of those things. I complained to the ombudsman in Finland, who also disregarded every complaint. I made another one. And another. I provided doctor's statements about the condition I'd been in after release. I still have deep scars on my wrists, after two years. There's still a complaint going on the supreme court about them having blocked me from filming them during the time they confiscated my growing equipment. The last reply I got from the national ombudsman said that they may start an investigation into the actions of the guard who taunted me. I haven't heard anything since, and that was early this year.
I would like to lodge a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights, but they say "all domestic justice processes must have been expended." I think I have, but I don't know if there's still something going on relating to the actions of the guard.
I don't know if I can still lodge a formal complaint to the ECHR.
Could anyone advice me? I'm afraid that there's gonna be no recourse for me, and the parties responsible for clearly breaking laws will never face any consequences.
Please, help me if you can. I'm desperate, and I'm afraid I may be too late to to file the complaint.

Thank you in advance. (And if I'm ignorant or come off as self-pitying or something, please don't mock me, I'm not exactly in the best situation to face dissappointment and mocking.)
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2023.05.29 15:10 CA1-south switching out my CA drivers license due to tax requirements

I've been resident abroad (Germany) for about five years now, I hold permanent residence here and work here full-time so it's pretty safe to argue that my tax home is here; however, I still have my California DL so that's still one possibility of somehow tying me to CA state tax liability. I'm looking into exchanging my DL for a German one, but I'm also wondering if there's an option to switch to another US state license, one without such strenuous tax requirements, so that if I ever return home I can get right back to driving (without having to exchange my German one back). Any US states that somehow allow issuing of drivers licenses from another state without having ever lived there?
To note: I also hold a license in a protected profession in the state of WA, so if it's possible to get a WA drivers license it'd make more sense..
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2023.05.29 15:10 happybabypose Why is she so smug?! It was one mom trying to give advice to another mom. Oh wait, I forgot she knows everything. (Repost… sorry forgot to blur sweet babes face the first time)

Why is she so smug?! It was one mom trying to give advice to another mom. Oh wait, I forgot she knows everything. (Repost… sorry forgot to blur sweet babes face the first time) submitted by happybabypose to peestickgals [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 15:10 Nholav Looking for boomer comic meme

Looking for boomer comic meme
I've been loking for a meme that this comic but instead of the last panel it's like that one painting of saturn eating a baby and it had the persona options menu music I think.
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2023.05.29 15:10 clockwatcher3301 Stamped Concrete Repair

Stamped Concrete Repair
Hey Everyone, So back in December of 2021, I put de-icer on my stamped patio (most of you are gasping right now). Yes I learned the hard way and caused some delamination/chipping of the surface. We had a masonry company come by and say to pressure wash and re-seal it. We did that this week and while the rest of the patio came out great, the sealant did not adhere to the areas that had salt on them. Does this group have any suggestions on how to fix this? Cosmetically is one thing but we are concerned about the patio going through another winter and not holding up. We used Diamond Clear sealant Before and after pictures attached.
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2023.05.29 15:10 Ked5095 Constipation: how long before improvement?

We just switched from ebf to formula in part due to my 8 week old daughters suspected milk soy protein intolerance. We tried multiple hypoallergenic formulas and the only one she liked was ready to feed alimentum. Unfortunately she went from pooping 12 times a day (too much due to the intolerance) to not pooping at all the first day and being incredibly constipated. She is so uncomfortable she isn’t able to sleep at well. Will it get better? Should I give the alimentum more time or try switching her to another HA formula now?
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2023.05.29 15:10 bigbanterdude What would you do with this ceiling

What would you do with this ceiling
I have a storey rear bathroom extension. Currently being refurbished. Electrician has cut holes in the ceiling to get wires in, which are stapled to the underside of joists
How would you finish this off? As it’s a textured ceiling which was pretty ugly anyway, I’m thinking just plasterboard straight below and fix through old plaster into the roof joists. Current ceiling height is 2.33m so I think it would be fine to reduce this by another 2cm or so.
However friend suggested ripping the whole ceiling down and putting a new one up, whilst also taking the opportunity to put some insulation between the roof joists
What are peoples thoughts?. Bathroom suite had been fitted so would rather not make a load of mess
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2023.05.29 15:10 cromulentfishbulb Charlie Minn Uvalde documentary

Just finished watching the new Charlie Minn documentary about Uvalde. He interviews 6/10 surviving children. But by god does he not have any bedside manner, holy hell. If this is the trimmed version of the documentary after parents complained, I can't imagine the questions they must've left out.
That said, there's actually a lot of new (to me) info in this. I wanted to share some notes I wrote while watching, so other's don't need to watch it if they don't wanna support a Charlie Minn movie.
Notes are as taken chronologically, not sorted by importance:

Anyway, yeah. TL;DR: it's another Charlie Minn doc. Same vibes. There's some new info, but this is the bulk of it. Please comment stuff I may've missed. The kids are so stoic, but collected and well spoken throughout their interviews. Khloie especially. I feel like we're going to be hearing from them in an activist-type setting for a long time.
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2023.05.29 15:09 vbjnghj Heat vs. Celtics live stream: How to watch NBA Playoffs game 7, start time, channel

And this is the final Heat vs. Celtics live stream, after a raucous Saturday night game that went down to the very last second. And we now have one more NBA Playoff live stream back in Boston.
Boston's Game 6 win almost didn't happen, but Derrick White tipped Marcus Smart's shot (which had went in and out) in the last fraction of a seconds. Terrible defensive rebounding from Miami has hurt them these last three games, but hurt more tonight.

For Miami, this was a too little, too late game for Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Both contributed very late in the game, with clutch free throws from Jimmy Buckets. While Butler put 24 on the boards by the end, Adebayo only contributed 11.

No team, as we've all said, has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a 7-game series in the NBA playoffs. Also, they're the first to get this far with a home game for Game 7.

DraftKings, at the time of publication, has the odds for the Celtics (-330) as favorites, and Heat (+275) as the underdogs. So, betting $275 on the winning Heat would earn you $275, and a $330 bet on the winning Heat would net you $100.

Here's everything you need to know to watch the Heat vs. Celtics live stream online:

How to watch Heat vs. Celtics live streams from anywhere on Earth with a VPN
Having trouble actually getting TNT? Even if you can't watch the Heat vs. Celtics live streams on cable, you're not out of luck. With a virtual private network, or VPN, you can appear to be surfing the web from your home town (or somewhere that blackouts won't hit), and access the same streaming services you already paid for.

Not sure which VPN is right for you? We've tested many different services and our pick for the best VPN overall is ExpressVPN. It offers superb speeds and excellent customer service. But you've got other VPN options as well. Here are our top picks.

The Heat vs. Celtics live stream is on TNT at 8:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT on Monday (May 29).

If you've already cut the cord and don't have a cable package? With the right pick from our best cable TV alternatives, you'll be able to watch it and all of the NBA playoff games. But for as much as we like FuboTV, it doesn't have TNT.

Instead, consider Sling TV, one of the best streaming services, which has TNT. For future NBA playoff live streams, ABC games will simulcast on ESPN3, which is available through Sling Orange. ABC is also available in select markets for Sling Blue. Those markets are Chicago (WLS), Fresno (KFSN), Houston (KTRK), Los Angeles (KABC), New York (WABC), Philadelphia (WPVI), Raleigh-Durham (WTVD) and San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose (KGO). All but Fresno, Houston and Raleigh will pay $5 more per month for ABC in either Sling Blue or Sling Orange & Blue.

Sling is 50% off for the first month making it a perfect place to watch all of the NBA playoffs. Sling Orange also gets you ESPN, and its Sports Extra pack gets you NBA TV.

Of course, you can also watch the games on the more expensive services, such as YouTube TV ($73 per month), Hulu + Live TV ($70 per month) and DirecTV Stream ($75 per month).

ABC can be pulled down with one of the best TV antennas.

All times Eastern
Game 1: Heat 123, Celtics 116
Game 2: Heat 111, Celtics 105
Game 3: Heat 128, Celtics 102
Game 4: Celtics 116, Heat 99
Game 5: Celtics 110, Miami 97
Game 6: Celtics 104, Miami 103
Game 7 @ Boston on Mon., May 29 @ 8:30 p.m., on TNT

How to watch Heat vs. Celtics live streams in the UK

NBA fans in the U.K. can watch the Heat vs. Celtics live stream on Sky Sports Main Event and Arena. It begins at 1:30 a.m. BST on Monday (May 30).

If you already have a Sky subscription that doesn't include Sports, you'll need to pay £24/month to add those channels. You'll also gain access to coverage in 4K and HDR, so long as you also have an HDR-ready Sky Q box and HLG-compatible TV.

If you don't want to shell out for a full Sky sub, you could also consider its Now Sports streaming service. Pricing starts at £11.98 for day & mobile month membership, with month-long access for £34.99.

Not in the U.K. right now? You may need a little help from a service such as ExpressVPN.

Heat vs. Celtics live streams in Canada
Hoops fans in Canada can catch the Heat vs. Celtics live stream on TSN. It's airing on TSN4 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Can you watch Heat vs. Celtics live streams in Australia?
Probably. Aussies can watch the 2023 Playoff live streams on Kayo Sports, a major destination for NBA action. ESPN Australia, if you get it, is another means, but it's unclear if either will host the Heat vs. Celtics live stream.

Kayo offers a 14-day free trial for both its Basic and Premium plans, more than enough time to confirm they're actually showing the games. The Kayo One package costs $25 per month thereafter, and Kayo Basic is $30.

The $35 per month Premium Kayo plan gives you all the same things as the normal plan, but it offers three simultaneous streams. The Basic plan gives you two streams at the same time.

Not in Australia but usually a Kayo subscriber? You may need a little help from a service such as ExpressVPN.
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2023.05.29 15:08 VictorCotton88 [M4F] The journalist

Synopsis: When a desperate journalist chances a trip to a secretive grand ball, things turn a lot more sinister than even she could anticipate.
“Clink…” Amber looks up from the computer she’s been stirring over for almost a week straight. Her apartment is strewn with takeout boxes, unwashed clothes and dirty plates. “I really need to clean up…” she thinks to herself before getting out of her couch she’s been calling home and walking over to see what was just posted through her letter box. A smell resonates from the floor, her place really is a mess, but what can you expect from a journalist who just got a big gig at her dream newspaper and desperately wants to prove herself.
A letter lays delicately on the floor, face down.
She sighs, picks it up, thinking it’s just another bill, when she notices the name and address.
Edith Von Bauer Hudson Yards Apt 53 415 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10001
Realizing it’s not for her, she rolls her eyes and opens her door to give it back to the postman, but as she looks out into the hallway, it's baron, not a single sign of life.
She huffs, shuts her door and walks back over to the couch, she throws the letter next to her little, pink vibrator on the coffee table. She wonders which one will be giving her more writing motivation before going back to stewing over her screen.
Several hours pass when Amber wakes back up. She fell asleep at her computer again. She wipes her eyes, bored and frustrated out of her mind, when she sees the letter again and something catches her eye. “This isn’t just any normal envelope” she observes, an old wax seal holds it shut, the paper is a fine, thick parchment, the name and address is hand written in a clearly aristocratic manor.
Intrigued and void of anything interesting to write about, she decides to take her chances, cracking the wax seal and opening the letter.
“To my dearest Countess Bauer,
I formally invite you to our grand charity ball in the night falling Friday, the 24th of June. It will be held at the Biltmore Estate in Maine.
I look forward to seeing you.
Regards, Hugo Von Roth.”
Hello possible pen palers, as this is a more secretive story, I’m going to leave my plans for how this goes hidden so you can enjoy the twists as they come. But ofcourse I want to build them to your desires etc, so I’d appreciate it if you could reply to this first and tell me about yourself, wants etc and what you think should be included in the story line. And also a description of your character, feel free to change the name or really anything you would like.
I look forward to hearing from you, let’s get started.
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2023.05.29 15:08 tj131jacko M24 uk needing people to cure my loneliness :(

Hi, its Tom here! I'm looking to meet someone of any gender or whatever you define as these days, anyways, here is what I like:
📢 sports (football (soccer), ufc, boxing and a lil bit of basketball) 📢 music (mainly rap) 📢 marvel (my favourite character is Deadpool) 📢 my dog (hes a German Shepherd, yes I have pics just ask lol) 📢 working out when I aint lazy lol 📢 true crime 📢 video games (I play on ps5, I currently only play fifa tbh but I got tons of games to download if you wanna play with me ofc!) 📢 I love dark humour 📢 I love phone calls!
What I'm looking for in someone is just be yourself. Please don't get easily offended, long term friendship and to be there for one another when shit hits the fan, I know what it feels like to be lonely and that started from a young age of around 5 when I'd play on the ps2 with my cousin and as soon as he left my heart dropped and I would be all alone and being an only child didn't help at all. Would love to have deep convos and calls with you if all goes well too and even play video games if you are interested :). Anyways, enough from me, I hope you decide to dm me as always, be over 18 please and have a great day! Also, sorry for being depressing
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2023.05.29 15:08 Necessary-North-6050 Judging each others pasts.

My boyfriend (28) and I (24F) have had very different lives before eachother. To me it’s never mattered the past is the past. But in saying that my boyfriend has judged my past since the start of our relationship. “Promiscuous girls are always going to be promiscuous” thinking I’ll always be a liar and ready to sleep with anyone despite being unbelievably in love with him he thinks so little of me because of my past. The problem is I’ve always known he’s had one ex fiancé, his previous relationship before me he and I had been friends during this engagement. Regardless tonight I’ve found out about another engagement. To someone else and I didn’t find it out from him. I found out he’s blocking girls I don’t know he’s blocked and all this other stuff he still has photos on his computer and Instagram of his recent ex fiancé. He’s constantly telling me he doesn’t want to be engaged again and probably would never want to marry and phrases it in a manner of it being because of me. Am I insane for thinking that this is unfair ? I’ve done things wrong in our relationship I will admit that but Christ sake. I’m angry and I’m hurt and I don’t have any fucking friends to speak to so I’m losing my mind over this.
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2023.05.29 15:07 MakeCanadaBetter No foreigner has a magical right to immigration. Canadians should determine what immigration system works best for Canadians. It’s shouldn’t be the other way around. It would improve housing if we took this stance.

No foreigner has a magical right to immigration. Canadians should determine what immigration system works best for Canadians. It’s shouldn’t be the other way around. It would improve housing if we took this stance.
I don’t agree with everything desantis does but if you replace every time he uses American with Canadian in this video I completely agree. We’re letting in too many people and at this point our immigration system is a net negative to the lives of Canadians vs a positive. As a result of our horrible immigration targets we have rooming houses becoming the norm (never seen before), cultural enclaves like Brampton, surrey, Richmond. Wage suppression on mass and housing prices out of reach for most Canadians.
Someone had the audacity to ask a Canadian poster in another thread in this sub forum why would you buy a house in Brampton if you don’t speak Punjabi. Brampton is a Canadian city not an Indian one.
Immigration is done for the benefit of Canadians not the other way around. It is not for the benefit of the foreigners. What we have now is the system being used to benefit the wealthy and fuck everyone else over.
We should completely close the bullshit private school loophole, and deport every single student who lied about their papers. Also if you can’t get a job when graduating that pays whatever the average is in the city you live in back you go to your country. Canada should only allow parents of foreigners to visit but never receive citizenship especially if they are old and have health issues. This is another net negative.
Our immigration system should only exist to prop up what our country needs and that currently includes soldiers, doctors, nurses, construction workers. If you come here applying through one of those streams and can’t get a job in it you should be deported back.
Canada is for Canadians not the world. Let me be very clear on that. Some of you with hidden agendas will say I’m racist. Looking around at the state of young Canadians and housing im happy to walk with that badge but you are anti Canadian.
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2023.05.29 15:07 Richard_Harold Take some time to look at these and you can share them with your friends around you.

Take some time to look at these and you can share them with your friends around you.
"I'mFiona. Amy told me everything!" At 10 a.m. Sunday morning, Frank Newton (a pseudonym), a software engineer at a Silicon Valley tech company, received this text on WhatsApp. ) received a text message like this on WhatsApp.
He thought someone must have sent the message by mistake, so he politely replied to tell her she had sent the wrong number.
He then sent a message saying he was very sorry and explained that he had just found out that he had been cheated on by his boyfriend and that he had been blocked from calling him, and that his new number had been sent to her by a friend. The tone was sincere and pitiful.
Faced with this strange heartbroken girl, Frank comforted her out of kindness, but he didn't expect that the other party would treat him as a tree hole and chatted up. Under the girl's active attack, in the next few days, the two talked about their feelings and work, from poetry and songs to philosophy of life, and became online friends who seemed to have nothing to talk about.
It was not until half a month later when Fiona talked about an investment she was making that had earned her $200,000 and invited Frank to join her that Frank suddenly realized that he might have encountered the "Pig-butchering" that had been widely circulated recently.
Since the year 2022, "piggy banks" have become more and more prevalent overseas, starting to target foreigners who have never heard of this scam, and this unintentional text message is just one of the new games that have recently become popular. Including many Americans have been played by a variety of scam schemes dizzy, unwittingly cheated out of a lot of money. And what is surprising is that even the high-tech talent gathered in Silicon Valley has become the most affected by this wave of "piggy bank" scams.
The "piggy bank" into the local customs, the American people straight out of the defensive
In recent months, many Americans have received a variety of strange "wrong" text messages from a variety of unfamiliar numbers.
Some of them are simple and straightforward, and they come up with a Hi, which has a feeling of inviting the king into the jar.
Some will make up a story to get close to you, or to arouse your sympathy. For example, \"How have you been? We haven't seen each other since the last charity dinner\", \"The meatballs you made last time were so good, can you tell me how you made them? The last time you bought a house, how much did you pay for it? \"Doctor, our dog suddenly vomits and can't walk, can you help me schedule a doctor's appointment?\"

Some will set up a successful persona for themselves, tell you his new job phone number, ask you to go to the golf course to talk about cooperation, so that you have the illusion of a misplaced connection with the big boss, thinking that good luck falls from the sky.
The purpose of all these messages is to lure you into replying to them, and then set you up step by step. This type of scam is currently happening on most of the overseas messaging social software, focusing on Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Although they have different methods of entry, they all have some similar schemes in summary:
First they will make up a name to address you to make you think they are sending the wrong message, then they will send you a "good man card" after you reply to introduce yourself, asking where you are, what work. Once you have some trust in them, they will recommend an investment they are working on, which could be a cold-calling wealth management company or a digital currency.
They will not force you to invest a lot of money at first, most of them will be short-term, small investments, but with high returns. In addition, they often lie that most of their investment proceeds will be taken to charity, so that you believe them and keep adding more and more, and finally accumulate to a certain amount and then they suddenly disappear with the money.
Of course, there are also some more simple and brutal, more test of human nature cheating method, such as directly to the account password, and account balance in the text message to you, and then add a sentence at the end "do not tell others", lure you into their phishing links.
Such a situation has become increasingly rampant in the United States so far this year. According to a recent survey by cybersecurity firm Sift, an average of one in 20 people who use dating chat apps in San Francisco are scammers. Many \"simple\" Americans who have never experienced such scams have fallen into the trap, and there are more and more \"piggybacked\" posts asking for help.
Linkedin Becomes a New \"Pig Kill\" Site as Scammers Target Tech Employees
In addition to using chat software to send mass text messages to commit fraud, this year's scammers have also learned to personalize their scams, targeting workers in overseas workplaces.
Many of the recently exposed fraud cases are employees of major technology companies in Silicon Valley. They are often scammed not on general chat software, but from Linkedin, a more professional and high threshold workplace social networking software.
Recently, SF Examiner reported on two Silicon Valley employees who recently lost more than a million dollars due to "piggybacking". What they had in common was that they were first friended by scammers on Linkedin, then moved on to WhatsApp, where they chatted with them for months to gain their trust, then were led to invest in digital currencies on seemingly genuine and reliable websites, and ended up losing everything.
"I never thought this would happen to me because I am a software engineer myself and I thought I could tell the reliability of the websites." One of the victims, R, said. He said he believed the other person because his LinkedIn page showed that he graduated from the same university as himself, while they talked about the university during the chat.
"The scammer creates everything too real and makes you walk into his trap step by step."
CNBC recently attended an online meeting of LinkedIn scam victims, where participants were scammed out of anywhere from $200,000 to $1.6 million. On Reddit forums, many users have also reported that they too have encountered \"kill pans\" starting with Linkedin.
Some of these scammers disguise themselves as pilots of big companies, some create a rich white beauty persona, some play headhunters, and some falsely claim to be in a key position in a technology company. Click into their Linkedin pages, you will find that most of them have some commonalities: a handsome or beautiful avatar stolen from nowhere, a shiny resume, generally graduated from an Ivy League school, now in a large company as a middle or senior.
They also have obvious preferences when looking for prey, such as focusing on people with similar work experience or learning backgrounds to their own personas, focusing on those whose homepages show they are looking for work, willing to expand their networks, and so on.
In Silicon Star's visit, we found that the "piggy bank" on LinkedIn seems to have suddenly become very active from this year.
\"I am a person who checks LinkedIn every day, because there are often recruiting information sent by headhunters. Since about half a year ago, I started to receive a lot of invitations from various Connect, basically what investment or technology companies with high titles, talk to you a few sentences and ask if you can add WhatsApp or Line,\" Alex, a Chinese engineer in Silicon Valley, told Silicon Star People. \"Clicking into their homepage just didn't feel right, at first it was one or two people a week, lately it's been almost every day.\"
"Mainly these scams used to be on Facebook, Ins and other lifestyle social software, LinkedIn because it's more vertical in the workplace, the information on it is generally more reliable, I didn't expect that recently it was also targeted by scammers." Ken, another Chinese engineer in Silicon Valley, also told Silicon Star People.
At the same time, they also told Silicon Star People that although they themselves could quickly realize that it was a scam, for young people who just work and want to expand their network on LinkedIn, as well as for foreigners who have never heard of similar scams, they can easily be trapped into this new scam.
According to the victims' post-mortem analysis, they believe that there is a complete set of strategic logic behind the \"pig killing tray\" targeting employees of technology companies.
First of all, technology employees are more socially inclined than ordinary people, and their online social needs are even stronger when they work from home. In addition, these engineers are generally very confident in their technical judgment, and once they don't see a breakthrough at the beginning, their level of commitment will be higher than the average person. Finally, they are also more interested in topics such as cryptocurrency and asset investment than the average person, and are more willing and able to put more money into profitable experiments.
Specializing in scams and targeting international markets
It is also clear from the fact that scammers are targeting Silicon Valley engineers in groups that these "piggy banks" are no longer a small game, but an organized and disciplined professional scam. In addition to chat software, Linkedin, currently in TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and other types of overseas social software also appeared on the figure of these scammers.
It is understood that most of the scammer groups are gathered in Southeast Asia, they have a complete training system, from overseas platform popularization, persona shaping to fraudulent object type selection, chat entry way, etc. have standard operating steps, there are even multilingual "kill pig" teaching materials.
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2023.05.29 15:07 One_Variant I hate shiv even more than I hate cersei. Just pure hate for that character.

I absolutely can't stomach what just happened in the last episode. There are like a hundred posts explaining why you shouldn't hate shiv and why it's misogyny and she's pregnant and whatnot but I've come to absolutely loathe that character. I mean it's not even a competition, the other siblings and everyone in the show are morally bad characters but goddamn shiv is just on the absolute top. I'm not even gonna argue about anything else but the sheer hate she holds for Kendall is so disappointing. And I can't fathom why, like alright they're all bad, I get it. But the amount of times shiv personally attacks Kendall is something one wouldn't do to their enemies. The very first time in the first season when Logan gets brain haemorrhage there's literally no one else who could take the reins, it's all so obvious but she still wouldn't let him have it, why? Would she get it? No. But she still wouldn't let him have it. She would rather someone comes from outside and take the firm than let her brother have it. Then again, she tells Logan on the cruise to send Kendall, her own brother to jail? Ruin his entire life? And right after he cries to her in the same season for help? It's not even morally debatable. Sure Kendall and roman kid with each other, fight on several instances but none of the other siblings have done such personal shit to another. Third time she releases a public statement attacking him personally and goes after his kids and wife and everything. And after all that in the end she betrays him again, literally just snatches it from him and throws it in the dustbin. I would understand if she fought for herself, like she would like to have it, but no, she'd rather give it to a man who just played her like a fiddle. There have been several other instances as well, like the one in the hamptons where she tells Logan he'll literally kill Kendall if he hands it to him. Logan even asks "why so angry?"
It's not like they've all been nasty to each other, I get it, they're all pieces of shit to each other every sibling in the world is, but at the end of the day, they're all family and ken and rome got that. Rome was so defensive and shocked when he found out ken was gonna get hanged for cruises. Ken came to roman's defense when Logan hit him at argestes. There have been several other occasions where they've both showed a bond as well. But shiv's literal hate for her brother? I just don't get it. And also when Kendall has been mostly the nice one, he stood up for shiv on many occasions as well like in the ATN news room against tom, when Logan was selling to matsson.
I hate it, I hate that character, I hated (and liked) the ending. I wouldn't have minded it if shiv took it in the end for herself, that makes sense, she wanted it she got it. But taking it away from ken just to what? Spite him? Doesn't sit with me. It's like a brother snatches a piece of bread from his hungry younger brother even when he can't eat it, and throws it away in the trash. End rant.
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2023.05.29 15:07 Sundaiigh Upside down loan if I don’t trade in now ?! Or is it okay?

Hi, so I wanted to ask if you thought it was a good idea to sell a car that is financed now. I have a 2018 Kia soul plus. I have been financing with capital one since 2018 when I got it used from a rental. So there are three problems, one is I still owe a little over 7500 on this, the second problem is it’s a Kia and the stress of the thefts has been getting to me as it’s only a matter of time before I’m got. And the third is that it just took me begging and pleading with geico to allow me a new policy cause I couldn’t reinstate with my previous company. And they just charged me 300 a month for it because it’s a Kia, my insurance has been raising every 6 months and I do have two accidents within 5 years in NYS however they were much lower even with both accidents even the 6month contract before my last one ended. Oh and because I was without insurance and I have already paid the once every three year fines I will be without said car for two months as a punishment from nys.
So I have been getting prices from Kelly blue book and others. The lowest I got was 9600 and the most I got was 14000 possibly to trade in. I’m thinking of going with Carvana they are offering 10k ish. But my dad is saying to keep the car as long as possible but I’m afraid if I keep this it will go upside down very soon and I feel like this is my last shot to get rid of it before prices adjust and I’m stuck with a financed two ton paperweight. The thing about the 14k is that it may not be worth that much and a dealer could low ball so I need to do another finance to get another car which is why I’m leaning to Carvana🥲 I picked my soul on purpose cause I thought I was getting the best deal with low miles and good mpg and these thefts and the backlash from it is starting to ruin my life. My credit isn’t good anymore either it was better when I first got it but there was some medical costs I haven’t been able to catch up with after being out of work for a while and that’s made things suffer.
Should I keep this car and just wait for my insurance to go up when it’s stolen and have it be upside down or ( all NYS insurance is at fault no matter what so it will go up) or try to find a credit union or something to work with me and try to trade it in.
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2023.05.29 15:07 dimfrag99 Image split in 2 different coloring styles (unintended)

Image split in 2 different coloring styles (unintended)
I started using Stable Diffusion yesterday and i had some moderate success generating some images. Since today i have come across a big issue in all my generated images. From the images in the post you can clearly see the issue. The images are basically separated in 2 parts, one with good colours and another with washed out colors. The good part is always a small part at the top. This happened to any positives/negatives i tried. Does anybody know what I can do to fix this?
I used the following settings.
Positive: tree in the city suburbs, Canon50, Hyper realistic
Negative: segmentation,3d, Drawings, abstract art, cartoons, surrealist painting, conceptual drawing, graphics, (low resolution:1.3), (worst quality:1.3), (low quality:1.3), collage, (watermark:1.3), letter
Sampler: Euler
CFG Scale : 7
Sampling Steps: 13
512 x 512
Clip skip: 2
Deliberate v2 Checkpoint
Seed: 727804723
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